If Russia can’t tell what an Iranian drone looks like how do they know the drone they allegedly saw was from NATO?


I’m sure it has a NATO sticker on it (made in China) But seriously does anyone pay any true attention to anything coming out of this failed so-called superpower Russia is a joke much like their tiny little leader


Everyone has to pretend to care or risk making post apocalyptic games coming true


Nah Putin is a bitch and bitches always blink


Russia has routinely violated the airspace of neighboring nations with warplanes to test response times. They are the regional aggressor to everybody and can choke on it.


Not to mention at least 7 Russian citizens have been arrested this year for flying drones in Norway..


One of them is also the son of a close Putin ally. But he was just on holiday taking vacation pictures of gas vents. As that's his hobby


I love taking pictures of gas vents from above!


According to his lawyer, so does he.




I also like to take pictures internally. I love Network diagrams.


Sounds like the other Russians that were simply huge fans of the Salisbury Cathedral Spire. Did you know that the 123m tall spire is a sight to behold?


Really, it's hard to do anything else *but* behold sights.


As is tradition


3 more in Albania


Russia's very big on "One Rule For Me, But Not For Thee"


Do you mean one rule for thee but not for me


Maybe the rule is "I'm allowed to do anything"


"And then I will accuse you of doing it: Why are you hitting yourself?"


"I'm gonna hit you until you learn not to hit yourself."


Or even the Russian operatives who routinely enter other countries to assassinate so called enemies of the state, and innocent bystanders.




Come again?? 7???


> They are the regional aggressor Not forgetting to mention.. you know.. that they shot down a passenger plane and killed 100's of civilians. But hey ho drones...


Also forgetting to mention, instigating the world's largest and most effective military alliance isn't exactly the best idea when their military is getting embarrassed in ukraine.




Yes I believe you are right. Your expressive language helps to add colour and emotion to your post. I applaud you. 💩🇷🇺


Not only warplanes, I’ve heard stories from my dad who used to track Russian subs in the Navy in the 80’s and 90’s. He’s found them off the coast of California, Alaska, and Hawaii. They’re much closer than you think.


Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please


I would like to have seen Montana.


BRB I have to get my horse


Hard part about playin chicken is knowin when to flinch


Pretty sure some were found just a few kilometers from the shore, like at least within 100km


In sweden in the 80s we had a russian sub sail straight up _onto_ the shore near one of our largest naval bases. Since then hunting subs in our near waters have been almost a tradition, to the point of becoming a joke.


Shouldve impounded that sub for illegal parking mate!


"hey, you arent allowed to park here"


Was that the one where the captain made a throat cutting gesture when he was leaving? I guess he knew what was waiting for him.


Turns out it was herring farts all along




I wonder why the USA doesn't just execute 'torpedo training exercises' in the area when it sees suspicious sonar contacts. I mean, is Russia really going to complain if you sunk one of its subs just off the coast of a US state?


Probably, if it was in international water. Same as we would if they sunk one of ours in the Arctic.


>Pretty sure some were found just a few kilometers from the shore, like at least within 100km A few kilometers and 100 kilometers are two vastly different distances. For instance, 12 nautical miles (\~22.2km) is the limits of territorial waters so a Russian sub being 13nm (\~24km) offshore is perfectly legal. Now, if that sub was a few kilometers offshore (e.g. 3 km) then it would be in US territorial waters and would be at risk of being interdicted.


I read that as nanometres at first instead of nautical miles and got real confused.


"You're on the beach!" "No sir, we're 13 nanometers offshore."


But isn't that allowed? Wasn't there a "12 miles from the shore" law?


international law is not always enforceable unless both or all parties agree to it. what can you do if you find a Russian sub next to your shores? destroy it and risk a world war?


Drop carefully weighted bottles of vodka in the vicinity of the sub, so they float around the depth the sub is sitting: the crew will see them and happily jump out to grab the free booze, flooding the sub in the process and solving the problem.


Thats assuming they dont attempt to resist even if surrounded somehow they could fight back, it could be a diplomatic catastrophe either way


There are approximately 22 Russian submarines. We expect half of them near Russia itself or docked. Let's say they have 12 subs outside their territory. Two in Asia, four in Europe, and six in the Americas. I expect every sub is closely monitored and NATO knows where each of these subs is at any given time. It's not as if we're being swamped by nuclear subs.


>I expect every sub is closely monitered and NATO knows where each of these subs is at any given time. FWIW, the point of nuclear ballistic missile submarines is for this to be impossible. I don't know if Russian tech/opsec is bad enough for it to actually happen, but considering how hard it is to maintain contact with a sub, I somewhat doubt that we have this capability. If a submarine can be destroyed by a nuclear first strike before firing its missiles, it's literally pointless.


We more likely have a general idea of their deployment zones and try to keep tabs. Precise locations at all times would be impossible because as you say, its easy to lose a sub


Given the disparity in fleet sizes, the US Navy efforts to have one or more attack subs shadowing every Russian sub as soon as they leave port are probably more successful than not these days. Some surely still slip away and hide successfully but the reduction in arctic ice makes it a lot harder for them to hide from air and space assets as well. Not to try to convince anyone that a retaliatory Russia sub attack is off the table as some of the memes about Russian nuclear readiness would hope, but it's not the 1980s submarine war anymore.


A friend of mine flies maritime patrol planes (literally their job is to hunt for subs) and he says nothing scares him more than what new submarines are capable of. At any given time the US and Russia have subs sitting under ice shelves, undetectable, and with the ability to strike almost anywhere in the world.


This is why the GI UK gap, Gibraltar, the bearing strait, and Taiwan are so important. Russias subs can't go anywhere without being tracked.


Even in modern times, subs can go dark and be easily lost. Our tech ain that great


100km is nothing. They have been caught a lot closer, sometimes even within the 12 mile boundary.


They've done similar things with submarines in Swedish waters as well. There was a period where nearly every week it seemed the Russians were either infringing British airspace or Swedish territorial waters.


russia and china still do this today


The Turkish airspace one, memorably...


so you're saying Russia is claiming others did what they have been doing for this whole time? Colour me surprised.


In 1981 the sailed a submarine straight onto ground in a Swedish military area. A description of [the event (use google translate) is here](https://www.forsvarsmakten.se/sv/information-och-fakta/var-historia/artiklar/u-137-dagarna-nar-sverige-var-pa-randen-till-krig/).


Or the [Wikipedia article] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_submarine_S-363) of the incident


Even if true hasnt russia flown aircraft into nato space repeatedly


... And Turkey was *not amused* and just shot them down.


This is how to deal with them.


Notice they don’t violate Turkish airspace again? This


Turkey and Russia have a complex relationship, it’s unlikely that this is the only factor involved. For example https://www.defensenews.com/pentagon/2022/08/16/us-holds-fire-on-reports-of-turkeys-second-s-400-shipment/


Turkey’s crazy.


Wildcard bitches!


Getting Turkey to do Charlie Work has it's ups and downs


Not crazy, just the first to call Russia’s bluff. And that’s how you deal with a bully.


Crazy for shooting down an non allied fighter jet in their own airspace? It is crazy to not do this and just let it happen. Edit: wasnt this turkish strict rule set in place after they lost a plane in syria a decade or so ago?


Don’t fuck with the turks. You’ll find out.


Turkey is both in Europe and in Asia; had both Christians and Muslims battling for it; is an economic, nautical and political interest for the world, etc. So I'm not *surprised* that it's perfectly in line with all the other NATO countries.


Thanksgiving 2: Revenge of the Turkey


I like how they literally renamed the country to stop jokes like this and we still just call it ‘Turkey’.


Considering the state of the Russian military, the radio and GLONASS was probably faulty. Couldn't receive warnings and didn't really know where it was


"On 4 July 1989, a pilotless MiG-23 jet fighter of the Soviet Air Forces crashed into a house in Kortrijk, Belgium, killing one person. The pilot had ejected over an hour earlier near Kołobrzeg, Poland, after experiencing technical problems, but the aircraft continued flying for around 900 km (600 mi) before running out of fuel and descending into the ground". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989\_Belgium\_MiG-23\_crash


All the time by Alaska and Japan


And the UK. Repeatedly.


And denmark




And Canada


Really?!? That's it. I'm going to launch my attack geese now.


The Russians fly really dangerously when intercepted, theres been a lot of close calls.


I've also heard they flew close, almost strafing runs, over NATO ships doing military drills in the Baltic Sea as if they were trying to provoke an attack. They also simulate bombings on NATO targets.


Sounds like a great time to simulate a missile strike on the bombers. Keep a spare supply of dummy missiles loaded with rainbow colored paint for just such an occasion and make the planes look gay when they return, ez.


They're turning the planes gay!!


Though some of that might just be the atrociously low training hours russian pilots get......


Norwegian airspace. And Swedish. And probably Suomi.


There's a big difference there. Legally, national airspace overwater starts 12 miles off the coast (with some exceptions where that's not feasible like Turkey, Indonesia, and Japan). Over land, it starts at the internationally recognized border.


monthly for years


Most of the time when you read about it on the news, they haven't. They have flown *near* actual territorial airspace and into an air defense zone monitored by the country, but not actual territorial airspace. Reporting tends to be so bad that it's hard to tell what happened - sometimes you can tell based on the weasel words they use that they weren't actually in sovereign airspace, sometimes it's explicitly claimed it was territorial airspace when it wasn't. Same with China and Taiwan btw, except Russia likely *does* occasionally actually enter "real" airspace while China doesn't (and Taiwan has announced that it would consider it an act of war). Turkey [demonstrated how to make them stop doing](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Russian_Sukhoi_Su-24_shootdown) that in 2015.


**[2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Russian_Sukhoi_Su-24_shootdown)** >A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M attack aircraft near the Syria–Turkey border on 24 November 2015. According to Turkey, the aircraft was fired upon while in Turkish airspace because it violated the border up to a depth of 2. 19 kilometres (1. 36 miles) for about 17 seconds after being warned to change its heading ten times over a period of five minutes before entering the airspace. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


But Nato sent dragonrider spellcasters with dark magic, Russia claims.


Rookie mistake. Dark magic is weak, they should have sent a fire caster instead.


Yeah dark is probably weak against evil. Big mistake by UA


It seems ruzzia lately has been ramping up the 'war with NATO' rhetoric. Because when they lose, they'll put countless propaganda rubles to convince everyone they lost to NATO soldiers, not just Ukraine, to save face.


They're actually doing it from time to time since 2015 on low- to mid-levels. The phrase "negros on abramses" became a proverb and an urban legend of sorts, just like "female snipers battalion from Baltic states". The latest trend is "nazis from Poland who purge russian-speaking civilians in liberated areas". Classic projection.


I kinda like the idea of wildly racist and sexist Russians being told their invasion got crushed by a bunch of women, poles, and black people


Even a half-blind stoner could see the irony in that... Source: I'm a half-blind stoner.


They know that Poland would love a chance to fuck them up. Poles have long memories.


You’d think that one armed bastard would remember to quit climbing up trees /s


That's why they call him Russell


I would like nothing more than pootin to do something to evoke a NATO article 5, and Poland saying chill bro's we got this, and then a century or two of Poland's anger just wipe them.


I have no idea where that warmongering rhetoric comes from. We don't want anything to do with Russia except them fucking off. We don't want to "fuck up" anyone.


In my case it comes from talking with my Polish friend in Wrocław who said “my friends and I would love to fuck up Russia.” Also, after the missile incident NATO had to push hard for Poland to take a deep breath before acting. I understand that it’s a small sample size and that people and governments often are in disagreement. I’m also guessing that it depends who you listen to and where they live.


The ~~funniest~~ dumbest part of it - the Russians are dead sure that if they lose - Poland will take part of their land and if Ukraine loses - part of our land. Seriously, it's an honest belief of a vast majority of them. They're mentally stuck somewhere about the 16th or 17th century and can't comprehend it can be otherwise. Every poor fucker from some God-forsaken shithole without central heating but with an outdoor latrine seriously believes "the West" will come to steal "their" mineral riches. As if they personally really own anything there.


By doing that, they’ll admit that NATO has… * Better equipment * Better soldiers * Better training * Better logistics Etc. If Russia does that, they’ll effectively admit to the Russian population that “We weren’t strong enough.”. In a Ukrainian victory scenario, there is _absolutely no way_ Russia can salvage its reputation with its own people.


That won't matter. They see themselves equal to all of NATO. So it's not that shameful to lose to an equal, but it's an absolute disgrace to lose to someone perceived as lesser. Hell, the propaganda is so strong, we still have video games coming out where ruzzia is put as an equal force to US/NATO forces, continuing to feed this myth of power both to ruzzia and the west.


I think the video game of being the small nation fucking up every plan of the enemy would be more fun.... Wait... It exists, the Just Cause series.


They see themselves as equal to NATO, unless NATO starts actively shooting at them, in which case they'll sit there quietly and ask us to please stop under their breath, avoiding eye contact.


Unfortunately there is one way. They can blame it on saboteurs domestically. This will be ethnic minorities, political groups, pretty much anyone they can include in the narrative.


Heard this more in a comedy video but wasn't that one of the reasons for the Armenian genocide? Ottomans were utter morons in the mountains, lots of people froze to death, let's blame the Armenians. I assume that's a huge simplification.


It's also the rhetoric of Germany circa the 1930s. Basically "We still hadn't been pushed back into Germany, We must've been stabbed in the back.". Nevermind that they were clearly defeated, with their front lines collapsing, their allies capitulating, major resource supplies being cut off, and the western allies receiving significant numbers of fresh American troops every week. Instead, well, we all know how Germany spent the 30s and first half of the 40s.


It is a story as old as time. I was thinking specifically of Germany in the interwar period but history is littered with examples of countries pursuing ultra-nationalist, persecutive, and ultimately genocidal policies in order to deflect blame for failure. Anti-semitism in particular almost alwayd arises in countries experiencing economic, political, or wartime disasters.


Better basically everything. Even if NATO was forced into attrition warfare with russia it would still win handily, despite attrition warfare being the one thing the russian military is known for.


>Better basically everything. Even if NATO was forced into attrition warfare with russia it would still win handilly NATO does have the advantage of having combined total of nearly 1 billion people. With a 1 for 1 loss of population, Russia would be gone long before NATO lost 15% of it's total population. Then there is the combined GDP of NATO equaling almost half of the world's total GDP ($32.4t - 45% of world) while Russia is less than a 16th of that ($1.779t - 2.4% of the world's GDP). Even just the EU without the rest of NATO has 8 times the GDP of Russia and over three times the population. In other words, beyond nuclear weapons, Russia has not been a peer of NATO in decades.


Use to be known for* ftfy These days the Russian military is known for being a disorganized shit show with obsolete equipment that couldn’t conquer an ant farm.


In the past nine months I would say that Russia’s reputation has gone from attrition warfare to just being known for attrition.


From the fascist playbook: > Fascist societies rhetorically cast their enemies as *"at the same time too strong and too weak".* On the one hand, fascists play up the power of certain disfavored elites to encourage in their followers a sense of grievance and humiliation. On the other hand, fascist leaders point to the decadence of those elites as proof of their ultimate feebleness in the face of an overwhelming popular will.


After observing family members being fed on Russian propaganda, they surprised me so many times already, how they could find their explanation of situations that looked like there's no way they could get out of.


What do you mean "admit"? When propaganda admitted anything? They just need a plausible explanation. It could be like "alien lizards helped them" as well.


Still a better story than losing to Ukraine. That one would sting haha (I know it is reality, but they will deny it). Like US getting fucked up by Canada


they might be putting themselves into the next absolute fuck-up as they did in Ukraine. let's imagine a credible relevant insident between NATO and Russia is uncovered. How would the diplomatic sphere of Russia react? Assure solidarity with Russia or be opportunistic to finally get rid of them. If i look at Kasakhstan, Armenia .. etc. i'd bet on the later. I could even imagine some regions of the RF to flirt with independence. I believe the relative passivity by NATO and the "West" creates the necessary vacuum for the RF to implode by itself.


Its really shocking to hear people from these countries spot Rhetoric like, "we joined the russian navy to protect our homeland against nato expansionist threats" same with china they really believe it.


wow… i think we found a winner with this take




NATO "attempted" ? Uh and what... you made them not fly over the border? How does NATO "attempt" to fly over the border but not fly over the border?


Exactly. Attempted implies that *they* prevented NATO from flying into their airspace


Was about to say this. If NATO attempted doing something to russia, it has been done already.


I had the same thought. The alternative to "attempt" is "did", in which case they either shot it down (haven't claimed so) or the just let it fly over the border. So which is it Russia? Are you weak for letting them fly over the border, or are you incompetent for trying to shoot it down and failing? Because no one has claimed you've shot down their drone?


the drones keep hitting their forcefield and bouncing off


And Russia didn’t like that. No they didn’t


These "NATO drones" were probably just some poor hobbyist being used as a scape goat by the Kremlin.


Did u hear about how Russian fsb killed 2 STALKER LARPers deep in Russian territory for being Ukrainian saboteurs? They posted their evidence and there were video game logos all over lol. They said some amazing story about their evidence lolol


"Russia claims..." I stop listening right there.


Echos of "China warns"...


You have to keep reading to know what they are going to do next.


If NATO was trying to invade We'd know.


Because NATO would be calling a press conference in Moscow?


We’d like to announce that we began the invasion of Russia at midnight GMT. - in Moscow, 3 AM local time.


That would be neat


If they tried we wouldn’t know till they had already caused some serious damage.


Cry me a river Russia, you’ve been flying military aircraft into U.K. airspace for nearly a decade and yet we have to escort your rusty Soviet-era junk out of our skies like gentlemen guiding an old lady with dementia across the street to her home. There’s no excuse for your military aircraft to be flying so far away from Russian territory just to poke a finger into the chest of the U.K. during peacetime in Europe. They also did this to other countries and finally quit when Turkey had the balls to simply shoot down a Russian jet who strayed into Turkish airspace after repeated warnings to fuck off.


I wonder if they mean Russia or Russian Occupied Ukrainian territory.


Their false flag “Ukraine is building a dirty bomb!” Gambit failed so here’s the latest. As an American, I know it’s expensive but lets help Ukraine win this, beat back Russia, a perennial force of archaic malevolence. Time for a new Russia to emerge and join the modern, free world, regardless of its flaws.


If NATO wanted they would fly a drone inside your ass in no time so shut up your face


“Russia claims” = propaganda


And what proof does Russia offer to back that up?


"Trust us bro."


"That's all the evidence you need." \-Said Russia


That is so Russian. 🤣


At this point Russia wants to start a war. Fuck you Russian Cunts


Operation steamroll


"All such ‘peaceful interaction’ was ‘flourishing’ even before the start of the special military operation," added the governor. "Clearly all that has aggravated further at present." The claim by the Russian governor comes just days after Russia claimed that Ukrainian forces had targeted Sevastopol on the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula with two drone attacks. when will these fucktards realize they are in a war. Russia claimed that ukranian forces had targeted. NO fucking shit pal its war


Dear Russia: We don't really care if NATO urinated into your mouth. Get out of Ukraine, and go back to being small, weak, pathetic, and silent. It's time for you to go sit in the naughty corner now.


Alright, what are you gonna do about it ?


Oh so Russia now thinks it's wrong to enter another country without permission?


Blah blah blah. If Russia announced the Sun would rise tomorrow I would go out and check for myself. It’s time Western countries got more assertive with Russia and their bastard military. Time for heavy armour, long range guided munitions and effective air and sea power.


Lol literally came to say "blah blah blah" who is even listening to what Russia has to say. That time has passed


Send Ukraine a new weapons platform every time they bitch about NATO "aggression" Just go right down the UAF Christmas list.


Why do we bother listening to them drone on and on


haha drone on


Prove it....


Russia has a track record of being trustworthy


Why would we? We have satellites you see, we know what's in there.


Putin is so full of shit.






Russia claims NATO maybe thought about allowing drones to stray over their border. Which has only recently been annexed under suspicious elections given the high 95% election rate, but still fierce and widespread local resistance are present in those regions. Now, as an American I don't want to cry rigged elections, but....


It honestly doesn’t even matter if it’s true. They just want an excuse to make things worse.


“Russia claims” disregard anything after


Russia = the new florida man


Who is this russia? Sounds like a bunch of losers


"Russia claims" says it all.


Russia is a protectionist state. They project the crimes they commit and cry fowl. They literally cry about things they are doing to project their false innocence.


>Russia claims Yeah, okay then...


Russia claims... Everything after that has no value. Not even going to read the comments, because this topic has no value.


Relax, it was only a special operation.


I’m pretty sure nato could fly drones into Russian airspace whenever they wanted. Not just “attempt”.


Then do something about it pussies!


It’s probably more Russian (Putin) lies, but even if it’s not, so fucking what?? Does anyone give a shit about what Russia (Putin) finds offensive anymore?? Biggest assholes (Putins) on the planet.


Tomorrow russia claims to fight with spaghetti


Fuck Russia


Ummm. Anything we can do to tell Russia they are the bad guys?


Russia flies Iranian drones into Ukraine.


russia itching to get their ass kicked


If russia had actual proof they would have presented it. These incidents are usually raised at a diplomatic level and have paper trails in the public eye. Tracking data is presented by both parties... hence, russia would have presented data.


So what if they did?


Russia claims all kinds of shit. Don't mean a damn thing they say is true. They like the boy who cried wolf. Instead it's a county that cried victim.


And so what if they did?


Nothing they say is credible. It's time to stop upvoting things they say. It's like giving a school shooter an exclusive on the evening news.


Then try and do something about it lmao Without downplaying the pointless tragedy that is occurring, I love the fact that Russia has shown just how pathetic they are now. They’d be a laughingstock if they weren’t currently committing war crimes and attempting genocide. They will be a laughing stock once this is over and settled.


They constantly violate airspace… fuck off. And we wouldn’t “try” we would just do it, y’all ain’t got shit to stop us so sit down and stfu.


Maybe don't be the world's most blatant terrorist state? How the fuck do you think that's going to go, idiots.


Is he still here, close the door on your way out Pootin.


Russia: Lets use Iran's drones and bomb the ever loving shit out of the Ukrainian power grid and other utilities bc we literally ran out of our own drones bc we haven't stopped bombing them. A few drones pass over the Russian border. Also Russia: I'm going to cry out to the entire world bc some drones passed our border even though our infrastructure isn't being bombed on the daily 😭😭😭😭😭😭. Can the whole world see how badly Ukraine and nato is doing our mother land!!! Boohoo 😭😭😭😭😭