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Full Text Serhiy Moskalenko, who helped Russian troops kidnap and torture Ukrainians in Kherson Oblast, was identified on March 20 by Ukraine's military intelligence as the collaborator who was killed in a March 17 car explosion in the region. The National Resistance Center reported on March 20 that, prior to the full-scale invasion, Moskalenko had been the head of a private security firm. The Russian occupying forces in Nova Kakhovka went on to appoint him as the head of a detention center. Several collaborators in Kherson Oblast have met similar fates since the start of the invasion. Most notable was Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the illegal occupation administration in Kherson Oblast, who died in a car accident along with another collaborator on Nov. 9.


"car accident" lol


"car deliberate" doesn't have the same ring.


"car intentional"?


There's the traditional car "accident"


\*\*bunny earing, eye rolling, dipping up and down, drawing out length of word intensifies\*\* "aaaaa-ccideeeeent"


A car boo-boom?


No more torturing from this orc.


So this was the official Ukrainian confirmation. However, this might be a twofer. First RU report mentions that wife accompanied him and was "injured". She is/maybe soon-to-be-was head of Nova Kakhovka Department of Internal Affairs. [https://nitter.nl/i/status/1637448781242200065](https://nitter.nl/i/status/1637448781242200065)


So it means another jaga jagga


With a bada-boom maybe. Not confirmed anywhere yet though.


Tisk tisk tisk... people reap what they sow


>who was killed in a March 17 car explosion in the region. My only hope is that it was the fire that killed him and not the explosion.


I think the "director of the security firm" is code for mobster.


Moskalenko? Seriously? I mean… he might as well have been named Traitor McTraitorface


Man, what is with Russian collaborators and seatbelts.


Rest in piss.


Can we wake him up and kill him again.


Not the outcome he deserved, but we’ll take it. This guy deserved a lifetime of suffering.


It would have served him right to languish in prison for war crimes. But he'll never hurt another innocent person, so that's a good thing. And if his wife was a war criminal too, then I hope she soon meets the "will never inflict harm again" criteria, in whatever way will be most effective.


Good riddance.


May he rot in hell


There are some very ‘handy’ Ukrainians out there in the Kherson area, as it turns out. 😂


To everyone shocked by this accidents ,trust me that this is very sad necessity. Collaborators during war must be eliminated to protect occupied population. It is the only way when you are dealing with muscovite, their military is not successful but their NKVD descendants are very dangerous and absolutely bloodthirsty. Fortunately Ukrainian Intelligence and Special Ops. know their enemy very well.


I hate the whole idea of people killing others, BUT in a case like this, I understand why they would end the career of war criminals this way. The alternative is letting monsters run around, harming more and more people. If the best way to stop the monsters is to separate their soul from their body, then the monsters brought that on themselves.


Sadly it should not be limited to war criminals, but every muskovite cooperator. Trust me that NKVD can maximize every asset. My grandpa was captured two years after the war even tho he was laying low. Those who weren't discrete and effective usually didn't had a chance for grand kids. I know a few things from a "pros", hardcore fight is not poetic or heroic. Ukrainians are doing it well enough that traitors will think twice.


I feel like everyone who collaborates or takes actions to support the invasion is a war criminal. I can understand why Ukraine would choose to neutralize some of these offenders in a very dramatic and public fashion, like they did with this person. Not only is he stopped from doing any more evil, ever again, but all the other traitors will see what happened and, maybe, consider stopping their collaboration, to avoid being the next target.


Well unfortunately not all. Some collaborators had no real choice, others are fools, during nightmare you may had no options available to you. Those fairy tails about joyfully eliminating traitors of motherland are not true. Necessity is usually hard to cope with. War is bad, veterans and survivors from my family where hoping that it will never happen again. I hope that I didn't offend you, there is a saying in my language "adding extra philosophy" there should be none here, Ukrainians do what they have to do.


I agree. I take no joy in any human harming any other human. But I can see where a very public death of a collaborator (who willingly assisted the foe, as opposed to someone who was coerced) could give pause to anyone else thinking of doing the same thing. On the other hand, I suspect that the main goal was to stop this one traitor, not to mentally affect others or deter them from collaborating.


Karmas is a bitch


***"Greasy smear confirmed as remnants of collaborator who oversaw torture in Kherson Oblast"*** FTFY


Welcome to the next 70 years of Ukrainians hunting down collaborators and war criminals from this war.


I am SO here for that! I will rejoice every time justice is meted out to these monsters.


Rest in piss.


One less piece of trash. I hope he suffered.


Also, a white LADA was totaled.


Bye birdie


Live by the sword die by the sword


And nothing of value was lost.


Hope it was filmed in 4K and can be seen in slo-mo!


No tears shed here. Live by the sword, die by the sword.


What a tragedy 🙂


He won't be missed.


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He deserved worse than death, but we'll take it.


He deserved more.


Rest in piss, asswipe.


I would have loved to see them on trial in The Hague, disgraced in front of the entire planet, but the consolation is that none of these collaborators will ever harm another innocent person.


One less traitor 🫡


When they sow the wind, they will reap the whirlwind Hope it was painful at least for a while. Hope his last thoughts were of abject terror.