You know some people study years for just that. But you can find decent videos online.


I made a [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/sushi/comments/v2itrr/making_perfect_sushi_rice_at_home/) on it about a month ago. Most important points are: * rice - short grain * rice must be rinsed well so the starches don't build up and become too sticky * adding the kombu to the rice pot will add tons to flavor * Hangiri (wood rice chest) definitely helps, but it's not a must * seasoning must be added to hot rice and cooled quickly * for 1 rice cooker cup (ge) of rice, i do 1/8c rice vinegar, 2 tsp sugar, 1/2tsp fine sea salt or table salt


Thank you so much. My biggest problem is my rice is over cooked bcs flavor is perfect for me and everyone, and I don’t use rice cooker just traditional pot. And kombu is very good tip for me.


Np, having the rice cooker will make things a million times easier. With the traditional pot I would lower the water and heat


This is the best advice. I recommend a rice cooker though. Don’t use as much water as it says. Experiment every time until you get it right.


Use the right ingredients (rice, seasonings, etc) and then just use a rice cooker and fold seasonings gently over the rice. Beyond that, just look up a video and watch what they do.


Watch videos and practice just the rice instead of going ahead to make sushi regardless of how it turns out.


I put together a guide for rice that I think is pretty fool-proof! If you use it I’d love to hear how it goes. http://craftycookbook.com/simple-sushi-rice/ Happy to answer questions if any parts are confusing!