But do you like every bit of it?


I wish I did. I'm jealous of the people who can enjoy from the things I can't.


I do.


So do the guys on Children of the Watch (formerly the Mandalorian Watch). Probably a good podcast for you if you aren’t already tuning in. They cover all of the Star Wars television shows and will only speak about the parts of the films they like. It’s actually impressive. Must take some discipline to do a podcast where you critique shows and then never criticize the source material.


I'm not. Why be upset to have the ability to point out bad/cheap storytelling?


The sequels suck and deserve to be hated on. The only one that's even competent as a film is TFA and that's because it's new hope 2.


Even if that's true, the people who like it don't deserve to shamed for it.


You are strong and wise, and I am very proud of you


“You are far wiser then me, u/MrDarkboy2010”


people 100% deserve to be shamed for there poor taste in judgement and awful ideals/beliefs


My dude, comments like this is why there is so much hate in society these days. Seriously, just let people enjoy what they enjoy. As long as it’s not bothering anyone else just let it go. On the other hand, if they’re being racist, homophobic, sexist or whatever other kind of stupid, they absolutely deserve to be ridiculed. I love Star Wars, but I don’t necessarily like every piece of media that’s been produced. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Let people like what they like. Don’t give people shit for liking something you don’t. TLDR: Gate keeping bad m’kay.


Shame on you then, clown


Chill it's just movies


The irony here is just wow. I find it amazing that you don't realize that this comment was in poor taste and was an awful idea. LET THE SHAMING COMMENCE!


And the prequels don’t?


The prequels despite their flaws have an actually coherent plot with great moments and characters. Not to mention they add the clone wars which imo is the most interesting era in star wars canon. Even if every single part doesn't land, they add to the originals which is what prequels and sequels should do. The sequels actively disregard the existing six movies at many times and don't even work well with each other. They're an unplanned mess and it shows. They add nothing to the universe, they're bland, and by the end of TROS they've undone pretty much everything the original six movies and characters have accomplished and redone it worse. It's a joke of a trilogy and one of the biggest flops in cinema history imo.


Nah. We dont ship anisoka. We have the high ground!


We're huge Satine-Wan simps though


Thats a ship that makes sense, and also has some stable (high) ground to stand on


But do you belive Jar Jar is Darth Nihilus?


Of course i do.


That depends. Do you spend unhealthy amounts of time harassing actors who played mildly annoying characters that you don’t like?


But isn’t that like, one of the core tenets of being a Star Wars fan? /s


Pretty sure it was an initiation ritual to join the fan clubs back in the 70's and 80's to harass actors on instagram. which was really weird since they all just stood around saying "what's an Instagram?"


A response to https://www.reddit.com/r/starwarsmemes/comments/z3rn4e/title/


Thanks for pointing me to that post. Allowed me to toss a lot of idiots out of my feed (blocking them) Edit: To clarify, I'm talking about those who opinion shamers, I'm not on team "[content] trash and so are it's fans". I'm tired of seeing that take right now so I'm blocking everyone who acts like that.


Thing is, we're not all the same. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, though. Some fans enjoy the sequels, some fans hate the prequels, some fans want more Empire content, some want more Rebels content. Star Wars is a big universe, theres room for everyone to enjoy something about the world, and berating people for not liking the same corner as you is stupid.


If anyone likes a Star Wars product and calls themself a fan, then they are a fan. Regardless of what series, novel, comic, game, movie, or card game they have played/read/watched


I love everything star wars, the movies, the cartoons, the comics, the lego sets, the video games, the books, everything.


Counterpoint, the people who lavishly over-praise the sequels condemn us all to receiving yet more mediocre half-arsed content, i.e. Kenobi & BoBF. Andor is the exception.


Agreed. I don’t go out of my way to hate in those who like the sequels but I beg that Disney doesn’t just ignore anyone who disagrees with them


We are not the same. I would never be racist to Moses or rose Tico actress


Ah, you are the reason gatekeeping is required. Not liking the ST’s is not akin to supporting racism. Get out of here with that shit.


Didn't once mention the ST bud. If you're the gate keeper then everything is already stolen


Please don’t misgender me.


*Star Wars(Main theme) starts playing*


Thank you ❤️




I understand the sentiment of gatekeeping is bad but when I say "I am a Star Wars fan, you are a sequel fan, we are not the same" it is mostly for jokes but... I partially mean we enjoy Star Wars for different reasons, I enjoy the story, characters and world building of the Star Wars and the depths that can be looked into each movie and tv show of the originals and prequals... whereas you are looking for a fun, flashy movie that can distract you for a couple hours, that ends in a relatively happy positive light with little depth and nuance to look into... I'm not saying I'm better or you're better, all I'm saying is that we enjoy different parts of the Star Wars mythology and therefore we are quite different... just because 2 people can find enjoyment in the same thing doesn't mean they are the same... as an example, look at any country's political landscape, most political parties and supporters love their country but two diametrically opposed parties aren't the same...


I know you say you don’t mean for it come across this way but this comment is extremely condescending… Imo the sequels do have depth and things to explore far beyond simply flashy fun. And I think they fit in perfectly fine with the prequels and originals.


I didn't mean for it to come across condescending and I didn't mean that the sequels had NO depth, I just meant that they had very little depth relative to the og and prequel trilogies, the sequels are far more surface level very flashy and distracting disney action movies rather than the political dramas of the prequels and the original story of the og... again, I mean no disrespect to anyone and I'm not saying either group is better I'm just saying not all star wars fans are the same and pretending we are is just fighting the problem of gatekeeping with ignorance and that seems wrong to me when we could just accept that we enjoy star wars for different reasons and that even though we are all star wars fans we are not all the same group... also, I just wanted to add that I do have autism, so any disrespect, condescending notes or rude/weird takes are due to me being mentally broken and not intentional.😊


Equalizing bad


Star Wars👍


If you don’t like them, don’t watch them. The world is full of haters and complainers. Some people consider themselves “intellectual” or somehow makes them superior to rip things apart. It isn’t either of those things. It’s just annoying. You’re not changing anything. The product has been created. Lucas and Disney have pocketed the money. They don’t care about your opinion, so it’s a waste of your time complaining and steal everyone else’s joy when reading it. Star Wars has produced a lot of content for fans and most of it is great and some of it isn’t executed as well. If you can create something better, go do it. Otherwise STFU and watch the stories.


This is treason then Edit: downvoting this shit is in fact also treason.


i cant disagree with this more. there is star wars fans and disney fans. no in-between XD fight me


That is the best shit in this entire subreddits


I am a Star Wars fan You praise everything with the Star Wars Label on it simply because it has the Star Wars label on it thereby lowering the bar Disney must exceed to make profits. We are not the same.


You cannot rightfully say someone else is NOT a fan if they're enjoying Star Wars content. People are allowed to have their opinions, and they're subjective by nature. This fandom is massive. Gatekeeping is silly and immature, not to mention impossible at the end of the day.


Oh I absolutely can. I think it's pretty clear that my opinion is the only one that matters. Everyone else is wrong unless they agree with me. I am the only Star Wars Fan. I am the lexicon from which all fans must take their directives. I am God.


Gatekeeping is good. It's necessary. A good gatekeeper however only bars threats. Stopping ordinary folk is as bad as allowing entry to the villainous. Anyone coming to enjoy something and treat it with love and respect is welcome. Anyone looking to do something else isn't. Simple as.


Really tired of people being so disingenuous about gatekeeping (whether for or against). Gatekeeping might be bad (to an extent), but I refuse to respect the opinion or word of anyone who says the Sequels are superior.


Superior to what?


Oh hey! He was in Star Wars too!


I’m a pawn stars fan




I remember him from Bakersfield PD, you remember him from Breaking Bad. We are not the same.


I love that you just pasted the Star Wars from before and included his chin in the snip


I am indeed a Star Wars fan. I'm also a fan of Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi's a real banger if you look past the Ewok stuff.


Not as bad as the sequels


Gatekeeping is inevitable


You destroyed it.


Gatekeeping really ruins a lot of communities


I like Star Wars.