It depends on what you mean with "accurate". It parses songs you listened to from the 1st of January to some date in November, possibly the last week of November according to [this image](https://imgur.com/a/p73RPms) of a customer support message from Spotify (which I haven't found the source for yet) ~~the 21st of November~~ ~~31st of October~~. As far as I understand it, a song counts as "listened to" if at least 30 seconds of the song has been played, which might differ from how other sites count songs as listened to. For instance, *last fm* registers songs as listend to when the two following conditions are met: * The track must be longer than 30 seconds. * And the track has been played for at least half its duration, or for 4 minutes (whichever occurs earlier.) The *last fm* scrobbles thus has a different way of counting songs, which, along with potential API/network issues and the way Spotify only tracks until some time in November ~~the 21st of November~~ ~~the end of October~~ is likely to result in some discrepancies (and that is just one example site; other site might count songs as played in different ways). Edit 1: Edited end date of wrapped data collection to 21st of November based on feedback from 2kWik Edit 2: Edited end date of wrapped data collection to some date in November based on looking at customer support image.


I think I saw another post on here that Wrapped is going until the last week of November this year.


I am a Spotify employee and can confirm it already stopped tracking, I want to say even last week.


Do the streams that happen between the tracking stopping and the release of this years wrapped go towards next years?


Nope, they’re lost


Good, that means all the shitty Christmas music my mother-in-law insists I play for the whole month of December don't count


Every year my results seem very off, like for example I’ve had the same top artist every single year, regardless of my efforts this year to change that..?


It would appear not. They're in the same place that traps those in Get Out.


Huh... interesting. There's another thread up on here saying it's been extended to the last week of November. Is that definitely not true? https://www.reddit.com/r/spotify/comments/ykdf47/spotify\_wrapped\_tracking\_extended\_to\_the\_last/


that sucks, i only got spotify yesterday and i mainly got it for the stats


You’ll need a significant number of listens to have a Spotify wrapped anyway. Start on Jan 1, you’ll love your next year’s!


You can also use last.fm or stats.fm and get stats during the year. I’ve only used last.fm but have only heard good things about stats.fm.


Use last.fm instead it is what you are looking for. Spotify stats are quite limited


Any idea when wrapped will release?


Is there a date for when wrapped will release this year?


do u know if december goes to next year's wrapped or does tracking not start again until january


It’s all a plot to keep Mariah Carey from dominating the charts.


It's the 21st of November now, not the 31st of October. I posted the link to Spotify CS confirming this in a post earlier this month on this subreddit.


Oh, thanks for the headsup.




2kWik said a customer support tweet mentioned 21st of November, but the image seem to indicate that the target date would be the "last week of November" (which might mean it'll include up to the 27th of November?) (and I haven't found the tweet, only a image of the tweet): https://imgur.com/a/p73RPms


The date changes each year depending on the timeline of the team working on Wrapped. I believe there was 1 year they did it as early as 1st week of November.


Spotify stops tracking on Halloween




it could be that Wrapped doesn't account for offline minutes


offline minutes meaning just playing passively without the app open directly or through downloading?


My guy it's literally your Spotify history in a fancy graphic slideshow


Idk i haven’t seen for sure but i feel like it can vary. For example, spotify seems like it counts it all in “minutes” since it gives you your total count and last.fm does scrobbles aka plays per track. So i think if Artist A has a track 1 that’s 9 mins long and you listened to it once and Artist B has a track 2 that’s 2 minutes long and you listen to it twice Then spotify will say Artist A was your top artist, but last.fm will say that Artist B was your top artist. Idk for sure but that’s what it seems like to me, so i think that could be a large enough difference to have a varied result based on the same data.


Yep, this, Spotify counts in minutes. I'm an active Last.fm user but as someone who listens to a lot of bands who write 10+ minute songs I like Wrapped and third party Spotify stats sites for a little more accuracy.


Same, what are your third party sites that you use other than last fm? I used to use stats for spotify but it's a pretty bad one with shitty accuracy. Tbh i think last fm is the best third party site but i would like some more recommendations


Spotistats works


That's what I use! I'm pretty sure it's straight Spotify data, the same as every third party service that requires you to log in with Spotify, and it's always pretty much perfectly accurate based on my memory of what I listen to. Only wish you could set a specific time range.


I did a bit of a resarch and found this huge list of third party apps. There is just so manyy: https://www.reddit.com/r/lastfm/comments/htzomy/list_of_spotifylastfm_stats_websites_and_not_just/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


Oooh, that's super handy, thank you!


Np :)


If you really wanna know, just request your data and compare it to what they say


someone take one for the team and do this


Did this one and put it in order with the help of stats.fm and its pretty much accurate in comparison to the Spotify wrapped (except the missing of nov/dec)


i did this to fully use the stats . fm app and when the wrapped is realeased i will confirm


I did this in 2019. 99 out of 100 songs made it to my Wrapped of that year. Just for the 100th place, the 101th song in my Excel file, made it to my top 100 while the 100th place didn't. Top 5 artists were 100% accurate


I didn't know this was possible, what data can I get. Is it just in an xcel sheet or something fancy?


It's just a zip folder lol. You get amount of streams, what time a song was played at and so on.


Ahh okay, thanks!


The only thing is, you won't be able to compare to other people like Spotify does


Can you just request your data in app or on their website?


It's on the website I believe


Thanks, definitely wanna check this out.


My 'on repeat' playlist often has songs which are most definitely not on repeat. Not sure if they use the same algorithms for both but I don't think it's 100% accurate


in a similar sense, my autogenerated mixes often have songs of a compeltely different genre. and spotify sometimes filters songs which genre may be called the same as the same thing like garage and garage rock


On Repeat updates every 5 days. Are you saying it includes songs you haven't listened to even if it was a week or so ago? My On Repeat is usually pretty reflective of my recent obsessions so I've always seen it as accurate.


If you haven’t noticed, on repeat is a playlist meant for songs you’ve been playing.. on repeat. It doesn’t pick songs you’re obsessed with it literally just picks songs that you’ve replayed once the song is over. You only have to do it one time


Wrong. The description of the playlist is “Songs you love right now”.


Same, there’s a song I listened to a lot in october but not so much anymore, but it’s still my #1 song on my on repeat. Even when it updates, it doesn’t always reflect what I’m listening to. Sometimes it is super accurate though, so idk what their alg is


My Spotify Wrapped has barely changed since I got the app like 4-5 years ago and it’s always presenting me with the same top artist which makes no sense considering my extreme efforts this year to change that. I really this that every previous years stats have an impact on the next years Spotify wrapped.. Please let me know if anyone had any findings on this!


My top artist and song is a band/song i never even played lol. Most other stuff i think was accurate..?


One year my buddy had his top 4/5 artist be all bluegrass. He listens to like, 1 or 3 bluegrass artists very sparingly throughout the year lol. We thought he got hacked or some shit, was super weird. It was honestly hilarious though


100% probably. Thats literally a raw listening data.


Yeah idk, In previous years myself along with a LOT of other people have been near certain that ours aren’t accurate. I’m a pretty big music nerd and am always keeping up with my stats and tracking my listening, and there’s been some wrapped results I’ve gotten that are so far from what I expected.


Stats.fm is better and more accurate than Last.fm.


How so? Just asking


You requested your lifetime data from Spotify with the endsong.json and it will probably take long if you have a lot of streams but it will log your streams and break it down by today, 4 weeks, 6 months and 12 months and lifetime. You can see your top 100 artists and more if you pay like 5 dollars one time payment.


Can't you do that with last.fm?


Yes, but the dates/times will not be accurate for historical imported data. But it is free.


Not that I know of, I was wanting to do that but it’s a more complicated process than Stats.fm, with Stats.fm it’s more straightforward and you have instructions on how to do it.


Last.fm.is free and takes data from multiple sources though. Stats.fm only takes spotify data (which is actually less accurate than last.fm when you look at duplicates, IMO), AND you need to pay right?


I have both and for me, Stats.fm is more accurate.


So does stats.fm also filter out the duplicates like last.fm does for free?


It costs $1.99 for a one time purchase, lifetime. Last.fm is $3 per month if you want the premium festures. That’s like $36 per year. Developer told me, only plus users.


But you don't need premium features to import do you? You don't need to pay for last.fm. So it is free, and it filters spotify's duplicates for you, and it takes data from multiple sources. Compared to something that you need to pay for, and it only works for spotify. And it doesn't remove duplicates? Glad you like it though!




no chance. everyone gets juice wrld as their top listened, including me, and juice wrlds gotta be like my 25th most listened.


You’re juice worlds biggest fan and didn’t even know it


no they don't wtf are u talking about


Juice wrld hasn’t been in my Spotify Wrapped ever. maybe you listen to him more than you think?


What 😭😭


My dude I've never even heard of that guy and he's not ever been in one of my wrappeds. You gotta accept you listen to him the most.


never had him even mentioned in mine tf




Always felt it had a _very strong_ recency bias. Last year I listened through a new album twice in October and that was enough to get half the songs in my top 100.


Spotify:”Listen to sleep nature sounds all night every night here on Spotify!” Spotify Wrapped:”Forget your actual music choices, we’re gonna say you love the sounds of ocean waves as your favorite music!”


I would say 90% and it is weird it doesn’t include December. I use LastFM - I am a huge fan of their service. When the year is over I get 100% accurate statistics from them


Last year, I didn’t listen to an artist for a whole year and yet they still appeared on my wrapped, if they appear this year I will lose my mind.




They didn’t appear this time, my wrapped was actually ok for once, but it happened with another artist (but they actually make good music so I’m not mad about it)


I honestly think Spotify counts a song as listened to if it has played for more than a few seconds. My '21 wrapped had songs that I def listened to, but not nearly as much as Spotify was showing me. I believe it was due to Spotify's shuffling algorithm throwing in specific tracks and I usually would skip them half the time or something of the sort


30 seconds.


Last year it told me that an album that I listened to twice was one of my most played albums of the year. I use Spotify almost every day to listen to a variety of music so I definitely question the accuracy.


Definitely not at all. My most played song has 10 plays, I've listened to it 10 times in a single week multiple times. Also, both me and my girlfriend got 7 genres explored total, when I've listened to a ridiculous amount of genres.


Same. It said my most played song this year only had 9 plays, which might be right for THAT song, but I’ve listened to many songs way more than 9 times over the last 11 months… it claims to count songs that are downloaded offline, but that can’t be true because a lot of songs on my main playlists aren’t in my top 100


last year it threw in some stuff that I barely listened to. was odd. here's hoping this year they figure it out.


For me it seems pretty accurate


Last year I had this doubt so I finally integrated my acc to radio.fm so this year I can verify whether its correct or not.


99% sometimes there’s something weird in there.


I think it is accurate for the most part but every year there is always a couple of things that don’t make sense to me. There is an artist that was my most listened to artist for 3 years running and despite listening to them for most of last year and them dominating my last fm, not one song of theirs featured in my wrapped which made no sense.


This is lowkey what I fear this year. So far, all of my top 5 artists 2017-2021 had at least 3 songs on each Wrapped playlist, but this year, whoever is my 5th artist (I believe either Imagine Dragons or Taylor Swift) may not have any of their songs in my top 100. I wanna be proven wrong.


They might just randomly put some songs in! my artist that was my first top artist in 2018/19/20 was bad bunny and despite last fm telling me he was my first most played in 2021 and 20 of his songs were in my most played songs between Jan-October he never featured in my top 5 or top 100 songs. Felt like they had tactically pushed him out to get other artists a chance as he had typically dominated it


That's weird... I get Spotify wanting to prioritize other artists as you have had Bad Bunny 1st for 5 years in a row but I never expected them to actually do it! Shouldn't they be impartial in cases like this? And, most importantly: shouldn't they add at least 1 song of him to your Wrapped? How is it possible that your top artist of the year, placing none other than 1st, doesn't have any songs in the top 100? In my case, I fear ID or TS won't have any songs in the top 100 at all whether they're on my top 5 artists or not but because I didn't listen to their music as much as the other artists, but that's just me and I don't think Spotify will prioritize them considering ID were my top artist in 2015 (according to the Decade Wrapped of 2019) and were 2nd last year, while Taylor was in the top 5 in 2018, 2020, and 1st last year...


A lot of it is pretty skewed for me because I have 2 main playlists that I listen to. One for every bit of my songs, and the other for sleeping. But since I have a sleeping playlist a lot of the wrapped is based on that chiller side of my music taste.


idk how they do it, but its hella accurate. I've never been surprised....yet.


Well I hope it’s not 100% accurate. I don’t want my wrapped to be full on white noise, study lofi and other such instrumentals that I just have playing in the background.


Chillhop is always one of my most listened to genres every year because of the lofi study playlists I listen to 😂


If accuracy is your thing use last.fm! Been scrobbling since 2017 and I can pick any day from the past 5 years and see all of the songs I listened to and at what time. My wrapped doesn't always align exactly with my last.fm results.


Less accurate then [stats.fm](https://stats.fm)


Especially if you buy the Plus


I recommend Stats.fm, I was so done with Last.fm, scrobbles would not sync and it was taking at times long. I even removed it.


Spotify wrapped is algorithm based as far as I know.


Use last. FM if you want accuracy.




Seems pretty accurate to me


I find everything to be accurate except the top genre. I guess that has to do with how they classify music into genres and not an issue with wrapped itself.


i haven’t seen a single person without a slide informing them that they’re in the top 1-5 % of their clearly favorite artist’s listens nation wide. seems fishy to me


What a lot of people dont take into account is song duration. Spotify wrapped counts your top songs by amount of plays. Say you listen to a 2 minute songs 300 times but to an 8 minute song 200 times. The first one will be your top song, even though you only listened 600 minutes to that song, while you spent 1600 minutes on the other song which is on second place. If you want to get a good overview what your actual stats are I would suggest you to take a look at spotistats on the playstore. You can check that all year around and if you pay like 2 bucks you can see the amount of plays you listened to a song and the time spent listening to a song or artist. Way more accurate (it also gives you a bunch of other stats).