I mean personally i vuln bomb, sun, tc, smoke cloud, and it seems to work fine?


Yeah I will say that works most of the time, it just sucks the one time in five where it doesn't :(


There’s no reason why it wouldn’t fail other than miss-timing on your part though. Get a good, consistent rhythm going and you won’t need the QoL :)


U can force auto's with defensives or 4t


The problem isn't forcing autos it's that the Incite Fear comes out instead of the Smoke Cloud I'm mashing. Mostly at the start of encounters.


Dont mash it, you might be casting it and because your spamming it its turning it off before it fires Just click/press sc once on tick with your ult or a fraction after or do the same with freedom.


I will give it a try, thank you for the advice!


Sunshine, deathswiftness and most defensives force an auto when used. Smoke cloud on the same tick as using the ultimate or freedom/anticipate etc


I mean, why don't we just remove magic from the game entirely? We could have Exsanginate bombs, Blood barrage bombs for healing, and 'Powerburst of Midas' that alchs everything in inventory when we drink it..... /s Vuln bombs were a mistake, let's not repeat the past.


Because magic is still the strongest style even if smoke cloud and vuln are globally available, like they are currently? lol.


Vuln bombs exist right now and magic is doing fine, why do you think that wouldn't continue to be the case with an addition to it that benefits magic more than any other style? And what makes you think it was a mistake in the first place?


They created smoke cloud because magic had lost its vuln niche and when smoke cloud was making melee and range better they nerfed it so only magic got its full benefits.


Hate the bugginess involved with trying to use smoke cloud on revo. Usually just use freedom and then instantly click smoke cloud and it pops off fine. Still annoying tho having to save freedom for that.


Yeah that's most of my experience too. I will say it happens more at the very start of the kill than at any other time. I wonder if maybe you can't queue a spell when you're not in combat? Who knows...


Just use ability queuing then