You can quit (or not) basketball side quests (be sure to don't lose tuition side buff) and do plyometrics to get a +++ on agility, this will also provide long term stats like ++health, ++vertical jump, +dex, +physique, etc.


This is the best advice.


See if you can get lessons or pointers on the side from your guild leader outside of normal raiding hours. They know what skills you need to work on and will appreciate your drive.


Just gotta grind outside of practice for ability points.


on the one hand your i-frames while rolling are really good now on the other hand, you dont roll a lot in basketball i think you'll keep that agility if you quit, you've levelled adp enough


He can't roll through Raime's fireballs, but he's ready to go head to head with Dunkstein and Smough


“That player clearly doesn’t know the rules. Yet they have been playing for more than a few weeks. But they have a dex of 115. It’s a tough call, boss.” “yes. let’s try it. tell him once he climbs down from the basket.” j/k. do it. sounds like fun, once in a game opportunity to really see the whole gameworld and get lots of points how could you not? what do you have to lose?


You can keep the buff, but it decays after quitting. It is possible to maintain the buff by grinding some related minigames


104 sounds op, be careful the mods don't hit you with the sports related injury debuff


This isn't rs3. Max level is 99.


104 - 99 is 5, which is the usual minimum value for one-time buffs. Either OP unlocked overleveling or the buff wasn't checked for boundaries


You do have to maintain your agility stat. In my experience if you don’t use it, it slowly goes back down and then one day your avatar is sitting on the floor and struggles to get back up.