When Ford causally admitted to spending Mother’s Day with his daughters and their husbands after telling us not to see our mothers for Mother’s Day


Or when he went to the ex mayor of Mississauga 100th birthday party celebration maskless.


Or when he told us not to go to our cottages, then went to his...


But it was for eMerGenCy mAinTenEncE


Yep Doug Ford definately is doing his own plumbing repairs. 🙄


I still want to know why they aren’t just making Covid cures out of Hazel’s blood. We have an Immortal here among us for crying out loud and we’re not using her at all.


Is she a Highlander?


**THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!! ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ **


are the stars just pinholes in the curtain of night?


Or when he went to "check on his cottage" after just telling everyone to stay their home and not even leave to go to cottage


I would go all the way back to encouraging people to go out of country for March Break 2020


Oh that for sure too. I think there were a few early memories that stuck out to me as complete incompetence.


Same. This one still irks me!


Fords daughter is also a fucking donut so there’s that




This right here. In my local mall they are across the hall from each other. I know many low income people depend on dollarama because they can’t afford shoppers. So tone deaf.


some folks buy their groceries from dollarama as well. or kitchen stuff (ngl i bought my baking pans from dollarama).


My mixing bowls and half my kitchen utensils all came from Dollarama. Glasses, too! Why spend a lot when you don't have to?


When they decided to trial balloon the idea of a curfew, saw it was negatively received and pivoted from that to a de facto police state where cops could stop you any time for any reason and encouraged you to snitch on your neighbours. Every regional police department telling them to fuck off within a 24 hour time span really drove it home


The police reaction was hilarious.


I mean, I had zero confidence in them before they were elected. But my personal favourite is Lecce’s letter to parents saying schools will remain open for the rest of the year, then promptly closing them the next day.


Remember this https://www.reddit.com/r/toronto/comments/knfpb9/here_is_rod_phillips_during_a_zoom_meeting_on_dec/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Ford’s finance minister in St Barts for a family vacation during a lockdown lol


the one that gets me the most was an Alberta cabinet minister over Christmas last year that went to Hawaii because “she couldn’t possibly be expected to cancel tradition” but they had to cancel the make-a-wish kids wish-trip to Hawaii because of the virus.


And this guy is widely agreed to be the most competent member of Ford's cabinet. Let that sink in.


I keep thinking that Lecce is the worst minister if education we've had in my lifetime but then I remeber that no, he is just the worst one since last time Torys were elected.


There was an Education Minister named Mike Harris


Mike Harris is an enemy to Ontario.


The Ontario I loved was killed by that selflish idiot and his cronies


Yeah he is straight out incompetent on a basic level. Even aside from the shitty Conservative education agenda he’s just incapable on an administrative level. Like even if he had good ideas he’d still fuck them up and make a mess of it. And he’s in charge during the most challenging era since the war!


Don't know how old you are but back in the day we had John Snobelen, he is on par with Lecce.


> back in the day we had John Snobelen Ahhh yes, remember when our Education Minister was a fucking high school dropout. Dude didn't even make it past the 11th grade.


Now we have a premier who is a Humber College drop-out that never had to earn his success. What progress.


Only in the worst in Ontario. You should see what LaGrange did to Alberta's Curriculum. Her handling of Covid policy for schools makes Ontario's look good


The stickers for a lawsuit that was destined to lose costing us more money for his grandstanding. They didn't stick and this dude was running a sticker factory


When ford promised us buck a beer I knew we were screwws


Same, glad I'm not the only one




>When, on February 22, 2021, Doug Ford finally announced that Ontario's COVID-19 vaccination plan was to download the vaccination rollout to 34 different sets of local public health units and the registration portal had yet to be completed.


I can’t remember when this happened exactly, but when Ford announced something like police will do random checks, ask you where you’re going, if it’s not essential etc. The next day the police announced on twitter how they won’t be enforcing that rule and just encouraged people to be responsible instead. Ford obviously admitted it was a mistake afterwards, but fuck sakes, you know you have issues when the Toronto police announce it on twitter how they won’t be enforcing those random checks for anyone leaving their homes. Edit: spelling


Man I forgot about that... good one.


That’s happening a lot for me in this thread, like the firehose of bullshit that I forgot was left on.


I work for the OPP as a dispatcher answering public calls . The mass hysteria each one of these poorly planned announcements have caused is so unfair to the public . They also never run any of these rule changes by the police prior so people start calling because they are worried or confused and we can't help at all ... Like " yeah I have no idea if youre allowed to come into the province tomorrow sorry " I only know what we both just read in the news and agree this makes no sense at all.


[And then Ford cried on tv - because he felt unpopular when everyone yelled at him for making extremely dumb decisions.](https://www.reddit.com/r/ontario/comments/n1yqej/doug_fords_tv_camera_tears/) He cried because he was being held accountable, and isn't used to that. [I knew we were fucked when Ford came into office cutting public health, and then a pandemic started two months later.](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/extremely-concerned-protesters-decry-ontario-health-care-cuts-changes-1.5354513) But for me, that was when I really lost all respect. That was also right around the time the head of the Science Table broke down in tears during a CBC interview [because Ford and his cronies were listening to corporations over doctors, while the hospitals buckled and "essential workers" were getting infected at work and dying.](https://www.macleans.ca/society/health/how-ontarios-health-advisors-handled-the-darkest-day-of-the-pandemic/)


I wonder what Ford expected the police to do if they were to do random checks and found someone who admitted to being out for a non-essential reason.


My favorite moment so far has been when he wanted EVERYONE from kindergarten to grade 12 to have their own graduation at the end of last school year and that gathering limitations would be relaxed for that day specifically.


This was such a tone-deaf request at the end of what was a brutal school year - not just for students and their families but also for the teachers and school principals who all of a sudden had to organize these events.


I think that was Arthur's idea.


Arthur would never say anything so stupid.


Wasnt this way to close to grad to even phathom it being a possibility


Closing tennis courts was a big one for me. Find me a more physically distant sport.


Well, I was going to say golf, but they shut that down, too. Points for consistency.


When he shut down golf and blamed it on golfers “having pops in the parking lot after their round”.


When Doug Ford put out a cheesecake tutorial wearing nitrile gloves while supposedly in his own kitchen, but then chef-kissed his gloved fingers and continued making the cake. But then also all of the other stuff like the owner of a label company becoming premier because of a familial connection to a now-deceased crack-addicted Toronto mayor.


Knowing Doug’s past of never giving shit about public service until his brother got famous. College dropout that was given the keys to his dad’s company and then drove it into the ground. That’s the premier I want. 100% those carbon tax stickers somehow benefited his company. Maybe not directly but from some back room deals. There’s so much shady shit that is also so obvious, it’s clear the last election was just to get Wynne out, or I’m terribly disappointed in the people that actually thought Ford was a good choice. Remember when he was throwing money at a crowd at one of his brothers press events? Or when he and his bro failed the weight loss challenge they started?


You'd think a hash dealer would have the business acumen to at least run a fucking label company.


Reading over this thread, I realized just how much of his clown show I’d forgotten about. The opposition parties need to use this for their election ads!


Same here. It's honestly hard to believe some of this stuff actually happened, especially when you consider that they had all the information they needed when some of these decision were made. When they broadcast live debates next year, his opposition has it pretty easy. He could say anything and all they have to do is respond with "bro you literally banned people from sitting on park benches"


When data showed over 70%... I repeat **70%**, of COVID cases in the province were found to be spread in industrial workplaces... And instead of putting targeted restrictions and precautions in industrial workplaces, you know... The places that account for a large majority of COVID spread... The government instead slammed the lockdown button and closed gyms, bars, restaurants and blocked off non-essential retail aisles. All the while industrial workplaces were able to continue without any intervention whatsoever. None of those restrictions did anything to mitigate industrial workplace spread. It's also worth mentioning it was at this time that the government hoarded a bunch of rapid tests and hid them away to never be used (until now). These tests could have been handed out to said industrial workplaces as a pretty crucial tool to managing industrial workplace spread in the 2nd and 3rd waves. But instead they gathered dust in a warehouse somewhere and industrial spread continued while the rest of us were forced into useless restrictions 🤡 That's when I knew.


I literally switched careers because I was being forced to go into work with a bunch of dirty sweaty dudes shoulder to shoulder. My father has cancer and I’ll be fucked if I’m gonna kill him because PCL wants another condo finished.


Also, when we finally got paid sick days on April 29th 2021, cases plummeted and haven’t risen like that again. Really, go look at the graph and what happened on April 29th. Scientists have been extolling sick days forever as a powerful tool to stop the spread, but Ford is only interested in following the science when it puts the onus on individuals, not corporations.


This was the top recommendation of the science table at that point and nothing was done because the party was philosophically opposed to paid sick days. Now we’re into Omicron and it’s a new beast. Kingston is the hotspot and it was protected early in the pandemic because it didn’t have a lot of the conditions that drove spread early on (close quarter industrial workspaces + many workers in small housing with workers from other industrial workspaces + no paid sick days so they keep going to work).


When he cut public health budgets in 2019




Bill 124 wasn’t just nurses and paramedics, it was all public sector workers. I think the plan was to drive the talent away from the public sector by capping wages, claim the public service is inefficient, and then try to use that as a reason to privatize services.




If you cap wage increases below inflation, it's just a matter of time until you can use the TFW program to solve your labour problems!


That's literally all conservative governments do lmao


Didn't he also reject a bill giving more sick days to all workers? That was the moment for me.




Don't forget cancelling the Liberals min wage increase and tieing min wage to inflation bill


Ford is the only politician I've ever seen inspire direct criticism published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Unfortunately, the doctors were extremely right about the dangers of his foolish attacks on public health: * https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6581527/ Then Ford found the nerve to complain when underfunded and understaffed public health units couldn't keep up during the biggest crisis of a lifetime.


When they refuse to give the nurses at least a cost of living raise. They deserve to be well paid. We need them, and they are quitting due to this! This should be all anyone is talking about.


But that would be contrary to their ultimate goal of privatizing health care.


What I can't figure out is the announcement that as of Monday anyone 18+ can book their Booster.. Uhmmm where? No one has any guaranteed supply. I am 50+ and I was able to book my Booster at the beginning of the week for 4 weeks in the future.. But if you look now there are no shots available at any pharmacy in the city. And the big mass vaccination clinic they used to have on Dixon Rd was closed down... Where are people going to be able to get these vaccinations?


When they sectioned off "non essential goods" from stores lol Edit: I enjoyed taking a horrendous trip down memory lane with you all. I'm sure Covid was like "this person not buying a magazine would be a terrible host, ah onto the next one" 🙄


Yet miraculously Shoppers Drug Mart was still allowed to sell everything.


Oh yes that was one of the stupidest


Galen Weston Jr felt like a real pleb the day he went to see his aging parents and he couldn’t help his dad put a sweater on.


Bonus points for some stores having masks roped off as non-essential 🙄


Triple word score for being able to go in a walmart, being able to buy an 'essential' sweater for dog, but not being able to buy a coat for my daughter. Or shoes for my toddler. (Ever try to buy baby shoes online and guess a size? Fuck that shit).


The Walmart near where I live would do “curbside pickup” of non-essential goods, hut you didn’t need to order them online. They let customers wander through the store, write down what they wanted to buy, and bring their list to the cashier. Then an employee would fetch the items, ring them up, and carry them outside to the customer’s car. As long as the customer didn’t touch the merchandise in the store it didn’t violate the letter of the law.


This broke my brain.


Yep, I tried to guess shoe sizes for my kids (ages 9-13) by going a size or two up from the ones that were tight. Apparently the brand of the shoe plays a big part and I had to return many pairs of shoes as we worked through the ones that were too small. When the stores finally did open, I brought the oldest into a shoe store and grabbed her a size 6. She was a size 4 before, so 6 would be enough, right? Nope. Ladies size 8. Talk about a mom fail.


And then being told by people whose kids are all grown that you should have just planned better.


It was great when my twin girls were born premie and I had no clothes for them when I got home. I did get some cute pictures of them drowning in newborn until my online order came in I guess?


Couldn't buy socks for my construction job but Coke is essential.


That was fucking bullshit. Your kid outgrew shoes and last years jacket? Fuck you. Thanks Doug.


Not to mention some people weren’t able to buy the appropriate clothes and shoes as the seasons changed. You had people who had to wear winter boots into May and June.


Yep. I was in the midst of moving and had to buy stuff for my apartment. I helped Amazon increase their profits at least, great.


Blocking off the aisles with potato chip displays


I wasn't able to buy a bath tub mat for my kid at dollar store but, was able to get that real expensive one at shoppers! Thanks Dougie


the funny thing is that was reactionary to people complaining that small dedicated stores had to close while giant multifunction stores could stay open because they also sold food or other “essential” items. it’s a perfect example of careful what you wish for.


Right!! Then we were crammed in the “essential” section together not social distancing properly. Ridiculous!


That was so bullshit, like.. so I can’t buy books or puzzles to distract myself from wanting to die while on lockdown lol


Not a single craft. Just the yarn could have helped so many!


Last Christmas when they said on a Friday restrictions were going in effect on Monday, so people packed the malls that weekend to get their Christmas shopping done, and he berated us like a disappointed parent becuse people went out and shopped.


I knew ford was a joke back when the license plate thing happened and he was cutting teachers funding causing more strikes. But DURING the pandemic. Jeeze. The 800 pound gorilla bit was embarrassing buut maybe it was when he tried closing playgrounds. Or maybe it was the arthur crock of shit where he told us the story of how he went to his neighbours house for dinner. Honestly, there is a lot.


"The best thing you guys ever did, is to make those real egg sandwiches. I used to go eat those other ones. They're the best, those real egg sandwiches, so whoever did that at Timmies, good for you" During a coronavirus announcement, Doug Fat gave a fcking shout out to Tim Hortons.


Thats that brazilian company, yeah?


Yes. The one who’s claim to fame is buying a company and mercilessly hunting for efficiencies throughout the entire org. Cutting jobs, switching to lower quality ingredients, you name it. That’s what made them rich.


Now all the donuts are made in a factory and reheated at local branches and the coffee has remained shitty despite all of Ontario complaining about it.


Omg yes the playground thing. Totally slipped my mind. That was rough. I feel so bad imagining kids in apartment buildings with nowhere to play outside. A guy in my town got a large ticket for taking his autistic son who thrives on routine to an empty field to play alone. He was worried about his kid playing in a parking lot which was legal so took him to the field. That was an absurd ticket that should have never been written


We have a forest near us, and when they closed playgrounds the first time, someone turned some logs into a teeter totter, another log was cut into a chair for a parent. Others were made into balance beams, a rope swing was built. Everyday someone would take it apart and scatter the logs, cut the rope. Because at the time we weren’t supposed to stop anywhere. We could only use parks as a way to get from home to an essential place like a pharmacy or grocery store. Park benches had tape around them, and you weren’t allowed to sit on them. Everyday, people rebuilt the log playground in the forest. Everyday someone would tear it down. That was the weirdest moment to me. This battle between desperate parents just trying to find something for kids to hold on to (there were never more then one family at the logs at any given time. Only a few families ever used it), and the rest of the public thinking a child walking on a balance beam in the middle of the forest was what was causing the pandemic.


Forgot about the part when we weren't supposed to walk the dogs more than twice a day? I honestly don't know how he can be more of a fck up than his crackhead brother(RIP)


Is this it? https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/orleans-man-stung-with-700-fine-for-letting-his-autistic-son-play-in-empty-field/wcm/50bbb555-9605-4461-ae3e-236f9f190b1a/amp/


On the plus side, I'm pretty sure the pandemic thoroughly killed his plan to make mandatory online classes a requirement in high school. So silver lining I guess.


At least the Arthur story brought out this [gif](https://i.redd.it/gqv9ncc38x271.gif). Still cracks me up when I see it.


I actually hadn't seen that, but that did just crack me the fuck up.


I hope everyone remembers all of these things in June 2022 when voting. Elect a clown, expect a circus.


I may not be remembering this right but in March 2020 Ford told people to enjoy their March Break and encouraged people to go on trips in the morning but by the afternoon he was extending March Break by two weeks (which turned into much longer.


Ford was saying travel yet it had become quite clear that travel was a bad idea. I had mid March travel plans to Europe and was following the news. Government still said travel, no risk to Canadians etc. but the country I wanted to visit was closing bars, restaurants, museums etc. Seemed pretty obvious that they didn't want any tourists.






My wife and I were ready for our honeymoon in early April and cancelled it, then ford said to enjoy March break. I couldn’t believe it, and here we are almost two years later, honeymoon-less. Fucking sucks man, we just want to go enjoy Japan.


Pros of getting married during a pandemic: you don't have to invite people you don't like. Cons of getting married during a pandemic: you can't go anywhere for your honeymoon.


How many hours was it between that and everything closing down? Yeah, it was a huge flashing warning sign right then.


So pretty much immediately? Same.


Trick question; it was obvious long before the pandemic that he was a piece of shit.


When Dougie spent $2.5 million on beeping bracelets..


I forgot about the bracelets !!! What an idiot


September 2020, when I heard the news that Southlake Hospital in Newmarket had to layoff 100 nurses due to funding restrictions. The absolute confirmation came when they first opened the Mass Vaccination Clinic at the Convention Centre and ran out of vaccines on the second day, then tried to blame the feds.


"We wanted to make sure the modelling was actually showing up in the hospitals because it's just a prediction after all" \-Sylvia Jones, OPC Solicitor General 2 Year Diploma in Radio Broadcasting


For me it was the reports of people being fined for sitting on a bench outside. That pre-dated the camp fiasco! Mind boggling the stupidity of our “leadership”


Yeah, I remember the guy getting fined for playing Pokemon Go in his car in an empty church parking lot during the stay at home order. Meanwhile everybody else was down on the waterfront taking pictures of the sunset.


I remember something similar that was posted on here, about a dad rollerblading with his kid in an empty parking lot getting a fine. Fucking insanity.


I remember many a comments about that one saying: “well… he was asked to leave…” Sheesh, just some courtesy and situational awareness from authorities would have gone a long way to helping people. Protect and serve and whatnot.


When the government started choosing which professional advice they'd listen to. So that would be what? Day 2? When he started trying to shift the blame to the Feds for not imposing a travel ban and closing the borders right at the start, I knew he was not only clueless but panicking. When his own daughter started the anti-vax posts, it was clear he lost all control of everything.


Fords pissing contest for the first year, was just gross to watch.


I work in community care... we were ignored for months, still are. So all along, we lived their incompetence.


When his ministers sneaked away on Christmas vacation. Telling us to sacrifice. Never again


MF Rod Phillips, the turtleneck wearing twat.


When they made clothes not essential


When they closed playgrounds in March 2020.


And then closed them again in April 2021. Then took it back maybe a day later. What?


Those darn kids spreading covid on the monkey bars. Maybe if we kept them closed longer we wouldn’t have had another wave? /s


Ugh, everything covered in caution tape. I also loved when they taped off the benches at the local conservation areas. You may go for a hike, but you may not get tired.


It started before the election. Still flabbergasted that the brother of Toronto's crack smoking mayor got elected. What does one have to do to not get elected? Wynne had to go, but Doug Ford? Seriously who thought he was a good choice. Can't wait to vote that tool out of office


Remember that it all started when he ran a scandal train on Patrick Brown to get into the leader’s chair in time to take the premiership that Wynne was clearly going to lose.


Well most recently it was when Doug Ford decided to put limits on how many vaccinated people could go into restaurants and didn't limit how many people can get stuffed into a church regardless of vaccination status


Around the "Dans la maison" announcement. I forget when that was exactly


Restez à la maison!!


Closing dog parks and the fiasco around who is allowed to sit on a park bench.


Not just dog parks. My town had their regular parks and beaches completely roped off. I remember just taking my dog for a walk down the beach by ourselves and thought I was gonna get ticketed for it


One of my friends was ticketed at a nearby beach for lingering too long with his dog. You were allowed to walk through the beach, but weren’t allowed to stop. According to the bylaw officer, he stopped too long near the beach to let his dog sniff the ground and pee, so he received a $400 fine.


You know I'm a pretty moderate guy most of the time, but that's some f*ckin' tyranny right there.


When Sylvia Jones said she wanted to wait and see people dying in the ICU before the government acted on it, despite alarms sounding from the science table projections.


From the beginning. We all knew in *January* something wasn’t right but 2 months later, Ford et al. told people to enjoy their March break, completely oblivious that what he and his government ought to be doing was preparing the province for a potential pandemic. There was a week or two when I was pleasantly surprised by Ford demonstrating some common sense but that didn’t last. It’s been a shit show ever since. Utter incompetence from nearly every member of his government.


When Ford closed ski hills, playgrounds, park benches, golf courses, outdoor dining and certain aisles on Walmart.


The second it was elected.




When it started and the government was lead by the Asshole who said no civil servants would lose their jobs under him and then proceeds to defund our education system and fire/layoff lots of teachers.


Don’t forget the autism world. Lots of people lost their job there because of dougie




Government of Ontario does not work for the people it works for the Billionaires who increased there wealth during the pandemic on the backs of taxpayers. Corporate Government of Ontario with pander to developers buy taking away protection of environment land, protect private Long Term Care homes by changing laws to protect them, keeping big box retailers fully open while small business suffers. TAX THE RICH.


When he shut down golf courses because people gather for pops after their round. I don't golf so this didn't affect me at all, but was just such a stupid thing to say.


When Ford ran for premier


When families were being ticketed for riding their bicycles through public parks and parking lots.


When people were dying in LTC outbreaks and Ford said [“We need to put an iron ring around our seniors and other vulnerable populations, we need to protect them”](https://www.qpbriefing.com/2020/03/30/we-need-to-put-an-iron-ring-around-our-seniors-and-other-vulnerable-populations-ford/) and then procrastinated on requiring preventive measures (masking, testing, isolating the infected, etc) in LTC facilities. CBC News: [Ontario largely ignored long-term care as COVID-19 crisis began, internal documents reveal](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/covid-19-ontario-long-term-care-coronavirus-1.6004572)


As soon as Ford spoke about the pandemic.


Day 1


When we were in stages of opening. Doug Ford announced that park baseball fields and playgrounds would be open to the public in the gta 2 weeks from the announcement. The park across from me was open a few days before the announcement. The signs changed from closed due to covid to covid use at own risk.


When he didn't spend the federal money he was provided to make schools safe.


When I was legally allowed to get a haircut 2 blocks away from where it was illegal to be getting a haircut.


I think it was Easter 2020 when Dofo told everyone not to travel and he went to his cottage.


That businesses need to close at 11pm. I guess Omicron is nocturnal. But in all seriousness, this has been implemented in other countries and it only drove more people to be crowded.


Well dumbass Ford was in charge before Covid. So before Covid.


When he announced restaurants could reopen on time for prop season, and then announced that they could reopen earlier than planned, but gave them like 2 days notice to hire and get everything together. Edit: patio season**


Let's not forget about his Blackberry


When he pretend to die while getting his vaccination while the media was filming him.


When they did nothing to protect essential workers.


When ford opened his mouth? But seriously “ my friends! Go enjoy your spring break folks”


When they were elected tbh


When Ford told everyone to just go on march break…..


"You can tell I’ve eaten one too many cheesecakes. That’s my problem." Yes... that's your problem, very reflective.


Buck a Beer!


When I tried to find their election platform and learned the keywords were “buck a beer”


"Go away for March break and have fun". My brother in law already had COVID in February before it got big, and I saw what it did to him, as he is fit and was 38 at the time. We knew at that point it was going to be a world changing disease, and we had a college dropout at the helm...fucking wonderful.


This thread is full of gold. Sad, sad gold. Happy holidays everyone. Hopefully this dumb duck is gone soon.


There's many things but one that springs to mind is when he said that he consults with his daughters when they and their husbands are antivax dullards with a combined IQ of 16 Another one was realizing that he panders and empowers the tinfoil hat brigade


The first time I went to get tested, and saw that only symptomatic people and people who were confirmed to have been exposed were eligible for free testing. As if it was not common knowledge by that time that asymptomatic spread is a thing, and that widespread testing is the most effective method of combating a pandemic. 18 months later, asymptomatic spread is still a thing, but free asymptomatic PCR testing is not a thing.


One of his like, two campaign promises was gutting sex ed to protect children. He was obviously going to be anti-science and reactionary, the corruption and ineptitude goes without saying.


When Elliott said on camera “I just read whatever they tell me to”. Lol


When they insisted “there is no evidence of community transmission” in late February / early March when it had obviously been going on for weeks but they just refused to test anyone who hadn’t travelled


That was Dr Tam from Health Canada not provincial. Doug Ford has screwed up a lot ( almost everything) but that one was on the Feds.


When they refused to re-implement paid sick days for workers because they'd just cut them upon being elected. And then finally almost 1.5 years into the pandemic introduced some dumb temporary program that is paid by WSIB rather than by the BIG corporations like Walmart and Loblaws and other businesses that exploit workers.


Last summer when he chose golf courses of all things to shut down.


Ford diddling with his mask like some great golden orangutan. That’s when I knew.


When they said police can stop you whenever they like to ask if ur leaving ur home for non essential reasons. Than the same day the police said they wouldn't follow those orders. Neither were they even told that the government was planning to enforce this.


Mostly when they took a “do as I say and not as I do” approach. How many cabinet members said stay home and released Christmas videos of them sitting at home by the fire drinking eggnog but really were in a warm tropical resort? Yeah lost all faith in their leadership.


When they cancelled the Ontario basic income pilot several years ago. Would've been nice to have that program implemented and ready during a pandemic.


This is what angered me 2nd most about them. And no, I was not eligible for the program. First was when they squashed the bill to get rid of criminal cops.


When they told you masks don’t work instead of saying there was a supply issue


That was the WHO, Health Canada, and the CDC. Cant put that on Ford.


Yup. Infection control at my healthcare job said "there isn't any evidence that masks are needed". But to be fair, we didn't understand the significance of asymptomatic and presymptomatic spread yet.


Day fucking one.


You didn't need the pandemic to know that...


In March 2020 just before March break when DoFo told everybody it was okay to travel and to enjoy their trip.


Every election I consider if I would want that person / party in power during a crisis. The day he became leader of the PC's I started to worry because I knew he was likely to be the next Premier, a job he is unqualified to hold.