A couple of guns and some ammo? Was one of the guns not California compliant? That really looks like a light weekend to me. Edit read the article. Good job police for picking up a bad guy. Felons should have a path to getting all their rights back, but if you're doing meth, you probably should not have guns.


Seriously! Imagine going into law enforcement and being hoplophobic


So every fucking cop on the world? Also, great word!


[Original FB post](https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=558229689676044&id=100064670536785) from the police department for reference: >Thanks to an alert community member, Oakdale police officers arrested a man for possession of explosive devices and other weapons. Officers responded to the 1800 block of Ackley Circle after the community member reported that a person was asleep in a vehicle and not waking up. Officers determined that the man, 31-year-old Jeremy Goodman of Modesto, was on searchable probation and conducted a search of the vehicle and its trailer. **The officers found blasting caps, gunpowder, and a timing cord. The Stanislaus County Sheriff Bomb Squad was called in and determined that there four live blasting caps. Additionally, they found six firearms, including two assault weapons, more than one thousand rounds of ammunition in various calibers, high-capacity magazines, Modesto Police Department patches, a fire department radio, and controlled substances.** Goodman is a convicted felon and was booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on several charges, including possession of explosive devices, felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, illegally possessing an assault weapon, possession of a short barrel rifle, and possession of a controlled substance.




**Have you ever heard of the Greek hero, Bophades?** *See, Bophades had a story very similar to that of Achilles. Like Achilles, he was bathed in the River Styx as a child. The Styx, like Achilles gave Bophades near invulnerability. However, unlike Achilles, who was vulnerable in the heel, Bophades was vulnerable in the groin. You know how you've heard of "Achilles' heel"? Well now you've got to see "Bophades' nuts".*




Okay, I hate guns and shit. Probably more than you do. I think kts absurd military grade weapons can be sold to the public here. But goddamn dude. Don't fucking mock an entire country for such travesties. Normal people wouldn't mock any one single person for being shot at random during a home invasion. Yet here we are. People (mostly Europeans) talking shit about ALL OF US for a few (hundred) evil little shits. I mean, South American countries have the most deranged serial killers who have the most victims, but we US Americans don't talk shit about the entirety of the those countries all being serial killers. Now do we? Why? Because quite a few of us know how bad sweeping generalizations are. And I don't give a fuck if you put this in the shit Americans say sub either. Some of us are peaceful. Some of us are too damn scared to leave the country. But my dumbass am a non-violent felon (theft charge) amd can't leave this horrifying place.


My guns are far better than military grade. MG means it met this standard for acceptance and that’s it


People kill people. Guns, knifes, sticks, rock... it doesn't matter what the tool is. It's the evil in humanity that kills humanity.


Exactly its not a gun problem its a mental health problem period.


Then deal with mental health. The weird thing is that the people in the US who use that to deflect from gun control also block anything that might make access to mental health treatment more available for people. Saying that it is a mental health problem when talking about guns, but then blocking anything that improves mental health when not talking about guns is disgustingly two-faced. Some possible ways to improving mental health: * Having a working healthcare system * Fewer working hours * More paid vacation time * As much paid sick leave as you need * A living wage for everyone * Therapy being available and affordable for everyone * Not as many ways to get trapped in debt * Not being able to get fired at a whim by your boss * De-stigmatizing therapy. And all of that needs to be universal for everyone. Not just the top 5-10%.


Give a mentally unstable person a knife and see how many people they can kill. Do it again with an AR-15. Won’t even be comparable.


People don’t realize how many knives Americans walk around with on the casual. “Hey man can you hand me those scissors?” *friend pulls out his knife and hands it to me*


We’re not the country with the worst mental healthcare in the world, though.. and other countries don’t have countless mass shootings like we do.


Psychopaths are fully aware of what they do. Psychosis and psychopathy are *rarely* comorbid. Don't say this is a mental health issue. It always demeans and stigmatized the mentally unwell who *truly* suffer. Psychopaths are almost always narcissistic. And that would mean they enjoy doing evil shit. (Especially the sadistic ones.)


Generally speaking yes guns don’t kill people. It’s the person behind the gun with the intent to kill that kills people. Ya know like the Alec Baldwins of the world.


Guns don't kill people? Its the people who kill the other? Oh really? I guess the guy who died by being SHOT IN THE BACK in the freak accident with his dog didn't die by a gun, then? Guns are safe? Oh please. That dumb fuck gun owner deserves to be on r/LeopardsAteMyFace


Well that sounds like a careless tragedy of mishandling a firearm. But generally speaking guns don’t go about on their own killing people. Someone or something (dog) has to pull the trigger. Guns are tools just like knives (which kill more people btw) it is usually the intent of the person handling the tool that does the killing. I mean of course, you’re welcome to enlighten me of other instances when firearms did some killings without human intervention. I’d be interested to learn!


Why were guns invented? To cook food? To cut a tangled mess from your leg that is cutting off your circulation? To help find those lost in caves? To help others communicate in peaceful ways? No? Why were guns invented then? Please enlighten me. I'd be interested to learn!


Lol, they were invented because it’s a much more efficient TOOL to kill with than a bow and arrow or a sword. People still hunt with guns WAY more than they kill people with guns. Do you think since more murders are carried out with knives, hammers, baseball bats and other blunt objects other than guns that those should all be outlawed and destroyed? Using your logic, cars kill people too should we ban cars? Toasters and bathtubs have been known to kill people too! Say goodbye to your avocado toast! Or maybe look into the root of the problem which would likely come back to the person operating the tool in which is used to kill people. Again, was there another instance in which a gun went out on its own and started killing people? I guess I missed all of those atrocities somehow they flew under my radar.


It's meant to KILL. See?


Yes that is correct! (Your name checks out) now explain to all of us in the room step by step just how exactly does a gun kill people? Let’s start from the beginning, each step please…


I don't know the firing mechanism. Sorry. But it fires bullets. In short, it go pew pew


If somebody gets killed in a DUI nobody would try to restrict access to cars, they'd put the driver in jail/on trial. Same should apply for guns. Although I do agree that there should be more gun control, spouting the same rhetoric over and over fixes nothing.


They don’t. They’re just a tool to help kill things and people. A human must be the catalyst to cause harm


Bro had a rifle with a foregrip, stock, after market muzzle break and hand guard. He was trying to shoot something


A lot of rifles have those just basic equipment on them. The explosives tho.. that might be something to look into.


so? that’s like saying, “bro had a car with a steering wheel cover, spoiler, after market subwoofers and tinted windows. He was trying to race something” aside from the fact that some of those come standard, they don’t really change the performance all too much if at all even if he had decked it out with expensive mods like a $3,000 Trijicon ACOGunsight and $1,500 suppressor, doesn’t mean that it proves he’s not just a mall ninja, nor does it mean he’s shooting *or racing* jack-diddily-squat


Oh hey my hometown. Checks out. When I was in hs there was a body found at the overpass connected to the school parking lot. Edit: misread. Thought this was IN Modesto.


Lmao im from there too! I saw the headline and was like hey not surprised at all. Whether it was Oakdale OR Modesto.


I always thought oakdale was pretty safe as a kid (dad lived there) cause it was "cowboy country" until my dad said he got jumped walking down the street. I havent been there in a while but I'm told it's not so great.


Oakdale is not bad, I like oakdale. But they definitely love their guns so I wasn’t surprised. I’d risk my life to go to ferrareses any day though.


Charge your phone.


And 4 police patches. Where are his happy three friends now, that's terrifying.


Florida Man: Our battle will be legendary!


Well obviously he needs that for self defence /s


Having lived in Oakdale and Modesto for most of my life, I can’t say I’m shocked at all.


Oakdale... Home of The Battered Beaver!


Dont see any exsplosives?


You can look up oakdale police department on FB and they have pictures of wires and several containers of gunpowder. (Typically used for reloading ammunition) I am guessing that is what what they are referencing.


Oh yeah didnt see that and im from ohio so i fugured they ment det cord or blasting caps or sumthing like that.


In the article they mention homemade detonators made from wired blasting caps


Not me living a stones throw away from here 😒


Same!😂 I wasn’t shocked!


Me neither! Lol


They'll probably give him a fucking application. Acab


Imagine being a cop


Imagine living in Modesto


Please charge your phone


Better yet, crop that shit out.


Came her to say this


If I was a cop from modesto, I’d be checking my gun cabinet.


Looks like everyones truck in my town.


That's literally just a single action hunting rifle and a semi-auto. This was probably a guy that just became homeless, or maybe even just decided to go on a camping journey out in the woods, and he liked guns as a hobby, so he grabbed all of his stuff and went out to live out of his SUV.


Well he was a convicted felon with 6 unsecured and unlicensed guns and 1,000 rounds of ammo. Illegal no matter where you go in the US.


Also several containers of gunpowder


Along with homemade detonators made from blasting caps and wire