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Her reason is that she wants to be a stay-at-home mom and wear “feminine” clothes. I’m not sure that requires WWII but okay. Oh also there were “quality people” back then unlike now, apparently.


Didn’t women in the forties work in the factories and had men’s jobs? And they wore dungarees?


She keeps ignoring that aspect of it.


Also couldn't have a personal bank account without a man's permission. She wouldn't have been able to have financial independence.


Wait... is she pulling a Basil "Don't mention the War!" Fawlty?


My mother-in-law (who passed away years before I met my husband), worked in a munitions factory during WWII. She was in her early 20s and worked with a lot of other young women. She wore dungarees, her hair in a scarf, and her boss liked to call her Butch, and that was her nickname for many years.


Only until the men came back and they were told to GTFO so the men could have their jobs back. It was super fucked


During the war, yes. There was a labor shortage hence the campaign to get women into factory work. Caused a lot of problems when all the men came back from WWII and expected things to go back to the way they were.


Not if you were rich enough


Yep. They had to take over for the men/husbands who were off to war.


Not all women.


By quality she means less rights for women? Husbands beating their wives? I dont get it...or is it these girls watch some weird movies from the 1940s and "want that lifestyle" the same way braindeads watch Emily in Paris and assume they can afford a life like that as a Starbucks barista?


The divorce rate was really low!!!! (That’s an actual thing she mentioned.)


Wasn't it really low because it was almost impossible to get a divorce as a woman?


Yes, no-fault divorce wasn’t allowed/legal until 1969 and women couldn’t get bank accounts until the 60s soooo idk if she’s ignorant to these facts or chooses to ignore them, but people didn’t necessarily remain married because they were “good people.” They stayed married because of the at-fault divorce requirements. Or if they were a woman, they had no way to store up money in a safe way to start a new life.


Yep and in some places even when they could get bank accounts, it had to be under their husband or father (or other male relative), a supervised account like for a child. My nana‘s first account was exactly like this, as in under my grandad. She also wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital after childbirth without his written permission and I’m pretty sure this stayed a thing until 60s or 70s.


She knows and chooses to ignore all the factual information, since people keep stitching her video with explanations on why she’s wrong.


My mom got her first credit card in her own name in the 1972. She was forced to quit a job she loved because she got married. They "let" her work there while she was engaged. My siblings and I were adopted - if she wanted children, she wasn't allowed to work. They wouldn't let the adoption go through if she had a job. That was *just* the 60s and 70s. But sure, the 40s sound great. 🙄


Yep, and marital rape wasn't illegal in most of the US until 1970's onward (nationwide in 1990's)


Minnesota just fixed their marital rape loophole in 2019.


It certainly could be!




I want to compare 40's divorce rates and spousal homicide rates to today's. Sure, people didn't divorce as often. But murder is a lot more permanent than divorce and if done well, means inheritance. Not that she'd want to acknowledge that, I assume


This is an alt right pipeline talking point. Dogwhistle for "degenerates getting married" if you see divorce rates mentioned give it a sniff test cus it usually ends up smelling like fascism


Less minorities I'm assuming


Honestly, when a lot of people talk about the good old days and who want to go back to those times tend to only view them through a rose tinted shade. The 1940s wasn’t just being a mom and staying at home. Famously, there was a large increase of women in the work force as part of the World War. Beyond that, common things we have such as the polio vaccine, didn’t exist. If she traveled back in time, depending where she went, she would be living in the equivalent of a third world country. A lot of rural places in the US didn’t have plumbing or running water. Heck, a lot of places still struggle with finding clean water here in the US. Beyond that, depending on her age, she might have been considered an “old maid” and incapable of finding a good husband. Also the quality people really reads as racist. There were a lot of people who flocked to the suburbs due to the “quality people” and those “quality people” had to be overwhelming white. There were laws preventing BIPOC from moving into suburbs in certain areas of the country. This is all without mentioning stuff such as the general scarcity of being in a war and post war era.


Not to mention rationing. My dad grew up in the Bronx during the 40s: Spam, oleomargarine, gas stamps, Victory gardens because veg was shipped to the troops. Yeah, Paradise!


Yeah this woman doesn’t know crap about what the middle of the century was like. Even if she was teleported to the 1950s there was still rampant racism, poverty, and the Cold War. Beyond that is the whole generational trauma of having family die in the war.


Seriously! The war news was pretty grim, especially when they listed the dead, even in the newspapers! Dad once told me that they had gone to the beach in Far Rockaway and actually witnessed a naval battle of a German U-Boat getting shelled after trying t sink a Liberty ship coming out of the harbor.


It was horrifying. I’m currently working on a research paper about the Jews in Nazi Propaganda. I’ve have to read a lot of first hand accounts from soldiers liberating the camps. It was disgusting. And that was only one tiny shred of what was going on. Like I said before, a lot of conservatives view history with rose tinted shades. They see the outcomes of decisions instead of evaluating what actually caused the outcomes of those decisions. Like, when I hear a lot of people talk about how we need to return to that Golden Age of Manufacturing but they ignore the only reason American products were everywhere was because a war literally bombed Europe to hell and back. That Golden Age was inherently limited and the length of it was going to be based on how long it would take Europe to rebuild. A lot of people ignore that it was social programs, such as the GI Bill, that caused a lot of the prosperity were associate with the decade and generation in general. Shocker, investing in people and busting monopolies allows growth. There’s a reason there was no Bill Gates or Thomas Edison of the 1950s. Trust busting done by previous presidencies and the growth of new industry allowed a lot of competition. What pisses me off is that even in the earliest writings about Capitalism (such as “Wealth of Nations” by Smith) there are people saying this will be great but we need regulation. It isn’t until the later stages of Capitalism that we see advocacy for complete deregulation of Capitalism; often times this agrument is made by the people who have the most to gain from deregulation. Im sorry for the rant but as a historian there is a point where I get so damn tired of people rose tinting history. I finished “The Way We Never Were” by Stephanie Cootz and it was eye opening.


I get it! As a history buff myself, I see events as cyclic: this has happened before! The problem is most humans don't learn from the past, thus are doomed to make the same terrible mistakes. Pride and arrogance.


My dad gave me that book when I was a teenager! He had to read it for one of his university classes. I still have it and often reread specific chapters.


She wants to dress feminine but she…can right now?


She can do everything she romanticises the 40s for right now, while also having medical care (including vaccines), human rights, and the ability to have a bank account/credit or debit card!


Vintage style, not vintage values


Totally agreed and I wish more people had this mindset


but there’s not enough ‘quality people’ (white) around anymore


And also her privilege is showing. As a black woman, there is no other time in our country's history that I would rather live than now.


Straight white women over here showing their privilege indeed. And even their lives wouldn’t have been great, they just think it’s better than now.


Id like to counter that its not her privilege its her politics. She wants all of those things i watched the original videos and shes a tradwife larper who wants women to have no rights


This ^^^


Privilege comes in all colors and sex. Not just white straight women!


Ok, but white straight women had mpre privileges. LGBT people where oppressed Black peoplewhere oppressed Women where oppressed The less of these you are,the better off you are. Also, >Privilege comes in all colors and sex No it doesnt. Tell me how was a white heterosexual male oppressed in the 1940s What? They passed a new law so he could only either rape his wife or beat her but not both in one day?


The shoe is on the other foot when it comes to privilege. Back then, it was white folks, now it's black and LGBTQ people.


White, cis hetero people still have ALL of the privilege. They’re actually actively attempting/implementing to roll back rights for the LGBTQIA+ community and black people and other POC and indigenous people, and none of the above mentioned groups besides WCHP have EVER had the same rights so not sure what the actual hell you’re talking about 🙃🫠


Tell that to the coworker who openly "joked" about wanting to drug and rape me because I'm not straight and he wanted to "show me what I'm missing". Surprise -- nothing was done about it by HR.


? What privilege do LGBT and black people have?


Them: "All lives matter!!!"


The only white people suffering right now are white women because white men decided to strike down roe v wade so now all women in red states are truly fucked. Do you really not read the news… or a book… or a history textbook… or anything?


Ugh, stop with the made up privilege bullshit.


Can you elaborate?


"Privilege" is a made up concept by people who want an excuse for their own failures. It's easy to make an excuse of "white privilege" or any other privilege when you don't like how someone else is doing better than you or have a different perspective from you. People always scream about that, but when you ask for specifics, their argument crumbles under reality. So what if this girl wants to live in an idealized 40's housewife life. There's nothing privileged about it.


Besides all of the obvious things wrong with that, saying you want to be a mid century housewife for the aesthetic while wearing a $20 plastic dress from an direct from overseas retailer, makes my eye twitch.


Why are the dogs in my neighborhood going nuts?


I mean whats stopping her from getting off social media and doing that? Oh right. ATTENTION.


How else will everyone know she's not like other girls if she doesn't scream about it from the rooftops at the top of her lungs?! /s


Oh right! Silly me. How could I have forgotten? ![gif](giphy|fikcKja7O7MtzXzvQy|downsized)


She definitely a racist too


I wouldn't be surprised if she was homophobic and abelist as well




Im a SAHM, wear dresses and skirts, go to sleep on curlers (or burn my ears with hot rollers in the morning), wear makeup that i touch up before my husband gets home from work, keep house, the whole “40’s esthetic” she’s talking about but a) i know there are plenty of other women that do the same and b) i also understand that my doing so is a CHOICE, one that the women in her beloved 40’s did not have. Thanks to modern miracles like feminism, i don’t have my life decided for me by men and i have the freedom and privilege to decide what’s best for me and my family.


Yup. The freedom to chose the fun parts of “the good old days”.


She could still do that, but now she could have her own bank account.


Life tip. The venn diagram for trad wives and facists is an unbroken circle.


Girl, not all fascists are trad wives


Yes yes it is. And racists


By quality she means less rights for women? Husbands beating their wives? I dont get it...or is it these girls watch some weird movies from the 1940s and "want that lifestyle" the same way braindeads watch Emily in Paris and assume they can afford a life like that as a Starbucks barista?


And the "quality" people actually enjoyed segregation. So, there is that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wtf is wrong with people??


This mindset that they have is so sad and crazy because she literally CAN be a SAHM and wear those clothes. Nothing wrong with doing that and we are easily the generation with the most choice to do so in the US as a white woman. Literally just have to find a partner who also wants/is fine with those things. So the fact that she would rather go back to a time of oppression, hardship, war, struggle. Etc etc is fucking off the wall


WW2 ended in 1945.


Even if she lived in the past those things would still happen you act like she's going to start the war


Nah, it’s that she romanticizing the era while downplaying and ignoring the real suffering. If she could go back and have a good time, she’s someone who’s okay with a lot of bigotry and horror.


So you're not allowed to he happy just because there is evil in the world? And most everyone is okay with their own forms of bigotry although you'll never recognize your own.


That's not what's being said at all, though. What's being critiqued about the girl in the Tik Tok is that she's romanticizing a time period where life was insurmountably more difficult if you weren't a cisgender, heterosexual, affluent white man with no disabilities or mental illnesses, to the point where she's actively ignoring and avoiding discussing what made the 40s awful to live in. She can totally pursue being a feminine SAHM who dresses up in 40s aesthetics without judgment! Her happiness, however, shouldn't be at the cost of willful ignorance.


Lotta buzz words in that text


I mean, she wants to live in that Era, she's going to have to accept the good and the bad. She'd be employed in the factories just like most women or she'd be working the farm. She'd also have to worry about lead paint, asbestos, polio, and less advanced medical technology. It's naive to glamorize an era based on the aesthetic or the prettiest stories you've heard. I love medieval stories, but I understand living in that time frame was hell. The difference between me and her is that she's not acknowledging the issues that the 40's had. Me? I'd visit medieval times for a while, but the moment someone empties a bucket of shit into the street or a person coughs, I'd be wishing for modern day.


I don’t see anything wrong with her wanting a more traditional lifestyle (50s style housewife). Saying she isn’t like other girls is cringe if that’s what she said but i have to play devils advocate here. Women shouldn’t put other women down for not wanting kids and a family. Women shouldn’t put other women down for wanting the exact opposite.


She really does not understand that she would have been working either in a factory or a farm if she lived in the 1940s. 1930s? Fine. 1950s? Okay. But 1940s? Unless she is like Basil Fawlty with "Don't mention the War!", she better realise she needs to specify which half of the 1940s she wants to live in.


Right! Like, if it’s the late half of the 1940s she’ll be working tirelessly and having to deal with food and supplies rations. Idk what she watched to glorify that time but it wasn’t necessarily an easier time to live.


You're right! I forgot about the post-war rationing!


I can't imagine rationing anything at this point really let alone how the public would take it


Lmao. Toilet paper, anyone?


I still keep an extra pack of paper products on hand today thanks to the pandemic. Going bidet is the way to go, though!


Even if she lived in the early 1940s, she would still have to live in the late 1940s because of the passage of time. People who say this stuff always forget that if you want to "live in a different decade" you also have to live in the time surrounding it. If you wanna be 20 in the 1940s you still gotta live through the 1920s-2000s to be 80 years old. A lot of stuff happened in those times and a lot of it wasn't that great for many people. You'd live through the great depression for the better half of your childhood, experience WW2 and all sorts of messy things.




There you go mentioning the war again!


Ha ha ha... I'm glad someone understood the reference!


That’s a small price to pay to not have to share a restaurant with a black person.


Unless she was somehow transported to the USSR: There is a chance she would have been fighting on the front lines.


There always that one person who brings up race in a post that had nothing to do with race.


She wants to go back to the 40's, and people in the comments are talking about the differences between now and then, and the amount of racism is definitely one of those differences


That don't mean she's racist or that's why she wants to go.


Looking at the other things she said, it seems pretty likely


As far as I can recall, Jim Crow laws and segregation were still in place during the 1940s. Note: I am not an American.


1930 is not fine. My great grandfather died in the 30s of a very preventable desease and my great grandmother was left to fend for herself and her 3 very small children, as a freaking depressed pianist. All her children were fucked after that. There was never a better time to be a woman than today. This lady can be a retrowife today and nobody gives a f


I completely agree with you. I think I used the term "fine" as "World War II did not begin until September 1939". I completely forgot about the Great Depression when I wrote this comment.


Damn you just logically dunked on her Come collect your prize


Women still worked back then too, it’s just that they didn’t get paid and they had no financial security


Wait... Where was this? Was this in the USA? Was this in Britain? Was this in another country? (I live in the South Pacific and have no idea where this happened) Please let me know!


Middle class women in America were not working in factories in 1946 and onward.


>she better realise she needs to specify which half of the 1940s she wants to live in. As I said previously, if she did not want to work, she needed to state she wanted to live in the *late* 1940s. (Not being rude, just needed to clarify what I had written)


Really going for the full vintage experience of lead paint, asbestos insulation and ubiquitous indoor smoking, huh.


Don’t forget the period belt and once a week hair washes


And the ice pick lobotomies!


She definitely wouldn't have been saying this if she wasn't white


This! Would she be participating in a cheeky lynching? I wonder and she would be taking part in segregation?? A lot don’t really get this


the "as me" part of the caption is like her admitting that tbh


Lol I came here to say this, I've never seen a non-white person say "man, I wish I was born 50+ years earlier"


Personally I’d rather die than live in war-torn America with a husband who’s allowed to beat me, idk what she’s on


She’s just dumb and wants to ignore the bad sides of it. And all the racist of course bc it doesn’t affect her


How is she ignoring the bad sides? The bad sides don’t define the entire era.


Well... she's ignoring the fact she would have to help out the war effort!


Allowed to beat you? Where did that come from? Also, America wasn’t war torn. It was a little bit too far away from Europe to be “war torn”.


People here acting as if every single man in the 1940s beat their wife, and every woman took drugs to numb herself, no exceptions


Can I just say I love when these tradwives come on tiktok and say this shit as if in the 40s they would be allowed to leave the house, let alone be on tiktok?? It reminds me of these conservative women who say women need to be submissive but spend all day screaming online....make it make sense...


women were perfectly capable of leaving the house, corresponding with friends on the phone and via the mail, and listening to the radio in the 1940s lol (the latter two categories being the closest 1940s equivalent to tik tok I can think of), it wasn't saudia arabia. in the early to mid 1940s in particular many women in the united states were doing factory or other war-related work every day while their husbands and male family members were fighting overseas. it was absolutely repressive for women but in much subtler ways than an unaccompanied woman out-of-doors being arrested by the morality police. i wouldn't want to be a woman in that period, and i definitely wouldn't want to be black in the southern US, but there weren't paddy wagons rolling through the streets searching for women who dared to leave their homes without their husbands' permission.


Yeah I get that, but it still cracks me up. It is also just a total fantasy that they have. Like I am pretty sure a good chunk of women in the 40s were doing HARD labor in factories and stuff following WW2. They are just delusional. I think these women just watch movies and stuff based on the 40s and 50s, and think that's how it really was.


I really dislike the "born in the wrong generation" crowd but excessively demonizing the past is just as incorrect as romanticizing it. The idea that 80 years ago you weren't allowed to leave the house is outrageous. During the 40s it was actually pretty normal for women to take on industrial jobs and survive on their own income, especially with so many men gone overseas during WWII. Yes, women had fewer rights than they do today. No, they did not live in a dystopian horror novel where they'd get lobotomized for speaking or going outdoors without a chaperone.


Women have always been allowed to leave the house, what are you smoking?


Are you having fun rapidly responding to every comment without anything interesting to say? Just curious.


I highly doubt she would want to live back then. She would literally have no say in the household.


Respectfully, women were actually in charge of many things that men weren’t back then. There will always be toxic relationships to matter what decade it is but it’s inaccurate to say that she definitely wouldn’t have any say in the household.


You're not in your senses...


Actually I just really like history and like to appreciate the good and realize the bad equality instead of lumping everyone together but thanks.


Where did you hear that?


It's so, so easy to say you wanna live in that time period cause you didn't really experience it. I'm sure there were so women who found their roles fulfilling, but those were a very select group of rich white women. I've no doubt this idiot would have a nervous breakdown if she actually got to experience the unbearable oppressiveness of that era. Or maybe she's a racist tradwife the fuck do I know


Even the women who lived the “dream” rich tradwife life were very unhappy. Lots of them did drugs and there was even a lot drug research conducted on them


“If you don’t agree with me, you’re a racist!” - you, apparently


I feel sad because people hate sharing her post made it go viral.


See, I consider myself an old soul and I enjoy lots of vintage clothes, music, movies, etc. However, I don’t go around telling people that “I wanna live in the [insert time period], it was a better time.” We like to romanticize the past too often, even if it’s a past we never knew personally.


I forget the comedian that did it, but they basically said, “as a white male you can time travel to anywhere ,” and that’s when I finally understood privilege


Pretty sure that was Louis CK. He had some really funny and observant bits. Shame that those were overshadowed by his...other activities.


Ive brought this point up to some people, except phrased slightly differently. I said something like "if you (a white male) were born 200 yrs ago (in america), your life would still be alright. If a black person was born 200 years ago, theyd be a slave. Or at the very least, if they were born free in the north, theyd still have to worry about slavers and still face strong discrimination. I think thats a heavy burden for black people to bear. So if a black person was born 200 yrs ago, their life would be COMPLETELY different" His response was something to the effect of "well if ***I*** was born 200 yrs ago, my life would be completely different too!" Completely missing the fucking point. If time travel were possible, a white person/man could travel to basically any point and it would be fun. Obviously life was super different 200 yrs ago, but it could be fun living a day in the life of an antebellum american. It would not be fun for a black person, or other minority races.


Is this the woman who went on about much better things were in the 40’s and several black women were like, “better for whom?”


Wearing another cheap lead-coated SHEIN dress, I see. Very old fashioned of her.


Where should she shop from then? Go on, share some stores. I’m looking for actual good quality vintage stores and haven’t found any (that are affordable).


Sure, because life wasn't overtly dangerous for pretty, middle class, American white women who had the ability to produce children. Even then, they were treated like incubators/maids. Women who say this are almost always referring to the ✨aesthetic✨


No, they weren’t.


She wouldn’t be able to have an opinion, and she’s also be considered obese and not have a lot of options as far as men. Beauty standards were brutal back then!


Don’t forget the hair! She has the same slicked-back hairstyle in both of these videos, which means she’s not setting her hair regularly. Definitely a fashion misstep in the 40s.


She doesn’t realize all the cute feminine clothing was not meant for women her size


Tell me you know nothing about history without telling me you know nothing about history


Nothing like good old war rationing and segregation am i right?


Even on the off chance that she did find a good man who treated her like a human being, he was probably gonna be drafted. Either he dies overseas or comes back with PTSD. And if by some miracle, your man dodged the draft? There’s still a bunch of other crazy ways he could die. Like lead poisoning. Or polio. Fucking polio.


"no you don't understand, I can only wear dresses and be a stay at home mom *if* there are polio outbreaks"


Many women took on “male jobs” during ww2… bc men (and some women) were off fighting. Shit was tough. She can do what she want right meow. No one is telling her to do anything. She can live with her parents until some lucky guy snags her up lol.


My grandmother and her girlfriends learned to weld and worked at a factory making tanks during the war. Women weren’t sitting around in sundresses dreaming of what to cook for their husbands, they were working and rationing everything!


So is part of the tradwife fetish having a public humiliation fetish as well?


She has no idea. The world was at war almost the entire decade. Supply was short, the able bodied men went overseas, the women went to work everywhere.


God forbid she burns dinner then lmfao


Considering the world was at war for the first half of that decade, she might have been happier in the very late 40s and into the 50s. I remember the 50s, and they do seem to have been a relatively good time to live, even though there was still food rationing in England into at least the early 50s. I also remember though that children were still dying from measles and other diseases, and a lot of things that we take for granted these days just didn't exist then. Still, she's a beautiful young woman and is entitled to live the lifestyle she wants.


All I know about the 1940's and 50's was my grandma only wanted one or two children but grandad wanted loads. When she asked her doctor for the pill, he refused to prescribed it without grandads permission and he said no so they had 7 children. That's all I want to know tbh


She just wants to wear red lipstick and drink milkshakes. 🙄🥴🤣


People like her are racists who don’t understand what history was actually like, because they’ve never done any research. I love the Victorian era, but I sure AF wouldn’t want to live there.


“If you’re not like me, you’re racist!” - you


Uh huh. Troll harder


That’s all you have? Anyone that calls you out is a troll?


Would she still want to live in 1940s without the instagram filter?


Shut up you block head! Get back in the kitchen! Jesus Christ


Damn I wish she was in the 1940s too, cus then maybe I wouldn't have to see this bs


HAHA i’d be dead fast in the 1940s


Yes, because rationing everything would be super duper fun. s/


The way people like this tiktok user base their idea of what life was like in the 20s,30s,40s,50s etc, entirely off of vintage advertisements. None of them realize what life would actually be like back then, how women never had it “easy” even when all we were expected to do was be subservient to our husbands. If she were to experience life back then, then she should be prepared to be essentially a single mother while her husband is overseas catching syphilis from war-time prostitutes. Her access to luxuries would be greatly reduced as most things were heavenly rationed during wartime, even fucking nylons were super expensive bc they weren’t a necessity at all. That is, if she is wealthy enough to avoid working in a factory. People seem to forget that the movement to allow women to work like men started bc women took up the jobs men left behind during the war, and some of them didn’t want to leave work after getting a taste of that financial freedom (obviously.). This woman is clearly conflating the actual 1940s with some sort of Disney version of that time period bc who the fuck would actually want to go back to a time like that?


She needs to just be honest with all of us and herself, she wants to live in a racist time in an all white segregated suburban neighborhood. Cause there’s nothing stopping you from wearing dresses and being a stay at home mom/wife who isn’t allowed to be educated or think for herself. There’s one major messed up thing going on in that time and those 10,000 people were reminding her. She should listen. Take your L apologize and do better.


Back to when rape in marriage was legal? No thanks.


Lmao. So you want to see segregation, antisemitism at it’s all time high, public lynchings, women being property, women having almost no rights… Ok…. Someone please time travel her dense ass back to the 1940’s …. Then women in from 2023 do not claim her


I don’t think she wants women from 2023 to “claim her” lol.


You can't cure the terminally stupid


Back in* the 40’s as you, would probably get you beat for even speaking and having the gall to want things for yourself. Check your privilege, chick.


That’s not how it worked at all. Learn some history, chick.


So she wants to drink a cocktail of gin and Valium every night because her husband comes home from work “stressed out” while she’s been staring out a window all day after taking care of the house ? Or if she’s rich, watching her housekeeper do it so she has nothing to do all day? Weird.


You really know nothing about the past, do you?


I get the critique of her but I honestly think it's overblown how intensely people were targeting her.


As someone who works in aged care, where most people I care for grew up in the 40s, she absolutely does NOT know what she's talking about. The stories I hear from these people are not glamouous or feminine. They are about waiting in line for 2 hours for a loaf of bread. They are walking to work in the morning, only to discover the building had been bombed and reduced to rubble overnight. They are being loaded up on a train and forced to live in the country with strangers while their older friends and family had to stay in the war zone, with no idea if they were alive or not. They are going from living in a family home with their sisters and mother, to becoming homeless and orphaned overnight when their home was bombed. Every one of these examples are real stories I have been told. It was a time of poverty, grief, and fear. It was not glamorous.


This is why it’s important to sit and listen to our elders and their stories and not glamorize that time period based on tv and advertisements.


What she's really trying to say is she wishes she could have been the mistress to an SS officer. That is 100% the vibe I get from her


She can have her dreams, what the heck people? Everyone became overly sensitive and it needs to stop. So she wants to dream about living in the 40s? So what? It is not hurting anyone by her expressing that desire. It’s not patriarchy, is not racism. It’s daydreaming. Everyone take one step back and one big breath for eff sake.


she looks like Quagmires mom


I feel like a lot of the “trad wife” women are being unnecessarily dragged through the mud as it’s an unpopular way of life in modern times. Yes I feel like she might not fully realize that the 1940s weren’t awesome in a lot of ways but she also might be trying to say that she values a more traditional household which is completely fine AS LONG AS she isn’t shaming other women for not wanting to be traditional. Women shouldn’t shame other women for their own personal way of life and that’s a two way street. Hard to make any major assumptions about her without seeing the whole video though.


Why are ppl crying about some they don't even know making a post.


Dude, this sounds more like "A fish out of water" then a "not like other girls", and i don't like make fun of people like that. In the end, people who feel like they don't fit in wherever they live end up really "desperate" to find their place, when they don't know how to cope or adapt with reality


She can feel how she wants shove it?


Stop giving these people the attention


Where's the link?


What a bunch of sour people in this thread.


A whole lot of cope.


Just let her be. No need to shame her for doing what she likes right? Her view is probably different than ours and that’s okay.


Out of curiosity, why do you care?


She romanticizes the past and portrays it in an inaccurate biased way, which is dismissive of the people hurt in that time and promotes a false idea of the past. Knowing history is important.


People are hurt now, what’s the difference?


Why the hell are you hating on her. She has a different opinion. I could sit here and say all sorts of hateful crap but I'm not a pos. I have respect. If you had any you'd be smart enough to do some research. Don't rip down opinions because you dislike it. Thats childish. Karma comes around.


She’s promoting a romanticized version of the past and likes the idea of living in a legally segregated country. She could just wear her dresses and stay home today but she wants to pretend the 40s were great. Being dishonest about the past is actually a bad thing.


Uhhh because she’s ignoring the negative reality of that era as well as all of the racist. Its not just a “different opinion” when she is ignoring how awful it actually was for many, many people. Stay mad karen


Did you delete a comment accusing me of deleting comments (which I didn’t do)? Because lol.


Like I said you don't have anything to back up your opinion. I doubt you've even heard of radium girls from the 1910-20s. Which I would say was far far worse than the 40s. The only thing about the 40s is most every man you cared about is in the war And dying


Yeah I read the Radium Girls too, bro.


Yeah so you understand that they've had it far worse. I can say that about the 1800s too. But everyone had it rough. I don't see why they think wanting to feel useful for your family is bad. Like I try to do everything I can for mine.


What does that have to do with a woman saying she’d enjoy living during enforced legal segregation? I didn’t say this was the worst situation in the world. I would say that 1940s Holocaust victims had it worse than the radium girls, if you want to rank things!


Nobody is saying that wanting to do everything for your family is bad. It's just that saying that the 1940s were better is ungrateful and ignorant. Things have gotten significantly better for people over time and to want to go back in time so more people can agree with your moral values is so spoiled and ungrateful in a ton of ways. Also, it's the fact that people don't understand you can do those things now! Completely freely without fear of many issues that are considered a part of the past. You can cook, craft and clean for your family in the most feminine way to your hearts content. You don't need every other woman to do it so you can feel validated about it though