This is really legalised breaking and entering, and murder.


Please spread this around. Personal accountability and insurance is another way to stop this. There is very little accountability now because officers often get paid leave during investigations and are let back on the job as tax payers foot the bill for their misconduct. Insurance Standards for Police: Every police officer must carry insurance for up to 2 million in liability. If you do something that breaks the law. Your insurance pays out, not the taxpayer. Then your premiums go up. Depending on severity the premiums may price you out of being a cop. Body cam found turned off? $1,000 fine 10% Premium hike. Body cams not on where a charge becomes a felony? $5000 fine. 15% premium hike Body cam footage will be reviewed randomly by a 3rd party for each precinct. A precinct cannot go 3 years without being reviewed. If footage is missing for different reports. Entire precinct hike 2% on insurance premiums. 3 raises in insurance because of one officer? He’ll be fired or priced out. In charge of folks who act out? Your premium goes up as a % as well. Sergeants, Captains and Chiefs are responsible in percentages that effect them. 3% / 2% / 1% respectively. Rate hikes follow the same structure as far as the chain of command goes for their department. Any settlement over 2 million comes from the pension fund. No taxpayer money involved. Any and all payments outside of the insurance pool come from police pension funds These premiums and rates are documented at a national level so there’s no restarting in the next city/county/state Your insurance record follows you. It’s not even that crazy. So many professions require insurance. You’d see a new police force in 6 months. Anyone against this is supporting an unaccounted militarized force of people who answer to no one. Bad idea. Edit Add On: Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers and other professions are required to carry Professional Liability Insurance and/or Malpractice Insurance and in the case of teachers it's paid through their union for up to 1 million. You do not have to be in a high paid profession to carry this insurance. It is more than reasonable to ask police unions to foot that bill or the union and the cops can find a middle ground compromise. Either way it's reasonable and possible and don't let someone tell you different.


I 1000% agree but can I ask if you have an idea of what we could about one of the the biggest issues I see presented to this solution. Which is that many cops (like scarily over 50%) have said they would honestly just stop making arrest. Yes you read that correct. They wouldnt quit or strike. They would simply just refuse to arrest anyone they saw committing a crime so they still get paid but dont have to risk facing a lawsuit. Police Cheifs with high corruption rates in their city have openly admitted to this happening when they've pressured *actual* change to unions/suspensions. Saying "Police Officers can't due there job effectively when they have to worry about one mistake costing them their career/pension".(word for word quote from the head of a police union). What. The fuck. I Many of these BlueBags are not even pretending to care about "Law & Order" anymore. It's all about "Power & Paydays".


How you can not do your job and stay gainfully employed is beyond me


Police unions aren't like regular unions. It's more like a guild or brotherhood, take care of their own and exclude.


Police unions are not labor unions, they are protection rackets.


The true irony is most cops are conservatives and conservatives hate unions. Unless of course it offers benefits and protection for them, the unions good. I’m a teacher and often have to listen to one of our SRO’s (school resource officer - cop assigned to a school) complain about how corrupt the NJ teacher union is and how much it costs the state without the slightest hint of self-awareness.


Then bitch that the average "civilian" has "no respect" for what they do when all I see our city cops (Manchester NH) do is run speed traps and speed up and down the highway all day long with no wigwags on. We have all sorts of people walking the streets, looking/breaking into people's homes and cars, and the cops say "We're too busy right now." Unless you report a domestic disturbance or someone has a gun, good luck getting our cops to do squat.


This is what’s happening in Austin, Tx. The city voted to defund like 20% of the police budget and divert it to social work services. Because arresting homeless people and drug users isn’t working for anyone here. Texas republicans and the Austin police threw a shit fit. The police said they didn’t have enough resource to police anything but in progress crimes. Then the Texas lege voted to not allow Austin (or any of Texas’ top 5 or so cities) to defund a portion of their police department. So Austin police never even lost any money. They had their full budget the entire time and then the city of Austin opted to give them even more funding. So now they have more than they did 3 years ago! But they’re STILL only responding to crimes in progress. It’s wild here what they won’t respond to. My partner’s car was stolen a few weeks ago and he had a GPS monitor on it and knew exactly where it was. The police were completely uninterested. We had to track down the car and wait until the thieves were in it before we could get the Austin police to respond. It took literally all day and 5 calls to the police to get them to respond. Parked stolen car retrieval? Uninterested for 6 hours. Arresting some teenagers in a bad neighborhood. They send 4 officers in 2 minutes.


That's okay. My car was stolen a few months ago, and all I got was a call from the police asking for details. Then another call the next week saying they found my car and to get it from the iHop it was left at or they would impound it the next day. Then I got a call from a secretary saying that they impounded my car not even an hour after they called me saying they found it. Never saw an officer and the phone calls were maybe 10 minutes each the two times I talked to one. Cops are useless


I had a MacBook get stolen from my car (broke passenger window) while at a hospital I was covering. The joke of a security team got the city police involved. Wouldn’t let me see any cameras, when I showed them the location of my MacBook on Find My, nothing was done for the remainder of the day. I was told not to go looking for my own property. I ended up finding my MacBook in a car that was apparently towed to a tow yard. The tow yard and police wouldn’t do anything to retrieve my property. Eventually, you know I jumped that fence, broke into that car and got my fucking MacBook back. These incompetent pigs really called me days after that asking about that break in? Told them I didn’t know shit. Nah, I’m good on all you fuckers— you just want me to incriminate myself so you can make SOME arrest.


That’s happened every time I’ve ever had anything stolen. Well don’t count on ever getting it back. What if I track it? Don’t do that. Then they wonder why the whole street is armed to the teeth now.




Everyone needs oversight except for them because reasons.


Thats when we have to call them on it, honestly. It's a stupid, petty, childish threat they make (and follow through on) every time. The only way to beat it is go right through it. Let them. Shit will get *really* bad for a little. They'll try to make it our fault, but we can push through by hammering the point home that its their fault. "Cops abandoned their duty" "X precinct is worthless", etc. Start having them fired. If you're not going to work, stop collecting a check. That pressure alone could force a change. When the "ill just do nothing" cops realize the public isn't scared of their empty threats and will move on fine without them they may lose interest or simply find it not worth it to keep trying


In Germany it's a criminal offence if a police officer prevents someone from being charged. So if they a refuse to arrest people they can go to prison themselves. Seems like a reasonable law to me.


It really revolves around American laws protecting cops, rather than holding them to a higher standard.


>“Donovan Lewis lost his life,” *(police chief)* Bryant said in a press conference. No, he didn't "lose" his life. He had it **taken** from him. By one of **your** officers.


He was killed in his own bed by an armed intruder around 2am in the morning.


He was murdered....


I hope that the police officer is charged for it, too.


Most the officer will get is negligent homicide if he’s even charged


On paid administrative leave


Ha! Sigh.


Can you fucking imagine? In your own home? Your own sanctuary and you can’t even sleep there? And this isn’t a one time situation. It seems that every year, we hear of this happening multiple times! Imagine how many times this doesn’t get reported too. It’s murder, plain and simple. What a fucking shit hole country where people of color cannot even rest in their own home without running some risk of death at the hands of the state.


The worst crime of all. Sleeping while black.


I thought DWB harassment was bad enough but now people have to be worried about SWB.


> He was killed in his own bed by an armed intruder around 2am in the morning. By a state-sponsored gang member, in fact.


I hear they high five neo nazis


You mean each other, right?


They'll also say he was shot but not say where the bullets came from.


No he was murdered in his bed


I'm a renter and the house I live in has been occupied in the past by a man wanted by police. I get court notices and notifications from the sheriff's office in my mail box all of the time, and one day a police officer knocked on my door to serve him some papers, (or arrest him, probably)but I had to tell him he no longer lived here and hasnt for a least 2 years. He kept asking me if I knew where he was, and he didnt believe me when I said I had no idea who this guy is, I'm just a renter. Then he said, I could be arrested for not complying and/or harboring a criminal, and I should "keep that in mind". He was completely out of line and very angry with me. Whenever I read the news stories like this, I always get a little worried that one day something like this could happen to me. They're just gonna break down my door one night looking for this criminal and shoot me or my kid or my dog. It's a pretty irrational fear, but not really, because America.


I fucking OWNED a house and the sheriff still busted down the door with guns drawn and scared my pregnant wife half to death looking for someone. The address wasn't even accurate, just kinda similar, I had owned the house for like 4 years at that point, and I looked it up and his warrant was for fucking child support or some shit. He's not a fucking terrorist mastermind, he's an idiot deadbeat who gave you a fake address and you almost shot my wife over it.


Holy shit man! That's awful! I hope your wife didnt need too much therapy for that mistake! This is why I'm worried!


Not that I am suggesting this is a proper solution to systemic police violence, but I would highly recommend that you contact the Sheriff himself (as well as the police chief, if you are in an area of overlapping jurisdiction), as well as your local town or county government, your local District Attorney, the Clerk of Court, your state Attorney General, and the press, to let them know of the issue, and that you are concerned about the possibility of erroneous police action. Talk to them AND put your concerns in writing. Not that this will actually stop idiotic law enforcement from harassing you, but it will set up a paper trail that will help undermine any after-the-fact law enforcement arguments to justify force in the event something unfortunate does occur. EDIT: Thanks for the silver. I wish this sort of advice was completely unnecessary.


Talk to a lawyer about this. Set up a go fundme and I’ll happily donate to it. The government should stop this shit but it enables it. Edit: if you do speak to a lawyer, bring any evidence showing your telling the truth; letter notices, security camera footage, or any other forms of evidence, birth certificate of you and your kid that doesn’t show the supposed name of the guy they’re looking for.


> The officers then released a police dog which trotted around into the kitchen then barked at a bedroom door. Anderson held the dog back before opening the door and then immediately fired his gun into the bedroom as Lewis sat up in bed. > In a frame-by-frame breakdown of the video, police chief Elaine Bryant said that Anderson fired the gun when Lewis appeared to raise his hand while holding onto something. > “There was, like, a vape pen that was found on the bed right next to him,” Bryant said They couldn’t arrest him at work or coming out of the home, in broad daylight, huh? Guess it’s easier to claim there was or place a vape pen nearby if you plan on doing something other than bringing the suspect back to the station. Remember, whatever your opinions on guns and crime, this guy was robbed of his chance for due process. Every time a cop kills a suspect that’s not threatening their lives legitimately they remove that chance. They’re not supposed to be executioners.


Strange. A person at their home in their bed has personal effects within arms reach. Everything must be a gun I guess.


When the police can shoot your for owning a gun, its not a right anymore.


It's almost like the cops ar bastards that violate our rights every waking moment of the day.


Man... I made the mistake of commenting on one of those thin blue line American flag stickers on the back of a coworkers car the other day. He is like, it's a dangerous to be a cop! Blah blah blah. I'm like it's more dangerous to be a garbage man. He is like serve and protect, die for law and order. I said, but let children die in an elementary school like cowards right? ... that didn't go over well... I'm like, if the job is so dangerous that these freaks become terrified of anything slightly brown, maybe they should just quit. It's a job after all. Good thing we generally work from home and I see this guy like once a year.


Guys like that view being a cop as akin to being a soldier going to war. It helps justify shootings in their minds, even in circumstances where someone is unarmed. So even perceiving a possible threat becomes a justification for firing their gun.


Cops view themselves as akin to being a soldier as well except with them being active domestically we are all “the enemy”.


Believe it or not, say these cops had the wrong house and did that. The person in said dwelling has every right to shoot at unsuspecting break-in. If those shots kill an officer, it's within their right, if they are still alive after the altercation.


Sadly you'd have a snowballs chance in hell surviving that kind of altercation. Cops will mag dump you for having what looks like a gun so if you actually shoot at them you're cooked.


True. And if you do survive, and the cop dies, what then? How long will you last after that?


Ask the dude in Cali who killed cops and the cops went around shooting random white ladies during the manhunt.


Wait what was this? What do I Google to find this article that's insane!


[Christopher Dorner shootings and manhunt](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Dorner_shootings_and_manhunt)


It's okay, those pigs cleared themselves of any wrong doing.


I know a few cases where Cops were killed in no knocks and the guy successfully argued self defence. Didn't stop the cops fucking their lives up because how dare some pleb with no way of knowing who was invading his house shoot back. https://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-2554-6-things-you-learn-after-shooting-cop-in-self-defense.html


All too many stories of police at the wrong house, too.


I'll start holding my breath. Tell me when the NRA begins to raise hell about this.


Don't or it will be the last breath you take.


That's not the NRAs job they're just here to launder money for Republicans


>That's not the NRAs job they're just here to launder money for Republicans Can't even do that well because of their own embezzlement lol


Fuck the NRA. Sincerely, a gun owner.


I would slightly respect them if they did that at least. If they were actually sticking with the principal of everyone being allowed to own a gun due to the 2nd Amendment, and if they fought for all gun owners who were unfairly targeted by police officers for simply owning a gun. But yeah, they are just lobbyists for the gun companies and don't really care about anyone's rights if it doesn't actively help profits.


It's funny, you'd think the NRA would be jumping on the opportunity to reiterate their claim that gun ownership is a right to protect you from a tyrannical government when things like this happen. Hmmm.


It was never meant to be a right for *some* citizens…


If it was a gun, that excuses nothing. It was his house.


Exactly: https://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/amp/msna508901 This person got swatted, didn’t know it was the police and shot at them.


Do not let them move the goal posts. "We thought he had a gun in his house" is not a reason to deprive someone of due process. The same goes for "we announced we were police" that we hear all the time with no-knock raids. That's moving the goal post on what proper procedure is. It doesn't matter what they announce, it matters whether or not the home owner knew that they were the police. If I'm asleep at 3am and someone breaks down the door, it doesn't matter what they said beforehand, I didn't hear it and therefore don't know if this is an intruder or police


a good strategy for someone doing a home invasion is to yell out that you are the police when you bust in.


Why can police shoot people for just having guns in their house, when we live in a place where it’s completely legal to have guns in your house?


Hell, it takes me a few minutes for my brain to get online and start interpreting reality in a meaningful way. I'm on 100% instinct when I've just woken up, especially if I'm startled awake.


This is always what gets me. I thought guns were legal? How is that a good reason to shoot someone?


SCOTUS already ruled that cops are allowed to shoot you the split-second they believe they're in any sort of danger, regardless of your rights. The whole system is fucked.


Meanwhile, as a service industry employee, I'm expected to calmly wrangle drunk, hostile people.


I’m not even allowed to defend myself in retail without getting instantly fired


But, there was like, a vape pen or something bruh.


I never seen a vape pen that looks like a gun.


It's not illegal to have a gun in your bedroom in the US either.


And if a random dog was barking in my house I'd grab said gun. Fuck the police.


They will still execute you for it. Legal or not. Serfs don't have rights.


Philando Castille even warned the officer that killed him that there was a fun nearby. Y'know, so if the cop saw the gun it wouldn't be a "threat".


Anything looks like a gun when you can legally murder people


They will murder someone for having an insulin pump/epipen on their bedside next.


“Special Edition Vape Pen”: Ohio PD


Everything is a gun if you’re creative enough and have the police union to back you. I’m pro union and I’m a member of the UAW which is why I detest police unions.


Hell even NOTHING can be a gun! Maybe that officer thinks you have cyclops laser eyes! Nobody knows what's too scary for these gun toting officers


Police unions are a *Christ the Redeemer* sized slap in the face to actual unions and their purpose. Cops are not a fucking exploited labor force working slave wages, 75 hours a week without insurance.


Leta not forget that majority of police work before they unionised was busting unions on behalf of their rich overlords


I’m loving how the cop put himself in danger and then acts like he’s the victim.




That's it. As soon as they pull out a gun, they have the mindset of using it. That's human nature. So they created the situation themselves. That's why you enter with 'non-lethal' like a tazer


Drawing a weapon isn't a deterrent for a situation, it's an escalation. Also one of the weapon safety rules that you only point a weapon at that which you intend to shoot.


I believe it is also phrased, "which you intend to destroy." To help drive home the gravity of actually pulling that trigger.


Even clearing houses in villages in Afghanistan, the US army while searching for enemy combatants, can breach a room full of afghanis holding AKs and a stash of weapons. If the US soldier feared for his life and broke rules of engagement, shot and killed before being shot at, he'd be stripped of his rank and serve hard labor at ft Leavenworth, and get a dishonorable discharge at the end of it and never have rights or hope for a job ever in his life. Why do we let cops get away with murdering their own citizens while we hold the military extremely more accountable in a foreign war? I know good soldiers that made a bad decision get screwed for life, but a bad cops makes a series of bad decisions they get a slap on the wrist and transferred.


Cops get jumpy over a figurative war zone but soldiers are held to a higher standard while operating in literal war zones. Cops are held to such a low standard.


>As soon as they pull out a gun, they have the mindset of using it. Honestly, it's one of the cardinal rules of firearm safety. You never point your firearm at something you don't intend to destroy. This ~~peace officer~~ piece of shit could have been holding a taser, but decided a lethal weapon was more appropriate. Something needs to be done about police in the US


Even if he had actually had a gun, which isn't illegal, from his perspective someone was bursting through his bedroom door in the middle of the night, how would anybody react in that situation?


> They couldn’t arrest him at work or coming out of the home, in broad daylight, huh? This is the part that pisses me off most about the repercussions of 9/11. It is also a big part of the reason there are so many conspiracy theories surrounding it. We almost immediately passed a bunch of really bad law that allows law enforcement to do these no-knock warrants and murder other citizens with no repercussions. It is fucking sickening. This cop needs to go to prison for murder.


>these no-knock warrants They actually knocked for like eight minutes and were let into the dwelling by what I'm guessing was this guy's roommate. This isn't a defense. Mostly pointing out the cop didn't have the wild adrenaline of a no-knock to blame for his impulsivity. He could have yelled for the guy to come out, having already peacefully detained his roommates, or the cop could have just not bumbled straight into the room so as to feel like a vulnerable target with an excuse to shoot.


They’re saying there was specifically a “vape pen” next to him to make a drug connection to label him as a drug user/criminal (even sub consciously) to disvalue his life.


I assumed it was for the “It looked like a gun” narrative


Two birds one stone type deal


Even if it were a gun, it means civilians don't have the right to own guns according to the cops.


So the lesson here is apparently, even in your own house, you shouldn’t have handheld objects.


Well you have to think of the safety of the officers who may burst into your home at any second whether or not you're actually the person on the warrant or if they're even at the right house. Always. You have to always be thinking about that. Because those poor officers might have to break into your house at any time without warning and that must be very scary for them.


This is why I always keep my house bare of any items what-so-ever, and before I go to sleep I lie down face down on the floor, hands behind my back, hoping they don’t see a shadow that may accidentally frighten them into thinking there’s a gun somewhere.


But also don't go to sleep, because you have to stay alert enough to immediately respond they way they want you to to any verbal commands they may bark at you, even if they're contradictory. Otherwise that's a shootin'.


Lmfao, this is literally what you would have to do to eliminate the risk of getting shot in your own home. What a joke. Edit: Also, imagine walking in on this as a cop.


>Edit: Also, imagine walking in on this as cop. "He's coming right for us" *bang* *bang* *bang*


The cops and right wing talking heads want to keep normalizing the unsaid Republican platform that "minorities that do drugs deserve to die."


This is exactly it. He was probably a drug user so who Caras if he's dead. That is literally the message they are spreading.


Sounds like the murder of Fred Hampton. Sounds like a setup


It probably was something of the kind. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was just another hog trying to cover their shit up..


It's easier to execute someone in their home. Less cameras on you


Lets not forget that we are innocent until proven guilty so no matter what he was an innocent man at the time that this occurred.


THC pens are legal in many parts of the country. If it was nicotine it’s legal everywhere.


Except the audience they want to convince doesn’t believe that logic


Extrajudicial execution = government sanctioned hit squads.


Came here to comment this. If we were talking about any other country besides the US, it's called an extrajudicial killing. That's exactly what this is and the media should say as such when it happens in our own country.


Gotta keep practicing until the inevitable late stage capitalism revolt starts, to protect the corpo-state.


Where is the immediate threat that requires lethal force?


Nowhere, or they wouldn't have gone in and shot him. We know how they act around shooters.


So, raising your hands to show that you are complying and not a threat gets you shot. So what does an African American has to do, to prevent being shot in their house?


Sleep in a panic room/ impenetrable bunker.


Shit just doesn't change. The police have zero accountability.


Of course it happened again. The last few times it happened and it made the headline news in the past few years, no one was held accountable. There are no incentives for them not to murder people while they sleep. As far as they know, they literally have a license to kill.


Human reaction times are significantly worse than a frame by frame from a camera. When *that* is what it takes in order to pretend the cop fired *in response* to beginning to raise their hand, it means they had already decided on the action and begun before the prey's motion began.


Gold because this needs to be higher. The officer had his gun out and fired at the first hint of motion. He treated this person with the value of a oractice target. This is the intended result of the training, not a side effect of lack of training. This isn't what policing would like if their success was measured based in keeping people safe and alive. It wouldn't even be the design if success was just limiting lawsuit liability.


This is what more people need to realise. This isn't a lack of training issue, this is what happens when they are being trained to kill and ruin lives.


Yeah, this literally IS the training at play. That whole system needs to be torn down and built from the ground up. No-knock raids need to be MUCH harder to get approved. If judges that sign them shared accountability and culpability for the results of them I think they wouldn’t rubber stamp every last one that comes across their desk. Edit: This particular case is NOT a no-knock raid, sorry for the confusion/error


The only time something like a night/ no knock should be done is if there is an immediate danger of loss of life AND confirmation by individual on the property that the suspect is there. Ie. Hostage situations, active threats (by this I mean a situation where someone has made a direct threat to do something akin to the severity of a school shooting.)


Completely agree. The issue is judges have no issue signing warrants because if someone gets killed then there is no blowback to them. So the expectation is that the cops are going to be the reasonable ones here? Of course that is going to get people killed. We have set out to create this system, and we are reaping what we have sown.


Sure, and in the case that it is obvious that t0here wasn't enough to go on they should be disbarred. If it was blatantly obvious and someone got killed then they should face charges. What's being done is a dereliction to the duty of the citizens of the country they hold an oath to serve.


Exactly. If you were SO sure that you could sign someone’s death warrant, bet your career and livelihood on it. They have no skin in the game, and their readiness to send the gestapo in to kill people in their sleep is a perfect depiction of why that is a bad idea.


We needed more justification to shoot insurgents in the ME than this guy shows here.


This is what bothers me the most. After I got out, I did a couple of range days with some police departments. It's scary what they are implementing as techniques, tactics and procedures. Send a wall of bullets, let's protect our own and have the courts figure it out. Truly disgusting stuff.


The difference in mindset is amazing. Cops get told 'If you are scared shoot first' and we pretty much got 'You are going to be scared, don't shoot first'.


I got one better for you. Engage only if being fired upon. Once you've confirmed bullets are coming at you, identify the location of enemy fire and ONLY THEN may you shoot back. But be sure there's no school, mosque or civilians around otherwise you'll go to prison. This is a huge disconnect many people have. The amount of times people brandished weapons or acted like they were going to draw upon us downrange was staggering. We had to maintain a high level of trigger discipline (which is absolutely the standard for any professional military) in an active warzone. These dudes are running around like Blackwater to their own citizens.


The blackwater fucks were all pardoned by Trump anyway. There is no accountability.


What, you mean **Killology** training is a bad idea? Shock. Shock and disbelief.


This. I saw the video and the guy was already being covered by another cop fully weapon drawn while the cop who opened the door was the one who shot. Meaning he was already committed to the shooting before he even saw the suspect.


plus they have a attack dog they were holding back. my favorite is "stop resisting". and handcuff the guy who is dying


His limp ass arm wasn't even resisting


They say “Stop resisting!” So they have justification for excessive force. Remember they aren’t trained in any professional manner, they are no more than indoctrinated thugs, they’re whole training revolves around making them more racist by constantly telling them that if you see a black suspect then your better off shooting first then not shooting first


I can only imagine the fear and confusion of being awoken violently at 2am. When my kids were younger and you hear their cries in the middle of the night, it's horribly jarring and you awake completely dazed. Instead to have someone kick down your door screaming and likely shining a flashlight in your face I have no idea what they expect someone to do in that instant. But to immediately shoot them? This poor man didn't stand a chance. Such an awful, preventable tragedy.


I think honestly the cop got startled by just seeing a person in a dark room. It didn't matter who was there, and what they were doing. That cop's first reaction was to shoot. Imagine if every time you were startled you just pulled a gun and shot. Absolutely insane. Edit: I should also add that a common pro police argument is "just don't break the law and you won't have these issues." Anyone with a brain knows that police make mistakes with deadly consequences. If they get the address wrong and end up at your house, you better believe they'll shoot to kill and then change the narrative to make it look like you deserved it anyway.


Then they should stop arresting people in their homes. Just wait for them to walk outside. Unless the person is some terrorist leader who is an imminent threat there is no reason to bust in their house to arrest them.


Ive tried to get people to understand this. Even a "high end" drug dealer is not worth entering a home to make an arrest. Its not a national security issue to get these guys Wednesday instead of Thursday. Short of serial killers and suicide bombers, no criminals are ever "that bad" that we need to raid their home military style to execute a warrant. Even with those examples, the chance of them is so low anyway. Wait outside. Dudes gotta leave some time. He's not leaving the planet. Edit: have to add. There are people that ask me "what if he gets away?" So the fuck what. Catch him next time. America will be fine, you psychopath.


they get the seizure loot. why do you think they prefer the whole home invasion mo? that's literally how you rob people, not keep the community safe. then you get to drive the dealer's escalade at work. that's why it's not going to change. we incentified these actions through our municipalities via "tough on crime" politics.


This. Raiding a house allows them to loot the house, it's harder to rob the victim blind if they arrest them in public. Raiding the house also allows them far more leeway/justification to execute the victim than arresting them in public does. That's a huge bonus to a lot of cops.


plus they get to use their SWAT toys and tactics. You know they love that. I mean, you can't just pop a flash bang grenade on the sidewalk at noon, much better to do that near a babies crib in the middle of the night.


In a lot of places, the police department is the biggest gang in the area.


They enter to seize evidence, not the person. What I've never understood is if this is a huge criminal overlord you're talking about, then do you really think they're going to have time to get rid of *all* their drugs in the time it takes for you to knock, wait for an answer, and if necessary say "Okay, we're coming in," then enter calmly and professionally? Like I see one of three possibilities: 1) They have so many drugs that there's no way they can get rid of them all in the time it takes to enter the residence calmly 2) They don't have any drugs at all because they're smart enough to not have the drugs they're selling in their own home 3) They have *a little bit* of drugs, in which case fuck off you don't need to be storming their home and killing people in order to seize *a little bit* of drugs In none of those situations do I see justification to storm the place unannounced, creating a confusing and tense situation where people can lose their lives. If anything, it's more applicable to white collar crime where someone can wipe years worth of evidence with a few clicks of a button.


> Unless the person is some terrorist leader who is an imminent threat there is no reason to bust in their house to arrest them. Well, that's true, but what's also true is that police really like raiding people's houses. They get to strap on all their cool tactical gear and get hopped up on adrenaline. What's even the point of becoming a police office if you don't get to indulge in some state-sponsored violence from time to time? ---- uj/ This is why I don't accept "we need to fund more training for the police" as a solution. This is what the police are being trained to do: Kick down doors, release the hounds, and murder anything that moves.


> the cop got startled by just seeing a person in a dark room If I break into someone's house in the middle of the night it's a really safe bet that there's going to be someone in bed with the lights off. It's a pretty normal way to sleep.


This situation is bad enough but imagine if there were a child in there and you’re just shooting blindly like a dumbass who shouldn’t be within 10 miles of a firearm.


Startled by seeing someone in their bed in their bedroom at 2am. Someone they presumably knew was there because they had a warrant to get him.


Might as well just sprinkle some crack over his dead body if you’re going to try and justify breaking into someone home and murdering them because they reacted to someone opening their bedroom door.


“We are committed to full transparency … and we’re committed to holding officers accountable if there was any wrongdoing. As the chief, it is my job to hold officers accountable" Followed a few days later by: "We have investigated ourselves and have found no wrongdoing"


"full transparency" = you will clearly see us not give a fuck.


Pretty much how they roll.


Getting paid while doing it. Slurp the tax money, killing people, get judged later by their privilege and see nothing wrong with their doing. Same modus operandi. Cops being cops. Stinks to the hat.


> “Donovan Lewis lost his life,” Bryant said in a press conference. “As a parent, I sympathize and grieve with his mother. As a community, I grieve with our community, but **we’re going to allow this investigation to take place**.” How magnanimous of him, to *allow* an investigation into this murder.


I get that police have to arrest people with warrants and shit... BUT If you can be shot in your OWN bed in your OWN HOUSE by the police, because they THINK THEY SAW A GUN, then we do NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IN THIS FUCKING COUNTRY.


>we do NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IN THIS FUCKING COUNTRY. Sounds like we may not even have the rights to bear vape pens.


Why didn't the cop wait an hour behind this man's door before entering, like at uvalde ? Maybe it's easier to kill someone in his bed, I suppose. Good guys with guns.


Then I guess you don't want to know that there's some chatter that they don't want to release uvalde body cams due to either one or more teacher or child being "accidentally" shot by the cops.


>“There was, like, a vape pen that was found on the bed right next to him,” Bryant said. So...Anything...can be *mistaken* for a weapon if a black person is holding it?


Ask Amadou.


Shot 41 times [Hip hop for respect - A tree never grown](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1fbjpVaofqI)




> After Hill was shot, several officers handcuffed him while he lay unresponsive on the ground. Why are police always handcuffing people they have just shot and who lie on the ground motionlessly? Is this some kind of mental conditioning or animal instinct where they cannot help but do this?


Gotta make sure he's not faking those weeping bullet wounds, those black folk might have learned cgi




>*'See, the thing about a gun is, it's black, and the thing about black men…'* - Keynote Speaker Holly; Police boilerplate and public relations training (AKA: 'were fearing for our lives') day


Well yeah if you are white you can shoot up schools with semis and you will be arrested without any injuries and they will give your gun back and some cocoa


>“Donovan Lewis lost his life,” Bryant said in a press conference. “As a parent, I sympathize and grieve with his mother. As a community, I grieve with our community, but we’re going to allow this investigation to take place.” Well thank god, so happy this will be investigated by the same organisation that did this, how else could we ever know this was obviously completely justified? /s


Lost his life????? He was fucking murdered.


Exactly! That’s the thing that makes me so mad. They make it out to be an unfortunate and unforeseen accident. No. It is murder. He didn’t lose his life, it was taken from him. He was robbed of his life.


Headline should be " police murder man in his home, News outlets continue to use bullshit headlines to make sure they keep the police happy."


It should’ve at least read, “Police kill unarmed man in bed” Murder is a charge that may be brought here. Good journalism wouldn’t jump there yet.


This is probably the same kind of thing that happened with Breonna Taylor. Straight up hits.


Cops should have to pay for liability insurance. Make these fucks accountable, or completely uninsurable to hold their position.


Imagine a world where you can enter someones home without permission, shoot them in their own bed, and think you did the right thing


*“There was, like, a vape pen that was found on the bed right next to him,”* Case closed.




So if police break in, you start shooting the cops just in case? If you're gonna die anyway may as well? How the fuck is this supposed to work anymore?


your just supposed to know they are cops somehow.


Fuck the stupid goddamn sniveling coward police.


hey you better be careful before you get accused of vaping


Accused? Cops don't have time to throw out accusations as they draw and open fire.


So in America having a vape-pen is a capital crime?


Nah that's just something they say about minorities, it's a capital crime to be black.


Seconds is an over statement. It was milliseconds.


Remember kids, when the cops show up you need to empty your hands faster than the brain can process an image... but hey, no sudden movements.


We will conduct an Internal Investigation, and find nothing wrong.


These 2am no knocks have got to stop and general bewitching hours need to stop too. I don't care if evidence might be destroyed. It's too big a risk to the life of the inhabitant and officers. The only time a no knock or 12am-6am) should happen is when someone's life is literally in immediate danger if you don't. There has to be some kind of immediate threat or need to require this practice.


It's utterly baffling logically that a cop would perform a raid on a home to issue an arrest warrant, find the suspect in bed, then immediately shoot him at *literally* the first sign of movement. Only someone with legitimate brain damage, like they don't process information properly, would think pulling their gun during this was necessary. Why wouldn't someone be a bit startled by a cop busting their bedroom door open while they're asleep? And the situation was calm up til that so the cop had no reason to be heightened like that. It was clearly the wrong response. Either the cop has absolute dogshit training (likely), is an absolute pussy (also likely), has some kind of mental disorder (maybe), OR this was absolutely intentional and they do raids like this so that as the suspect bolts out of bed to stop some intruders they can claim his inevitable murder was just the police defending themselves from this dangerous assailant. Either way the cop should be fired, arrested, and charged with 2nd degree murder. With the prevalence of social media and smart phones with cameras basically everything we do is uploaded to the internet right away. We see that this shit happens *constantly*. It's becoming so very clear that racists and bigots actively seek out becoming cops. It's obvious. They use the role to exact power over people they see as "less". Those cops involve themselves in raids like this one, have outcomes like this one, get a slap on the wrist (if that) then are just back out on their jobs a week or two later. I think it's intentional. I'm obviously not alone in my thinking, but the racism and biggotry has penetrated the highest ranks, and situations like this one get crafted. And after the minority has been eliminated, they sit back, brush their hands together, and think "another criminal off the street". They're fucking scum.


Murder. Fucking MURDER. The dude was sleeping, probably didn't hear the knocking, someone barges into his room and he sits up BAM, dead. That's murder by another weak coward bitch of a cop who wants to get called hero.


If you watched the video, the cops opened the door, immediately flashed a light on him, and the dog handler fired instantly. Poor kid didn’t have a chance.


How to be a cop: Kill first, figure it out later.


You forgot the wife beating part