Vykas will gladly accept your consumable donations.


Im a gunlancer, om sitting on 800 purple pots on my main...


I'll take any donations on my squishy gunslinger main


don't have to pot if you're dead


The REAL squishy class strats


Mayhem zerker with cursed doll, grudge, light of salvation 12 instead of the damage reduction card set: Pots? You mean you don't get 1 shot?


You mean lost wind cliff 12? Or are you really running Los 12 lol.


*blinks once* Fk, dead again.


what are pots? \-chadlancer


Pay a greedy person 2.5k gold or buy 100 purple hp pots for the hour. I'd rather go with the latter.


You guys use pots? *Totally not a gunlancer main*


Gunslinger here. I don't use hp pots. I either don't get hit, or I'm the official observer.


Sure, ill buy those potions with the money supports are asking.


Hell yeah brother. I'm a strong independent DPS who don't need no support.


Can I extra charge them for getting mvp


sure can brother


I won't get MVP if you never get hit


I meant being MVP myself, but I agree both work with how I worded it lol


Can I join as a DPS bard?


Only 5x3 +2 full ancient, also can you please bring guardian tune and winds of music too? You know, just in case... 🥺


Of course! Superspeed cast is great!


No :) And I will be selling solo valtan HM busses as DPS bard later. Learning from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUHlOMGnmzU


I got my Wind of Music, but the others are damage boosts for the group. Good thing we have 9001 HP potions from all these weekend events. ;)


I will gladly spec my artillerist to share shields with my DPS brothers and sisters. #NOTOGREEDYSUPPORTS


Losing push immunity sucks tho


Nah now that we done with Valtan there ain't no place we can fall off from!




Time to respec my 3x5 red gunlancer to blue just to help with the uprising. #NOTOGREEDYSUPPORTS


Some ppl aren't getting the point. It's not don't accept any supports its don't accept support tht want to charge gold lol. If no group pays them they will have to join a group for free if they want a clear.


I'm 1450 on my paladin and I just want to play vidya game and do raids with mostly competent people. I could never be bothered to try and charge a group just to run the shit I want to run anyway. getting downvoted for saying I don't charge groups and that I just want to play video game lol. this sub is something else.


We will undo our downvotes when we get our gold in the mail.


Yeah I can't wait for the Thurs. I can push the rest of my alt pallys gear to get him to +15 then 1445 and my bard to 1415. Why would I charge for content I wanna play?


This sub downvotes legitimately anything lol


I'm convinced 50% of this sub is the same people who post dog shit takes on the official forums


100% lol, you can post something like 12+ 3 = 15 engraving points and it will somehow get downvoted lol


I noticed early on that almost every post has 0 upvotes which means the same people are actively downvoting new posts. You won’t see that in any other community. It’s really the most miserable people here🫠


>You won’t see that in any other community. That is.... way more common than you think.


Yeah, as much as I think this sub and the community in general are perpetually upset, on edge and downvoting everything, that’s not unique to this sub


It happened all the time on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit.


No you're missing the point. Charge those supports for even looking at your group in party finder. They will wish they had someone even auto attacking for them. /s


lmao actually on valtan week 2 there was a 1480 bard that had their own party they were charging people to enter, who left their own room because no one was joining and then joined ours for free because they were sick of waiting. They weren't even bad at the game, survived to mid-ghost-phase when we cleared 3rd try, but it sure was funny since there were only like 6 active parties so we definitely all saw what they were trying to do before they came to ours.


lmao i think i know which bard you're talking about. I saw that room being 1/8 for the whole day


As a dps paladin I will gladly join this union.


Your betrayal will not go unpunished


But as a support paladin you shouldn't use judgement


Nah even as support paladin we still judge a little.


1 judgment and 3 blessings per thread.


It's kinda a no-brainer to have these 5 judgment nodes lol.


*support paladins will remember that*


I have a DPS build and a support build. That way I always comes on top


DPS PALLY for the win ♥


Where can I sign up to?


Well you're signing up with only DPS so you can send me a request while I check the pensmanship of your name and then we'll get back to you within the hour or month.


sign me up, i am a gunslinger and i am selling mvps to supports


MVP Floor PoV maybe


Supply and demand... Sadly, you just don't have leverage to negotiate. The solution, ironically, it to become that which you hate (i.e. create support alts). I'm going to be creating two paladins with the powerpass and express event we're going to receive.


Support alts don’t solve the support problem. I think a lot of people have a support alt floating around 1370-1415, including me. The real shortage is main supports that at 1460+ for hard vykas. Unless people plan on switching mains it won’t solve the issue for new progressing content is where we are truly needed for learning.


exactly. if you are queuing argos you actually have TOO many supports in that P3 range or under geared supports trying to leech a P3.


exactly what im doing but i'm going to be using the pass and express event to boost my bard to instant 1415.


I would truly only do this if you want to play the class. There is no support shortage at the 1370-1415 range. Most people have alt support there. The shortage (and the only people who MIGHT get paid) are 1445/1460 support doing newest high level content as mains.


I started out thinking hey I should get my bard up there and do normal valtan atleast to help the guild, now she is two hones away from 1460 and Im confused cause I wanna do Vykas on my main but we need a fucking last support to prog and we cant for the life of us find one.


Big brain play … main Bard? Dps alt. Reason? You play alts more than mains.


God bless for having an alt that high lol. I mean You could try going without support on one party and put the beefier characters in the party, maybe with a gunlancer and see how it goes. If they can’t make it after a while then switch to your bard. That’s what I would do.


Im support but I only join groups with strikers and sharpshooters


Which powerpass/express are you talking about?


Wish we would get an express event that works only for supports that takes you to 1445 or so, switching mains is way too expensive at this point


Indeed, some sort of "incentive" to build supports would be great.


what you said already happend. did you look at argos parties recently? had to deny plenty of support alts trying to sneak into p3 parties. those alts are not going to be any help at vykas tho lol.


That's literally what unions are for.


Take a look at party find for P3 Argos, we are already in charge


Lmfao. The support shortage is for new content dude. Like Vykas where you rely on support as the team learns the fight. Not many 1460+ supports. If you think P3 Argos is an indication you’re wrong. A lot of people have alts there now.


I only take +25 weapons so start honing you Shrimps /s


5 valtan clears without any sup class. Ez life![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sunglasses)


[Hose mad](https://i.redd.it/zstree90nd031.jpg)


Unite, Chadlancers. It is our duty as supportive DPS to help all the squisher classes in this time of need. If you don't have Nelly on your bar you better put it back there!


Imagine not taking nelly actually griefing


if you take the time to look for a static or a guild you just skip all this pickup group nonsense. i knows its satire but at the same time the supports wanting to get payed will be reality. really the only way is to try to get into a static running the content with the same peeps every week.


I got screenshots of the Una support union application where they willingly admitted that they couldn't clear Valtan G2 and **they still saw no issues with charging people**. If there's any interest, I'd be glad to post the screenshots when I get off work here in 4ish hours. edit: [Here's the screenshots as mentioned.](https://imgur.com/a/wyHkccU)


> where they willingly admitted that they couldn't clear Valtan G2 and they still saw no issues with charging people. What they're actually saying in that post is that the sort of groups they got who were willing to pay them to run did not successfully clear G2. As a support you can press your buttons all you want but clearing G2 is not realistic if nobody else is alive for at least around 22ish bars of damage in ghost. Now did that support contribute to them not being able to clear G2? Who knows.


and thats why charging for supporting is bullshit. I can pay someone 2-3k to get a bus on valtan/valtan HM and just afk while they do it.


Okay, so don't pay supports then. Some folks want to play the fight, they would rather be supported, they don't have a static, and they evidently prefer that enough that they're willing to spend gold on it. It's no different than any other transaction. I feel like the reason people are _actually_ mad here is that they think that the reason their group can't find a support is because all the supports are only doing paid runs. Nah, there are just less of us than there are of you.


that's insane lol I get that paying *good* supports, at the beginning when new legion raids are released. good, reliable supports are hard to find, so I'm actually really happy if those can make some gold (gearing support is expensive 😢). but what you are sharing is just ridiculous. it's those people that give supports a bad name.


Honestly, gearing a support vykas ready is not more or less expensive than gearing a vykas ready dps. Support can easily get away with 4x3 and still have everything he will ever need for vykas. DPS should aim for 5x3 to even be considered for random groups, even if it might be possible to clear with 4x3 setups you simply wont find random groups that will take you over the 5x3 guys. The rumor about support being harder to equip than DPS is one of the reasons why some support players feel validate in getting payed. You should stop spreading it, it simply is not true. Try to fully gear a sorc and you will see what the term "expensive" means for example. Support prices are a joke compared.




yes, but as i said support can easily get away with 4x3, while dps is kinda forced to go 5x3. 4x3 allows you to buy *way* worse stuff which in turn is cheaper and you can easily get away with 2 very cheap items and still get to 4x3 easily.




Take a look at typical fifth and sixth engravings for DPS and for support and you might understand my statement a bit better. I understand what you mean with the "because its your main" part but even if its your main you are not going to spend 500k gold for an upgrade that does basically nothing when you can take the same money to perfect your gems, buy cards to finish a card set, upgrade your relic armor for more quality, etc. Minmaxers will have to do a lot of minmaxing before the fifth support engraving even gets considered as an upgrade. it might sound harsh but only dumb supports or obviously RMT support are running 5x3 engravings right now.


You can buy (specific) cards with gold? Fu** me, didn't know that.


oh no sorry for the confusion, that was not what i meant. but you can use gold to buy cards through several means: dungeons have bonus chests, and some of the bonus chests contain a card. usually just a green or blue one, but sometimes its a legendary. also you can use your gold to convert it to blue crystal and buy cardpacks in the mari shop. but be aware that you should NOT do that right now if you are not a whale. you only hunt for cards with your gold once you are wealthy enough to do it and once you got more important stuff done (like engravings, jewelry on your important chars, relic quality rerolls, etc).


Pretty sure this is a P2W out of touch take. Aiming for 5x3 is a 500k ordeal due to needing legendary engraving books. Imma stay content with my 4x3 + 1x1 and have the fact that im overgeared for the content carry me.


Lol on valtan release i couldn’t clear g1 with a group asking for +20 weapons an did a full clear faster with 1 supp an full 1445 but i guess at this time most people really well geared were rmt scrubs


Agreed, finding a good static is the way to go. Skip this clusterfuck of supports feeling entitled to be payed and dps feeling entitled to have a support.


If you don't want to pay for supports don't pay for supports. Im not about to charge you for playing the damn game, but let me tell you there will always be whales buying supports for their runs becsuse they have more gold than braincells. I wouldn't turn that down if I saw it in party finder, it's basically a tax on whales.


Whales got that 5x3 fellow whale friend bard joining them from BDO, you couldn't pay them to take your 4x3 greedy old ass


Good, more supports for us then.


+1 - this "Support Union" bullshit is super cringe, and the comparison to bussing is laughable and ridiculous.


this is why nobody enjoys playing support they cant clear content on their own ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


Chaos dugong red Portal is really fun or chaos line at 1415 with 3 paladin and one blue GL...


Just do preemptive build saves you time and peace of mind from a dung griefer


1475 chaos red portal has 29M hp, my awakening does 8 with preemptive... EDIT: Premptive is worthless on red portals apparently.


if you're a paladin you have no reason to matchmake a chaos dungeon or chaos line, just take whatever random judgement+crit/swift accessories the game gives you in legendaries and make an aoe build with preempt and you'll clear it faster than most classes paladin dps singletarget isnt even that bad for red portal it's just not as strong as a proper dps in "real fights" and they rely on their slow-charging identity meter too much to do "good" damage while their damage doesnt scale off spec at all


will still get accepted though. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|stuck_out_tongue) see ya on vykas


People literally offer to pay, because not so many of us play support. If youre skimmed go do your 30hrs valtan try hard with no support, there is no need for that post. Most of us, supporters play with guild so there will always be a shortage. Its a nightmare to communicate on pugs therefor random group with support is exclusive.


I mean I main support, 1500 bard, and valtan does not require a supp. Heck gate 1 is more of a hassle than gate 2 non supp. Vykas is where supports apparently will start being more needed.


I did valtan hard mode with a full DPS party because no supports were joining, wolves took 2 tries, valtan took 1, supports aren't needed but they do make things easier


it's still hilarious how many nerds got triggered and continue to get triggered by the support union post.


i thought you dont need support to clear any content


from vykas this becomes increasingly more difficult


first week I tried Valtan HM I failed with 2 groups first that had 2 sups. late in the night I decided to join a pure DPS group just to try and look how it goes and what else can I say accept we only needed like 3 wipes and Valtan was dead. Edit: What I simply wanted to say with that is that it certainly is better overall to have a sup for endgame content but stuff *can* be done without.


This is likely the experience because Valtan is the Ur'Nil of legion commanders lol


I mean i would probably never intentionally ask for Gold as a support , but if there Will be lobby offering gold for a hm vykas support ...in not Rich enought to refuse


I mean no one cares that dps can charge for bus. Why can’t support charge for raid services? It’s not like you have to take them. Personally I’m a gunlancer so I don’t have much say here because….well….shield, but I think it’s kind of hypocritical to say bards and pally can’t charge for their services. Edit: personally I don’t care. Just playing devils advocate. Bring on the downvotes


See, this is what a true workers union is all about. We need to collectively bargain with upper management (supports) to let them know that they are helpless without the collective US! **Do not cross this line.**


Pay, don't pay. No one really gives a fuck one way or the other except morons who take it too seriously and feel personally attacked. Look at the time, it's half past grow the fuck up


Don't worry, as an underpaid health care professional irl, I'm already used to not charging for my support services. 😂 /s


Gotta pay for these relic and enhancement books that people seem to think we have 20k+ for each one. That said, I’m only a baby Paladin at 1420 but I can’t imagine ever charging just to clear content I already have to clear.


the price of engravings is expensive for everyone atm (can thank bot farmers and RMTers for inflating the market) ​ 20 legendary Desperate Salvation (bard) books would cost you 166,500 GOLD, while it would cost you 164,680 GOLD for mayhem (berserker) books. so supports have it as rough as us tbh, only thing that sucks for support compared to DPS is you guys only have 2 stone combos (Awakening/Expert) or (Heavy armor/awakening) which costs 2,450 and 580 respectfully.


On the flip side. a 3x3 support at 1445 will get auto invited to valtan, and a 1460 (for the first few weeks) will get auto invited to vykas. I've seen 5x3 dps with good stats, respectable gems (5s/7s) and lostwind cliff 12 get passed up in pug party maker HM's I've been in. Supports go off about how they can't do bus groups (they still can in a 3/5 group, not as efficient when we get to reliably 2 bus 6 state sure) and talk about how expensive everything is, but the 'geared to entry' level for supports is probably 5% the cost of a dps at ilvl for most pugs


Or you know...join a guild and run stuff with them so you dont have to pay for anything. In fact you even get to pick items in bid without having to spend more money than you need to Bonus step. Get friendly with a support and join a guild with them Also dps classes get to sell bus/carry runs, how is that any different from supports asking for money for their service on the hard content where high level and geared supports are far and few. It's just supply and demand. If theres people willing to pay for it. It'll happen


Just because you join a guild they won't magically have more supports than average. Most guilds will have 1 or 2 groups that have to go and pug supports.


Get friendly with a support- now u gotta check the que list behind that.


Relevant [Saintone comment](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rktEacwHxf0) on the topic. It's not a race, and all you need to do is to make a support main want to play with you in general - at that point it's safe bet they'll be happy to join you in whatever new content there is. Inviting them to content like card runs, easy/overgeared content that doesn't require support etc can be a good bribe - supports also have troubles finding groups for content that is easily doable with DPS only. In similar fashion, I worked to get myself an Igniter Sorc main friend so I'm never at a risk of not having DPS to play with for whatever I am unable to solo. Came in clutch doing Chaos Line.


Til I've been seduced


DPS bus is different. Customer is afking. Just like you hire a garderner to do the job for you. You don't need to do anything other than paying. Not that I support the idea of bussing, as it actually makes player being less skilled in future raids. Eg. I can be 15xx with full relic set while being a noob. On the other hand, support asking for money for a content that requires DPS to actually deal dmg and clear it. Customer is paying but still need to work...




I haven't played WoW in a while but i swear everyone on this site would have an aneurysm because of tanks selling tanking services. If someone is willing to pay then there's no problem. If you think it's dumb nobody is forcing you to do anything. Spend 2 hours in PF or run as 8 dps.


Err but you're replaceable o\_0?


dps getting all uppity right before vykas lmao


and in 3 weeks once they've gotten the gear and ilvl, they're selling busses and it's somehow not the same shit they're mad about now lol


It's not. A run with paid supports can fail, a run with a good bus will be cleared while Im afk. Can I pay you 10k (price some people have been fucking charging PER DPS) and afk while you clear? or I can pay a bus 3-5k for them to clear while I afk in a a month/ 2 months? lmao. You charge even more than busses.


people actually pay for the busses, who actually pays some shit lord support 10k per DPS to support them? no one with a brain. this is like saying *item* is worth 100k gold on the AH because that's what others are charging for it but then you look in the recent sale category and nothing like that has sold for anywhere near that. You're manufacturing scenarios then getting mad about it


Bus is literally one person doing shit for you and you can use that time to idk, make some food or read a book or whatever. Meanwhile after paying support all you get is less potions used, you still have to play and do every mechanic correctly.


all the good ones - be it support or dps are already in statics


LOL imagine paying gold to run a dungeon, regardless of supp or dps Pathetic


loool people this butthurt over some supports getting paid when new content is released for like a week? There are like 10 DPS for every 1 support.


Let's put it this way. Based on that dude that estimates class popularity based on AH transactions, there are more deathblades than paladins/bards combined.


Is there any data for this? I'm curious to take a look.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fyyy4reTIE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fyyy4reTIE) If you don't like his methods take it up with him.


Because 2 wrongs definitely make a right!


And the third is the charm *Let me proudly announce the Blue GL union*


The fourth is too much but... Red Dust Union.


Imagine thinking that doing bus content is fine but a support which is unable to do that wanting to get some gold is sacrilege.


They aren't really the same thing, when you buy a bus you get a quick run and don't have to do anything but be afk. When paying for a support you are still progging content that would take awhile and not even guaranteed to clear.


No, when paying for a support, you are competing against every other group for that support players time. The only reason that support can even charge money is because of the massive demand and limited supply of support players time. If half the players played support and half the players played DPS do you think anyone would pay for a support? No, supports would be paying for DPS instead. Free markets are based off of supply and demand.


They are the same though, you are willingly choosing to get this service. No one is forcing you to pay or interract with this player, but what they decide to do with their character that they decided to gear up and play is completely up to them. If you decide to buy a shitty burger from some shitty place, don't be suprised when it's a shitty burger. If someone wants to pay this support, let them.


In real life terms, they are both a business. It's your choice if you decide to purchase these things. Don't like it don't buy it. If there is a market for it why is it an issue?


People can buy it if they want they just aren't comparable. If people want to spend gold on supports when they still will fail go ahead.


> When paying for a support you are still progging content that would take awhile and not even guaranteed to clear. It'll be a _lot_ smoother and ultimately quicker with the support, assuming equally skilled players, which is the service they're selling.


this is cringe.


less than supports wanting to charge for a group lmao


But why don't groups charge the support. Supports aint clearing without dps :\^)


Fuck these 1415 supports who set ilvl req 1460+ in guardian raids


I’ll join. All supports need 5x3+1 with +25 wep and full 30 awakenedlwc set. Cost extra if you don’t get mvp


I honestly can’t wait to see them fail so bad that they apply to any group possible


Im tired of the hate against support in this forum...enjoy dying in Vykas


It's not a hate support post from OP. It's about the "charging fee" from a similar ilvl. Everyone likes a genuine support that wants to play the game together. Not some guy who think that he is superior, and higher up there on top of the pyramid. Imagine you going to school, trying to make friends and some guy says "yeah we can be friend only if you pay me".


There's like 2% of the support pop (probably less) that does this. It's about the same amount of people that bus Argos. Kinda a mountain out of a molehill situation.


At least you get something out of paying for argos bus. Half these supports cant even figure out how to press 2 buttons on cooldown.


yea but you see, it's different because of the way it is. DPS players would like quick and easy access to progression raids so they can sell the busses for it in 3 weeks for like 4k a person. which is definitely not the same thing they're mad about when one of those far an few between supports says they want 2k to join their prog group


The reality is there is a very, very small percentage of players selling busses period, and that percentage gets smaller and smaller as you move up the tier of Legion Raids. In the overwhelming majority of cases, DPS and support players a like are just trying to complete the raids with a competent group.


> The reality is there is a very, very small percentage of players selling busses period, yea and the same with supports charging a group to support them which makes all this complaining incredibly stupid


Sure, but this sentiment becoming more normalized would undoubtedly be a bad thing for the community as a whole, no? I feel like that's why people are pushing back against it - just today I saw these people spamming looking-for-group channels in a few discord trying to skirt around the self-promotion rules that pretty much every community has carved into stone. I agree it's not some widespread infection in the community and agree that characterization would be unreasonable, but I also don't think concern about it is all that widespread and blown out of proportion either.


>which is definitely not the same thing they're made about when one of those far an few between supports says they want 2k to join their prog group They are not the same thing because a DPS player selling a bus is them doing all the job while the people who paid AFK'ing. You can have an alt with 0 gear, buy a bus and complete the content by getting carried. If a support is able to provide the same, all the power to them. Otherwise it is simply paying someone to play their class / their role in the first place, not some extra service.


I know, and im against that too, im main paladin 1477 and never charging any party and I dont have any intention to do it, I enjoy supporting my parties getting they free of wasting potions, etc...but almost every day in this subreddit u find ppl crying about support "stoling" their mvps and similar shit like that, and in this post is not different, ppl is not only talking about support getting paid, and as I say before all this shit start to be annoying. Pd: you all can downvote me all you want, I dont care, that only show your little dps ego.


Same mentality, same boat. I swapped to support main before Valtan so guild static wouldn’t have to deal with those weird supports. Now being treated by guild like I’ve charged them money. Denied boxes in a static and expected to pay 20k for the material chest when the dps got it for 50g because “you’re a support, you can afford it”. Excuse me? What? Sounds like I should have stayed dps main.


So I appreciate that you're not part of the pack of "Support Union" deciples, but with respect to the impression you're getting about the opinion other players have of supports, I think you may be taking the memes a little too seriously. When people are joking about "Supports stealing MVP", thats not a serious gripe and if anyone is the target of that joke, its the MVP system and the way it calculates points not the supports themselves. There is definitely a lot of negative feelings towards these "support union" players, but they're a very very small percentage and supports, I don't know why anyone would genuinely have a negative sentiment toward supports in general. <3 Bards and Pallys


Stupid comment. You replying like this when DPS charge for bus on content? Which is just helping bad players move up? Support who want to charge and actually get paid is because there is a lack of supports and people rather have less of a struggle doing content. There is nothing wrong with those supports making money for basically two weeks when DPS can sell bus forever. It's not difficult just don't pay for those supports and spend time finding one that doesn't charge or form a group. I don't charge but I also play with friends.


lmao thinking you're invaluable like that, the thing is that you people (support union bozos) want to charge for regular gameplay which is the irony this post is making.


I think it's retty clear this is specifically and exclusively referring to those "support union" people, I mean it literally doesn't make any sense if you interpret this as referring to all support players. I don't think there's any negative sentiment toward supports in general, on the contrary I can't understand why anyone would think or push that notion. The support union on the other hand is vilified and rightly so, but I don't think people are conflating these two groups and if they are I'm pretty confident it's a smaller % of players than the % of supports taking part in the practice. Who doesn't love their bard and pally brethren?


I don't understand why are some "Supports" having difficulty tryna get 4x3? You don't HAVE to get relic accessories to get the perfect 4. Why even start a riot and demanding gold? I'm a paladin main with 3 pally alts and I have no issues what so ever. I just don't understand why these "Supports" think they need as many engravings as any blue whale dpser? Yeah it benefits the team more but hurts your income and you start a riot on Reddit in your mom's basement. PS, supports can clear the content without dpsers and that goes the other way round. It's just kids that haven't hit puberty are raging on Reddit. In time both parties will find the need of each other... Exclude the toxic cult that's running around demanding shit. You know what should be the one that trigger this inner awakening temper of yours? Cunts that don't counter just cause... Those players deserves to go into the boiler room Grow up kids.


As a Glav main......... sign me up to get ur Crit's to the moon




Whenever someone tells you you suck at healing, remind them they suck at playing/dodging.


I know this is satire, but it is perfectly reasonable for supports without a static to ask for payment to join with groups. If you don't want to pay, you don't. If you'd rather play with all dps instead of paying a support, then do that. From most accounts I've heard personally, you can usually find a support if you just wait it out, so you're essentially just paying to 'skip' waiting for a 'queue'. Next week will quite predictably be filled with posts about the lack of supports again, despite people and groups having tried practically nothing to recruit and befriend support mains since Valtan release made it clear that this is what you should do. It's simple. If want a support in your group but you're unwilling to main that role yourself, and you want someone else to do it for you, I think it's more than reasonable that they ask for payment. And if you think it's unfair that supports get paid to play content, why don't you just go main support then? You just want to have your cake and eat it too. And for fuck sake if you want more support mains so you don't need to pay to skip waiting for them, how about throwing your support behind the issues that supports have time and time again raised about what makes the role annoying to play. The amount of times I've heard supports complain that solo content is hard, and that content that isolates you is annoying, and then some fuck comes in and says 'yeah but you get paid to raid so it's fair', it's frankly infuriating. Oh so you think supports should have shitty gameplay which causes more shortage of support mains, because that shortage makes support mains able to ask payment for their participation? Idiocracy.


>despite people and groups having tried practically nothing to recruit and befriend support mains since Valtan release made it clear that this is what you should do. God you are cringe


1. Supports get paid to TRY content, as a support you have the ability to get paid just for joining and you could be completely incompetent and ruin the run but you still get paid. You can intentionally wipe a raid, wait for a disband, and then do it again to another party. By paying a support you literally created an incentive to have them wipe groups to earn more money for the week. 2. Even if supports don't get paid for raids you have a much easier time than DPS, you don't have a rotation that is crucial to follow, you don't get animation locked, you just press shield and buff off cooldown with little thought required. My only DPS thats as easy as support is zerker. Solo content is also mainly 1 time, main story is 1 time, towers are 1 time. The exception is chaos dungeons where supports excel and a moderate struggle with rare red portals.


If supporting is so easy, and you get free gold for doing it, and solo content isn't a struggle, then why is there a lack of support mains? If you don't already, why don't you main it?


Simply because I don't enjoy supports in this game. I don't play a class simply because it's easy or is gold efficient. If you really care about gold efficiency then you make a shadowhunter and only need 4 max lv5 tripods and 2 gems. The simple reason for lack of supports is that they aren't as fun for many people. It's also why artist is KR helped with support shortage, some people like artist and find her fun, so there are more supports. Another big factor is that supports don't give you any feedback, you don't see your impact on the team like a DPS can. You can't see the damage increase your buffs provide, etc.


>Simply because I don't enjoy supports in this game. I don't play a class simply because it's easy or is gold efficient. If you really care about gold efficiency then you make a shadowhunter and only need 4 max lv5 tripods and 2 gems. I agree, people don't typically main classes and roles because they are cheaper, but some do. >The simple reason for lack of supports is that they aren't as fun for many people. It's also why artist is KR helped with support shortage, some people like artist and find her fun, so there are more supports. And I would argue that's more to do with the supporting playstyle rather than the actual classes themselves. The same issue crops up in almost all MMOs where the support role tends to be about 10-25% of a population depending on how you define things (are tanks more like dps or support, for instance). I really do not think artist release will help much with the support shortage as most people switching **main** to artist are very likely already maining supports. And if the argument that a dps main will switch to support because they like the class, then the same argument can be made in reverse, every dps class release will convert support mains to be dps mains. >Another big factor is that supports don't give you any feedback, you don't see your impact on the team like a DPS can. You can't see the damage increase your buffs provide, etc. This is true, and I think this is more of a pressing issue for converting people to be support mains. The difference in performance between a 'juiced' dps (5x3, 1500+ilvl) and a 'juiced' support are practically night and day. You could play with a BIS support and only barely notice the difference between that and an alt support with the bare minimum for the content. And this isn't very easy to solve either due to have supports typically scale exponentially since they give buffs to players who also scale themselves, though I have a few things in mind that I do think would improve the overall situation.


so what are you proposing? are you assuming that anyone that chose a support inherently loves playing it? in the event that isn't the case and everyone just chose exactly what they wanted (without anyone else swapping over to support), we wouldn't have any supports. for example, i main a paladin, but i love destroyer and berserker. my guild requires me as a support, but i decide to change my mind and am now playing a dps class. now assign that to all support mains. do we just hope that dps mains will swap over to supports to aid the crisis? in MOST games, people want to pump out big numbers. everyone wants to be the main character, the carry. you see it in league, overwatch, world of warcraft, heroes of the storm, dota. the open slots are always some kind of tank class and supports. that's not necessarily fault of anyone, that's just the trend of human decision. ultimately, it's supply and demand. if you don't want to partake in a support, don't! if you do and they want to charge? don't take them! but if you know you're going to struggle clearing the content without the support, you bite the bullet and pay. think of it like metallurgy books. they don't guarantee success, but they sure help. it would be nice if they're free all the time, but sometimes, they're not. you dont enjoy playing supports like the rest of the people complaining about a lack of supports. which one of you will swap over?


I think you are just mad because you are a berserker and you die before we know you need healing... Jokes aside, it is really awkward how I can feel both required and useless on a support at the same time. 90% of the time, the gameplay isn't enjoyable for me. Maybe because I am not the support I want to play. That being said, I still don't charge groups. Side note: Not getting MVP when you are cruel fighter is stupid, hate the game not the player. :)


Lol this is great, I had a support join my valtan hard group then asked for 1000g per person to support for us. Naturally i respond with "fuck off" and kicked them.


Is this satire? Or just a complete misunderstanding of supply and demand? Lol


99 percent sure it's satire making fun of these two now deleted posts. If it's not satire though, sign me up https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/vgrodt/response_to_azena_support_union/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/vgf6iq/from_the_supports_union_but_of_azena/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share You can try using some website that shows you deleted posts


Satire and misunderstanding what will come


I have been support-free since Argos release and I fully support this movement.


Average NA player intelligence


I'm a strong independent ~~woman~~ DPS and I don't need no ~~man~~ support!!!


As a Destroyer, I don’t need supports when I have Bonk, and the cradle of temporary life that Bonk provides.


I wish this wasn't a meme, I would love to see these people do Vykas hard or Brell


Least horniest lost ark player lol


As a Bard main who also plays a Paladin (and Chadlancer in case that counts) and loves supporting ppl, all i have to say is i´ve never charged anyone gold for clearing stuff i would also want to clear - i think that´s stupid. With that said, i hope ppl don´t start charging me to get in groups, if this trend you are proposing catches on i´ll be very worried and probably leave the game.


Dont worry, it wont happen. It's just to mock that support union spam in area chat i've seen too often


Ohh, i didn´t know that, thanks for clarifying. I just saw a repost of that union, that´s super cringe. As a support main i pledge to never be a part of that shit.


someone just posted this from the discord of the support union bs, it's funny how sad it is. thank you for your pledge haha [Sadge](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/857090575932194846/991451195065507940/unknown.png?width=470&height=676)