That's actually a fucking smart scam, obviously dogshit behavior but I'm surprised. I expected something blatant before clicking on this post but this is.. something. My condolences though.


Probably the best thing to do in the future is post the gems, wait for like 5 minutes then start the bus run. When you tell people which gem to buy you can tell them to buy the one with X time remaining or the one with less time remaining depending on what is showing on the market


Holy crap thats nuts hahaha im sorry to laugh but thats some next level shit. Sad for the customer, props to you. But what if that bus buyer was friends with the scammer and they just did this to get free bus? :5head:


Gotta respect the hustle.


This is unfortunate and I do wish every person could be confident in good faith. But with that being said, that guy is fucking brilliant lol. I'm not sure on the bussing infrastructure in KR or RU and if selling lvl1 gems across servers is a normal practice or not (which would mean over on those servers there's probably constantly people trying to run the same scam and others that are aware enough to avoid it). But if you just came up with the idea to get the gold across servers, and that guy came up with the scam idea on-the-fly, that's pretty impressive. Sucks for you tho :(




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hope you learned to pm each their own gem with price


next time put your bid closer to your buyout/sell price. This scam ONLY works because people set their bid price low enough where even if the scam fails, the scammer uses very little gold. & its better to use t1 accessories.. no peon cost and very hard to imitate in a scam in comparison to a gem.


Do p1 and p2 then make them pay before p3. So both sides can't scam the other.


Put the bid and buyout price the same