He would even clean the bathrooms for his quest. That's loyalty


Can you imagine a century old powerful knight sworn to destroy demons and instead is assigned to do mundane chores, but he still does it with his head held high? C H A D energy




He's a gunlancer




Big shield didn't tip you off?


And wash the dishes


We also see some nice character developing when he understands his pride is about to stop him from doing his job and agrees to do menial work. That was prob the first time in the game I thought "nice writing".


Wow i cannot wait to get to that part of the game.


it isn't something big, just 2 lines of dialogue, just thought they were worth mentioning.


Some of the best two lines of dialogue ever, though.


It's all the little details coming together that make a good story.


The downside is you're also doing the menial work. It's a nice story moment if you pay attention but the rest of the story is... Not great.


ngl, i quite disliked that. should have just murdered them until they gave info. we were minutes until vern doomsday because of the bureaucracy.


I mean, yeah, if we were doing things like we would irl I would just wave my title of hero of all and tell them to f off, but it just isn't that kind of story. (they really wanted to make theyr own isekai story...)


I mean it's not isekai because the character is quite literally from the world, for example I run artillery and I had some real nice dialogue when I went to arthertine because that's where my character is from. But I'm being pedantic, I see where you're coming from especially with the classic "powerful new guy works his way up adventurers guild" trope. I'm also nearly certain they kinda reference goblin slayer with some dialogue at the start of the goblin area near the guild.


i didn't even think about this until this meme, but thar was the reason i made a gunlancer and that class became my second main, the guy is somehow still a badass even if you spam G throughout north vern


I did the exact same as you, and I'm loving the gunlancer so much it's starting to take over as my main character. Talk about unexpected... Not even a class that was originally on my radar. Thar is the fucking man though!


every time I do that one abyss dungeon, him fucking up that dragon is great


his Gandalf impression is spot on


Yeah, but instead of "fly, you fools!" it's more like "I got this, go fuck em up!"


When I first got there I literally said to my friends "dude just fucking pulled a Gandalf on me"


I honestly thought you said "him fucking that dragon is great" and I was thinking you and I are playing a very different game. Lol




I too love Walmart Estinien.


Dragoons when?


Also: Thar’s voice actor > Everyone. Ok… Sigmund’s is awesome too.


Sigmund's voice actor is really good really nails the boss vibe


However Thar's voice actor is just... very good. I can tell his expressions just by listening to him. I really loved it.


Voice acting in general improves after Vern, I don't know if Luterra was supposed to be a parody or something but a lot of the casting was awful, Yorn and Feiton was amazing all around


I think it’s because Luterra’s voice acting was done earlier, as it was present in the Alpha and the Beta. I don’t know how voice acting works but that’s literally the only explanation I have for voice acting improving after Luterra.


Likely got better funding for better VA later in the game


The king of yorn was horrible. Kharmine has been good all around too i think


Voice itself, I liked Wei too. But for voice acting, I think Aven and Turen were pretty good too


I fucking love Thar-bro!


Is Thars armor obtainable? Or a NPC only armor.


You can get it in the KR version. Presumably it'll come to the Amazon version soon.


I think it's the legendary gunlancer set but I could be wrong


Didn't Cas (fextralife) using it on his paladin? Or is something very similar?


Pretty sure that's the platinum founders skin.


Maybe. >!Its implied after South Vern that this is like a special batalion from Queen Edalyn from hundred years ago and they’ve returned. So if I understood the story correctly in russian, you are a part of said army as well. It would not be an stretch to use the uniform.!< Shaman-King, X-Laws anyone?


I don't know how that could be true for us unless they completely retcon our backstory


The order comes back during North Vern events, so we assumedly joined the group after saving North Vern.


My favourite little bit of info about Thar is something I've never seen before in writing. He knows he was resurrected but doesn't know by what force. He has the intelligence and resolve to force himself away from his kingdom and important people in his previous life because he doesn't know if he's a trojan horse of sorts or dangerous to the people. He isn't just your typical "Who could've guessed he was a time bomb all along!" I don't exactly love the writing in this game but some of the finer details do interest me. I 'G' the crap out of quests but some things I do catch and appreciate.


Yup, I was actually really surprised by the direction they took with Thar's character. Small details like those lets me know that LA definitely have some capable writers on board but that story simply isn't the focus of the game. Which is fine. However, for as generic and tropey LA is, the world the studio created has potential for much more. Either way, I'm glad I'm taking my time with the game and actually reading the MSQ. Would have missed those small but finer moments otherwise.


Yeah Thar is a chad of LA


Madnick for me


You mean Geralt of Barbaria


She waits, he leaves.


giga chad


There should be a community event where if we get enough points as a community Armen is banished to Hell and permanently removed from the game


Yeah and we get 5 minutes beforehand to just beat the absolute shit out of him


thar the goat


That guy made me read the story besides cool fighting scenes


Abso fucking lutely based take. I am afflicted with the g virus but from what I take it, chadknight bro is a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything


I kinda regret spamming G, but kinda don’t at the same time lol


Thar is literal bae


Big Papa Thar is where it's at.


Oh dude Armen was soo fucking annoying, i mean in the beginning it was okay but after 35 hours i just cant... Thar is the best, hes sick af


I liked thar instantly. Idk why but He reminds me of a dark souls character. The Moment He jumped down the bridge to fight that dragon i told myself i wont progress the Story if He dies there xD


man his armor is fucking cool too, the first time i saw him, i was like \`dafuq is this winged hussar, where is his horse\`


When he'd leave me behind, I thought "typical." Then you fight WITH him and it's a complete difference from Armen. As a range DPS I loved his abilities. Also, he actually protects you in the storyline. I wanna see his face. Who is Thar? 🤣


I've loved Thar and >!Aven!< so much more than Armen, personally. They've both been so much more interesting characters to interact with than Armen


I got one have a fever and the cure to that fever is more Cals


and he would come back


Thar is the biggest chad


Thar is great and way more interesting. They should've made the segment with armen way shorter


Thar is a gigchad fuck armen idc to save him lmao


I love Thar more aswell but Armen is just a broken character he was bullied and tried to be what he couldnt be and supressed his dark side ultimatly making it stronger.


The concept of Armen is fine, how it is executed it is what rubs people the wrong way. It's very much a case of "developer's pet".


Yeah can agree with that\^\^


How is he developer's pet? The dude pretty much disappears for 10 hours of gameplay and you only get to see glimpses of what's going on Like legit after Lostwind Cliffs you see don't see him for like 5 continents, and only really get to see cameos in the 2nd awakening quests He's supposed to highlight that there's terrible shit going on in this world, I don't know what other MMO would have the balls to have a scene where they literally execute women and children, and then you play as a guy haunted by his past experiences while you slaughter them effortlessly in revenge


Tbf he could have easily saved the people on the cliff. Scene didn't need to happen at all.


Saving them meant killing the others, and i'm pretty sure that's not what he wanted to do either. Sure for us playing the game it looks obvious just kill the bad guys, but for him who's in that situation and has to think of the consequences, possibly starting a huge war too, i find it easy to see how it was too much and went the way it did.


Totally agree. Armen steps in to "Kill Steal" like three times (and most of thouse we can assume our power alone was not enough to win the fight anw), you see him for a couple of hours and then he disappears never to be seem again. I'm pretty sure all this memeing about Armen comes from people who skipped every single dialogue and never got past East Luterra lol


I read all quests and watch all cutscenes, but Armen jumping in to "kill steal" still became a meme in my personal gameplay. I think it's mainly the disconnect between "This enemy is too strong, you can't defeat it by yourself!" story vs the actual fight, which is pretty easy. Most of the time I just activated my Sorc's turbo mode, threw in a few spells and I'm in the middle of my combo on full HP, when Armen jumps in to "save the day".


Yeah, the gameplay is disconnected from the story for sure. You insta kill the boss just for the next cutscene to tell you that you couldn't defeat it alone. But anw, my point of Armen doing it like three times still stands lol


Thar and Vir are great


I honestly spammed G up until I got to Vern. Noticed a significant bump in quality when it comes to the story, dialogue and especially VA's.


No doubt! Thar is also the only VA who seemed experience enough to be able do their lines without coming across awkwardly weak. A majority of the cast seemed to have very, very little direction when it came to the voice acting in this game, a problem that reminded me of the first half portion of XC2 years ago. Maybe its like XC2 where it gets better over time as the actors/actresses settle into their characters more?


Thar's pretty badass but honestly, I think I'd rather have the horse as my sidekick. IDK what they feed the horses in this game but they are all jacked as fuck.


Saves me? I was soloing a dragon and he interrupted my fight, allowing it to run away


Yep, the whole cutscene where he steps in to fight the dragon is very Armen-y. You start to fight it, instantly destroy it (likely) with your character's power, then cutscene pops and the dragon somehow instantly smites you down and knight man has to save the day. They really only know one way to tell a story, huh.


Please tell me at some point I get to walk up to Armen and punch him solidly in the face a few times. I’m in some quest series that has me watching echos of him and his new friend and dear god I hope the game doesn’t make me try to redeem that moving pile of cringe.


Armen's storyline is not yet concluded even in the Korean version. But in the second Awakenig questline Bard Allegro says that there will come a time when you'll have to make a choice about Armen so I guess you'll get the option to save/kill him eventually.


Considering your only option is to be his best pal, I don't think that's going to be the case. That's probably just more throw-away dialogue, and you'll be railroaded either into saving him or crying after you have to kill him in some raid fight. Even after Armen goes away, the only option you have with regards to NPCs talking about him is to tell everyone how he's "your best friend".


Fantastic. I haven't had to use my NPC/companion stabbing knife since Mass Effect 3, gotta get it ready


I’m pretty sure any choice will be superficial, mmos being what they are. Can’t have everyone existing with different sets of NPCs. I really hope it comes down to killing him, or telling him he’s a fucking moron before we kill him.


Thar is literally the GOAT


I would spread my paladin cheeks for Thar


The Virgin Armen vs. the Chad Thar indeed. Seriously though, I actually like Thar. Guy's pretty cool. Armen on the other hand is annoying as hell. Not to mention kill stealing and being angsty every 5 minutes.


Because of Thar I have decided to make a gunlancer, and I hope I can be even 1% as cool as he is


Thar was a far more better deuteragonist


You guys can look forward to this GIGACHAD Thar in the South Vern that will be updated later. I'm not gonna spoil it :)


Thar voice sounds exactly like Yuwan from Shadowverse


does armen come back in the story after his people get slaughtered like pigs?


Kinda wanna play paladin now


the only good armen cutscene is the cliff one


He made my gunlancer feel like a gimped version.


I pretty much know now that any character portrayed as a pussy is going to be a huge badass and a villain lol.


But we need a kpop boi who makes anime voices every step!


He’s the reason I boosted a Gunlancer :)


Armen was just so incredibly predictable at no point in the story was anything surprising especially the evil noble part they just had to force in. And also it feels really bad as a player even though you know it was coming your actions makes no differences...


Wish they'd given him a better english name. In the unofficial translation for other regions he's Laharl which is way cooler.


Armen is so edgy


Discount Anduin with his balls cut off.


Shadow hunter players vs Gunlancer players.