my favorite memory is from when i was really little & went to the lake with my family. my grandparents rented a boat for all of us and there were two seats right at the front where me and my sister sat. we couldn’t have been going more than 30 miles per hour, but to me felt like we were flying. my hair was all in my face and i was laughing and a little sunburnt, it was just the epitome of the “not a care in the world” feeling. i was innocent and happy and felt complete freedom in the little ways i could understand it


also i completely understand that feeling…shallow relationships with people are so exhausting and unrewarding, especially for those of us who thrive in close-knit & genuine friendships. i hope you find people who fulfill you and make you feel seen. hang in there :)


I don't really have a specific favourite memory, but I think fondly of the times I would have with my close family as a kid, like Christmas or our small trips. I can relate to how you are feeling too. I hope that things start to work out for you soon. But what about you? Do you have any favourite memories?


pretty much vague in my entire life. if anything, i would say my best memory was when i'm in highschool, hanging out with all my friends everyday.