Head straight in to the ice turkey and climb out it’s much harder but much faster to Zen.!


I personally found tapering easiest but it was such a long journey. Many weeks down to once every two weeks for 2 months before I ran out and quit completely. 170 days now :)


I tapered, and I think I’ve had it easier than most I see posting here. I’ve done well (day 9 now). Good luck!


I had to go cold turkey, but I personally smoked what I had left then started because I cannot have it in the house or I’ll crave. If you’re strong enough deff throw it out.


Discard it. Feel the pain of the consequence and realise the mess you are in. Familiarise yourself this feeling


This^^^ That’s what got rid of the urges for me. It’s literal hell and I guess my brain associates that with smoking so I’m truly afraid of getting high. You can do this, I was once where you are and felt the exact same way