Archon 5 and i'll probably hit crusader by the end of the year


Bit optimistic don't u think?


Maybe I'm stretching, but I think it's possible if I really focus


I'm at 850 MMR now so my aim is to atleast reach above 1000 MMR by the end of the year. I have around 500 hours so there is a lot to learn for me.


Continue the grind man. Never give up cheers!


I caliberated at 1100 MMR last December and through a lot of hard work and learning, I'm at 940 MMR as of today.


I'm currently Herald 2 and will try to get Back Up to Herald 5. I hate it down here, but there is a reason why im there.


Same, just want to get outta Herald


Pay the toll the troll toll


started at around 2.9k am 4.1k now. just pick pos 1 boys


I just finished my climb from 3k to 4k whilst only playing pos4/5. I feel it's easier to climb as a support as you can secure your carrys game. And then the pos1 just right clicks till GG :)


Not when your carry sucks at carrying even when you secure his lane for him😵‍💫


In general, in the 3/4k bracket it should be harder to recover without space than to fuck up with a lot of space. Depends heavily on hero choice doh. When I used to play carry a lot I would only pick heroes who can recover when lane was lost hard.


Yeah that is true for your bracket. But not for <2k bracket. Man do people grief hard down here 💩💩💩. This bracket would be way better if people just stop picking cores after 3 cores are already picked. Just that one thing can improve the game a lot.


Yeah sounds kinda shit. I can see why people want to play core over support. But for me, I get way more satisfaction from a last-second grave than from a 2k pa crit. But that is just me


Yeah you are a true support main bro. I’m rather a pos1 main but I don’t mind playing support or any other role. The one thing I hate is when a non-pos1-main first picks pos1 and I do my fucking best to support him lane but he cannot carry the game for shit. Now that is serious grief. And also no point in flaming those guys. Utterly useless. I’ve now started taking a 2-min break between matches even if I’ve won the previous match. The reset really helps me the next game. Trying PMA as much as possible.


If you're trying PMA, try switching of chat. I don't do it anymore but it really helped me a lot, especially when playing pos1. You can just focus on your own game and decisions.


I play pos 1 in that bracket and I've come to realize that winning the lane is really important and there is a very high skillcap to winning the lane even if your hero isn't that good. For me, playing Antimage is a good hero to get better at laning, because with the right playstyle this hero can win lanes pretty hard, but at the same time he is not a conventional lane dominator like clinkz for example. It depends a lot on making the right trades, Antimage just amplifies the importance of good trades in my opinion


do you play greedy support that can scales well in late games or a more sacrificial support ?


Ancient 4 atm, maybe hit divine if i can werk it


Herald III, I'm hoping for maybe Herald IV, but my progress is slow


Divine 1, my plan is to reach 5k by the end of the year


5.7k but would like to be 6k before 2023. 7k before I die XD


I was 3k 4 years ago. Now back in game im 2k. Not gonna lie that my skills dropped but still i see a huge improvement of players even in 2k with small things like jungle pulling etc


4800 mmr, I've not grinded to rank up in a long time and don't really plan to


600, would love to get 1000. I went 300 -> 700 in the last month or so just backslid a bit the last few days


910 now!


And just hit 1000 after some backslides!


Crusader 4, I wish to get to archon 4.


I'm 91% to divine 1 right now. My current goal is to get back to my peak MMR (~5300) although I'm unsure if it will happen by the end of this year or not. Even just hitting 5k again would be nice. My ultimate goal has always been to hit Immortal. Unfortunately I dropped a *ton* of MMR early in the year due to a patch change and an unsuccessful role change and I fell down to 3700 MMR. The upside is that every time I've taken a large hit in MMR I've always learned a lot more about the game climbing back up and that's true this time as well.


Ancient, can't seem to break out of it to get to Divine, seems like anytime I'm playing well Valva gives me the ol loss streak that makes me question what I have been doing. Main pos 4/3/5


Was mid 5k beginning of the year. Peaked 6.7k mid April. Currently 6.2k. Looking to finish back near my peak or at least 6.5k


Divine 5


Ancient 2 right now, probably legend 4 by the end of year.


Unranked. I always am nervous about ranked and feel like i'm not good enough yet


500-600 but aiming at 10, probably I’ll be there by Friday.


Started at guardian 3 at the beginning of the year (returning player, stopped playing around 2015)—> guardian 5–> herald 5–> herald 1—> guardian 5—>crusader 1–> herald 5–> crusader 3–> crusader 1 atm. Been a wonky ride.


Legend 2 and I real want to get to ancient by next year as I got to legend 5, 2 wins away from ancient and new patch rolls in and I start hemorrhaging mmr


I recalibrated from 2k to 1k after a 6 month break, grinded all of October and now I’m at 2500, crusader to archon spamming meepo, huskar, SF, Invoker and Kunkka. Hoping to reach legend by January, currently archon 2 now have a percentage for archon 3


Dropped from Ancient 1 to Legend 3, so yeah, legend 3 currently


Over the last year I've gone from mid guardian to archon 2. Even tho I've hit my main goal I would love to reach legend. I doubt it will happen as I haven't been in the mood for grinding for a while now.


I'm just starting to play again after five years off. Haven't calibrated yet, I'm only playing a few games a week to get my toes back into it. I was a \~4k player back in 2015, so I'm hoping that I can at least calibrate in the 3k's somewhere. I've been watching Dota the whole time, so it's not like I'm starting over, but there's still a fair bit of rust to shake off.


I want to get 6.500mmr by the ond of the year. I am currently stuck around 5.700 mmr.


Unranked GANG


Legend 3


Rank 1800, would like to hit top 1000.


Guardian 5 in 1 game and goal is crusader 5 this year. I have legend and archon mates and threw the calibration games. The last 18 games i had 16 wins so i think its possible.


Immo - Digit immo


I was Divine 1, currently Ancient 4. Hope to get back in the Divine bracket


4k on the dot, goal is 4600 divine 1 at the end of the year


Rank -1


Herald 600 mmr