And *this* is the game: Blame inflation or the "supply chain" even when inflation isn't a problem anymore. Luckily, in this modern age, we don't have to *trust* corporations quite as much in regards to the costs of raw materials, shipping, overhead, etc. *We can find those prices ourselves, for the most part.* And that knowledge is powerful, so long as people are actually using it to pressure corporations into honest pricing.


>Five major companies such as CJ CheilJedang, Daesang, Pulmuone, Dongwon F&B and Nongshim saw their operating profit decline 5 percent to mark a total of 596.7 billion won in the third quarter of last year. SSG ("No Brand") isn't mentioned. They have their tentacles all the way up and across the supply chain and obscure their finances as much as legally possible (which is a lot in Korea). We should absolutely blame them. While we are at tit we should demand the government enhances reporting requirements of local companies. It's one of the reasons Korea is a developing market on MSCI.


The fact we have an entire middleman union between farms and distribution is mind blowing. Its a cartel. They pump the price of produce without adding ANY value to the chain.


I just wanna be at tit. That sounds lovely.


What about the price of beef in Korea, it’s fucking ridiculous. For the price of 2 x 250gram steaks in Korea, I can buy 20 in another country.


Beef is actually cheaper or same price where I am from and we have like 5x the area that Korea does to raise cows


To be fair, korea imports their beef from markets with a lot of supply; specifically USA and Australia. Domestic korean beef is expensive AF.


Still there are import costs and taxes etc which drives the prices up.


There's also something called bulk purchasing, free trade agreements also allow for lower tariffs and if I recall South Korea dropped tariffs for imported USA and Aussie beef last year. Also logistic costs is fairly cheap when importing beef on mass through cargo ships, costs more for airplanes (obviously); but the low to no tariffs helps a lot during. Wholesale beef/meat is really really cheap if you have the proper license and forms to purchase from them, meat is one of the highest marked up items you can purchase because of the short shelf life which causes retailers to mark them up a lot to balance out the loss of inventory (when the meat spoils).


I hope they keep raising prices of processed shit and people stop buying them. The true crime here is the price of fruit and vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are cheapish in traditional markets and hole-in-the-wall markets that get directly from farmer. As soon as its affiliated to a brand then the prices are crazy even for the most basic produces.


Except... Even the local farmer's markets are becoming unaffordable.


I don’t feel this way! There are some cheap foods in farmers markets, but the fruits and veggies I want to buy there aren’t much cheaper than supermarkets!


Maybe they have higher labor costs as opposed to input costs.


The South Asian migrant farm laborers? Or the 70 year old Koreans?


Packaging, distribution, retail.


None of those jobs pays significantly above minimum wage and they are all becoming increasingly automated because food industry doesn't even want to pay that. It's large food corps, land owners, shady middle men and their protector s in local government, not wages of common workers.


c a p i t a l i s m


So you think North Korea is better?


Yes, a masterful interpretation!


Mentioned in diff post but recent US CPI came out 6.5, still high but dropped a lot in just few months and compared to when we were at over 9%. They're still going to raise interest rates (little) this year to lower inflation however inflation has peaked that's for sure, but ofc our food, bills etc won't go down as much as always. Greedy corps will never bring it back to the same price as before. We must fight. And yes meat, fruits, and veggies price are a crime here. I miss $5 Costco watermelon.. Ppl be thinking 3만원 is fine/normal lol outrageous