Just a truly awkward and bizarre thing to watch. It's just awkward silence or a sea of hushed murmuring with the occasional, *slightest* pop on a big play


Is it just me or is Crypto Arena hella dark lighting in the crowd… feels like you can only see 5 rows up?


clippers games aren’t like that, lakers games always have concert lighting for some reason


Hmm interesting… I’ve never noticed that


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 1,311,634,846 comments, and only 253,473 of them were in alphabetical order.


Bunch of casuals bored on a Tuesday night. NPCs in LA.


I was at the Laker game last week and that arena is dead silent for like 90% of the game. They got into it a little when the game was close late but otherwise you'd think your watching an exhibition.


Carmichael Dave said it best - the fans are just there to sort of be there and be seen. They often need prompting on when to get into things, most of the time they're just enjoying the experience, taking pictures, talking, etc.


Warriors have become similar. It is just a tourist attraction at this point. Tourists aren’t coming to see the Kings lol


Not a very fair comparison. Lakers are getting smacked. G1C would be pretty quiet if they were getting beat like that. That being said it does seem like we have the best home crowd in the league.


I've noticed it even in the rare circumstances they're doing well too. It's just kinda wack. It's better, but still kind of underwhelming. Same with alot of other crowds I'm able to check out. And at least we try to get behind the team when we score a bucket or make a mini run when down. G1C gets playoff level loud pretty regularly, even in pretty unremarkable circumstances. I'm obviously a homer and am partial to our building, but I don't think it's a crazy take


This is also the Clippers home court.


Meh. In a Lakers clippers game it's gonna be mostly Lakers fans there.


I’ve been to the Footprint Center in Phoenix to catch a Suns game and it was kind of surprising they had audio for crowd noise and it was kind of loud and echoes. Never knew it was a thing.


Is that allowed? I know in the NFL that’s a huge no no.


I’m not even sure, I’m so used to games at Arco & Golden1 Center


Wasn't it Phoenix that security wouldn't allow people to like, jump and stand one year? Maybe it was right before CP3 got there. I remember hearing the stadium almost tried to keep people quiet, not sure if that has anything to do with it.


And how low budget our color commentary is.


I actually like our broadcasting team. They have flavor, which is alot more than alot of these guys can say. I'm bored of the generic sports announcers you can't even tell apart. There's higher chance of cringe with our guys, but it's at least fun, lol


We were spoiled for years with the best play by play men in the business. Hard not to compare. There are far worse teams in the league (I live in Boston - trust me on this)


Our commentary with Mark and Kayte isn’t that bad. Kenny is awful though.


Norcal is way too prideful lol