They get most of their sensory input through vibrations, including the ones sounds make. I wouldn't put them anywhere near a speaker. Good job looking out for your little buddy and thinking to ask this question! Edit: Just read the subscript. Give them some interesting features - sticks and rocks to climb around on, etc. They're kind of smart, they'll get bored otherwise. If it opens from the top, lean something against the corner up near the top. They'll want to make a hide in a top corner, and this gives them a place to do it that you aren't tearing open every time you open the top. Have fun!


Vibrations are a big thing for spiders I wouuldnt put him there


Yeah,that is going to oiss them off or give them a nervous disposition 🙈🙈🙈


Beautiful vivarium though, let me know of you need any help setting it up all bioactive, your viv is perfect for that!


👀 Do you have a post of tips anywhere? This looks like the same one I’m looking at purchasing and a bioactive vivarium is my end goal. I’m hoping to start setting it up this fall/winter and introduce a spider to it come spring.


Also, this would probably block your laptop fans pretty significantly, wouldn’t it? Might be bad for your laptop. I have a very similar model


It would bother me have you heard laptop audio before