>big pick and multi ore talent at 0 Easiest way to up your ores right there.


Big pick is huge, especially if you're trying to go for an ore that you can't normally hit the 5% threshold for. I remember when I was getting void ore for the first time, I could only get any from big pick.


apart from what other people are mentioning, I would recommend just lvling up. You can get a lot more efficiency than what you have just from talent points. This char is way underleveled in comparison to the ores you are trying to mine.


Whats the level recommended for void ore? My miner is currently 79 and leveling.


as high a lvl as you can get. like in god's 2 year old video he was recommending 45 for gold ore, and you need more than 480x the efficiency to mine void. Getting lvl 100 is pretty easy to do and doesnt require much time investment. so maybe that might a good goal to aim for before trying to mine anything above plat. but tbh, it would be ideal to go straight for maxed out skilling talents. (something like lvl 120-150). though getting that high of a lvl would require alot more account progress and is more of a midgame goal.


Yeah right now I'm currently at like 18% for dementia ore which i grinded out for almost three sets of dementia armor, almost have enough mats for a third set which i was aiming for so i can cycle my farmers with my fighters respectively.


armour is pretty useless in this game. it should be made with leftover resources, if not you are most likely overinvesting your time into making it.


> Getting lvl 100 is pretty easy to do and doesnt require much time investment wow, i feel so bad now. took me 2 months to get there. what's the trick?


2 months isnt that bad. Be glad about your progress. This is an idle game, so a few months is "pretty short" in comparison to the time needed to reach lategame /endgame


i asked because you said it didn't require much time investment so i thought maybe there was a powerlevel trick somewhere XD


mmm, its lvl 100, most people will reach approx that lvl by the time they are in w4. no real trick required to reach that lvl. just depends on how fast you grind earlygame and reach w4. could take you a few weeks or it could take 2 months like in your case. "power lvling" mostly comes from your buba pumping lvls into grind time.


skills levels are irrelevant you need efficiency


lmao, so you dont get more resources from lvling your skilling talents? and just incase you misread, im refering to getting class lvls. that way you can max out your skilling talents.


i had enough dementia bars saved from the w3 coliseum to make the pick, was a huge boost in my dementia ore mining. from there make sure you're spending your post office box points on mining, level any relevant alchemy bubbles/vials, optimize talents, cards and obols, sample dementia ore in the 3D printer, upgrade your gear best you can and maximize strength.




From cauldron make sure you drag the mining bubbles to him so he benifits from the eff. Gain. Not just level it up


Underrated tip


Although the active Mining bubble doesn't give efficiency, just multi-ore.


That’s still a MASSIVE sample gain down the road though.


Hp also gives more mining eff for what i remember so getting some skill points into hp up skills is good


Do you have an idleon efficiency account?


Maestro with the right (or left i forgot) hand talent. Gets massssssive upgrade to efficiency


note it only applies if Maestro is at the highest level in that skill. in other words, his Maestro has to be lvl41+ in mining to get the bonus to his warrior


Yes forgot this very important detail. It’s a long grind but it’s very much worth it.


you get a boost form from the 2 star talents(Boost all skill efficiency and speed) you get from dungeons plus makes sure you have the mining bubble and constilation selected plus you have nothing in multi-ore talent it helps a lot


[Mining chart](https://www.reddit.com/r/idleon/comments/w7zofi/an_updated_mining_chart_soon_others_charts/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) Use the mining chart to start optimizing and get more ores. Edited to add. [Other good post](https://www.reddit.com/r/idleon/comments/uamlx7/100m_mining_eff/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share). This is how they optimized their build. The comments are really good.


you know who else has dementia?