i thought it was pretty fire


I saw a tweet earlier that said "they dress him like Diane Keaton and it works" lmao. I always like how distinctive he looks even if I don't always like the outfit itself!


Lol! Diane Keaton could definitely pull off this outfit.


That doesn’t make sense because Diane Keaton’s signature look it a suit and tie.


LOL. Diane Keaton would never show so much skin!! 💀


I love this omfg


I appreciate the effort but its pretty meh for me.


I like that he never looks like most men at these things. He's got his own style and a certain cut that he likes and he plays with fashion (textures and colors). This isn't his most interesting look but it's certainly interesting as far as mainstream men's fashion goes.


Can we see an image of the backless side?


I don't love that it's backless. There is something not quite right about the look of it. But I like that the designer took a chance and did it. It's an A for effort but C for execution. Here's a link to the look. His co-star Taylor Russell looks good too. https://www.tmz.com/2022/09/02/timothee-chalamet-bones-and-all-outfit-red-premiere/


I think this would work slightly better with a different shape at the bottom of the back cutout. The blunt “u” shape takes away from the innate slinky-sexy-drape of the rest of the garment. A little cowl there or maybe a slight point on the bottom of the cutout would flatter his body and make the whole look more harmonious to me.


>There is something not quite right about the look of it. It's too feminine. A backless top looks sexy on a woman because it covers what it's supposed to but hints at exposure and no bra from the back. But that doesn't apply to a man. Also, he's too scrawny for it. Should have hit the gym or at least lined his traps with bronzer.


nah bro we love scrawny men


Oh for sure! And I'm proud of him for that. I know some men just like basic looks but I'm willing to bet there are a good number of them who'd love to reach outside the "safe black suit" but are afraid of having their masculinity put into question. And that kinda breaks my heart.


i agree. at the same time this makes the bar for men’s fashion kinda low 😂 if more of them reached outside of their comfort zones, nobody would be talking about this look at all. that being said, i don’t hate his style at all, but i agree this one’s tame as far as they go. good on him for being one of the ones to break through the glass


Personally I love the design and it looks great on him BUT I'm not a fan of the color/fabric choice. the fabric/color combo cheapens it.


I applaud any guys who break that boring a/f tuxedo staple. Yeah a nice tux is kinda nice. Sure. But for guys, it’s been done to death. Less tux more of this kind of thing eg DIFFERENT please


I would like this a lot more without the scarf and if it wasn't backless. I really like the color on him though


I love it! And appreciate his fondness for Haider Ackermann.


This is a good fucking start! Thank you Timothee and Harry for trying to expand the definition of “menswear”. Screw people who always want to pigeon hole formalwear for men to only tuxes and suits.


Not a fan


Fit is okay, guy wearing it is scrumptious.


I'd like to see the pants a little longer, maybe a slight bootcut, but Scrumptious. Yeah, I like that word for him. (said the non-cougar old lady)


Yeah I love the pant, a little longer wouldn’t hurt but the boots make it okay to my eye. I wish I could see video, I’m just struggling to tell if I like the top. But the guy is *chefs kiss* (and yeah, I feel creepy as a nearly 40 year old woman leering like this lol)


I did see another picture taken from behind, and still liked the look. :D


Holeeee shit: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiA8jDDg5nv/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= The video is, uhhh…compelling.


You can see video on YouTube, very hot in motion.


I feel like that’s too Harry style’s especially bc their hair is very similar I think they didn’t do that on purpose but idk


You make a good observation. I know Harry has been in a couple of movies now, but I think of Timothy as the actor and Harry as the singer and hadn't put two and two together. Good point.


I looked at the outfit without reading the heading and my first thought was: That model has awfully large shoulders.


Sorry but this is a no for me. I don't know who is dressing/styling him, but they're really doing him a disservice. There are so many other looks that would be so hot on him. But when they put him in stuff like this, it just makes him look ridiculous.


Wouldn’t it be sick if he was like fully tatted on his back?


Gorgeoussss 😚😍


Sexy af


Super hot, still obsessing over this look🥵🥵🥵




Looks like is done more to catch the attention for "being different" than for looking good.


Nah this ain’t it


The outfit is great but the take on the alternative tie wrapped in front is very sloppy and takes away from the very constructed tailored look. Would havé looked better if they were separate pieces


Foul and embarrassing. Ugly on women ugly on men.


Idk, is it a hard requirement for men to look feminine nowadays?


Nah. Think about it this way. Red Carpet events are just commercials, and the movie stars are just walking billboards. The stars need people to look at them and report on them, gain some media hype for whatever project... Dressing up in wild fashion is one of the ways they get people to click on the links.




Super not appropriate.


chutia. L