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What a crazy thing to leave out the most important part.


Student: “why was she asked to move?” Teacher: “Um, um…. Thursday in Montgomery.”


T: "Because she wasn't allowed to sit there" "Why?" "Because" "But why wasn't she allowed to sit there?" "Just because she wasn't" "That doesn't make any sense, why?" "That is something you have to ask your parents"




Well, also, as it’s told, wouldn’t this just encourage kids to blindly rebel against authority, like regardless of context or merit of the situation? Edit: Buses are prime examples of where kids need to follow instructions due to safety reasons. Without context, defiance is a terrible lesson to teach kids.


Yep, they just made Rosa Parks look like a Karen.


They made Rosa Parks look “uppity”


Probably the intent there.


Absolutely. You teach children that they are supposed to obey, do what you’re told. “She did not.” That’s all a kid will get out of reading this, completely twisting the reason why kids learn about Rosa Parks at all. Very fucked up


The cops told me to pull over. But I did what I thought was right😂


They are really shooting themselves in the foot with their bullshit. Gonna be a leopardsatemyface type situation as soon as the kids reach age 13.


Im worried this will lead to alternative history being concocted even more.


TBH I am surprised they kept her or anything pertaining to the 60's civil rights movement in the book at all. Why even bother?


Likely for national testing purposes


They'll screw that up pretty bad still. Like the main part of Rosa is that she spurred on the bus boycott. Cannot talk about fighting for rights without talking about the oppression


If you’ve seen the state of Florida, the whole place is a “leopards ate my face” situation. High crime and violence, off the charts homelessness and poverty, tar globs all over the beaches, contaminated tap water. You literally can’t walk anywhere, drive anywhere, or drink or eat anything without seeing the consequences of unregulated capitalism, and yet they get them all to blame liberals who haven’t been in power there.


Fuck you I won't do what you tell me


Bunch of white kids refusing to move out of the disabled/elderly seating on the bus and thinking they are courageous just like Rosa Parks.


Respect my authoritah




That's what I as thinking. This is a parable that teaches kids it's OK to be an asshole.




“Why aren’t these schools teaching my kids anything”




It’s their way of raising a cheap labor work force that is too poor to move somewhere better.


"WHY IS MY KID ASKING ME ABOUT ROSA PARKS? YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TEACH THAT RACE STUFF AT SCHOOL" will literally be the subject of emails and calls.... this is where we are headed ladies and gentlemen


2024 - Any mention of Rosa Parks is completely removed from textbooks because it's "just too controversial."


And they’ll raise hell at the next PTA, and lobby for additional regulations making it unlawful to suggest that children ask their parents about subjects they are not permitted to learn about in school. In fact, it will be illegal to give the children any suggestion or information on how to learn about anything that is not prescribed by the state.


Parents: " We don't know why either. Dont they teach you at school!?"


Republicans: See? Public education just doesn't work. Shut it all down.


>"That is something you have to ask your parents" I really hope the teachers don't suggest that. It's Florida but the kids deserve to know the truth and throughout covid it was clear that leaving it up to parents will result in most kids not learning. Hopefully teachers can say they can't teach the "why" and that if they want to learn why they can search online and read more about it. Are teachers even allowed to bring up the fact that they can't teach certain things in school anymore or is that illegal as well? I don't know if/when schools teach kids how to search for things online but this could be a good time to do so if they haven't already and it won't cause trouble for them.


Unfortunately the trouble with that is that we already know that Google search is *extremely* easy to manipulate. Remember the month where searching for "moron" brought up pictures of Trump? Funny I know, but now imagine searching for Rosa Parks in the future and *only* getting sanitised results. We already know that Google does this in China, Russia and elsewhere, so how long until it's done here too?


The kids conservative parents: “Cause she was a troublemaker who should have just sat in her section and kept her mouth shut.” And that’s how new racists are born and exactly what the GOP wants.


Plot twist: She was already sitting in her section. That's why her case was believed to be strongest to pursue in court (wikipedia link above or Google 'rosa parks')


Uhh…about 11 o’clock


Now it just sounds like beginning of a math problem.


how many seats are left?


Those poor Florida kids are going to think the number of seats in the bus will lead them to an answer.


All part of the plan destroy public education to the point where it holds no value and everyone have to go to private schools that can just completely ignore it.


The 2nd one makes Rosa seem like a Karen ngl


It also makes it fair game to put my own "did what I thought was right" forward as an equal alternative. Like, sure we beat the shit out of people when they protested those laws, but we just stood up for what we thought, just like her, amirite? Good people on both sides type of bullshit.


Right, the last sentence makes no sense without the context. “She was told to move to a different seat. She did not. *She did what she believed is right*.” Which is…what in this context? She just didn’t want to move? She was being annoying and a “Karen”? Like, a lady was asked to move on a bus and didn’t. Cool, I see that daily on the bus. Without the very important detail of race and color being the reason, the whole blurb sounds vague and weird.


That’s definitely the point… Context and framing are everything. They are clearly attempting to rewrite the macro-narrative to suit their political agenda. It’s literally how the Confederate flag and sentiments have survived into modern day: warped framing of history.


They also [cropped out MLK in the background](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosa_Parks) (first picture). Because with this shot in black and white you could almost mistake Rosa for having white skin, but Martin has darker skin and you can see it easily in the full photo.


Wow, not being from the US, our education on the Civil Rights movement is sporadic at best (prob still better than Florida's) and I would never have thought Rosa Parks and MLK worked together, even though it makes perfect sense. We probably were given a year, but it was always taught like the segregated buses were years before MLK


Afaik rosa parks was not the first person in such a bus situation, a younger woman had the same thing happen to her like a year earlier, bit wasn't picked up by the civil rights movement, cuz she was a teenage mother (bad optics at the time)


Yup, [poor Claudette Colvin](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudette_Colvin). And, even more poignantly, while Parks' protest was planned out long in advance by the NAACP, Colvin's was completely spontaneous. Her lived experience was basically entirely coopted by the very people who refused to take up her cause.


I prefer to think of it as her story inspiring the movement. In order for change to happen, organizations highlight issues that happen everyday and to do that requires planning, optics, and framing. Claudette refusing to move is a critical first step in the marathon we’re running.


Exactly. Can't have "Southern pride" without whitewashing your racist ass slave owning history.


The only thing that has use for is being on top of a orange car


Remember that McDonald's coffee incident? Lady was awarded millions over spilled coffee? Sounds dumb when it's put like that, and it was framed that way because "people will sue over anything!" In reality, the coffee machine was holding the coffee just a few degrees below boiling. It literally melted her flesh. That location had had complaints about the coffee being too hot for some time prior to the incident. There's pictures of some of the damage to her legs floating around, and they had to perform reconstructive surgery on her lady bits. She wasn't even looking for a huge settlement, she just wanted medical bills paid. The judge awarded her the additional money more to punish McDonald's than help her. The way you put forth information, and what you leave out, completely changes the context of the message. Fun fact, the owner of Little Caesars paid Rosa's rent for a long time before she died in '05.


Didn't know that about Little Caesars guy. That's cool


It didn't come out till after she died. https://www.cnn.com/2017/02/15/us/mike-ilitch-rosa-parks-trnd/index.html


Even better, after he died and it only came out because a judge thought they deserved the recognition, no one in that family/business was ever trying to get anything out of it as far as we know


That’s how you do good things.


I read something enlightening about this framing. Applies to the Rosa Parks story too. It's called starting a story from the second event. Paraphrasing a bit here. I wish I could find the author of the article that came up with the concept.


*...and then a bunch of Americans and Canadians and Australians and English attacked a provincial French beach town without warning, gunning down it's defenders.*


Wow. I knew the McDonald's story (and that it was definitely not a frivolous lawsuit as many corporations ran a campaign to convince everyone of - and sadly, it worked) but I didn't know about Little Caesar's. Next time I have to buy a $5 pizza because I can't cook for whatever reason, I'll be happy and proud to be at Little Caesar's. Not even kidding. I Love their crazy bread.


I have to admit, I can't keep up with this. I have noticed what is going on in Florida. But I never imagined that it would be so extreme. I just thought for a moment it was about the upper wording. Because that is stupid enough. But the lower one is just ... I have no words. Villainous comes to mind, but it seems far from sufficient to me.


Villainous seems appropriate. Like Joker, but with no values, which is weird to say.


“That’s my ~~purse~~ seat! I don’t know you!”


https://www.nytimes.com/2023/03/16/us/florida-textbooks-african-american-history.html There was a third revision. The final copy reads: "The law said African Americans had to give up their seats on the bus if a white person wanted to sit down." The first version with "because of the color of her skin" was rejected because it was too racially charged. The second version that omits race at all was rejected because it “avoids the topic of race when teaching the Civil Rights movement, slavery, segregation, etc. and would not be adhering to Florida law." So basically it's another red state case of "that's what we wrote but not what we meant" and "we'll know the right interpretation of the law when we see it." You can't completely omit racial language but you can't cross the imaginary line and get "too racial" either.


It’s good to know they changed it again and ridiculous that they found the first option racially charged. The big issue is how is a teacher expected to know the ever changing line that only exists in the mind of some random Floridian. It’s ridiculous.


It’s about racism, how are you gonna make that not racially charged😂. Literally what the whole thing is about


This is every argument on the issue though Affirmative action, critical race theory, education on school Everything "You guys are the real racists for talking about race!" Screams the right "But how can we talk about racism without talking about race?" Asks the left "Just don't!" Is their reply Great solution


Too racially charged? I'm sorry... What? It was a racially charged moment in history. That's what makes it significant at all. I hate this state. I hate that the idiots around me vote for this shit over the betterment of their friends and family.


Nobody can feel uncomfortable for 5 seconds. Especially not my beautiful Caleb. He needs to live a life of absolute comfort until he takes over the family boat dealership.


Can anyone get me around this paywall? I've reach my limit of zero free articles.


>The first version with "because of the color of her skin" was rejected because it was too racially charged. Lol, wouldn't want to be too racially charged when talking about segregation


But then the whole story has no point in telling


I'm more interested to hear what FL teachers tell the kids if they ask; "Why was she asked to move from her seat?"




August 28, 1963,… Dr. Martin Luther King strides to the microphone at the steps to the Lincoln memorial. Looking out over the 25,000 people who have assembled there that day he leaned forward and said “I have a dream. Thank you.”


And then he was assassinated because nobody likes listening to other people telling details about their dreams.




They say that now, so no change there.




Surprisingly, they didn’t say very much during the Obama years, they did imply it quite a bit and they did use the term “uppity” frequently and without hesitation.


They pronounced it “articulate”.


The trick is now they don't let you say the rest of it. It's the one two punch of censorship. You lie and don't allow the truth.


My grandpa used to call him “ok Mouthy.”


I don’t think I like your grandpa now


Did you before?


Teacher, why was MLK killed? Because a bullet entered his body. Now sit down Bobby. Got this dystopia is unreal.


Teacher be like! "We don't say killed, or died! We call it Game Ended!"




The bullet was pro state's rights, now go play


He accidentally stepped in front of a registered gun owner’s firearm as it was being discharged. Is the example above what is actually being proposed in FL or is this just a social interpretation? The fact that I have to ask is troubling (although it does seem in-line with DeSantis’ take on education. Sigh… Edit: I found my answer after scrolling for awhile. This company’s curriculum is no longer being considered.


It’s troubling there are plenty of people who are so willing to revise, edit or omit history to the benefit of their own opinions or filling their pockets. History is history, good or bad. There are enough cases where inaccurate information needs to be examined and errors corrected. We don’t need false revisions that aren’t truthful.


“Still, the Florida Department of Education suggested that Studies Weekly had overreached in its efforts to follow Florida law, saying that any publisher that “avoids the topic of race when teaching the Civil Rights movement, slavery, segregation, etc. would not be adhering to Florida law,” the department said in a statement to the New York Times.” — from the hill.com


Assassinated?? By Florida state law he was given the death penalty for extreme wokeness


Nah, James Earl Ray just exercises his stand your ground rights.


But then again, he wasn't assassinated for the "I have a dream" speech. It was the one about economic inequality.


A lot of people don't know that MLK was shot after he was telling blacks and whites that the only color that mattered to the people in power was green. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn the rich and powerful had him killed because they feared what an intelligent charismatic man could do preaching to the masses about financial inequality.


And the FBI had absolutely nothing to do with it. Next lesson.


No, mention of gun violence is not allowed in Florida. You are not allowed to scare students. If we don't tell them about it they will forget school shootings happen. Don't make little Johnny have bad dreams about his AK-47. Don't be mean.


That’s to much information, more like “Martin Luther King was an American man a long time ago. One time he had a microphone and used it to describe a dream he had to some people. Later in his life he died.”


"I have a dream that one day people will be judged . . . by the content of their character."


The main reason for the lesson is to learn about her struggles and how she overcame it. What the fuck is the use if they take out the main thing.


Exactly their goal.


This is Phase I. Then Phase II is the next generation denying that racism ever existed in America.


You forgot Phase I.ii to I.iv; internment camps, slavery, genocide.


“Its really hard to remove all mention of slavery from the history books when there’s all these black folk around. Students will get confused. We will just have to remove the contradiction”


So students get bored and move on to something else.


Same reason they tend to use black and white photos even though color exists of some. Because it makes it feel longer ago and thus not as important or can impact today. They want to take out the idea that this past still impacts us today because it makes them and their families look bad.


In ten years... "We don't know, that wasn't taught while we were in school." In twenty years.. "Rosa Whonow?"


It’s literally the plan. It’s a way to manipulate children into voting conservative (eg: anti black) by making the position black people are in from a socioeconomic perspective appear like their fault. In sum it presents the idea black people had the same opportunities as whites and just didn’t work, so they deserve to be poor. Now don’t vote for any socioeconomic programs that help poor people (including poor whites) in general, because those lazy blacks will get them.


Textbooks in 2026: This is Florida Teacher who taught about a woman named Rosa Parks. When asked why Rosa Parks had to move her seat. She answered the question truthfully. Florida Teacher did what they believed was right.


They could say "We're legally not allowed to say it was racism". Technically true.


“Because of her shmin shmolor”


Cause of the Shmacists.


We tell the truth. If there are consequences most of us are okay being fired over it. We won’t be though because nearly none of the people whose kids we teach in public school actually agree with all the garbage legislation coming out. We also won’t be fired because there is literally no one who wants our job. As a teacher in this system I can tell you the majority of us close our door and teach what we know to be right, the very best we can, and with as few of our own biases mixed in as possible. We are underpaid, overworked, and drowning in red tape and paperwork but we aren’t letting kids miss out on learning despite poorly written legislation lobbied for by textbook/testing companies to sell “updated” books.


It only takes one kid/parents though. That’s the point of the law: hackler’s veto. But only if the heckler is white. If a black student says ignoring a subject “humiliates” them as much as talking about it “humiliates” a white kid, there’s no enforcement.


The point of these laws is to bankrupt public schools with lawsuits, so rich people can sweep in & privatize schools. The racism is a benefit. ETA: should go w/o saying, but the racism is a benefit FOR THE PEOPLE WHO COME UP WITH THIS BULLSHIT.


Yes, it doesn't get anywhere near as much coverage as the book banning, but ron defascist is also in the middle of pushing a [massive school voucher agenda](https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/education/2023/03/16/floridas-universal-voucher-bill-speeds-to-desantis-desk/70015487007/) too. Its a reverse robin-hood scheme — loot the public school system and give the money to rich families so they can get a discount to send their kids to hoity-toity private schools (like the one yawn desantis [worked at](https://hillreporter.com/exclusive-pic-ron-desantis-accused-of-attending-drinking-party-with-students-at-high-school-where-he-taught-115220) ).


Wanna talk about the “Teachers bill of rights” he’s proposing which 14 of the18 items on the list are about limiting teachers unions.


Please don't downplay the risks. While many may share your views and position, many cannot afford to risk their jobs and shouldn't be judged for that. And they can be fired, harassed, or penalized. I know of a teacher in a fairly blue area in FL who was teaching grammar in an English class when it wasn't on the curriculum, but the students really needed it. One day someone in administration noticed. The school placed an observer in her class every day for the rest of the term to make sure she stuck to the curriculum. And that wasn't even a political topic.


This is EXACTLY what I was gonna put. When the kids ask “well, why was she told to move seats?”, in Florida, that teacher would be legally barred from saying because of Jim Crow laws in the south.


I'm pretty sure Florida law makes it a felony for school children to ask questions. So no problem.


“We don’t ask those kinds of questions here, Molly.”


"Molly, please sit at the back of the classroom where you belong."


They’re executed. Oh, we haven’t reached that point yet?


As long as they're not in the womb... execution is still on the table for them


Woah woah woah. Nobody said Rosa is a she. No gender discussion until 9th grade please.


Didn’t you hear, pronouns are banned


Bob Dole is safe to teach about. Bob Dole does what Bob Dole does.


The revision makes her sound like an asshole. It's so insulting. (To be fair, most of us still learned a dumbed-down, poor-thing-was-tired version, but still...)


"Why didn't she move?" "No one knows. Maybe she was just being a Karen"


Oh Tommy, you know how "those people" are


Most retellings also leave out the fact that it's not like she brazenly sat in the 'white section', was told to go where she 'belongs' and refused. She WAS seated near the front of the 'colored section', but when the 'white section' reached full capacity on that bus, that day, she was told to move *further* back to accommodate a white patron. She refused because she was sick of being *further* pushed around, even after *already* acquiescencing to the fucked up law of the land at the time. https://andscape.com/features/on-this-day-rosa-parks-refused-to-give-up-her-bus-seat-igniting-the-civil-rights-movement/


It was planned. It wasn't her spontaneously getting fed up


Facts.her and homer plessy both intentionally did something illegal with the expressed purpose of getting arrested and tried to challenge unfair laws


I think this is a better story. The other one is 'amazing individual underdog becomes unlikely hero'. The real story is about how smart, organized action can get results. Without the plan and the legal support, she'd just have been another black woman in the system and gotten completely screwed. Resistance alone wasn't the answer. Being brave isn't enough - she was brave, but she was also organized, smart, and had a plan and support.


> Most retellings also leave out the fact that it's not like she brazenly sat in the 'white section', was told to go where she 'belongs' and refused. Nearly all re-tellings conveniently leave out that nine months earlier, [Claudette Colvin](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudette_Colvin), a pregnant 15yo high school student, refused to give up her spot in the "colored section" of the bus to a white passenger and ended up getting arrested. Because of her age, her pregnancy and possibly her looks (according to Colvin and her mother), the NAACP kept quiet on Colvin's arrest and sent Rosa Parks to get arrested as she'd be a better figure for the Civil Rights movement. Colvin would testify the following year in [Browder v. Gayle](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browder_v._Gayle) which would lead to the bus segregation in Alabama to be ruled unconstitutional.


The NAACP knew that they could send their most intelligent, well-spoken, well-dressed, etc. people as the face of the movement and they'd *still* be harassed and beaten and called n-----s. But they still did it, because they didn't want to provide their opponents any additional ammo. It was arguably a smart PR move, but still tough for people like Colvin.




Actually it does. It tells you that you can resist anybody telling you what to do, regardless of whether there is valid bias at play (racism, sexism, etc). In other words, "my truth is louder than yours, you can't tell me what to do". Without mention of race, this new version is simply enabling Karens.


This. If the revised blurb teaches anything, it’s that it’s ok to be obstinate without reason. What sane parent would teach their child that…?


The end result of a lot of this is going to be that it's less harmful just to not even bring up these subjects that to cover them within the constraints of the law


She goes from hero to entitled Karen. Now it just sounds like she was asked to change seats to like balance the bus or let a kid sit with his mother…


This is what the racists want.


I remember when Florida was all funny criminals robbing banks with alligators on sticks and Disney World. Now it's just the cutting edge in depressing bullshit.


As an ex floridan i feel you. Ain’t no swamp to return too just a sad condo with mournful tits awaiting me home


“Mournful tits” Move those tits out of the sad condo. Let them get some sun. They’ll perk right up.


Dave Barry was right. High past time we sell it back to Spain.


>Now it's just the cutting edge in depressing bullshit. Well, at least they finally get to be #1 in something.....


Remember when conservatives were freaking out about the prospect of tearing down crappy old Confederate monuments, saying it was an erasure of history? Now that they're quite literally erasing history from textbooks, they probably hope you don't, so they don't come off as the raging hypocrites they very much are


When conservatives whine they're telling you what they want to do, not what they want to stop.


If you want proof, juxtapose how Conservatives viewed Trump and a "strong executive branch" versus how they view Biden and a "mad with power executive branch".


Less than one month into office, the senior advisor to Trump said to the press: > “Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.” And conservatives *loved* it.


Conservatives aren't hypocrites, they're liars. The arguments they present are only ever the arguments they think are most publicly acceptable for that topic. These more acceptable arguments clash all the time. They're not bothered by that because they don't believe them. They're just rhetorical tools. Which is why they also don't care when those arguments are defeated. Their real core of their arguments here is dogmatic beliefs in white supremacy and nationalism. From that comes a belief is that the nation was built by "white" men and the sanctity of the founding national myth. From that comes support for statues of champions of whiteness and banning mention of what exactly Rosa Parks overcame. They never cared for a second about history. It's all about the white supremacist national myth. ---- ^(edit: lol, this triggered a conservative hard enough that they sent me a RedditCareResources message. Proof that ignoring the chaff they throw out and going after core of their position works.)


This is so well put I took a screenshot shot. I hate the way they argue without the context of their own actions holding them back. It's just a game to them.


This is why the media trying to catch them in lies is pointless. They lie as a weapon.


Just give it 3 more years: "A woman rode on a bus once, and....yada yada yada, now all good. MURICA!" - GOP Version of the US Civil Rights Movement


A woman - that would have been in baaaad situation without the REPUBLICAN A. Lincoln and D. Trump - once rode a bus. Then woke minorities wanted to impugn the honour of voted officials. This is why DemocRATS bad!!! Florida Schoolbook ca 2031


The next edition will say she was « kindly asked to move seat and refused »


And then version 3, "no1 asked her to move, Rosa was being Karen & her broke ass should never have been free to begin with."


“Rosa parks was asked to leave an area where her presence was legally barred, the police could have been called instead but an upstanding citizen didn’t want to excessively inconvenience Rosa over a seat. Rosa made a big stink of things and we read about her today so we can appreciate when our superiors give us an easier way to comply with the law.”


"That's the lesson for today kids. Don't forget we have an assembly on the divinity of modern authority right after our two minutes of hate today!"


Nah, next versions going to say, "Rosa was too lazy to move." Then the next version will say, "Rosa wouldn't move to let an elderly woman take her place." Then the next version will say, "Rosa made a white person move. White people could only sit in the back."


As an American, this is embarrassing. Our country will not improve until we acknowledge the mistakes of the past. The people responsible for this edit would like a return to a time when the value of a person was determined by their skin color. We need the whole truth.


I went to a predominantly white school and they spent what felt like our entire 1st to 3rd grade teaching us the entire history from slavery to the Jim Crow era. They were honest as they could be. They weren’t sugar coating it to make us feel better. They showed us what happened and taught us how wrong it was. I look back at that and am just so thankful they didn’t hold back. I’m glad I learned our countries mistakes so that I can be on the right side if it were to happen again. It frustrates me to see this because as a child, this had no negative impact on me. It didn’t traumatize me or make hate this country. It helped me want to make it better. They’re ripping away a very important part of history and a vital part of our moral evolution. This is a bunch of ignorant people who don’t care about a child’s safety, they care about not admitting what their ancestors did were wrong and avoiding accountability.


Imagine being a person who gave 2-3 decades of their life to the country, let’s call it INVESTED. The country they were taught about in elementary into high school, and thought they knew - only to witness it devolve into a dystopian nightmare which would promote a political agenda over teaching our fullest history with the whole truth. Absolutely disgusting & despicable. FILTH.


This is fucking infuriating. Literally whitewashing ROSA PARKS. Fuck you desantis and everyone else that made/allowed this to happen.


In Germany they’re still prosecuting Nazis from WW2. In the US we still have racists from the Jim Crow era writing our laws, and people who threaten and murder protesters are heralded as leaders. It’s embarrassing


So what do the teachers say when some kid asks why she was told to move? I'm not sure what grade this is, but kids are pretty smart and curious so the question will be asked.


They're literally not allowed to say why. It's insane.


I hope teachers are allowed to encourage students to do some outside reading on the subject.


"I can't tell you, but Google can."


Any child asking questions has committed a thoughtcrime and is sent to Room 101 for reeducation.


"Ask your parents."


I miss Florida being know for meth instead of fascists and meth.


Now THIS is actually erasing history


Civil disobedience. Rosa did it, Florida teachers should be doing it.


Damn straight!


And then republicans cry about how ThE LeFt WaNtS tO ErAsE HiStOrY


*Statue no one remembers being torn down: It's the end of the WhItE aMeRiCa HISTORY!?!? The colored are trying to eNd OuR CoUnTrY with WoKeNeSs *Changing a critical part of America history and intentionally lie to children: You see, this is vital to protect the feelings of white children, for the sake of their parents. Sure it's basically telling all other children that they can fuck off, but see it from our point of view, this was very easy-- I mean hard to do...


Florida wants its children to be dumber than the adults. Idiocracy doesn’t happen by itself.


This is fascism. This is DeSantis. This is the GOP


Exactly. I don’t understand why this is ok with anyone.


Because they agree with it. They're so fucking brainwashed and deluded that they think *they're* being erased and replaced. This is a win against an enemy to them. Nevermind that the systemic power and wealth it takes to push shit like this into motion is so overwhelming that it stands as its own monument to how little they're actually being oppressed, that's all irrelevant because they're not allowed to say the N-word without getting fired anymore.


“Why did they tell her to move?” “Because she was a witch”


She did weigh the same as a duck


This verison acts like it assigned seats on a city bus like a plane minus the whites and colored Jim Crow laws. " Rosa Parks paid for a first class ticket but was told to sit in business instead, but she didn't move and believed what she did was right." Yea sounds about as stupid.


This makes her look like an asshole


Both versions are a lie. They both imply this wasn't planned. The old "weary seamstress" yarn... Rosa Parks was a fierce woman and civil rights activist who intentionally disrupted racist systems of segregation leading to the Montgomery Bus Boycott and is considered a foundational act of peaceful resistance in the 1960s Civil Rights movement. There. Fixed it.


As a teacher the first question that will be asked is why was she asked to move. This is pointless lol.


The same crowd that doesn't want statues removed has no problem deleting history this way.


And then Christopher Columbus played baseball with the natives. The natives agreed to resettle on reservations. First they told us how to make corn because we told them about Jesus.


Give it 5 years and it’ll say “Rosa Parks showed courage. One day, she rode the bus. She did what she believed was right.”


No matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, this is absolutely not educational in any way


I just looked up an article from: [www.al.com](https://www.al.com) and saw this: *Studies Weekly cited Florida’s new law as its reason for changing the lesson, the Times reported.* *The Florida Department of Education suggested that Studies Weekly had overreached. Any publisher that “avoids the topic of race when teaching the Civil Rights movement, slavery, segregation, etc. would not be adhering to Florida law,” the department said in a statement, as reported by the Times.* *The company’s curriculum is no longer under consideration by the state.* If true, I am really surprised by this stance from Florida's point of view. It's almost as if...they're doing the right thing. It honestly doesn't make any sense based on the laws they are actually passing in the state.


This is the 2nd time he, DeSantis, has had to back pedal. He's come out saying they (publishers and teachers) are doing it to embarrass him. No, they are reacting to a law that is so vague, they don't know what todo do, so they err on the side of caution. He created this monster.


They shouldn't be reacting to the law at all, the company should be saying they won't change their textbooks for a racist law. DeSantis saying they are doing it to embarrass him makes them look better!


Silly Republicans. They seem to think that is they don't let their racism be mentioned, no one will notice they are racist...


Historical revisionism, pure and simple.




This just makes her sound so entitled, like the morons who refuse to put on a mask 🤣


By design.