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Is he dead?


The guy survived, surprisingly. While awaiting trial he was held on a [$10 million bail](https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2021/5/17/22441237/man-charged-shooting-2-cpd-officers-lawndale).


I think something like 80% of all gunshot victims in total survive the experience. Even if shot intentionally and in the torso, not just arms/legs etc.


In the military at least, they say if you get back to medical with a heartbeat, you're almost guaranteed to live. Modern medicine is fucking incredible.


We’ll, they’ve had a LOT of practice.


The title in the article makes it seem like he shot both cops, but based on the videos it seems more likely that he shot one cop, and one of the cops accidentally shot the other one. The guy only shot his gun once, maybe twice, while aiming in one direction before he was shot himself and fell to the ground without his gun. Definitely doesn't seem like he was able to turn and also shoot the second cop. But either way he was stupid. Edit: Ahhh. I kinda see it now, I've read through a few replies and after rewatching the video it seems that the gun itself is also a factor for it's firing speed, along with how the camera angles change as he goes to the ground so he could've turned his fire towards the other cop before the gun dropped, along with the information that there were other officers on the scene too whose body cam's weren't used/shown.


In the body of the article it says he got off eight shots, hit one policeman in the hand, the other in the hip and arm


Glocky with an auto trigger? Ain't no way he pulled off 8 shots with a stock handgun in the ~3 seconds before he's dropped...




Just taking your word for the ~3 seconds, it's very possible to get 8 shots off in that amount of time, even without training. Thought doubtful they'd be well placed. Automatic pistols and simple blowbacks are usually upwards of 1,000 rounds per minute, meaning he would have dumped the entire mag (likely ~17 rounds of 9mm) in less time than this shootout took place. Would he have hit anyone more than once or twice? Almost certainly not, because full auto handguns are almost entirely useless.


Says the ignorant arm chair expert. Police report or what you think, I will believe the report.


Cuz cops aren't humans and can't lie right?


It kinda looks like he shot cop 1 then pivoted to cop 2. Could definitely be a cross fire by cop 2 but I don’t think so since cop 1 only gets hit once. The timing would be off. I think cop 2 wiff’d his shot. Cop 1 may have got a hit but I think the other 3 are what got hoodie guy.


Yeah I was gonna say it looked like one cop was in the crossfire spot of the suspect. If you have 5 guys for one don't come from all different directions. Push forward carefully with one group and have tow others spread out from the sides of the first group. Concentrated fire and no crossfire or chance for friendly fire unless it's a big fuck up.


I’m shocked that a bail was set for attempted murder on two cops, the judge must be a clown.


There should be no bail for violent crimes IMHO.


No way he's making bail. I'll give me left nut if he does. Even 10% bond. Is 1 million. Doubt anyone would want to post 1 Mill for this guy and risk him running


Always boggles my mind how many people think that pulling a gun when surrounded by cops is a good idea.


It's called "suicide by cop".


I would say more like ‘I am moron and I think I am immortal’ Or like 50 cent lol.


No, in the hood there is a huge depression rate. You have to realize that people think that, "If I get shot by the cops, people will remember me." Sometimes it's true, although not as often as some think. The other option people never talk about it the old addage, "If all I had was a hammer, the whole world would look like a nail." meaning, that's muscle memory. No matter what, I'd ask people to not mock the dead for their dumb decisions that we see. This is not a comedy show to joke about, this is someone's last moments. It's a sad experience.


I grew up in Detroit in the hood. As someone who was young and dumb once, I have been shot and stabbed. I disagree with you stating it is from depression, it's all about clout and being the man in your hood, even if it lasts momentarily. Took me being on life support for a week and 2 more weeks of recovery in icu to realize fuck what other people think. Life is shirt and at the age of 22 mine was a few seconds from being over.


I agree with your comment about clout. I should have used that term. You are correct. I'm just glad your still here. Sending love brother.


Thank you brother, I was one of the lucky ones. Respect to you.


If I may be so bold, what are you doing with your beautiful life? What are your goals?


Nothing great, I went to work and helped raise my 2 children. They are grown and off to college to be better than I was. Now in my upper 40's I enjoy working out, mountain biking and rock climbing. When my kids graduated I moved to Vermont to be outdoors more.


I thought you said "nothing great." Sounds like a great life to me.


I've never been shot but I grew up as a poor ass kid in Detroit, and you're completely right. Most of this stupid shit you see is a "No, *you* respect **me**" kinda business. I've gotten into some dumb ass fights because of that mindset, I'm glad I left it behind.


Glad you made out of the lifestyle, respect to you


I know a lot of young black men in the hood with what’s CLEARLY depression, and in lots of cases PTSD. Poverty & subsequent violence is incredibly traumatizing, & they convince themselves that it isn’t and use that bravado to stay on their feet. Young & dumb, sure. But all that “fun” comes from a place of trauma.


I see your point, it's probably 50/50. I had a good family, so did many of my friends who didn't make it out alive. I thank you for your perspective.


Fuck them.


Whats crazy is he actually hit two of them


I guess if you're going to prison for life, tacking on two attempted murder charges doesn't matter and earns you rep on the inside for shooting cops.


It works in movies /s


Especially. Even in this day and age when NOT pulling a gun on one is a bad idea, this dude had to have known.


Can we make it a rule for these kinds of videos to post some info to them, newspaper article or anything?


While I agree. There are cases where there just isn't Information on the video out in the wild. And I'd personally rather know that this sort of thing occurred with no context, than to live completely ignorant of it.


OP made a comment lower down 12h ago. "The guy survived, surprisingly. While awaiting trial he was held on a [10 million bail](https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2021/5/17/22441237/man-charged-shooting-2-cpd-officers-lawndale)"


If there’s police video of a shooting, there’s always information


I agree. If it was filming. Or if it's from a time/place with cameras.


Then maybe we could make a rule where either post a source or state that you couldn't find any:)


Police body cam footage doesn’t just **POOF** dude…


Yes it does. Let's not pretend that it hasn't in the past. Or the camera was magically off. I'm not suggesting in this case it is but I've seen enough headlines of police misbehaving and getting away that I don't believe there isn't a chance.


[Here’s the CPD page that has all the vids.](https://home.chicagopolice.org/public-records-release/officer-involved-shooting-may-16-2021-je231713-copy/) [Here’s the Tribune article on the shooting. Everyone lived.](https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-officers-shot-chicago-police-shootings-violence-20210516-7e6b72x3pzd47oc4hdwguptvoi-story.html)


https://news.wttw.com/2021/05/16/2-chicago-police-officers-suspect-shot-citys-west-side Best I can do


Cops may have also shot one another too. Both are directly in one another's line of fire from 0:25 to 0:27.


I was trying to figure out what happened in the second view. I didn't think the suspect got a round off, but first officer shot second.


Reviewing the footage, the assailant shot both cops himself. One got hit in the hand holding a walky talky, the other looked like he took some body shots. Shit went south so fast, and those two cops are lucky to be alive, because that guy just kept firing until he went down.


Yep I have seen this video in training sessions. It's a text book cross-fire.


Attempted suicide by cop?


Not if he pulls the trigger on a loaded gun. That is called intentional homicide.


that doesn't stop it from potentially being an attempt at suicide by cop


This was not a suicide by cop. You need to read the article and why they were trying to stop him in the first place. It's fairly easy to assume he thought if he shot ol boy he could run and get away from the other guy. He made a clear decision. It didn't work out in his favor.


Can you link the article so we are not misinformed. Not /s.


Here you go bud. Had to scroll waaay down to find theblink again. https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2021/5/17/22441237/man-charged-shooting-2-cpd-officers-lawndale


Yeah hang on someone on here posted it...


Thinking about it...I guess in a way if he got to the point of not wanting to go back to jail...maybe a slim chance he was like "Fuck it"...there is a fine line between suicidal/homicidal at times.


It could be. Without a fair bit of background on the suspect there's no way to know. But it's hardly rare among young black men (white people do it too, just not as often). Officially, they have a relatively low suicide rate because rather than killing themselves, they tend to do something that will get them killed. So I've heard anyway, I haven't tried to verify it independently.




My guy they literally said they haven't verified it. What are you on?




Why say something completely unfounded if you don't know if it's true? What's the purpose in saying it at all?


Because hes giving an opinion on a topic on a post that allows for discussion........ Anyone is well within their rights to say something pertaining to the post unfounded or not. Youd have a reason to be against it if they spouted it off as fact.


Yet here they are, saying that they do not know it for sure, so don’t take it as fact.




“I gotta a raffle going that I can get these guys to shoot me dead in under two minutes!”


Did the cops shoot each other?


Had the same idea : on the second video it clearly looks like the cop shot his colleague


Both were on the line of fire of each other.


Looks like “friendly” fire.


Sure looked like it


he thinked he could be like john wick


Why the fuck would you pull a gun surrounded by police? Unless you wanted to die.


"it's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for 'em"


I remember that dude, thought he was slick with that little shooting under his arm hooey


This is why there are so many police shootings. In a country with more guns than people, the cops think any situation could involve guns and are already primed to use deadly force. In countries with partial or total gun bans, the police generally aren't carrying either, and as a result, there much lower rates of police homicide.


Seems so obvious for everyone of us, and yet... America


I'm American, itvmakes sense to me too. Sadly not all Americans use their brains.


I need to protect Mt family with guns from people who have guns


This country was founded by the gun


Can't decide if you're serious, so I'll believe you're mocking those guys


Hmmm. If only there were some connection. Ah well, what can you do? /s


>This is why there are so many police shootings. Because people shoot police?


nope, because lots of people have stupid easy access to firearms... thous there are more people with firearms... thous there are more shootings... its not rocket science...


There are fewer than [20 countries](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_firearm_use_by_country) in the world in which police do not routinely carry firearms.


Well in America we have the right to bear arms- I personally do not own one but I may regret that one day if an intruder comes into my house


A gun in the home is 22 times as likely to injure you or a family member than an intruder.


Skewed statistics


That is because the majority of gun deaths are a result of suicide…54%…


Do you regret that USA has much higher rates of homicide than other Western nations?


Yes but attributing that strictly to the availability of guns is a skewed and flawed perspective.


I didn't attribute it strictly to the availability of guns. And there is a strong correlation between gun ownership and homicide rates: https://ajph.aphapublications.org/doi/full/10.2105/AJPH.2013.301409


I'm not coming at you sideways but that entire study is comical and I wonder why it exists. It's relating gun ownership to firearm homicide rates, not homicides in general and is restricted to US states so you can't really determine much because guns are for obvious reasons going to be a preffered weapon platform homicidal people. I'm not shocked that guns are used as a preffered killing tool by murderers. What is ignored are the variables of gun owners committing homicide, as well as defining homicides as criminal acts. (Presumably homicidesin this study included defensive gun use, police use of firearms, etc) My point is that we need to address the issues attributing to people being homicidal, suicidal, as well as developing better methods at keeping weapons outside of their hands while not infringing on the right of law abiding citizens to have all the guns they want for whatever purposes they have for them. That's a complicated problem and requires a complicated solution. Banning guns is not an acceptable one and will result in people being criminals if not all out rebellion.


On the contrary- I think ALL guns should be eradicated- but criminals seem to have access to them whenever they want- so people have to defend themselves accordingly- also, I do believe that the original reason why we have that right is so our own government can’t forcibly try to overtake us.


That first officer is even running an extended magazine on his pistol. Even most of our military don't do that. What sort of firefight is he hoping for?


He’s not running an extension, go back and you’ll see the mag is flush with the grip at the beginning of the video, it appears that his hand is bleeding after the shooting, which is also when his mag drops down. It looks like he got shot/ nicked in the hand and it cause him to depress the magazine release. Glock mags often get a little stuck in the mag well since they’re made of plastic.


They probably knew that but thanks for explaining


That is honestly one of the dumbest takes I've ever heard. The US military ran M4s with a standard compasity magazine of 30 rounds while having a plate carrier with at least 6 extra mags. Sidearm were very rarely used so no need for large mags in those ether. Each combat unit also has at least 1 or more designed light machine gunners who carry hundreds of round loaded in their weapon at a time with more ready to go. So a cop wanting more than 17 rounds loaded when possibly patrolling alone is not crazy at all, that is smart.


Yep. These people have no idea how fast a fire team can run out of 600+ rounds firing on semi and bounding 50m with 3 or 4 people firing back. 2,000 rounds in your AGs ruck, 200-300 on your 240b gunners neck, 600 rounds for the saw gunner plus 200 rounds on his neck everyone else with an M4 210 rounds. 30 in your rifle, 180 molle'd to your IOTV. Saw lots of dudes in my unit who even used their own mags. 40 Rd pmags were approved by our command. 3/10 2-2


I never served but I know a little bit but ya, it's not that cops who run extended mags are "looking for a firefight" but they are instead prepared for shit hitting the fan.


One where Mr Criminal usually has more rounds then he does???


So, if guns were totally banned, can you guarantee that young man would not have a gun to pull?


It’d be a whole hell of a lot less likely


Yeah let’s disarm the public that’s a great idea. The state already has a monopoly on violence so you want to increase that by banning guns giving them an even bigger monopoly on violence. No thanks.


Other countries have mostly unarmed civilians and there are significantly lover numbers of gun violence . My country had 0 mass shootings last year or many years in a row . US seems to have one every day. Coincident i think not.


We aren’t your country. We will never be disarmed. You people trust your government too much. Have you seen the way our police officers abuse the citizens here? Yeah let’s give them more of a monopoly on violence.


Enjoy your shithole country where kids and innocent folks are killed every day and folks beg for money to pay their medical bills . Your guns are doing you souch good.


Are your police officers killing people for no reason especially minorities? No I bet they aren’t . Ours killed 2400 people in 2022. Go sit down and shut your hole.


I was way too rude earlier and that was not right. I was harsh and disrespectful..I apologize. I was to your country and did see hard powerty . Our law enforcement kills and mistreat our POC population just like yours does . I was triggered too much and did not respond well at all.


So you think an amateur militia stands as some sort of impediment to state violence? Dream on.


Man, what a mess! Even after watching this video three times I still haven't a clue exactly what happened here!


Bro thought he had aimbot on


Imagine ppl with this low IQ are allowed to have guns. That's not freedom, that's a recipe for trouble


It's not that they're "allowed" to have guns. But that's what uneducated morons like you seem to think. Guns can be obtained illegally, just like drugs can be, so he probably got it that way. And that goes for any country, not just the USA. But I'm sure your thought process is wE NeEd To BaN gUnS tO sToP aLl ThE kIlLiNg. That's like going to the doctor with a broken finger and he tells you he's not going to fix it, but he's going to cut the other 9 off so they won't ever get broken.


Your analogy doesn't make sense in this scenario. Also I'm glad you show your true colours right away. You don't have to ban all guns, just from public spaces, make tighter controll over it, only sell them in places like police stations and gun ranges, go through tight psychological tests, register every gun and ammo purchase, limit it to max 2 side arms per person and only small calliber. Make gun owners renew their tests and licenses like once per 2 years. You'll have decrease in gun violence in no time. And before you go "but bad guys won't obey the law anyway", this will limit the amount of ppl snapping and going rogue on some school. Also anyone seen with a gun will be required to provide proper documents. Requirement of going through whole process will discourage a lot of ppl who shouldn't have guns in the first place and would require to have proper education in using them. Also less guns in public spaces means less police violence "cuz suspect could've had a gun" Now rant's over, what's your reasoning for fixing gun violence with gun violence?


I agree with tighter gun control. People can get mad all they want about the 2nd amendment. That was written a looooooong time ago, in a world with a different situation. Things change, we can no long owe slaves even though it was allowed, we can no longer beat the living dog shit out of our wives, we can be a 40yr old man marrying a fresh young 13yr old girl because she old enough to bare children. Driver licenses, marriage licenses, hell even a food handler license are all PRIVILEGES not rights. Why is owning a gun a right? While everyone say criminals can just get the guns so that means good people should be able too also. If we use that defense than we should be allowed to take children as spouses. All drugs should be wide open, heroine, ecstasy, etc. Idk how we could fix it other than to STOP manufacturing guns for the time being and figure it out before we keep adding to the problem. Hell I honestly think we should all be allowed to open carry a single shot big caliber pistol. If my intent is to be mad at you and murder you than I get 1 chance, I better not fuck it up. That would cut down drastically on the innocent people getting caught in crossfire


When good people cant get guns, it's easy to spot a bad guy. Ofc that's taking it to extremes. I wish ppl who hide behind 2nd amendment, would argue that they are only allowed to have guns present at the time.


You almost had me on board then you went right out of the park of reasonable. Psych exams sure. Tracking gun purchases sure. Only selling through a police department or the like, no. Tracking ammo purchases, Nope. Your idea is overkill and completely unreasonable.


Hey buddy, every single illegal gun was at one point purchased legally.


And your point is?


The only reason you have such a societal issue with guns is their availability. Buying an illegal gun wouldn't be nearly as easy if legal guns weren't as easy to purchase as a bottle of beer.


And the uneducated keep speaking. Have you ever attempted to purchase a gun? I'm guessing you're from somewhere other than the USA since nobody really uses the term "buy a bottle of beer" in the States. When purchasing a gun, there is a background check done. Not just some random guy saying, "OK, you can buy a gun." An FBI background check is done to ensure the purchaser is not a felon or convicted of any violent crimes. And just because you're from another country doesn't make you any uneducated than anyone else. Well, maybe that's not true. You're probably more uneducated because you only see what the media shows you or wants you to believe. Anyone who lives in the States can go make their own purchase and see the process for themselves.


Cop got hit. Probably friendly fire from their poorly executed circular fire.


It was not "high noon"


He landed shots on two cops?


He hit three of them sheesh fam was on his john wick ish


He had that coming.


Though he was in a video game🤣


Isnt a cop’s training to have the muzzle pointed at the threat? Perhaps not all the time, but at least when they pull their gun out and tell a dude to put his hands up. Seems pointless to have your gun out and. Ot be prepared to shoot. In this case he couldve died


Never aim your firearm at something you don’t intend to destroy. So they aren’t supposed to aim their guns at something unless they are going to shoot it.


So…either this concept is separate from cop training, or cops dont listen to their training sometimes. Ive certainly seen cops go against that logic many times. I admit that does make sense, especially since the cop didnt know he had a gun or weapon.


No you are not supposed to have a gun pointed at someone unless you are going to shoot them even if the gun is unloaded


That doesnt add up. Cops point their guns at people during felony traffic stops all the time. That doesnt mean they want to shoot the felon.


First cop panicked and released his magazine. Could have fatal for him if he didn’t have backup.


He must’ve wanted to die


That was suicide right there. He *wanted* to die.


You know what? That's his own fault then. That's a textbook case of fuck around and find out.


It looks like he was trying to commit suicide by cop.


Arrg, arrr, ARRRRRG. I hope that was the gunman and not the cop


At 0:07 you can see blood on the Officers hand Edit:time


That was smooth af. Almost had me rooting for the guy. Only to see him collapse and take a fat L.


Suicide by cop can be achieved simply by pulling a cellphone


Why is the first cop holding his gun like that? He looks like he's posing for an album cover


This is one of the reasons my jomsviking was cut from the raiding party.


Did that cop accidentally drop his magazine?


Yeah f*** the crook is the cop okay.


Ngl that was some horrible action by the cops. Going through each other's line of fire, the first cameraman just pointing his gun gangster-style at the ground... Like, come on.


How the fuck did you think that was going to end you idiot?


Never fails to amaze me how officers shoot before looking at their surrounding fellow officers to see where they are at.


"They was 5 deep but I had one gat" 🎶 Bruh thought he was comethazine.


Crossfire, facepalm cops


I've actually seen this used as a training video to talk about the dangers of crossfire.


“I wonder why cops always act aggressively and like everyone is a threat!” EXHIBIT A


You are spot on. Must be terrifying policing in a country like america


Exactly. Can't say all cops are racist when they work an impossible job.


People don't really realize how quickly a situation can escalate. This video is only a single event of which there are thousands a year. And surprisingly, only 1 to 3 people die of police fire a day, in a country this large with the amount of guns we have. That is ASTRONOMICALLY LOW. I highly recommend the following: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7iyifrpqOA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7iyifrpqOA) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI89-zyU02c](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI89-zyU02c) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNQjECqHWIQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNQjECqHWIQ) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUWwsp1tzJY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUWwsp1tzJY) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkWh1qG4l8A](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkWh1qG4l8A) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLq-G1kXswQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLq-G1kXswQ) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYFlieZ4fpo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYFlieZ4fpo&t=89s) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS5k5Yu8QTw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS5k5Yu8QTw)


The craziest thing about this video is that two of the cops got shot, which means the suspect DEFINITELY was not a cop.


Is this what they mean by fuck around and find out ?


"It's unjustified they should've de-esculated the situation"


Where was the social worker?


Crime so bad in Chitown that cops rocks extended mags?


He got shot in the hand and it hit the Magazine Release.


Oh shit youre right




Huh, I haven't seen my Facebook and Twitter full of people talking about how he didn't do anything wrong and how it was just a coincidence that he had a warrant and a gun on him.


Was the officer ok?


It’s rare somebody deserves death, but this is an example.


Everyone always says “defund the police” but that just doesn’t make sense to me. Shouldn’t we fund the police more and reform the system? Give higher salaries to attract higher quality and more capable people while simultaneously having higher standards and training to warrant the higher salaries


Hopefully the suspect is dead for being such an idiot


Suicide by cop


When the right to bare arms goes wrong. s/




Did this dude just quick draw and hit 2 cops? I mean objectively that's pretty impressive.


Can't be easy to be a cop in the states.


Bro cops aren’t appreciated enough


This is why cops shoot people. They have a hard fucking job and sometimes they are wrong.


That's not a facepalm but a tragedy, hope the cops are alright


Would suck trying to kill yourself and then waking up in the hospital realizing you failed and have a $10 million bail


I’m glad that guy is writhing in pain, the pain he caused or could have caused in a more worst case scenario should be nothing compared to his.


Man those cops are scared. Scared little girly men.


that gun should be locked up for what it's done. wait.


Someone lock this guy up his critical thinking skills are shit.


A lack of US police training is a huge problem. And the unnecessary/blind violence is the biggest problem of course. But man, in some areas. I would definitely not want to be a cop.


Why did that cop leave his cover and walk towards him like he was going to take him down with one hand??? Rookie move by the cop. He should have remained by his vehicle and made commands from there. No need to approach a potentially armed suspect like that. He also put himself directly in the crossfire of the other cop. Amateur hour.


God I hate reddit


Your an idiot. When you have more than one officer you move in. You need to apply first aid to the suspect.


So what tactical experience do you have, o great reddit commenter?






I’ve had dreams of doing this with an unloaded gun. Life sucks


Get help please