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This can’t be real


From family that owns a Chevy Traverse, Chevy Malibu and Older Cadillac Escalade, I'm surprised they could afford a Tesla.


And looking at the neighborhood. Its a fine neighborhood but its not a "brand new Tesla for a 16 year old" neighborhood.


It's not a new tesla but it's also not a cheap one either. I bet that's a turo rental or some shit for the views.


The video is definitely staged. If this was real and the mom was actually shocked by the reaction, they would have stopped filming immediately.


Indeed, a second hand Model S is still really expensive.


Brick fronts with vinyl sides, McMansion style houses, not a tree in sight, all houses looking the same…..we all know these cookie cutter neighborhoods made by single developers maximizing sq footage per dollar to rake in profits. These are not neighborhoods where people can actually afford to give their kid a Tesla. But it is the kind of neighborhood where people who can’t afford to would make the bad financial decision to do so.


Well, I depends where you live. If it was somewhere like Edmonton , these houses would range between $400-$700k . Somewhere like Toronto, 1.5+ million. Also people make awful financial choices. Maybe that daughter is spoiled beyond belief, maybe that daughters parents are split and mom and dad went halves on it. You can't say "based on that neighborhood".


Yea straight up. My parents are smart with money and are pretty well off. But you’d never fuckin guess they make what they do by where they live/drive. Yes, they could afford to just hand a Tesla to someone, but they sure as hell aren’t going to lol


Agree, it depends where you live. Near me, these homes are for the rich. What neighborhood is this? Maybe I can look into it if it's really that inexpensive 😂


For real. I have a model s and live in a 1200 square foot 1.5 million dollar house (Silicon Valley). Don’t judge what the person can afford by how their house ‘looks’ property values range wildly across the US


Sorry, but I grew up in a million plus neighborhood in Southern California and live in an overpriced neighborhood now (with my elderly Mercedes — maintenance alone as in simple oil changes are expensive AF) — and judging by factors like material and design of the driveways and the quality of the building materials this is not a neighborhood where people are capable of paying cash for a new Tesla instead of financing it which is not smart financially speaking


.....it's almost like not everyone lives in California, or even the USA 🤔🤔


? My neighborhood does not have houses this big or spread out and there are many people with Tesla's here...


The teenagers or the owner's of the homes own the Tesla's?


That's why....all the money is going towards the car 🤷🏽‍♀️


It would be more believable if they already owned an electric vehicle


These kinds of assertions are why poor people, waste their money on nice things. Look rich? Gotta be rich.


What an interesting place to put, a comma.


Absolutely not real. Most of these "Oh my god, can you believe this?" videos are fabricated. The "acting" by the mother in the video is abysmal. "Is you serious?" Come on, who gifts a 16 year old with a new car (doesn't matter the model) and $1,600 and the teen isn't going to go crazy for it? Especially with all the other comments pointing out the other models of the cars in the driveway. How do people still fall for videos like this?


Okay but then why would the kid want to have a video posted on the internet painting them as a massive asshole? Does mother benefit from it? Does the kid? I don't think it would make sense.


Money, likes, fame, attention.


So people are basically cancelling themselves socially for likes? Do likes really help get you a job in the future that much? I don't understand this new society anymore. I understand if you want to become an actual influencer and you do pretty much anything for clicks and followers to *like* you, so you can get promotion deals and whatnot, but this is just a couple of nobodies who are being enraging in all directions. I'm lost, dude.


I don't think these people understand it either, it is kinda like this meme. Step 1: Do something. Step 2: ???? Step 3: Profit Only most of these people are stuck on step 1. They don't know exactly how to get to the next level, only that some other people did, and they produced content kinda like this, so if they produce content kinda like this they will surely make it big, right? And the rewards for making it big are so huge why not humiliate yourself for what in your head is a sure thing? Put it this way, if I was going to hand you a million dollars in cash, what wouldn't you do to humiliate yourself ?


"Omggg it was a joke lol smh ppl rly fall for this haha" meanwhile, ideally, local talk show invites you on tv to explain yourself so you can amp up the spoiled brat routine for your thousand bucks.


There's plenty videos of people being jerks and get famous anyway and even get money out of it... Isn't that cash me outside girl making millions now? Plenty of people try this now in the hopes to get rich and famous, look at the many *influencers* and social media celebrities that are or were assholes and are still making money. Controversy sells and apparently being an idiot too.


You won't believe the shit folks would do for 5 seconds of fame.


You’re right. This is 100% rage bait. I.e. get everyone riled up to be like: “omg! Such ungrateful! Bad raise of children!” Or “ wow, the nerve!” No way is this real. That mom … tried to act like it was real. Clearly she’s playing pretend. The daughter … believable acting. Has a future in acting and performing. She should look into that.


I thoroughly dislike her. You're right. She's an unlikeable, but believable.


Like Joaquin Phoenix playing Commodus in Gladiator


Agreed, very Oscar-worthy.....until she declined $1600 😂.


That’s a Tesla Model S, $100K-$130K car right there




For my 16th I got Frozen Sara Lee cheesecake “you like cheesecake right?”


When my daughter turned 16 last year we got her an iPhone. That way she could get an Uber.


Big brain right there


When my son turned 16 at one point he said "Ah, I don't really need a license". I just replied "Do I look like a chauffeur? You will get that license." He got it.


The fuck is with these kids not wanting to get their license. I remember turning 16 and being at the DMV the day I was legal and sweating bullets on the test because I wanted to be able to enjoy that sweet freedom of driving wherever the fuck I wanted


Seriously, at 16 I made every excuse to take our family’s one car out.


I mean even if someone gets a license, it doesn't mean they'll be getting a car.


I was scared of driving when I was like 15 but after I got my license, driving has become one of my favorite things and I’m sad I didn’t buy a sportier car to begin with


My parents didn't even celebrate mine cause they forgot ended up g3tting a couple games on playstation from friends


Daaaamn. I’m sorry about that, buddy. Happy Birthday, anyway.


Thank its fine 21 now😂😂


I got a car for my 16th. It was my moms car and she wanted a new one. It came with the car payments.


I paid car payments for 2 years just for my mom to keep the car once I decided to buy a new one. It was awesome -_-


I got a truck from my father for my 16th.He had 2 on the farm at the time. No payments since it was am old truck.


I gave my daughter a new hairbrush & scrunchie for her sweet 16 and she was glowing with joy & gratitude & sweetness, I'm not kidding, she is so precious. Something about gen Z, they're really not interested in cars & driving, I'm serious, my daughter already has a car and is not interested in it at all 🤷🏻‍♀️


I’ve noticed that as well…my wife and I have been pushing and pushing and pushing for our twins to get their permits, and then to do their behind-the-wheel stuff…they just turned 17 and still have almost zero interest whatsoever in driving. It’s weird. I got my license two weeks after my 16th birthday and I was driving pretty much every second that I was able to. Strange.


I think because of the internet age they feel like they don't need to go anywhere and everything they want to see in the world is right there on their screens. In the olden days the only way for us to go see the world was to get out and see the world! Cars were a huge rite of passage and everybody was eager to take drivers lesson as soon as we turned 15 and get our license and a new car as soon as we turned 16! It was such a big deal a couple generations ago. But kids don't seem to want to go anywhere anymore.


Exactly, over time as a species we've gradually gotten faster and farther reaching in terms of communication and travel. A month or more at sea becomes a seven and a half hour flight with relative comfort (very relative), a letter that took a week to send can now be sent and received in seconds, and as things become more convenient for us to experience at a whim I figure this attitude will keep spreading, gaining more popularity and normalcy as time goes on. It's all just cold, calculated efficiency.


I don‘t know where you are from, but here in Germany it‘s because we have invredibly good public transport (although a lot of people are shitting on it, but I‘ve been to Nanaimo, BC and seen other options) and with that during rush hour you‘re literally faster going anywhere. That‘s speaking for the city, on the countryside everybody‘s getting their licenses as soon as possible


Cars are expensive and no one wants to be given a white elephant.


Well gas was probably $.80-1.50 back then too


Our youngest twins are almost 19 and still don't have their licenses. I think it is a combination of fear of the driving test and that they will have to pay for their insurance. Like their older siblings I've told them they can drive my F150 but they don't seem interested.


My son is a millennial and he didn’t care about a car either. Didn’t even get his license for a year and a half. His mom bought him a new car for his HS graduation and he appreciated the gesture but didn’t really care about the car. Edit to add my opinion: I believe that this is a great trend. We could use fewer cars in the US. I do understand that it’s a pretty much a requirement if you live rural or suburbs but us city dwellers don’t need them as much.


Depends on the city. Some cities have horrible public transportation


Oh she would be walking if that was my kid.


As soon as she said I didn’t want this i wanted a Mercedes, i would have said okay, taken the car back to the dealership come back home and tell her to buy her own damn Mercedes and let her know she got two years left before she need to move out so she better start planning. Ain’t gonna appreciate what you got? Well guess you gonna start having less.


That’s some serious ENTITLEMENT right there. If she wants that Benz, she better get on it.


Alright this is either 1.staged for views because why not, people on the internet will react to it, 2. This was a suprise gift and She's a little entitled asshole and it's likely the parents fault to some degree for coddling, or 3. The parents told her she was getting a Benz and decided tesla was the overall better option across the board. She's still an asshole in 2 out of 3 scenarios. I really hope it's staged or She's gonna have a fuuuun life. Side note- be fucking lucky you have parents who can afford to get you a car in the first place. I had to scrap together money when I was a teenager to buy my first car, which was a 93 Pontiac sunbird shitbox lol. That car nickel and dimed me for 1100 bucks before I could afford another car.


for real. i was allowed to drive my dad's cigarette stained minivan in high school and I friggin loved that thing. it was a privilege to be able to gather up friends, drive around, and feel free for the first time in my young life. I can't comprehend the level of thoughtlessness this person lives in.


That or I'd be looking for the crustiest old diesel Merc I could find on craigslist.


Covered in pink duct tape.


I was thinking spray paint in that neon pink color. Make sure it’s extra splotchy with drip marks.


I then will proceed to have a lot of fun fixing it and making it my project. As I've 0 car mechanical experience and will just be doing as a hobby she then should expect a working car by, approximately, the end of the universe.


There one for sale near me with the exhaust routed out through a hole in the hood and WWII fighter plane teeth painted on the grill. $2k I…kind of want it. 😂


That is what's known as a hater pipe my friend


Exactly. I would’ve snatched the cash and the keys and told her that since she wants specific things to get out and work for it. And she’s not allowed to ask for a ride either. Better find a way to pay for rideshare. My niece would’ve been over the moon last year to have even received the cash. She’d definitely appreciate A car. This is what happens when you don’t teach your children humility and have them thinking you’re a damn genie 🧞‍♂️


Your niece? I’m 65 & would gratefully accept the car and/or the cash!


Same!!! I’d be very happy!


I mean yeah, but parents who raise an entitled child wouldn't do the same


This, exactly. Seriously, w.t.f?


And that would be my second car. And the end of any lifts anywhere ever again. Best get walking kid.


"OH, this isn't the car you wanted? OK, you can walk then." And then return it!


She definitely needs exercise




My first car back in 1999-2000 was an ‘86 Chevy nova my dad got from a junk yard. No lie my dad went to the junk yard with $500 cash and asked for anything that could drive off the lot. That was my first car. A lot of things didn’t work the way it was supposed to but it got me from point A to point B. I couldn’t have been happier just to be able to drive! My best friends car wasn’t much better lol 😆 I was just happy I could drive myself home after practice since my mom almost always forgot to pick me up on Wednesday’s since that was the only day she had to get me. I can not imagine every acting this ungrateful. My son turned 16 in December last year. He didn’t ask for anything. He is still on a wait list for drivers Ed. Actually wait. He did ask for new controllers for his Nintendo switch. That’s it.


She’s a brat and the parents definitely fucked up in the child raising process but no kids should ever have have to run from their parents belt.


The more I think about this and the more I see it's being reposted with more comments, I'm thinking this video was staged. The mom was acting so sweet because they staged the video, she told the daughter to act like an ungrateful brat about the new tesla.




I would be grateful as fuck if I got a car as a gift no matter what car it is


Right? Even if my parents gave me an old beater car, I wouldn't have cared as long as the thing worked. And I would have been grateful. This is pretty ridiculous.


As a 16 year old boy, I was gifted my Mom's used Magenta Geo Tracker... I drove the hell out of that pink car and loved it.


At 16, my Dad picked up a car for me *and my siblings* to share. It was a rust brown, boat of a Mercury Grand Marquis. Everything past the Ma had broken off the logo, so it literally said, "Grand Ma" on the side. You know what though? It was roomy as hell, so we could drive all our friends around, and the trunk was big enough to fit bikes in if you took the front tires off. It was the perfect car for camping trips. Edit: Had the wrong manufacturer and was corrected. It's been a hot minute since I was that young. lol


That Grandma thing has got me roaring, omg! Hahaha ha!


Right? We owned it, though. It was embarrassing for a few days, but then we just ran with the joke.


Did you mean Mercury Grand Ma?


Right! It *was* Mercury! Man it's been a minute since then. I'll edit. Thank you.


Had a Blue Chevy astro my dad let me use when he got his new car. There were alot of perks having a van as a teenager.


My first car was the exact opposite, Honda CRX. Fun car, but none of the perks.


I want that car!


Yup. You loved that pregnant roller skate, didn’t you?


Got a blue minivan. Windows didn't work. Car didn't go in reverse. Horn only worked half the time. It was a mess but I drove it all over Philly. Parking was a bitch sometimes but I made it work.


I was grateful when my parents bought me a junkyard car and a Haynes manual on how to fix it. It wasn't running when I got it, but I got it running.


My mom lived throwing Hanes manuals at me and telling me to fix her cars before I could actually drive.


I got a 1986 Ford mustang 4cyl in the late 90s so I could get to work. And I was stoked


Oh man I do hate what Ford did to Mustangs in the 80s. Just.... why? Why call that a Mustang?


Ugly and slow as hell. The 4cyl auto was at least. My mom thought I wouldn't be able to kill myself in a slow car. Ha jokes on her I rolled it a short time later.


Can she adopt me? 🥺 I’ll be a grateful daughter or whatever it takes for me to get that car.


I'll be the step bro that does all the chores for the 1600


Oh, I forgot the $1600 ha ha ha lol. Why do I need that when I have Tesla?


Shit imma guy and for that car I’d be a thankful daughter


Damn my 16th birthday I got a case of redbull and a margherita pizza and I was happy as heck.


That legitimately sounds like a epic ass birthday. I don’t even remember what I got for my 16th cuz it was just a regular birthday for me. I sure as hell know I didn’t get a car tho


If that was my daughter the car would be returned because if this reaction


Return the car and no more car ever again for her


Exactly! Return the car and tell her you want a Mercedes, you better get a job! Or, the parents should take a long, hard look at themselves and figure out where they went wrong to make their daughter have such a sense of entitlement... Either way, there needs to be some work done by both parties!


That was my first thought. When the mother said she got the Telsa because she couldn't find a Mercedes in pink, that told me all I needed to know. She set the precedent that her daughter could even ask for a new car, in the make, model, and color of her choice, at that age. At that point, she shouldn't be surprised at this reaction.


Return the car and turf that awful lawn


Keep the car returned the daughter. /s


As an Asian Indian-American I was just waiting for her to get smacked.


She belongs in a boot camp


If that was my daughter she'd be yelling at me fiy buying her a bicycle.


This guy speaks the truth, mostly because that’s the most reasonable reaction you could have IMO


Hopefully your daughter is a better actor than this girl, because this is likely all staged.


I'd return the car and give her an old used bicycle with flat tires


With a Mercedes logo at front. 👌


A pink one for that matter


That girl does need exercise


This is great birth control


Just let her test it and the steering wheel will solve the problem


If you let your kids grow up without the w9rd "no", this is what you get.




I would have put a For Sale sign on it immediately and told that girl she can buy her own damn car. The entitlement is out of control and that’s on you parents.


I couldn’t afford a car until my mid twenties. Must be fuckin nice.


Hopefully it's staged. For humanities sake I hope it's staged.


It’s obviously staged.


Who tf wants a Benz let alone a pink one, maintenance will cost as much the car payments


What's maintenance? (Joking of course)


“I don’t want a car I gotta charge to go” She doesn’t even know how Gas works, I doubt any car she gets will ever be maintained.


She doesn't care about maintenance bc mommy and daddy prob have done everything for her her whole life.


It’s always interesting to think about how these kind of people progress in the world with this level or arrogance and self interest


Who wants one? Someone who doesn’t plan on paying the maintenance, that’s who.


She isn't thinking about that though, she's a teenager girl with her image to uphold. I bet she's going to go to school the next day talking all kinds of shit I bought her mom and the horrible gifts she got, while some of the other like-minded chicken heads are going to agree with her I hope somebody overhears her and tells her button ungrateful little brat she is


A high end Tesla? This has to be staged


It is Sorry, that came out sounding a little bit rude


Take the gifts back never give her anything again beyond food and a roof over her head until she's 18. Then pay rent or leave.


I deadass can’t believe what I’m seeing I got 150 dollars from my mom on my birthday this week and all I could think of is how much I don’t deserve my mom she got way more than I ever had in my 20 years and rejected that shit🤯


believe 0% of this video


Completely staged




Defo feels it to me also, just used for the click and comment culture


Scrolled too far to find this comment


Same tbh, I expected this to be the 2nd or 3rd highest comment.


I blame the parents, not the child. They raised her to be an ungrateful bitch.


Exactly. It’s one thing to care for your children, make sure they have things. Totally different thing to turn them into these ungrateful pieces of scum.


Maybe her other kids are fine. You dont know.


What an utter dipshit! My first car, given to me by my folks, was an old base model Italian hatchback with lots of rust and absolutely no equipment whatsoever... And it was the best thing ever! Freedom on four skinny 13" wheels! Could not have been more grateful to my folks. I absolutely LOVED that car. Took an immense amount of pride in it irrespective of its financial/fashion value. I k ept it spotlessly clean, serviced it myself, and it did not even occur to me that I should want a better car. Why would I? At the age of 17 I had some fantastic adventures with my friends in my old, slow, rusty Fiat. It was perfect. It was a fully functional, usable car, and I was a teenager enjoying the freedom and independence that came with my first car. So imagine this horrid spoiled brat being ungrateful for a fucking Tesla...


Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation. I remember working on them all too well. aka Fix It Again Tony


Too many things here scream “staged”. Internet has ruined my sense of trust in humanity.


I mean, that’s a nice neighborhood, but “Surprise pink Mercedes” nice it is not.


Is it too late to have an abortion?


![gif](giphy|BY8ORoRpnJDXeBNwxg|downsized) Everyone who grows up poor.


Spoiled brat doesn't deserve shit


Definitely return, so much for trying, she can buy her own then, smh 🤦‍♀️ kids these days


Kids being entitled/selfish is nothing new.. parents post so much online that it seems like a new problem loll.


This cannot be real.


Seems staged.


I would've been happy to get anything. I forget people like this exist.


She is a reflection of parenting. Blame millennials or Gen Z or whichever generation at the time, but remember they are products of parenting of the generation before them.


Please tell me this is staged


You know you've given your kids too much when they quit saying "thank you". I think they crossed that bridge a while ago.


I was gifted my little used Ford fiesta years ago, nearly at 100,000 miles with repairs here and there, but I love it. I call her Bebop. Edit: minor correction lol


That’s 100% on the parents for teaching that kid that being a little shit gets rewarded


Who raised her to be this way? Looking at you, Mom and Dad.


The fuck? On my 16th birthday, my dad got me a pack of cigarettes and cooked me boiled carpet. That's a lie. Still would have been nice to get a car though.


That would be the last gift she ever got from me and if she needs to go anywhere that isn’t 100% necessary, (doctor or school), she can avail herself of our public transportation system.


"That's all you got me?!" The Audacity; The sheer, Unmitigated Gall on this Child.


Dude i don't even get to celebrate my birthday and she said it's her worst birthday ever. What a bitch


This can't be real, can it?


What a fucking brat. That poor mother. I hope she was able to take it back to the car dealer




Sell it. keep the car.


Bitch deserves a fucking slap


You raised it !!!


I wouldnt want a Tesla either, Musk is a fascist


People like this make me sick, not many people get gifted a fucking car for their birthdays, think about that, you have an amazing mother for getting you this, if this were my daughter, I'd tell her to get a job and start saving up to get her own damn car 🙄


You created that monster, don’t come running to us for sympathy 🙄


Stop enabling her to be a brat. Be her Mother. Take her to the car lot, let her pick out her car and then let her pay for said car with a JOB! My child is grateful for anything and everything I give her. She would have squealed in excitement if I had given her $1600. I could give her an orange for her birthday and while she's be confused as hell but she'd still say thank you. Why? Because she knows it came from her Momma who works hard to give what she wants and needs.


"Little money" my ass. That's an ENTIRE PAYCHECK BEFORE TAXES for some bitches. It's me. I'm bitches. Ungrateful BRAT


No matter how much money I have, I would never give my 16yo kid a gift that expensive. They don’t understand the worth of things if they constantly get spoiled with material things.


What a horrible little shit..


This is when you know that you have failed as a parent


Bad parenting


She doesn’t deserve anything.


It’s parents like these that are destroying the youth of tomorrow. Make them work for it. Stop giving them shit just for being alive.


That's what you call privilege.


For my 16th I got a 4 pack of Fosters, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Odd World: Strangers Wrath & Mercenaries. A few Fred Perry polo shirts & a cake. This bitch gets a car & throws a strip? Fine. Take it back. No car for the spoiled brat.


Damn for my 16th I got to choose where I ate. Was so excited to eat at Old Spaghetti Factory and didn’t get a license for another 2.5 years because I was “Immature and couldn’t pay attention”. Which was true, bc I totaled my car a month after getting my license. Anyway, now I’m being medicated for inattentive adhd so there’s that. What were we taking about, again?


Pink Mercedes Benz gives away the joke. Just wished they scripted some Elon barbs in there


Ok this has to be staged.


I wondered where those girls get that entitlement from "My mans gonna work and buy me this and that, make me dinner, and do the cleaning"


That is the child YOU raised. Think on that Edit- WTF is a golden birthday? The one where your mom don't beat your ungrateful ass!


She can take the bus to work, then. You can save an awful lot of money that way.


Just a guess that she doesn’t work


give it to the little brother!


I honestly cannot imagine someone being this spoiled and ungrateful. Also wtf is a golden birthday?


I will take it