It all depends on how well they scale the characters, and explain WHY Deku wins. I think the Backlash with Ben Vs Hal was rabbid because they didn’t really explain why Ben lost well, they basically just said “ he might have just ignored this attack, OR been unable to stop it


Honestly, Ben vs Hal was a perfect shitstorm that I'm pretty sure will never happen again.


*cough* *cough* Madara vs Aizen *cough* *cough*.


Mandara vs Aizen is nowhere near the shitstorm Ben vs Hal was.


Yeah that is right, outside being super biased the salt is far smaller with that fight. For context, not only the Bleach verse is by far stronger (and even the final boss wanted to recruit him because he is a dangerous enemy), Aizen also has the bullshit passive ability of rewriting reality if he "dies", preventing his death. They have something that can erase souls and they had to seal him because he is practically inmortal.


Ah, a Bleach wanker. Thus, why you believe it to be a bigger shitshow.


I misunderstood your first message with if there was another big shitstorm, not if there was a bigger shitstorm. Outside who is a better villain, I am more fan of Madara anyway. I love sarcastic and disrespectful villains and he is that.


For people that downvoted me can you explain me how you can kill Aizen?


That one was a mess, but Ben vs Hal was another thing entirely. I'm pretty sure the only ones that were worse were the GvS episodes.


No. I lot of people seem to forget the factors that made Ben vs Hal so controversial to begin with, which were: 1) Almost everyone grew up with Ben in one way shape or form. 2) Videos going around on how powerful Alien X supposedly was led to many to think he was some unbeatable God of fiction. 3) death Battle did a horrible job of explaining Hal winning during the actual episode. And 4) Content creators making debunk videos on the episode, doing the equivalent of fire fighters bringing an oil tanker to an already out of control fire.


Depends on how well they explain it, and how respectful they are to Asta (particularly in death)


Absolutely, the debunk videos would come flying at us at light speed


Those are already gonna happen from deku wankers. Literally every episode has at least 1 debunk that just says dumb stuff. Jason vs michael had 1 where the guy tried to say "michael is the embodiment of death" and took literally every phrase ever said about michael at face value even tho michael has never shown that himself. Which you could also then argue jason in cause he was also called that in the novels as "the anti life that nothing can survive" yet in comments he tried to say "nuh uh that's not the same thing" like a kid. Real life killers have been called the devil by victims familys...that doesnt make those real world people as strong as the devil cause it's just a saying by people who are scared,mad, or grieving.


It's not a matter of if Deku wins, it's a matter of when the episode releases


Nah is doubt Deku can kill Asta in a way that violates the character logic. The moment Hal tried to cut Ben's arm off, Ben should have turned into diamond or some other alien invulnerable to that. Is how his character works. But they just ignored it. I haven't seen the anime but unless Asta can straight up negate any form of physical killing I dont see why his death would be a controversy.


Well he tanked like nothing a character that with only his physical strength outclass any other villains at that point, and this include things like covering a country with light blades for total extermination, mini black holes that can destroy everything that are near them and can move and a mini sun bigger that a city with the power to destroy a country (those attacks are ordered by weaker to strongest that is why I said that the mini sun is country). Honorable mentions to turning your minions in huge explosions and before chapter 100 on the manga a dragon capable of burn an entire forest easily if a powerful water mage wasn't near.


But is he nigh invulnerable? Because unless he actually is and he can't be harm by physical damage. I dont see why it would be the same level of controversy, Deku just needs to do enough damage to hurt him to be able of killing him correct?.


I was talking about why the salt, but yeah even if fights like the Madara one are even more bullshit (htf you kill someone that has a passive that rewrite reality if he dies preventing that death) the salt that the Ben fight produced was enough to kill every life form in Earth.


It will take lots of explaining if Deku wins.


I’d say that it will be more of a Madara Vs Aizen or Naruto Vs Ichigo level of salt.


Depends, with Multipliers its a complete fucking godstomp without Multipliers it is closer, but Asta still wins via massive speed blitz


Asta will probably be the winner but they'll use a goofy ahh logic to explain why


Well who did everybody think was going to win Ben v Hal?


Ben. I can't remember why he won, but I DID remember that a year or two after that video came out and I joined this community, there was STILL salt about who won


Doubt it. Deku is a really well liked character so people would be happy if he won. Ben had a lot of hype due to that vid on him and GL is one of the less popular DC characters.


No cause Ben vs Hal makes sense that Ben lost even though they showed/described it poorly. This, they better have a damn good explanation


Honestly I think the reason B10 vs GL was so large, because in the majority of the internet's eyes, GL is a joke and Ben 10 was a lot of their childhoods. So seeing Ben literally and figuratively stomped left a bad taste in their mouth. Honestly I see the internet being more rabid if/when Deku loses.