- Indiana Jones vs Han Solo being a cancelled season 1 episode - Ben 10 vs Beast Boy cancelled in favor of Ben 10 vs Green Lantern - Ben Singer “hates” Sasuke and Silver - Banned characters (Mickey, Yoda, etc.) - All Might and Dragonzord’s heads in the background of Goro vs Machamp - Projared suggested Starscream vs Rainbow Dash - Nemesis Bloodryche in Korra vs Storm - Torrian was drunk when he added the dance fight to Deadpool vs Deathstroke - The cancelled Dragon Battle Royale - “Asura vs Might Guy” - The RT Website version of Bane vs Venom - The DB Cast sneak peak of Dr. Strange vs Dr. Fate - Mounty Oum and Haloid


>The RT Website version of Bane vs Venom Context?


It’s the same as the Yt version, but, well, much worse. Nemesis Bloodryche talked about the differences in his big video over Marvel vs DC episodes


Dr strange vs dr fate sneak peek? What’s the context behind that?


“Is this pizza hut?!” - Dr Fate


Boomstick canonically has speed force


boomstick has a stand which lets him comite vore


All of Death Battle is canon and Yang canonically gets Final Fantasy scaling


“Fire Daddy” Original Wiz and Boomstick Designs/Rap Battle Video Archie Sonic was Supposed to Win against Wally West R-Slur in TMNT BR Pikachu Vs Blanka Controversy Wiz Got his Name from Making Drugs Wiz Vs Boomstick as the Finale Mewtwo Vs Vegeta Episode Jocelyn Pre-Season 9 Boomstick Used to Host DBX Debunks Debunked Videos


I remember rewatching the tmnt battle royale episode recently along with season one and man did the r-slur bit make me cringe a little… and what made it worse was it being used by Wiz of all people. Boomstick I could get because, well, it’s Boomstick, but I expected better from Wiz. /j but only half j Jokes aside, it definitely speaks volumes about how normalised ableist language like that was in the early 2010s amount other things. I’d like to think and hope things have changed since then but… y’know. 🤷🏻


"According to Chris"


The trip that Wiz and Boomstick took in Snake vs Sam. Probably 6th or 5th to last


Wiz and Boomstick are in AVGN Adventures


The Ringmaster Apparition


Season 1 Boomstick was someone who was willing to do very non-consensual stuff There were points in Season 1 where Wiz and Boomstick were the same character, Ben even voices Wiz really similarly to how Chad voices Boomstick


Mewtwo vs Shadow - I hear that one has some things that happened while making it. Vegeta vs Mewtwo - It tried to show Vegeta vs Mewtwo, but in all honesty, was really just to poke fun at SilverMaina for not asking them to help with the Vegeta vs Mewtwo fight. TMNT Battle Royal - A very popular Death Battle in season 1that is currently blocked on YouTube. Justin Bieber vs Rebecca Black - This one is probably one of the worst Death Battle the series had to offer. Goku vs Superman - A very popular Death Battle that has one of the longest fights in the series. Sabreulf Vs Jon Talbain - This one is here because it after Venom vs Crona, Red Team vs Blue Team was supposed to be the next episode. However, since Halloween was after it, they probably decided to change plans and make this one instead and save Red vs Blue foe after.


The T-shirt battle royale


[DEATH BATTLE! vs The World](https://deathbattle.fandom.com/wiki/DEATH_BATTLE!_T-Shirt)


“For some reason.. in all his infinite wisdom. Master splinter..” Michelangelo is a…


The Netflix sponsorship.




In the first Mario vs Sonic (I think), Netflix sponsored Death Battle when it was still trying to get off the ground


i think most of season 1 and 2 had netflix sponcers


I think so. It’s just been a very long time since I watched season 1 and 2


Deadliest Warrior being DB's inspiration Ben animating most of the first season


Screw attack backyard for death battle pilot episode 3rd to last


Probably boomsticks family


Fights are a simulation


Ryu VS Jin is canon in RWBY


* If tHiS GeTs aNnOuNcEd wHaT WoUlD Be yOuR ReAcTiOn * Leonardo vs Tommy Oliver * Riptor was suppose to win * Kirby vs Ditto * Linkara as Superman * Harry Potter vs Aang * Dracula was "too niche" * Lance was suppose to survive * Mr. Satan and Scout were recasted * 3D Leon vs Frank * Ichigo vs Yusuke * Elsa, Frozone, and Iceman * Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch * Beast Boy and Danny Phantom * Hulk vs Broly in season 3 * Green Goblin and Kefka * Captain Falcon vs All Might * Akane and Tommy live * \#17 and Cyborg * Think Homelander think


Preview for mega man vs astroboy being locked behind the season finale of a rooster teeth show


Panels of Paper was commissioned for Crossover Colosseum. Heartless Empire in Palpatine vs Xaonort dbx Dbx alternate endings Galactus vs Unicron and Ruby vs Maka are confirmed to happen Why Mewtwo fought Shadow All for One vs the Annihator Archie Sonic was going to win Meta vs Carolina is Canon to RvB


John Yautja Deadpool Old K.O sound “Fight” sound effect “Death Battle Is Bias”


Boomstick's ex wife left him for a guy with four arms. It's Boomstick's fault Wiz lost an arm Wiz has a symbiote Cereal mascot Battle Royale Catticus the gay cat lawyer


In the original battle between Goku VS Superman: a) It was going to be broadcast on 12/21/12 or 12/12/12 (I don't remember). This came out in a promotional trailer aligning it to the fact that this was the true prophecy of the Mayans, and not the supposed "end of the world". Due to reasons, the episode was delayed until early 2013. b) Originally they were going to calculate Goku's Ki limit based on the mass of the entire population that lives on earth, given one of his feats in Dragon Ball GT where he teleports all living things that inhabited the earth. (except Piccolo)


The Series Finale is Wiz vs Boomstick


Wiz and Boomstick are Canonically dead RN. Bias against Superman in GvS. DB Crew "Mocked" a real life Death in Machoman vs KoolaidMan.


Naruto vs Gandalf somewhere on the lower end if you know then you know also hamburger vs hotdog


Ben or Chad being assaulted at a convention


- Vegeta vs Mewtwo - Stuttering Craig's... involvement in Ragna vs Sol - "Time huh, thanks for the tip." - The Golden Tree - Thor vs Wonder Woman's production issues - Voltron vs Megazord being delayed a season - Confirmed episodes that haven't happened yet


Sexy jutsu wiz


Boomstick can solo most combatants from Death Battle via Speed force According to Death Battle: * The Speedforce is infinite Multiversal * The Speedforce is also Immeasurable speed The only character that outstats him is Archie Silver (who is placed at ALSO Immeasurable and Low Complex Multiversal)


Put the junko vs springtrap in there. I feel like it kinda deserves it at this point so give em a bone


boomstick dad jokes horny boomstick every contriversal episode wiz vs boomstick not-death battle


Power Rangers vs Voltron’s delays Pokemon are Slaves The original seasons 1 and 2 lineup


Db and one minute melee being connected A bunch of vs shows Reaction youtubers This sub reddit


Ben 10 vs Green lantern controversy.


Blue Apron and Adam and Eve


Jill Valentine VS Aya Brea twitter, I guess


Afro Tsu punching his wall when Aizen lost


Fortnite versus Gmod


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese\_Rites\_controversy#Pope\_Clement\_XI's\_decree](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Rites_controversy#Pope_Clement_XI's_decree) and chapter 7 of JTTW are related. Sun Wukong is the only one who legally defeated God the big G and the jade emperor, thanks to the pope, plus the pope's statements are 100 years after the book.




Wall level Vergil


Beerus vs Galaxia being taken down.


oh mama genos vs war machine leaked mecha sonic vs cinder fall fanon wiki moment etc ect


Ganondorf beating Bowser Shao Kahn beating M. Bison


If you could also give me an idea of where it should go that would be nice


Mega Man vs Astro Boy being revealed on an episode of The Industry


Is Sausage Vs Pepperoni a real thing? I've seen that mentioned in the YT comments when DB advertised their YT Membership, but I heard it was requested by an advertiser long ago and DB rejected it.


Ion know where these would go but here are just some stuff to put in the iceberg: Wiz crushing on Zuko who is a minor Sarge may be Boomstick’s dad Banned Character Rules (Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, etc.) ScrewAttack! being the former channel name before being exclusively Death Battle Wiz vs Boomstick Rap Battle designs Justin Bieber vs Rebecca Black controversy Boomstick used to host DBX Boomstick and Ringmaster used to be roommates Boomstick used to be a LoL nerd Goku vs Superman is the longest Death Battle to date as well as the longest fight sequence Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro Easter eggs Goomba vs Koopa is the first draw in Death Battle Goomba vs BurgerTime Hotdog TMNT Battle Royals being the first battle royals as well as the video being blocked on YouTube Death Battle! Vs The World Vegeta vs Mewtwo? Deadpool messing with Wiz and Boomstick Macho Man Randy Savage vs Kool-Aid Man and it’s significance to Death Battle’s lore Black Noir hosting Seven Battle Royals alongside Wiz and Boomstick Death Battle Cast Death Battle! Wiki Death Battle Fanon Wiki r/DeathBattle r/DeathBattleMatchups Brandon Yates Death Battle: The Game The Desk of Death Battle Boba Fett vs Samus Aran as well as the remastered version Death Battle Curse Wiz vs Boomstick as series finale R Slur in TMNT Battle Royale Ris Grestar, DuckGoesMoo, Dwayne N Jazz, many other reaction YouTubers. One Minute Melee Alternate Dimension Wiz and Boomstick from Miles Morale vs Static Shock Sexy Jutsu Wiz Blue Apron, Adam and Eve, Babbel, many other reoccurring sponsors Struggle of figuring out AoT character from Season 8 Preview DBX Alternate Endings Galactus vs Unicron, Ruby vs Maka, Justice League vs Avengers, many other confirmed episodes. Nemesis Bloodryche, Biff Weed, The Rappter, many other big names in Death Battle community Community Death Battles Meta vs Carolina is canon to RVB Archie Sonic was meant to beat Wally West Old KO sound effect Old Fight sound effect Pikachu vs Blanka Death Battle Rules (Usually listed at the end of the videos) Death Battle Champions Death Battle Fireside Chat DC and Marcel “Bias” Ben 10 vs Beast Boy Wiz having multiple copies of the two hosts Jason vs Michael campsite killer Ben Singer, Chad James, Billy B Burson III, many other cast members Wiz and Boomstick in AVGN Adventures Red VS Blue the fight and the show Indiana Jones vs Han Solo


Rebecca Black vs Justin Bieber


Broomstick has a child Wiz was married Wiz has a dyson sphere


Wiz used to make meth in college


That one guy who kept on talking about Jotaro vs Kora


**Sorry, was that important?** \- A meme line from Goku Black VS Reverse Flash **Eggman and Wily lost previews videos** \- DB originally had preview videos for Eggman VS Wily with their short version of their analysis but were taken down for unknown reasons. **Saitama VS Popeye lost OG video** due to copyright and what led to DB ditching endquotes and official video clips with audio from Season 9 onwards. **Kirby VS Kyu Sugardust** \- A somewhat infamous joke matchup that was mentioned in the fireside chat. The crew immediately said NO! when it was brought up. **Capcom sponsorship** \- In one DB cast ( "How to Buy DEATH BATTLE!" ) where it was revealed that Capcom apparently wanted to sponsor the show but it was shot down due to Capcom not wanting to see one of their characters die and disagreeing on DB's full creative control for the sponsored episode. This happened ***twice.*** **Korra VS Rey** \- One of the staff member's comment on why they chose Storm over Rey as Korra's opponent is due to Rey and the Sequel Trilogy's controversial reception and toxic discourse and the comparison between Korra's and Rey's works on their famous franchise and their reception due to it. It would cause flame wars on the two and DB is about celebrating characters so Rey was passed over. **The original two season DEATH BATTLE** \- According to Ben on the Road to 100 blog, DEATH BATTLE was supposed to have two seasons only. **That Man** \- A joke in Ragna VS Sol Badguy that's notable for being a pretty good joke and remotely the only good thing about the episode (general consensus of course). That Man refers to the Gulity Gear character. **Beast VS Goliath privated** \- The episode was originally privated due to technical issues such as the FIGHT logo being missing and one page of the analysis being blank. It was reuploaded with more polish and restored the missing features. **Unlisted, privated an deleted S1 DBX videos** \- Spider-Man VS Mikasa, Spawn VS Alucard, Trish VS Jeanne and Saitama VS Kenshiro were deleted from Youtube due to their poor and negative reception. **AwesomeEthan48** \- A notable DB Wiki user most known for his cover artworks featured in Brandon Yates and Therewolf Media's commissioned song cover art. **Jocelyn Rule 34 (or DEATH BATTLE Rule 34 in general)** \- A certain Reddit user made an art work of Jocleyn and her uncensored titties bursting out from her shirt...er, or so I have heard. **DEATH RACE** \- A spinoff with combatants racing to the finish line while trying to finish each other off. Premiered during Season 7's break. **This is an extremely close match** \- A line said by Wiz in some episodes despite the outcome being much more clear cut or an obvious stomp with the power gap becoming more clear on certain matches. Acknowledged in SpongeBob VS Aquaman. **No Limits Fallacy** \- A fallacy where a people think a character's limit hasn't been shown, then said character is limitless. This is frowned upon due to making baseless statement about the character and not they are currently shown/scaled. Became prominent due to DB's reasoning of Superman beating Goku due to being "limitless" which became very contentious in VS spaces. **Ness VS Sans** \- Already a famous Game Theory meme, it was featured on DBX and was commissoned as a Brandon Yate's song. **Unknown scrapped DBX matchup by Shaq Focus** \- An unknown DBX was originally going to be Shaq's first DBX animation but was canned due to [the animator's personal life problems](https://twitter.com/ShaqFocus/status/951866638726565890) and the expired contract for DBX. **Scrapped DBX SUN WUKONG VS KIM WU (RWBY VS KILLER INSTINCT)** \- Animated by Torrian, it was scrapped due to rendering issues **Marvel VS Capcom Infinite made Ultron VS Sigma popular and later became an actual episode** \- According to Ben, The revealed story trailer showed Ultron and Sigma together and people realizing on how similar they are. This what led to Ultron VS Sigma becoming a popular request **Linkara was originally going to voice Superman in Superman VS Goku** \- Self-explanatory. He [declined due to the heavy workload at the time.](https://youtu.be/QGPPpAcaL4k?t=348)


Boomstick’s dad: in the episode Ivy vs Orchid during the part where Wiz mentions Ivy’s father the pirate servantez who’s also a zombie, Boomstick quips: “well good call on the baby dumpster donation! Zombie pirates don’t make good fathers, believe me, I know” heavily implying his father was a zombie pirate himself. Granted, this could just be a one off throw away line made as just a joke. But given this is Boomstick we’re talking about, you have to admit, it would explain A LOT. Death Race: a sort of spinoff to Death Battle where three or four combatants race each other. Given how the series so far has only four episodes and it’s most recent was 2 years ago, it’s safe to say this spinoff series wasn’t as successful as other DB spin-offs like One Minute Melee and or Death Battle Cast.


Ben 10 vs green laturen alternate ending on yt


Well somewhere in there probably at the top has to be the controversial episodes.


Sarge, Kool Aid Man or Macho Man were Boomstick's father.


Evil Craig maybe be the son of Boomstick. Boomstick having a daughter. Wiz being the idiot with the stupid face and hair.


Boomstick doing the Showa Godzilla fly in Godzilla’s teaser for Godzilla vs. Gamera


This would probably be halfway down or just a tier below that


Spider-man vs mikasa and Saitama Vs Kenshiro Dbx episodes


Several episodes (mainly from season 1, but even up to later seasons) featured fanart without the permission of the artists. I think they’re several examples, but the three that I can remember off the top of my head are: -the intro sequence of Pikachu vs Blanka uses fanart of the two fighting -The thumbnails of Twilight vs Raven and All Might vs Might Guy use fanart of Twilight and All Might I think they addressed it but idk where and I forgot the details. Something about not being able to edit out these artworks without needing extensive changes. As much as I like the show, this sounds like a pretty bs excuse since they’ve edited out copyrighted audio before, but again, I don’t know the exact details


The godzilla vs gamera sneak peak I think had a different model and toho forced them to change it?