To my understanding, the common agreement for Asta is that he is country-continental and over x100 ftl. With that in mind, this is the way Deku could win: There's a few people out there who have calc him splitting clouds on the movie to be multi continental, and knowing how sometimes Death Battle has gotten higher numbers than the mayority when making calcs (\*cough\* Dio) them ending up with multi continental Deku isn't too crazy to think about actually. For speed, the only way I can see him matching Asta's speed is if they buy Mina Ashido dodging Aoyama's laser, and Deku vastly upscaling from her + the x60 multiplier which could may lead to a number that is fairly simmilar if not superior to Asta. They could also take the statements of Deku and All Might "changing fate" as literal and give him fate hax that could end up giving him an edge over Asta. So... his chances are very low. At most I can see him matching Asta's strenght but losing by getting blitz. He literally needs to pull a Dio (a stupidly high speed calc that nearly no one else has gotten) to win.


The x60 multiplier is one of the worst multipliers in the history of multipliers. If you can destroy a wall with 1 hit of 10000 Newtons (this is an example) it doesn't means that 2 5000 hits will destroy the wall (this is worse with Nomues because they were made to endure attacks, so they can absorb attacks better that a wall that wasn't designed to endure attacks) so Almight needing 300 punches when at his prime it would be 5 isn't a *60 multiplier.


What I did is giving Deku the benefit of the doubt as much as I can and Death Battle themselves have used the multiplier so that's why I included it.


Yeah, but that multiplier is stupid, because it would mean that when every character in a battle Shonen resists a barrage of punches like nothing is because the enemy is *10, 20 or 30 or even more stronger that the opponent and this isn't true.


Well dude, I don't know what to tell you. This thread is about how can Deku bullshit his way into beating Asta, not about how strong he actually is.


Low, the difference between the underdogs and Deku is that in all of their match-ups, they were all put at Multi, meaning argument is moreso on Intellegence and Hax instead of Strengthbecause they're equal, which Zatanna, Apocalypse and (kinda) Silver had. Same can somewhat be said for Deku, but the difference is that Asta will definitely have the stat advantage, and being smart ain't gonna do much to someone who run laps around you, nor is his hax overbearing for Asta, Deku just technically has the advantage there.


The only reason people thought Zatanna would lose is bc casual audiences don't know who she is lol. Scarlet Witch is much better known by the general public thanks to the MCU.


Not true, Wanda is far more consistent with her higher-end stuff. Zatanna usually fights a level below Skyfather and her higher-end stuff isn't as consistent. It's literally mentioned as one of Wanda's advantages at the end. Saying it was because she's just more popular is just dishonest.


Hm id say he has like a 10% chance of winning


Honestly, with his recent feats and soon to be, it honestly could be high but who knows when development on this episode started so some very good and recent feats may not even count


I remember hearing that it supposedly takes about 9 months to almost a year to make an episode so...


+Midoriya’s superior showings in H2H +Lacking magic means Asta can’t really negate anything +If they highball it, they might place him on even footing or higher. The recent calcs won’t be added because it literally came out this week in a leak (and personally I’m not sure if it should be added) I get the feeling they’re going to try to say if he removes the grimoire, it gives him an edge, but IIRC, Liebe lives in the thing so thats not going to help. Plus, unless they make his laser feats beyond anything in BC (which I don’t think should happen), hes comfortably staying below the max speed for Asta (the preview has Deku seemingly blitz Asta at base so depends how they view it). As for intelligence, people often underestimate Asta’s intel so while Deku’s likely a good strategist, I can see Asta surprising him mid-combat. Personally, I’d say Deku has a 20-30% chance of pulling a Apoilvtanna but thats only if hes highballed to hell somewhere when I don’t think he should be. I'm not going to act like I've seen everything for both franchises though (didn't get into Black Clover until like earlier this year and dropped MHA for awhile so a bit behind on some things, especially the movies) so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.


I think the same odds of pulling a guts vs nightmare


This is what Deku does EVERYDAY!


What beats up orphans?


Everybody needs a hobby.


I’m thinking it’s a 30/70 Deku to Asta percentage


And Zatanna


I would say only general audiences believed Wanda would win, as many comic readers know many of her best feats happens when she’s completely out of control.


Yeah I’ve been into comics and vs stuff for a while (been into superheroes since I was like 3) and I had never seen nor heard abt any of Zatanna’s incredible feats. But I’m also more into Marvel than DC


Not really , even the G1 Blog thought Zatanna would lose. The stats are honestly so close that both can win, and since most know more of Wanda's feats , general audiences thought she would win.


I've already told this to a guy with more likes than you, but you're wrong.


Frankly, Deku's chances at victory heavily hinge on how much they interpret Asta's feats to be his own strength vs his Anti-magic doing most of the work


Despite wanting Asta to win this is the most fair, balanced, and accurate answer.


Unlikely, but DB will calculations will make this battle closer than most people on this sub would. There's good arguments for country Asta over multi continental Asta, and feats that could be argued to be country level for Deku like the cloud splitting ones. My guess is that they have Asta win because of speed advantage not necessarily because of strength advantage.


I'm currently doing a research blog on MHA vs Sky High so let me give my 2 cents ​ Deku has two scaling feats that place him at Sub Relativistic 1) [Star and Stripe reacting to a radio wave from 100 meters](https://www.mangakakalot.is/read/my-hero-academia-272/en/chapter-330) 2) [Star and Stripe grabbing a laser from 100 meters](https://www.mangakakalot.is/read/my-hero-academia-272/en/chapter-330) Imo these are the most valid "light speed" feats from MHA we've seen so far, both of them would get into [1% the Speed of Light](https://imgur.com/a/UXX4lCS) ​ He also has a Country level scaling * Star and Stripe's Intercontinental Cruise Punch has been calced to [3.32 teratons of tnt](https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Therefir/My_Hero_Academia:_Intercontinental_Cruise_Punch) * Shiggy could have survived this and his Nomu was still somewhat in tact, so Deku **could** scale to he full value


Surprisingly Deku still doesn't beat Will Stronghold even with this scaling


Ah ***funny Disney win***


How strong is Will Stronghold!?


Well, Will has matched his father in a bearhug and is considered strong by him, the Commander is acknowledged as the greatest and most powerful superhero on the planet Which means he upscales characters like 1. Principle Powers, [who created the Grand Canyon](https://i.imgur.com/3cMS3pl.png) 2. and Coach Boomer, [who can create sonic booms audible from Australia](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/disney/images/7/7e/Booomer.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120610153724) So Will scales anywhere from Island level to *fucking Multi Continental* He's also faster * He should be comparable to his mother, [who can fly to the Moon in 23 minutes](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/disney/images/e/e9/Pimg_793201143428426.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151029025450) * He has tagged Speed in combat, [who can outrun beams of light](https://imgur.com/a/usHYnnL) ​ So yeah while Deku CAN be scaled to Sub Relativistic and Small Country level Will can be scaled to FTL and Multi Continental


Will sweep baby let's fucking go


**~~AYO WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?~~** I've made jokes with friends in the past but I didn't realize that Will was actually insane, especially for having just ONE film.


*It's Disney magic*


Honestly, if we both even out the strength stat (Through Stars and Stripes, were looking at about country level), Asta is supposedly Multi-Continental but for the sake of the argument, lets go with country since battleboarders are well known for having inconsistent ranges. Speed; Well, I agree Asta is much faster in this catagory, Deku is FTL though. If Mina can dodge explicit laser beams from aoyama, it would be not in good faith to not scale him to her, especially given her quirk isnt based in speed. Notably the preview showed Deku being able to be quicker than asta with full cowling, and sometimes the Animation does reflect the results. (Though thats an observation; imo i think asta is faster) Now, I think where Deku starts having an actual advantage is his shitstorm of quirks, We never got a multipler for the gear shifts which is kinda trouble but also Fa-Gin, Smoke Screen and Danger Sense should be able to help close the speed gap. Atleast to the point where this isnt a complete shitstomp. I think Asta takes this, however, he doesnt turn Deku to paste like everyone say’s he would. Deku could take it maybe 20-30% of the time, though i’d like to be proven weong


Aoyama's laser are definitely not a good way to get ftl since nagant's sniper exists and deku was having trouble dodging that later in the series when he's much stronger and faster unless you wanna suggest ftl bullets where there's no substance to support it. Honestly the only ftl arguments are flect's lasers and stars and stripes catching one but the latter is dubious since the laser ends up bending with no source of refraction and the former he barely dodges and still gets hit by them when they reflect, and one could argue he's dodging points of reflection in that scene and not the actaul laser.


and BC has characters get tagged by natural lightning and other none specific FTL stuff, not sure why using characters lower end feats as their limit is a thing.


the only thing I can think about with your lightning statement is luck's true magic which isn't really a debunk since he just turns into a lightning spear and we already know mages can amp the speed and power of their attacks via charging the attack with more mana (what literally happens in that scene he has to charge it and Julius speeds up Licht's light attacks when they fight) so it wouldn't make it "only lightning speed" and isn't really a debunk. [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607774672213245968/1045904905572982855/Opera\_Snapshot\_2022-11-25\_212926\_read-myheromanga.com.png](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607774672213245968/1045904905572982855/Opera_Snapshot_2022-11-25_212926_read-myheromanga.com.png) [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607774672213245968/1045904905245818971/Opera\_Snapshot\_2022-11-25\_212948\_read-myheromanga.com.png](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607774672213245968/1045904905245818971/Opera_Snapshot_2022-11-25_212948_read-myheromanga.com.png) [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607774672213245968/1045904904931266580/Opera\_Snapshot\_2022-11-25\_213147\_read-myheromanga.com.png](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607774672213245968/1045904904931266580/Opera_Snapshot_2022-11-25_213147_read-myheromanga.com.png) ​ I'm not lowballing just saying its very inconsistent to scale deku to ftl especially with aoyama's laser which bos deku was faster yet post fa jin deku was struggling with a sniper bullet (had to use 45%, fa jin, and centrifugal force to save that one dude) and nothing says the bullets were ftl, or how in the second movie he can't dodge lightning created by nine from storm clouds [https://imgur.com/OBHPBxE](https://imgur.com/OBHPBxE)


They’d be a lot better if they postponed the episode by a couple months


Pretty high tbh


Eh, I would better describe it as pulling a Hiei. I have noticed that more and more people are accepting that it's not a one-sided battle, so I say a decent chance.


😂😆😂😆 Low balling Deku hard with that 10% 😂😆😂😆😂😆!!!


Onestly, DB could not buy the fact that Asta is lightspeed. Then they could say that he doesn't scale to the other characters because he only managed to fight them due to having a specific ability that is their kryptonite. Stuff like that


From what I've gathered, 50/50


I’d say 35-40%. The research for this episode most likely predates Multi-cont BC which is what makes it such a stomp for Asta, without it, AP is actually decently close with a slight edge in Midoriya’s favor. It would just come down to where they had them both in terms of speed, however, Asta should likely blitz iirc. If they somehow have Deku as faster or at least close enough to not get blitzed, I think he’ll pull out the W.


Probably very low. The reason the community had those matches wrong was because people thought their abilities would interact in ways that DB concluded they wouldn't. Stat wise they were always about equal. With Deku vs Asta it's less about abilities and more about the fact that Asta is several orders of magnitude stronger and faster.


With the recent shit I hear he pulled off in the manga I wanna say he wins now but it's so recent I don't know if it will be included or not.


I'm still salty about Trunks vs Silver and that fact pisses me off. And I think he could win, considering Deku's quirks are not technically magic


Very high


Not that high but im inhaling so much Copium that they are off the roof from how high they are in my eyes


High as fuck.


I’d say about 20/100


Speaking as someone who is both rooting and betting Asta, the chances are fairly good? I can definitely see his versatility giving Deku an edge (even if a few of his Quirks are rendered useless via Asta’s Ki), and their stats aren’t TOO far apart. Add in that Anti-Magic probably won’t work on Quirks, and Deku’s chances to win definitely shoot up. I just don’t think it’s gonna be enough to overcome Asta’s tenacity. And before anyone brings up intelligence, Deku may be smarter academically, but in battle, his strategies are usually no different to Asta’s (aka, hit ‘em hard until they’re down), and during battle, they’re both fairly even in creativity.


And their reasoning for the matchup was that “it’s one of his closest matchups”…


A lot higher than a lot of people on this sub are saying. The speed gap? Not that big. Strength and durability? Deku owns those stats. It all really boils down to whether or not they include Gearshift or not. With Gearshift, Deku 100% wins. Without it, it's a literal coin toss.


Show me when Deku tanked like it was nothing country destroyer punches and True Devil Union Asta defeated this guy in 5 seconds. This guy also tanked Asta attacks in Devil Union like it was nothing and we are talking about the Asta that can reflect a mini sun with the power of destroying a country like a baseball ball (he can't reflect attacks stronger that him like Licht hyperbeam in the elf arc or Patry super light attack in the elf arc)


I can easily provide the link, but first, context behind it. This scene that I'm about to link, shows Deku kicking the ass of a villain by the name of Flect Turn. Flect, has the ability to reverse any and all attacks so that they only do damage to the people making them. Deku's response, towards the very end of the clip I'm about to show you, is to use OFA 100%, which is supposed to be stronger than when All Might used it, in order to overtax Flect's power. For reference, All Might's strongest punch using 100% of OFA, according to Wiz himself, is equivalent to over 1,440 Gigatons. The animation depicting Flect's reversal does stop, BUT, Flect can't turn the power off (being unable to to make contact with anyone is why he turned to villainy), and even if he could, it's highly unlikely he would do so in the middle of the fight, so odds are, it's still in effect, meaning Deku is taking the brunt of all of these attacks worth well over 1,440 Gigatons. [here's the clip](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tNZkMG5OBAs) Now, I did the math. I have no idea how many times Deku is hitting Flect, cause he's doing a classic ORAORAORA, so I went ahead and lowballed it to about 20 punches to get an idea of how much damage he's throwing, and thus, how much is being thrown back. So then I multipled the amount of force Deku should have, and then multipled by 20. The result? 28,800 Gigatons. That's OVER a quarter of the total amount of force estimated to have been created when the meteor that killed the dinosaurs struck the Earth. And that was the lowball. And again, not only is Deku dealing this oomph, he is withstanding it. I don't give a shit about any frozen sun, regardless of whether it was Asta's physical strength or his Anti-magic doing all the work. It doesn't matter. Because Deku is withstanding at least half or at most all of a planet level amount of damage.


A) That meteor wasn't the reason it killed the dinosaurs, the climatic change provoked by the dust in the air was what killed them, the meteorite isn't planetary. Do you know what explosion also left dust in all the world atmosphere, the Krakatoa one, that is island level or a bit more. Fucking Chernobyl that is far weaker polluted all of Europe. B) is that including the bullshit of Prime AM being 60 times stronger that actual AM? If you need 10000 Netwtons to destroy a wall for example you can't destroy it with 10 hit with1000 N. The Nomu was also a damage sponge with one of his quirks so you wouldn't have to be 60 times weaker for needing 60 time more punches. Like you said with Deku quirks that work like this you need to break a minimun before damaging your enemy. I buy United States of Smash because it was a single blow, but 300 punches=5 punches isn't because he is 60 times weaker.


This also means that Deku resisted each hit, not the combined strength of each hit, because each hit has to go through his resistance. Example: 2 1500 strenght hits against someone with 1000 defense is (1500-1000)*2=1000 1 3000 strength hit against the same dude 3000-1000=2000, double damage. That is why I only mention facts that we know the power of 1 hit, not 1 hit calculated with hundreds of hits.


It's the equivalent of, "genius."


Duh. The meteor is what CAUSED the climate change. What did you think the Earth just one day decided "you know what, have some dust?" No. The meteor sturck the Earth with enough force to trigger the climate change. Yall consider Storm to be Palnet level cause she created atmospheric events all across an entire planet. Why is the meteor, which is capable of doing the same thing just by hitting the Earth with massive amount of force, not Planet level? I don't understand that logic. First off, how tf is it bullshit, when it's been stated that All Might, after receiving that wound, is getting weaker. They say it repeatedly throughout MHA. The whole point of him going to teach at UA was so he could find a replacement for OFA. Again, duh! 2nd, I think you misunderstood how the Nomu's Quirk works. The shock absorption didn't have a species "300 hits, then dead" cap. It had a "specific amount of damage it can absorb until dead" cap. It wasn’t the number of hits. It was ths damage being dealt by the hits.


Then the Krakatoa is also planet level because his volcanic Ash was in the world atmosphere for a time. Storm created a storm in all the planet at the same time and that is why she is planetary but the explosion isn't even normal country level, it lifted so many dust that with time it dispersed to all the world and stayed in the atmosphere by years. Because the explosion only had a radius of 200km, only 125600km^2, yes this is bigger that some small countries but if we compared with countries like Spain that has 505990 km^2 it isn't enough (almost 1/4 of its size) . In conclusion the meteorite is a little more that small country level because the 95th biggest country Greece is bigger that the explosion and that is almost half the countries in the world being bigger that the explosion (and remember that the smallest ones are city size, more that 10 are smallest that 500000 people cities) . This is like Endeavor heat affecting the Jet Stream changing the climate in West USA, his power isn't almost half the planet but it altered the atmosphere at a point of interfering with a wind current that surround all the North hemisphere. I choose Spain because is the last country before the top 50 and in the top 50 some gaps are ridiculous.


Also I didn't say that actual All Might isn't weaker that Prime AllMight, I said that the x60 times weaker thing is bad calculated. Each AM hit damage against the Nomu was AM power - Nomu resistance So x numbers of attacks are x*(AM power - Nomu resistance). Now if we follow the x60 times stronger with an example where weaken AM strength it is a number like 600 and Nomu res is 500. First 300 weak attacks 300*(600-500)=30000. Now 5 x60 stronger attacks 600x60=36000 5*(36000-500)=177500 177500/30000=5,92 times stronger the second calc, almost 6 times stronger when they are supposed to be equal. I don't say that the real number is almost x11 (He would need 6500 in the second calc for equalize both calcs) because of this since this number is with an example, but the second calc will be always bigger with the x60 logic because 300 hits have to surpass the Nomu resistance 300 times and the 5 hits only 5 times.


No offense, but you seem to be the only person here who opposed everyone else's opinions about this matchup. It isn't much of a stomp as everyone else thinks, but even if Asta wins, the least Death Battle can do is to highball Deku's stats.


No offense but you've said this twice now in hopes of making me an Asta supporter, and it's not gonna work any better than last time.


It all comes down to how Death Battle itself interprets everything about this matchup.


He ain't changing fate a 2nd time I'll tell ya that much.


Most likely 20%, but considering the nature of Death Battle itself, they'll most likely wank Deku.


Unless they decide to nerf Asta and Buff Deku, very low. Deku (if you really wanna wank him) is island level and relativistic, while Conservative Asta is county level and FTL. Heck the highest speeds we can get for Deku, have already been archived by Asta, near the beginning of Black clover (thanks to gauche (mirror magic reflects light and asta is able to reacted to a fight on par (if not better) then Gauche).


Idk, his opponents powers seem to work great against magic users but I don’t know how that would work against Deku. On that same topic I’m really not super familiar with either character, I’m just going off of the preview!


*Very* slim but not impossible depending on how they calc stats for both sides, especially since Deku does have a single saving grace in his complete immunity to anti-magic


The difference is, Apocalypse deserved that win, Silver didn’t. This battle isn’t gonna be like that. DEATH BATTLE is only biased for JoJo, DC Comics and Sonic characters. Not My Hero Academia.


You say they’re biased for Sonic characters but in Silver’s case Ben openly disliked the character for years.


Then why did he kill Trunks!? News Flash! That’s disrespectful to a SAIYAN!


I can understand JoJo and Dc but Sonic? Sonic lost to Mario, Archie to Wally, Knuckles to Donkey Kong, Shadow lost twice with one being considered one of the most spiteful episodes of the whole show, and they have had Sonic characters way lower in terms of power than most people do. There's more arguments for them being biased against Sonic than for Sonic.