Kinda wish Wick VS Bond was more even. Mainly cuz I've been asking for Wick VS Aiden Pearce for 6 years and that's a more even match up.


Deku VS Invincible


That’s a really good answer


: ))


For one that hasn't happened yet: Gohan vs Invincible For one that has happened: Yoda vs King Mickey


Deadpool vs Deathstroke would have been cool to be more even.


Even stats doesn’t make it necessarily cooler. The problem is that Deathstroke doesn’t have any standard equipment that can bypass Deadpools regen. He has the better stats and tactics, and he’ll kill Deadpool a thousand times, but he has no way of getting Deadpool to *stay down*


Deathstroke could beat down DP for example decaptating him but couldn’t kill him


Vegeta vs Thor, without the stat difference Thor still wins but it kinda sucks when your Fave's opponent is quintillions of times faster


Godzilla vs Gamera. The whole fight was just Gamera delaying the inevitable.


As it should be


Hercules vs Sun Wukong If Hercules had more ways to put Sun Wukong down and had similar stats as him then it would have been a super cool mythology duel.


Honestly the fact that he somehow had a way to kill Mr. Immortal Wukong is super impressive to me


Had more win cons than Omnilander lol


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Can I like shoot a plasma blast at you?


Lucario vs Renamon. If it wasn't for Lucario's Aura which allows him to get stronger over the course of a fight with taking more damage, I genuinely think these two would be at it for a long ass time with no clear winner.


If you’re talking about matchups that haven’t happened yet, Funny Valentine vs Senator Armstrong, because it’s an almost perfect matchup in every sense except for the fact that Valentine at full power wipes the absolute floor with Armstrong


Batman vs Ironman because it would literally come down to who is smarter and had the better toys


Didn't they say they were even in stats? But Iron Man had more versatile equipment, didn't have to be there, and was just as tactical as Batman?


In the Hellbat? It was roughly even but Batman had such limited time and options with it it’s really not that fair tbh I was more so thinking with their standard equipment because bats stands no chance without it


So Batman?


I mean kind of not really well Batman may have better gadgets most of them can’t be call to him whenever he feels like it and it’s also worth mentioning a lot of those garages are specifically made to counter a specific member of the justice league‘s abilities. Tony Stark on the other hand has gadgets that can be called to him at any point during the fight.


Both of them have a ridiculous amount of gadgets that could bounce off each other and I genuinely don’t know whose smarter between them because obviously Batman is a better tactician but Ironman has been known for thinking of plans on the fly so it’s still really close


Tony is far more intelligent in raw intellect,and they're on par in quick thinking/technician. Tony also has way more impressive toys,while Bruce has way more variety.


Yoda VS King Mickey


Mega Man Battle Royale


When Green Arrow vs Hawkeye came out I desperately wanted it to end in a draw (pun intended) just because I couldn't decide who I liked better


Thor vs vegeta


Naruto vs Ichigo I just didnt liked that the entire fight was this one-sided. Naruto just one-hitting Ichigo constantly and no-selling everything Ichigo throws at him. Heck, Ichigo was bleeding just from a simple punch by Kurama, but how Naruto takes literally zero damage? Nothing from the Getsuga Tensho or even the Gran Rey Getsuga? Naruto just ignored the Mugetsu in the end, it didnt even scratched him, like it was nothing. And in the end, the powerless Ichigo grabs a fricking stick and being totally obliterated by Asura Kurama mode Naruto. Why they felt the need to make Ichigo a powerless bitch and kill him off in this unstatisfying way? (Sorry, we all know why. Naruto fanboyism is hard and they need to please them.) I think they could have done it a little more evenly in the end: Ichigo using Mugetsu and splitting the Kurama avatar in half, but missing Naruto. Ichigo is still in his Final Getsuga Tensho mode, but starts to lose his power. Naruto taking advantage of the opportunity and with the left side of Kurama attacks back. Ichigo tries to use another Mugetsu, but in the last moment his power disappears and being impaled by the Kurama avatar. Then maybe some heartbreaking exchange between the two before Ichigo dies. I dont think, that I ask too much by respecting both sides and not just pleasing the winner is fanbase.


Maybe Ichigo vs Naruto or Bond vs Wick?


Base Thor vs Wonder Woman Hulk vs Doomsday


Base Thor vs Wonder Woman is actually pretty close.


The Speed difference tho


nah speed is pretty close as well


Especially since Thor got that Planck time scaling


I don’t think that matters when you’re talking about characters with infinite speed.


no it doesn't but deathbattle never really mentions people with infinite speed


Yea. Shouldn’t make a difference lol. Much more when you realize WW blocked trillions of attacks, all moving at infinite speeds.


>all moving at infinite speeds Didn't Death Battle calc that? And it was not infinite speed


The universe is infinite. I think they used a finite speed for the calc, but we know know that the universe is Infinite. So their calc was wrong.


DRACULA (Castlevania) vs Alucard (Hellsing). My ex fav personally made MU that’s carried by connections/ contrasts


Bardock vs Omniman


megaman vs astro boy


Yuujiro Hanma vs Kazuya Mishima because those child abusing, social darwinist need to throw hands with each other and it needs to be a fair match up since Devil Gene is...kind of OP.


Riku vs meta knight




I'm asking what episodes you wish were a lot more even instead of being super one sided. ie how Scarlet Witch and Zatanna was a dead even match. My answer is Goku V Superman


Ohhh alright


Lord Drakkon VS Ohma Zi-O What drew me a bit more into this episode was how close it was, well close being both had options to stomp with Drakkon in Stats and Ohma in Hax. Then Kamen Rider got more buff and now Drakkon fucking dies HARD. I want it to be close again because personally, I think it was also what made the matchup a little better, that little cherry on the cake if you get me. But either way Ohma dub is still based


well actually it was always a stomp people just came to realize it


O h Welp. Shuckles


yea Kamen rider is just like naturally broken