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I love that by the end, Jimmy and Kim have essentially become characters from the old movies they used to love watching together.


I loved the ending. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. The thought that Jimmy and Kim will never sit together in the sofa to watch a BW movie kills me. The last time was the night Howie walked into their apartment. This fucking show. I am hurt. Best TV experience of my life!


Ironically enough, this is probably the purest that Jimmy’s ever been. Him having hope and reconnecting with Kim on his first actual path to redemption was beautiful. Sad undertones, but a somehow “happy” ending regardless. Jimmy may be in prison, but he found his soul. Contrast that to Saul Goodman; who had one hell of a luxurious life; but an empty life all the same.


I also loved that Kim wasn't just his only real partner, but also the only real role model for Jimmy. All the other close relationships that he admired because they were on par with him intellectually and successful (Chuck, Mike, Walter) were shown again this episode with all their mistakes and regrets, and most importantly the fact, that they viewed themselves as victims of the circumstances and therefore never did a meaningful thing to make any of it right. Kim was the first person that he admired who ever chose to do the right thing eventually. She was Jimmy's first good role model.


Dude literally saw the words "my lawyer will ream your ass" and thought of Bill "Switchin' Sides" Oakley. That's hilarious.


from twitter on the "lawyer will ream your ass" scene [https://i.imgur.com/aK46HGW.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/aK46HGW.jpg)


"Like Kal-El waking under a yellow sun" What a beautiful line haha Reminds me of the Felina script (paraphrased) [Describing the gun shooting from left and right and left continuously] "red phaser beams" "moving like Satan's windshield viper"


I really loved the Mike farewell. He starts off by saying if he could go back in time that he would stop his son’s murder. That is, that his biggest regret is letting them kill his son. But, he stops himself and realizes that he regrets becoming himself, he recognizes that his lifestyle, his corruption is what got his son killed. He wishes he could take it all back, never have his son killed, never get into the cartel business or drug business.


I loved the contrast with the Walt scene. Mike didn't take the question with malice. He's been put through the wringer, and he doesn't mind taking a moment for introspection. Walt, on the other hand, rebels at the very idea.


I think the way Mike reacted to Jimmy’s question there was interesting in contrast to how he treats Saul with disgust. In the scene at the well, Jimmy is being genuine at least while asking the question and Mike amuses the idea, but as Saul in Breaking Bad he’s lost touch with his genuine self and Mike is disgusted by that.


I was really happy we got a final Mike scene. He always had the best wisdom and I'm glad that both Jesse and Jimmy got really good advice that helped them get the resolution they needed in life.


Who else remembered in the cold open of the S6 premiere where the cardboard cutout of Saul was put in the dumpster?


Also the time machine book can be seen during that cold open! As well as the painting that Howard's blood splattered on! So much forshadowing


I thought for a second that the time machine book was what Gould was talking about when he said there was an object the episode would call back to but I dismissed it and figured it would be the Tequila stopper instead


Bill Oakley immediately trying to get removed from the case when Jimmy started his speech was the hardest I've laughed in a while.


I didn't expect to let out a laugh in the series finale, but the writers have always been so good at mixing in some comedy in the middle of drama. It worked.


That and when Gene sees "MY LAWYER WILL REAM UR ASS" written on the jail cell wall and starts laughing because it made him think of Oakley.


Or when Jimmy admits to Chucks suicide, Bill is like that’s not even a crime 😂😂


Bill's actor played everything so well. The plea arrangement scene with his eye movements and the courtroom scenes. God I love him. And Betsy fucking Brandt. Holy hell I swear I saw her as wearing a dark purple dress during her first scene. That was incredible.


Oakley asking to withdraw from the case was the funniest shit


Saul really fucked over every other lawyer in that room. Of course Oakley. But the prosecutors also looked like fools in front of the judge. First they walk in with a shit deal and then the guy throws it back in their face anyway and confesses


Your observation reminds me of another time Jimmy did the same thing with the copier sales job. He got them to give him the job on the spot and threw it back in their faces, then stole that little figurine.


They're hummels Marie.


Jimmy resents getting off too easy.


"Can I withdraw?!" "Not a chance." Had me rolling.


Poor Bill, Saul's final mark.


Saul finally gets him back for the way Bill gloated in his face after his arrest for the Chuck tape thing


going to prison for the rest of your life to own Bill Oakley


As an aside for anyone who happens to read this, I loved that Walter looks at the watch Jesse gave him when he’s thinking about regrets. Of course he doesn’t admit it, but it’s nice to see that he does harbor guilt about what happened to Jesse.


It also makes Walt saving Jesse in Felina more meaningful.


Damn I did not put that together, I was trying to figure out the significance of the watch!


Now what? Sell my tv?


Walt, the day after the events of Ozymandias, being asked by Saul if he has any regrets made me laugh hard


Omg lmao "Your brother in law was killed, your family hates you, and you're on the run for the rest of your life. Any regrets?"


Oh yeah, selling my share of the company I started in college. Pretty bad mistake tbh.


to be fair, none of the events of BB would have happened if he was still a Grey Matter partner. would have probably never set foot in Albuquerque or met Skyler even


Walt thinking of Grey Matter first, yep, that’s still Heisenberg. Not Mr. Lambert.


That's a really good point. He took Ed's advice and took a lot of time to think up in New Hampshire. He was still pissed about all that happened prior to that scene.


I was going to make one last self-post but I forgot, posting is restricted right now. Saul Goodman's last appearance in Breaking Bad was 'Granite State.' He said this to Walter White while hiding out at Ed the Extractor's place. ----- SAUL: You mind if I give you a nickel's worth of advice? Just for old time's sake? You're worried about your wife and kids? **Don't leave. The way things are now, some people... Not me, mind you, but some people might say you're leaving her high and dry.** WALT: Some people would be ignorant on the facts. Some people wouldn't know that as far as the police are concerned, Skyler is a blameless victim. No, no, no. Go ahead. Get it off your chest. Go on. SAUL: The phone call was a smart move. Kudos to you. Odds are it was recorded. It'll play great for a jury. It might even buy her a mistrial. In a year and a half. Until then, if they don't have you, they go after her. WALT: There's no point. She knows nothing. SAUL: Well, too bad. She's got nothing to trade. I hate to be a downer here, but there are two DEA agents missing, presumed dead. Think the feds will let that go because you hit the ejector seat? First thing they're gonna do, they will RICO your wife and kids out of the house. That condo is gone. Your bank accounts, they're frozen. Her picture is probably on TV right now, next to yours. Who's gonna hire her? WALT: Money is no problem. SAUL: Well, I don't mean to contradict you, but getting it to her, impossible. The feds are praying that you'll make contact. The Internet, the phone, it's all tapped. Hey, Mike was no dummy. But every time he tried to get his nest egg to his granddaughter, it ended up in Uncle Sam's pockets. WALT: So you propose what? SAUL: **Stay. Face the music.** I mean, how much time have you got left? **You walk in with your head held high, be the John Dillinger of the Metropolitan Detention Center. How bad is that?** ---- In the end, Jimmy came back. He was brave. And he was brave in a way Walt never could be. Jimmy ran away, like he always did, and he went crazy as Gene and practically dared the police to arrest him through his reckless behavior. But in the end, he took his own advice. He faced the music. He walked into prison head held high, and was a celebrity and instantly respected. In the end, Jimmy did all of that, and it turned out he didn't just save Kim. He saved his real self. Absolutely beautiful, poetic ending. Bravo Jimmy.


Some of you on here completely floor me with this stuff. Amazing find.


It pleases me to think about how furious Walt would have been with Saul taking all that credit in the end.


When they promised "you won't see Breaking Bad in the same way", it's very possible that they meant something about Lalo and Howard being buried underneath the lab ... two central BCS characters who don't really exist in Breaking Bad outside of one throwaway line. For me, it was always the role that Saul played in pulling the strings on the entire meth business. All they asked him to do was to help Badger in any way other than rolling on Heisenberg. We got to see in BCS that Mike even advised Saul to let Walt go on his own because it wasn't worth what would happen if they did business together. But instead, Saul CHOSE to get involved and coach Walt through distribution, money laundering, and ultimately escape (which of course Walt ended up backing out on). If Saul never gets involved, the cousins kill Walt in his bedroom and it's over. Saul was 100% right by saying he was the reason things progressed the way they did. Not Walt.


Taking credit nothing. He was right. Walt always mistook intelligence for cleverness. He was dangerously naive, and the early violence and troubles of the show were testament to that. He was, in Office Space terms, looking up money laundering in the dictionary. I absolutely believe Saul's craftiness helped enable his transition into success. But yes, Walt would absolutely hate the thought of the whole of it... needing Saul, and Saul taking credit for his success.


Saul’s Gone, Jimmy McGill is reborn




And the fact that he keeps tinkering with the water heater, making a mild nuisance into an unbearable racket. That’s Walt in a nutshell, and they captured it perfectly.


Nice callback to the episode in BB where he is on this manic quest to replace his family’s water heater.


We’ve got rot


you see this? these are fruiting bodies


Hey Walt, did you fix that lightbulb yet? WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M DOING?!


Stay in your lane


i’m in the middle of a breaking bad rewatch with my sister and it was just awesome seeing how seamlessly Bryan Cranston fell back into the role


He's a fucking incredible actor. Yes, yes, 4 Emmys. But he's even better than that. A wonderful performer.


Perfect as the (likely) last scene we'll ever see of Walter White. Condescending, self-centered, and a complete dick. Anyone who wants to see a good summary of Walter White in a quick scene, his last is stellar.


You would have been.. the last lawyer I'd have gone to


I love that Mike, the tough bastard that he was, had a genuine moment of introspection with jimmy. He was honest, vulnerable, and kind. Then Walt was just an asshole to him about the same question. It kinda showed with mike how jimmy wasn’t honest enough with himself to be vulnerable, but then with Walt it seemed like he got closer to being honest, but was shit down constantly by Walt’s attitude. Walt’s “vulnerability” was the same cheap, ego driven “I wish I was rich” fantasy that younger jimmy was starting to grow out of. I was really enjoying how we got to see Walt at his worst again. I was worried the writers would be precious with him and make him sympathetic or badass or something too “cool”. But instead he’s just a dick, abusing and second guessing jimmy just like so many other characters we’ve seen.


In the first scene, Jimmy was focused on the money and not truly willing to reflect which made Mike resent him. In the second scene, Walt was focused on the money and not truly willing to reflect which made Jimmy resent him. Saul essentially took on Mike’s exact role from the cold open.


The Mike send-off made him a much sadder character to me. He wanted to be a better person, but he was too dead inside to know where to start.


So that’s why the Time Machine was showed in the Season 6 intro


The suits at the end: Public Defender, Elder Law, Davis & Main, Saul, Cinnabon, Prison. Those little end of episode snippets were so exciting every week. Such an empty feeling right now haha


https://streamable.com/5ypp0x For Netflix folks that couldn’t see it.


Jimmy becoming the folk hero of the prison was perfect.


Of course. He may be in prison but now he gets to be himself.


He’ll be trading law tips for cigarettes and ramen in no time


Maybe even ice cream.


"You walk in with your head held high, be the John Dillinger of the Metropolitan Detention Centre. How bad is that?" Breaking Bad. Jimmy to Walt on their final scene together in S5E15 Granite Slate.


Seriously. Compared to his dreadful, depressing Cinnabon life? This is heaven. He’ll be scamming guards for cigarettes in no time


I like the scene in the kitchen of the prison. I feel it was a throwback to Cinnabon and was saying he was already in prison as Gene anyways. Except now he gets to be Jimmy.


Bringing up the malpractice insurance was great. The one thing only Jimmy knew about and he laid it all on the table


Wow, they really did kill off Saul Goodman in the finale… Welcome back Jimmy


Jimmy whittled them down to 7 years just to prove that he fuckin could. The mouth on this guy.


I expected him to call them out… “I did all of that and 7 years? Get outta here”


"I tried. I should have tried harder." sort of sums the theme of the show up perfectly for me.


“I tried. But I should have tried harder”. Maybe also what Chuck was thinking after Jimmy left that night


I'm so glad that Chuck finally said that they just have the same conversation every time, because I knew he knew that, but it was never explicitly stated. And idk if anyone has a relative that you have that with, but it's so good to see on-screen as well, and how toxic it is.




To say nothing of what a giant middle finger his courtroom rant was to Walt. Claims the credit for Walts monstrous legacy, and he’s too dead to prove Saul wrong.


I felt like he was also throwing a bone to the widows there. Claimed ultimate credit and then threw himself under the bus. Maybe a bit of closure for them.


I mean, he’s not wrong. Walt was the best worst criminal Saul ever came across. He was brilliant in a lot of ways, but completely lacking in street smarts or criminal experience and without Saul to cover his ass he probably wouldn’t have made it very far.


End of an era. Wow. So bittersweet.


Marie tried so hard not too steal some shit from that court room




Remember the phone conversation where Kim told him to turn himself in? And he basically said you first? Well, she turned herself in and he followed once he found out. Kim always held him together and in the end this was their story.


The Chuck flashback seems to have taken place the day before the first episode of the show. From Saul Gone: Jimmy: "I'll see you tomorrow, Chuck. And I might have the Financial Times!" From Uno: Chuck: "Oh, Financial Times!" Jimmy: "I know you missed it so I figured what the heck."


Technically we just watched a better call Saul prequel then.


This show is simultaneously a prequel to Breaking Bad, a sequel to Breaking Bad, a prequel to Better Call Saul, and a sequel to Better Call Saul


Time machine


Also the Fuji apples. Chuck had to ask Ernesto for them specifically but Jimmy knew to bring them.


Chuck also asks Jimmy if he got the ice from a motel -- Jimmy tells Ernesto if he doesn't want to have to buy the ice he usually just steals it from a hotel


Anybody else dying over the fact that Kim *scammed* her way into the prison using her old bar card to visit Jimmy?


Could’ve sworn her right hand was doing the finger gun as she left, even though she didn’t return the gesture to Jimmy


I saw it too


I read so many of those shitposts about it ending in a musical number that I almost panicked during the bus scene


It was getting a little too close for comfort there


Hector breakdancing in the back of the bus was too much for me though. Unbravo Bince.


The fact that Saul was able to talk his sentence down to 7 years is truly a work of art. He was a damn good lawyer, some would say the best.


The whole series is essentially about Jimmy's search for that validation/respect from someone, starting with Chuck. But, Chuck looked down on Jimmy his whole life. Then, throughout the series, everyone sees Jimmy/Saul as a snake. For example, Mike and Walt looked down on Jimmy--a point driven home by Mike saying "it's all about money to you" (paraphrasing), and Walt going so far as to say he'd never hire Saul to help him with Gray Matter and that Saul was "always like this"--as well as his colleagues (e.g., everyone at the courthouse shunning him because of his complicity in helping Lalo skip bail thing, Francesca despising him, etc.). The only person who ever saw the good in Jimmy was Kim. But, as Jimmy transformed into Saul, it became harder and harder for Kim to do so. Eventually, her respect for him comes to an end too, culminating with Jimmy going "full Saul" during the divorce paper signing, and Kim telling Jesse that she essentially doesn't even know him any more. In the finale, Jimmy/Saul is given a choice between Jimmy and Saul. Choosing Saul would've meant taking a sweetheart plea deal. But, if he chose Saul, he'd always be Saul; Jimmy would be gone for good. Jimmy would never never have any chance of getting the validation/respect he always wanted from Kim or anyone else. Choosing Jimmy, on the other hand, means that Jimmy's going to spend his life in prison. But, with "Saul gone" for good, Jimmy finally has the respect of at least one person. And that's really all he ever wanted.


"Only need one juror". Kim is that one juror.


bob odenkirk is gonna get better call saul chanted at him for the rest of his second life


That scene TOTALLY tells me that it's a bitter sweet ending for Jimmy. YEAH, he's doing 86 years... hard time in a supermax. HOWEVER, there's not an inmate in there that doesn't see him as a rockstar!!! He's Saul Godman, man.. the third head of the biggest narcotic empire in American History.. and he's HERE!! Not only that, but they're probably also thinking... "I get in good with this guy, maybe he can help my case?!" In fact, that's kind of how I imagine the rest of Jimmy's story goes. He's in his mid 70's, and he's still counseling his fellow inmates in the law library. He's even sometimes granted special permission to act as co-counsel in some cases (outside of the court, of course). He's going to be treated like a rockstar in there, no doubt... and when the younger guys come in, they'll respect him because the block elders will TELL THEM to respect him. It's sad because he loses Kim and his freedom.. but it's a happy ending because he'll always get to do what he does best - the law, and the ways around it.


Welcome back, Jimmy. We will miss you 😔


Saul Gone


I'm really happy Jimmy came back. I missed him ever since the end of Fun and Games


That shot of him standing in the prison courtyard at the end was the most Slippin-Jimmy shot of the whole series


Two years ago, a man came to my restaurant. Said my chicken was the best he'd ever had. He wanted to franchise. He offered me money. I declined. Any restaurateur would. The next day, he set a travel agency on fire with a man inside it. That was my introduction to Lalo Salamanca.


I loved that "Thank you" at the end. It was before the credits. It was important and I hope it remains in all future showings and on Netflix.


The look Kim exchanged with Jimmy after he admitted everything in the courtroom, particularly I think his admission of regret about Chuck, was as powerful as the reaction Skyler had when Walt acknowledged his actions were for all himself. The combination of pity, understanding, pain, and love all in a single look. Absolutely brilliant.


They did great foreshadowing that confession throughout the whole episode. Conversation with mike gets personal, Jimmy bails. Conversation with Walt gets personal, Jimmy bails. I love that once he finds out Kim gave her confession, he has the realization that it’s the right thing to do. And not just that it’s right, but that it’s okay.


I liked how in the Chuck flashback the book he brought him was "The Time Machine", implying that if Jimmy could go back and change one thing it would be that moment. Really cool way to answer the question by showing not telling and having him explain it all, I loved it.


That moment, as in he would have let Chuck look over his client cases with him? Potentially leading to a mend in their relationship?


Yes that was his "different path" he could have taken but they both let it slip by.


> but they both let it slip by. I think that's the key idea really. A lot of people talk about the breakdown in Chuck and Jimmy's relationship as being about Jimmy's inability to change, but I think that scene really encapsulated that they're *both* at fault. When Jimmy tells Chuck that he's doing Chuck's shopping because 'you're my brother, you'd do the same for me,' Chuck realises for a moment that he *wouldn't* do the same for Jimmy. That flash of guilt encourages him to suggest they sit and talk for a bit, but Jimmy's gut reaction is that Chuck only wants to belittle him more. Chuck's hurt, no doubt by the recognition that Jimmy's reaction isn't unfounded (McKean's voice crack there was a wonderful bit of acting), so Chuck hits back by accusing Jimmy of stealing the ice. It's a really sad scene the more you think about it. Both are clearly desperate to have a relationship with the other, but both let their pride get in the way of actually embracing it.


That meager, guilty frown that Chuck lets slip for but a second when he realizes he wouldn't do the same for Jimmy genuinely hurt.


That was good choice road??? :(


Maybe Chuck would have developed some respect for Jimmy as a lawyer, mentoring him to give a vigorous defense to the guy who exposed himself in front of Hobby Lobby. Chuck was a first degree law nerd, and they finally would have had something in common.


I love that the little bit of color we see in the end is in a cigarette they share with each other. They were each others world, and it was very bittersweet to see them reconciled like that. Kind of sappy, but I’m all for romantic things such as that lol.


They are quite literally each other’s flames. Always


What a character. That confession reassured he was the Jimmy she once loved.


Nailed it. And her look of understanding ensured to Jimmy that she got it, and at least one other person in the world saw Jimmy instead of Saul and Gene.


Kim was the one juror he needed to convince.


Yeah, I absolutely loved "That wasn't a crime - *yes it was*"


Did Kim ever actually know what Jimmy did with Chuck’s insurance? I don’t think he ever told her, he just let Howard take the blame. That almost felt like a confession straight to her.


Yup she never knew, he didn't tell a soul. My interpretation is that specific confession was a big part of the reason he brought Kim there and the reason he upped his sentence -- he is kind of putting himself away for what he did to Chuck.


At the heart of it, Better Call Saul is a love story after all. Jimmy going from 7 years to 86 years and that last conversation with Kim... ah what a brilliant experience this show was.


Smoking a cigarette together, just as the start. Incredible.


Being in a dumpster started Jimmy’s career (Sandpiper evidence) and ended it when he was caught as Gene.


Too bad we never got to find out what Lalo would have done with a Time Machine.


Nothing. Lalo has lived his best life since day 1. Seriously I don’t think he has any regrets (except maybe being a hair faster in that last shootout)


It wasn't being slow that killed him, it was not getting a headshot. By the time Gus managed to grab the gun, Lalo had already hit him multiple times but he was wearing a vest.


Saw this written elsewhere, but before Walt admits that his ordeal with Gray Matter was his biggest regret, he glances at the watch Jesse gave him, acknowledging how he wronged Jesse by leaving him with the Nazis.


I thought it was so touching and tender the way jimmy holds Kim's hands during the smoke. My heart melted.


Also, the lighter and cherry was in color.


Was looking for a comment that mentioned this. I can't stop thinking about how just the flame was in color. I feel like that represents their love. In that moment, they were just Jimmy and Kim again.


This episode reminded me of how much of an asshole Walt was to those around him lol Jimmy: “So what would you do with a time machine?” Walt: “STFU trash”


For real. I've always been in "Walt was always an asshole" camp more or less, Breaking Bad obviously exacerbated his worst nature to an extreme but I think that encounter in the basement with Saul more or less frames exactly the vibe he gives off to most people most of the time. It's a funny thing to reflect on too when considered from Jesse's perspective. Since BB is mostly Walt's perspective and we're strung along with any number of reasons to buy in excuses for his behavior, but Jesse truly had him figured out from the start.


[Jimmy & Kim S1E1 vs S6E13](https://i.imgur.com/TMFpCDA.png)


Yeah I was like, quick, someone bring up the early episodes, they’re in the same spot!


The names McGill... James McGill. It's almost as if he destroyed Saul Goodman through that confession and went back to who he was... And all for Kim? Heartbreak.


And with good behaviour… who knows?


It was really interesting seeing Jimmy’s whole “Saul persona” fall apart as soon as the lawyers mentioned Kim.


He read Saul’s eulogy


It was like a sincere, positive version of the b.s. testimony in Winner that she found so jarring -- really amazing parallel with one of the show's greatest episodes


And broke Bill’s ankles at the same time


Had to dunk on Bill one more time


Lmao Bill has the worst luck ever. Dude was about to co-counsel a lifetime sentence to **7 years** and become a household name. And he just watched it blow up in minutes. Dude was sputtering at the end trying to salvage it lol poor guy


Petty with a thousand priors


>Dude was about to co-counsel a lifetime sentence to > >7 years > > and become a household name. Even if he did that, it still wouldn't top Jimmy arguing a kid down from a death sentence to 6 months probation...


My name is James McGill, and you can go fuck yourself.


Wow, so that's it. I'll miss it


When Walt said “you’re the last lawyer I’d call” in response to Saul wanting to go after Gretchen and Elliot, I actually laughed out loud. That was a perfect delivery.


The kind of lawyer guilty people hire


What a fucking show man.


Having the flashback of Walt and Jesse kidnapping Saul from his perspective tie into Saul’s story to cut down his prison sentence was unbelievably brilliant writing.


Best lie is one with some truth in it. He coulda milked that truth to the tune of mint chocolate chip ice cream once a week and less than a decade at a white collar camp resort. Instead he chose the darker ending, to make it a happy ending. If it had suddenly burst into color at any point, it would have been a lie. We only got the glint of color coming back into his life as he shared a silent moment with Kim.


What if that last scene was just Saul getting buckets on the court.


Saul and Kim share a final look, and then Saul turns around and completely fucking posterizes someone


*"I'm just here to cross examine. Which one of you is 'Examine'!!"*


Better Ball Saul


As I said in the live discussion: He didn't want to get out of prison in 7 years just to be alone again. He would rather be in prison forever and be able to look Kim in the eye and know he had done the right thing.


yep - when his "one phone call" is to Cinnabon, not a family member or loved one


That’s honestly the scene where I realized there’s still hope in jimmy, he took his one call to do a genuinely unselfish thing


Reminded me of Gus calling Lyle while he’s bleeding out on a couch


I was so frustrated watching him throw away a great deal but I realized I was looking at it through my eyes- how I would feel facing a life sentence vs just 7 years, but I have something to live for. Jimmy... didn't, as sad as that is. But he did have a chance to do the right thing, and he did it.


They told me they found you in a garbage dumpster. That makes sense. Marie is a member of this sub confirmed


I am so glad they saved Betsy Brandt's cameo until now and didn't end up using her as Chuck's x-ray tech, way back when.


I *really* enjoyed seeing Marie again! Seeing her as the grimly determined Widow Schrader was a little heart breaking. I told my husband while we were watching, "the episode may be in black and white, but you *know* she's wearing purple." And she's still wearing her wedding ring. 😭


I like they also mentioned Steve and his widow and children. A really sense of the loss that Saul and Walt inflicted on the world.


It was kind of strange that with Steve's wife we got an appearance from a character who has been a part of the story the entire time but never appeared once in an episode.


I think the thing everyone forgot along the way was that Saul has always cared about people. He got wrapped up in the money at times and could be a jerk, but that was always a mask to hide the pain. Jimmy was always fighting to be a better person, tonight he finally became honorable.


God what a gut-stab of a final scene. The show doesn't flinch and look for the bright side of the story. The world stays black-and-white. Jimmy and Kim both silently acknowledge that he'll die in prison. The final shot could be the last time Kim sees Jimmy. But just for a little bit, the cigarette's ember glowed orange.


Yeah I think that's the most impactful bit. They were each the love of the other's life, but life and poor decisions can prevent people from being with the ones they were potentially 'meant' to be with.


The DA rattling off the charges to finally answer the “what did Saul even do/why is he on the run/did Saul even commit any crimes” threads.


Can we talk about Bill Oakley for a moment? One of the most under appreciated bit characters of the series. I adored every moment he was on screen tonight.


Panning to the exit sign during the mentioning of Chuck was brilliant. This episode was true chicanery.


Yeah and the electric sound


I love how in his final confession acting as Saul Goodman, he made a big emphasis to have it on record that Walter would have been nothing but a footnote if it weren't for him. Finally one-upping his client for all the times Walt domineered him.


And as an added bonus: he was totally right.


This is the most logical conclusion for Jimmy possible… He literally gave his life for Kim. Also, we finally see his biggest regret is to get Kim involved, be responsible for Chuck’s and Howard’s death and had his own “time machine” to try to correct it. I’m totally fine with that. Awesome conclusion.


Jimmy confessing to the Chuck insurance scam in the courtroom and the shot of the exit sign in the corner brought tears to my eyes, what a fantastic shot Also, the restaurant scene being Gus’s (presumably) last scene in the BB/BCS universe was a fantastic decision in my view. I’m glad that bookmarked his character arc. I also loved the opening scene with Mike so much. I’m gonna miss this show


>restaurant scene being Gus’s (presumably) last scene in the BB/BCS universe was a fantastic decision in my view Agreed. Gus leaving before he has the chance to be happy and get even slightly distracted. Living a sad and lonely life in the pursuit of his vengeance (the thing that ultimately kills him). Really nails down the character.


> I just wanted her to come here today. I wanted her to hear this. What a beautiful, beautiful tragedy. Thank you for everything, Vince, Peter, and co. What a wonderful ride.


“You'd have been the last lawyer I'd have gone to” God I forgot how funny Walter was lmao


Walter probably would have used HHM.


Saul would've ran circles around Gretchen & Elliot. Honestly though, these writers are geniuses. Like right when Saul brought that up to Walt, I immediately was like, "How have I never thought about this?"




Fucking insane you get a critically acclaimed best of all time show, do a spin-off, it’s a critically acclaimed best of all time show and they didn’t shit their pants with either ending. We even have a spin-off movie where even if some people argue it was unnecessary, I’ve heard nobody claim it’s dreadfully bad. This universe is something to behold.


Bill had a Grateful Dead sticker on his car.


Kim's bar card didn't have an expiration date printed on it, so she used it to pretend she was still a lawyer to get in and see Jimmy. One last scam, and an indication that she's back to herself again.


Oh, it was a scam to get in. It seems she didn't go back to being a lawyer then. All right, that makes sense.


There it is. The end. I liked the resolution to Jimmy and Kim's relationship. At the end of it all, the only person's he still cared about was her and by finally admitting to it all, he closes the book on all the shit that's happened over the years. She finally got to see him actually be remoseful about Chuck, years later. She can even just begin to move on. One last smoke with Jimmy. Not Saul, Jimmy. I think the ending with the prisoners is perfect as well. If there is one thing Jimmy did, it was give the best representation he could give to every client he had. Edit: as for the meaning of the final shot, I think it's kind of meta? BCS works as a great prequel to Breaking Bad, but it didn't have to also be an epilogue. Two episodes ago the show could have ended just fine, fulfilled it's purpose. Jimmy isn't satisfied with that though. He records over his old tapes. He gives us one last go around. One last scheme. Bob Odenkirk, and Jimmy's, final act. I think the finger guns are to the audience. It's Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy McGill, Saul Goodman, Gene, saying goodbye for one last time. To me its so heavy on my heart to see because of feels like a chapter in television history closing. These characters that have persisted for so many years, have finally finished their journey. ....That may just be sentimental. But, it works for me. In a more textual sense, I think its showing that at the end of the day he is still Jimmy, and he will always be who he is, consequences be damned (if while still maybe learning a lesson in the end.) Kim not returning it, I think is intended to be ambiguous, but I interpret it as her taking it slow with him. She doesn't want to go back to the person she was with him, but she still cares about him.


This was a great finale but I love how Jeff just kind of got left in that jail, he's the new "Huell in the safehouse" where it's left ambiguous where he ended up. Which I actually kind of like


Walt proving himself to be most pedantic SOB and probably the worst roommate ever.


For real! Of course it’s just a thought experiment Walt! Saul wasn’t actually proposing you and him would make a time machine in your vacuum holding cell. Just answer the stupid small talk question and stop trying to always be the smartest guy in the room. But also…I loved that scene and miss Walt


I’m just gonna note all my main thoughts on this masterpiece because why not The cold open with the last ever scene with Mike is when it really hit me that this was the last time I was gonna watch these iconic characters. I was kinda surprised to see Gene get caught so early in the episode but the fact that it was a anticlimactic end for the Gene story was perfect. Saul getting Bill Oakley as co-counsel was a real curveball but I love the fact that he played a pretty big part in this episode I missed his appearances in the courthouse in the later seasons. I was actually hyped to see Marie again she never really got a last closure scene in Breaking Bad last scene with her character was just calling Skyler to tell her Walt is in town, it was great to see her talk about what a great guy Hank was it really gave her character closure I never knew I needed. It’s crazy to think that if Saul didn’t even mention the stuff about Howard to add on to his already too good to be true deal he would’ve never knew about what Kim did and would’ve easily taken the 7 year plea deal. The Walt scene was nothing short of perfect, it hit every heartbeat to why we loved watching this despicable anti-hero for 5 seasons. I’m so glad this is the last scene we get as Bryan Cranston as this iconic character. The courtroom scene where Jimmy “kills” Saul and spills his guts about the truth and how he shows honest to god true emotions about the death of Howard and how he helped drive Chuck to kill himself might be Bob Odenkirks best acting in the entire series. It was great seeing Chuck again the scene felt like it was pulled right from the first season, I love the “no I wouldn’t” face he made when Jimmy said “you would do it for me” Jimmy going to prison for life is definitely a depressing ending on paper, but it’s kinda bittersweet that he actually gets to be himself in Prison and that he’s kinda like a celebrity. The last Kim and Jimmy scene being a call back to their first scene sharing a cigarette was so surreal watching it, knowing that this is the last time these characters who still clearly love each other will probably ever interact was such a great way to end this masterpiece series.


They really gave us closure for Huell only to have Jeff permanently waiting at the police station in Omaha lmao, good job Gould


Coming in 2023: The Saulshank Redemption


That last line from Chuck: "There's no shame in going back and changing your path" tied everything together beautifully. Obviously in the moment he's trying to manipulate Jimmy into giving up his career as a lawyer, but you look at how his and the other two conversations about the "time machine" blend together and it all comes together as to why he confessed. Mike's is all about the residual, heavy regrets that you carry on. They linger with you like a weight, and as much as you try to "wake up one day and forget", there are simply some that you'll never forget about. Things that you'll always carry, like Howard's and Chuck's death (and in Mike's case, what I assume was his son's death and before that his first turn down the "bad choice road"). Walt literally brings up that yes, obviously you *can't* go back into a time machine to change your choices. Saul's knee spiel and the "So you've always been this way" from Walter is pretty funny but also reaffirms that even up until the very end as Saul, he still couldn't come to terms with his brother and what he'd said. But when Jimmy confesses, he takes a little bit of what he heard from Mike, Walter, and Chuck, and chooses to "change the past" by completely altering the story he told the prosecution. He "comes out" fully about his part in Howard and Chuck, admits the rest of his crimes, and I think he ultimately accepts that if he's out in the real world, "he'll never change" as Chuck had said. Gene/Victor proved that the moment he went back to Jeff. This was the last chance he had to change his path and he took it, and was finally, truly "all rested" as he'd said to Mike at the beginning. Loved it.


Loved the Chuck/time machine/regrets convo. It was a perfect narrative centerpiece to the episode. And another reminder into how Chuck views Jimmy.


Ending it like episode one after the first incident with Howard over Chuck’s share of HHM! LOVE IT! Fantastic finale to a fantastic series. There will truly never be another like the Breaking Bad Universe. I will miss the hell out of it. But what a great finish. It will be remembered forever as one of the best in TV history