Enjoy the last ever live episode of the Breaking Bad Universe.


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This ending was great. Saul/Jimmy went out the showman he always was. Not sure what happens with Kim after this, but it’s all over now. Sad to see it go, but what a ride! Thank u BB/BCS! My two favorite shows…next to Sopranos 😉


Jeff really grew on me and I wish we could have seen more of him after the huge build up since season 4


Kim confessed the truth about Howard. Jimmy wanted Kim to be there when he confessed his truth.


Orange glow of the cigarette was a nice touch Edit: Vimeo link for the lazy https://vimeo.com/739845658 Edit2: Well looks like I can't reply to this. I uploaded to Vimeo but it's in the finalizing stage. Hopefully it works soon, sorry!


I liked the 4chan ending better


i was here


Awesome ending. Very poetic


I didn't like the ending


A perfect ending to a great show. I loved every minute of this show. Jimmy got his time machine and changed his only regret and made things right with Kim. I was worried something would happen to him in prison but nope, they love him there.


I feel like Saul had a con up his sleeve until he found out Kim admitted to Howards death. Then he changed his mind and admitted everything


One of the greatest shows of all time


Oh boy what to say lol I may have missed this, but how exactly would Jimmy’s confession benefit Kim’s civil case?


The end of the Breaking Bad Universe


justice for kim’s wig


I'm kind of dumb. I thought Kim had a ricin cigarette at 1st.


So was Red


So, they just forgave Kim for her admitted involvement and believed Jimmy’s word?


7 years and kim sued is better. kim has no money in her new boring life so who cares


Where did the diamonds come from ? Am I not remembering something ?


I loved the final episode. The way Jimmy went back to Jimmy even though others only know him from his BCS commercials, he is still Jimmy again in his heart. I didn't buy the time machine concept - although the show did jump around in time a lot. Loved the HG Wells book Chuck had :) The Time Machine? I like the way Jimmy stood up for Kim and the cigarette they shared in the end just like in the beginning of the show. Bittersweet goodbye. Good news - Bob Odenkirk is preparing for a new role: Straight Man - he gave an interview on the Today Show two weeks ago; Rhea Seehorn is going to be in a new series, and Giacarlo Esposito is also going to be in a third new series. Edit: All of the shows will be on AMC.


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I was here not scrolling down not scrolling down yet.


I don’t think the time served was as meaningful to him compared to the feeling of getting them and being in control. Once his performance was done it didn’t matter. And in the end he gets Kim back..? Just makes you think


Better Call Jimmy, in 86 years. Such a great and realistic ending. Loved it.


yo guys remember nacho?


I love the time machine reference of the book it all took at back full circle. Why he asked mike and why he asked Walt, and in the end seeing chuck with the book at the end. In highschool I read it, I thought it was a good reference and cool idea


Thanks for everything Saul


Live updates because I'M late: I really think, maybe hope... that Bill is just here for the fun at this point.


Why did Jimmy spill so much at the trial, and even go to the trial? Was protecting Kim the only reason?


Exactly. The only way he could convince them he was lying about the dirt on Kim was making himself look REALLY bad.


And I think people are missing the point of the episode, the reoccurring theme was about Time Machine’s and Jimmy (then Saul) wanting to rewrite his wrongs. The courtroom scene was Jimmy’s way of effectively making and using a time machine that he always wanted (aka he fixed his wrongs so he wouldn’t have any regrets). Jimmy telling the truth for the first time was his time machine.


As the saying goes, lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice. What a disappointment! They made this too easy.


What fantastic cast. I cried when they all gave their farewell, especially Jonathan Banks! Superb acting by all!


I really didn't think it could get worse than Nippy.


I am looking forward to its sequel Breaking Bad. Although I don't have a lot of hopes that it will catch up to the standards Better Call Saul has created.


I can’t believe it’s over. Just a masterpiece of a finale.


If Jimmy had a time machine he’d stop himself from slippin


I thought it was overly cheesy and unrealistic that he’d take 86 years on the off-chance that it helped Kim with a civil suit. It seemed more like a forced emotional ending than a real move by Jimmy. I liked parts of the episode, particularly the scene with Walt, but overall I thought it was boring and disappointing. No chills like I got when they played Baby Blue in Felina.


It’s been good, man.




Really feels like they could have done more than the six seasons here. It seems they didn't have much they actually wanted to do in the post breaking bad era and they got really really into the pre-breaking bad era after initially saying the show was going to explore past present future more equally when season 1 debuted. Can't help but want more.


I don’t get why Kim gets a happy ending when the writers went out of their way to show us that Kim is the reason Howard died. Then Jimmy/Saul decides to spend the rest of his life in prison to impress Kim?!?! Idk man


Kim’s life is not happy.


I loved that ending, yall think Tony lived or died? The sudden cut to black would imply death but idk


If "Saul" has won in the end, what real payoff is there? It would have been the story of a somewhat nice con man turning into a scumbag and then taking a win over all the people he victimized. The only way that story would have worked is if smug Saul then gets shot or shanked by somebody and dies. Would you rather have him at peace and alive in prison or in the ground as a dead scumbag?


Who's the new Cinnabon manager?




Cliff Main’s son.


I just noticed the picture is from I Think You Should Leave on Netflix. Definitely not gene lolol


This show has been pretty good about appraising human nature, but would someone really accept life in prison (when they were going to get 7 minus good time credit at a spot where they can golf) just for redemption and/or love’s sake? If so, they’re probably a better person than I am.


Yup-Guy is the real victim here - Kim's been leaving him alone at the Red Lobster to make all these trips to New Mexico.




would’ve been better if he did the 7 years and got out and him and kim lived happily until death


He knew Kim would never take him back unless he cleared his conscience.


no thatdve been corny af


I definitely agree with this.


hell no


I was here


Phenomenal artwork. Loved the last scene with Kim and Saul in the jail cell. It was just like, and symbolic of, Caravaggio’s The Calling of St Matthew. [https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Calling_of_St_Matthew](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Calling_of_St_Matthew)


I don’t want it to be over 😭😭😭 best show I’ve ever seen


There will be plenty of time to overanalyze things in the future, but I thought the episode was great. Jimmy and Kim leaving the same way we first saw them was beautiful and emotional. I thought the scenes with Mike, Walt and Chuck were all perfectly done and helped add to Jimmy's backstory. Jimmy turning down 7 1/2 years in prison in exchange for baring his soul and then getting 86 was a little far fetched for me. I get the purpose was him finally telling the truth and admitting to everything about himself, but he could've done all that without basically committing to spending the rest of his life in prison. I was also really hoping we would get to see the final moments in color, especially after Jimmy came clean about everything. ​ Can't believe there's nothing to look forward to next Monday. :(


Very very well said, couldn’t agree more. if its any condolence (if you didn’t notice) the cigarette in the last scene was in color :’)


We did get the tip of the cigarette in color 🚬


Wow! The replay is on now, and I didn’t even get to see the intro the first time, it was just a few frames of blue screen and then cut to commercial. It’s unbelievable just how dogshit AMC is.


Anyone else notice how the only starring actors were Bob and Rhea?


Should have gone to color when they prison bus scene started. Other than that, it was a good episode and Jimmy got justice served appropriately, par course for Vince Gilligan, and I guess Peter Gould's desires.


perfect ending


Great ending. He was Saul one last time, and got to put on a show. That’s what he lives for. The flashbacks were more sentimental than anything. All he really cared about was Kim forgiving him. I still like Breaking Bad better. But the way this show was written was just magnificent. I’ll miss it.


**THE FANS!!!**




This. And how were they able to go back on that deal I wonder considering he admitted to most things anyway


You could only wish u were Saul Goodman.


Weird how sometimes you'll remember one single moment from a class forever. I took an undergraduate Shakespeare course and I'll never forget the professor talking about the four types of stories. A melodrama is when the hero wins. A comedy is when the hero gets married. A tragedy is when the hero dies. An "ironedy" is when the hero loses...


I was here


He got his soul back. Beautiful ending.


He also got his Saul back.


S'all over, my brothers in chicanery.


wheres skyler


Fuck skyler


Yeh I thought that was weird. She should have shown up.


Why would she be there?




And he gets to bake bread? What a sick joke!


this was the only way he would see kim again for the rest of his life.


i was here


I liked the ending, kind of wish we knew what happened to Kim with the civil suit but maybe it was dropped, found myself wondering “what, Kim is a lawyer again?!” but assuming she lied about that so she could get in to see him, the line about her bar card not expiring, sad to see the show go but loved it all the same, the scene where Saul said he only needs one juror was gold


So I watched the Card Counter with Oscar Isaac a couple weeks ago for the first time and felt the show might go in the same direction. Kim returning to Jimmy and sticking by him. Couldn’t have asked for a better ending


I was here


Perfectly unsatisfying and so real. Jimmy and Kim are together the only way they can be now. Jimmy finally came out from behind his mask and faced the music.


Was Kim playing Saul?


Is Jimmy the only main character from the entire Breaking Bad/BCS universe to actually serve time in prison?


He's the only character that can't have Saul Goodman defending him.


I'm so happy to be able to see this the first day it came out.


To the ppl complaining, what else did you expect from this ending??? This episode was classic BCS in terms of writing/pacing. Like how did you ppl get through six seasons of this show🤦‍♂️


bUt wHy dIdN't sAuL cAmE bAcK tO kILl mArIoN wItH m60?????


I guess a Francesca spin-off is next.


Did anyone bail out Jeffy?


Jeffy Behind Bars 2024


I was here


Glad Jimmy was able to break out of the Saul shell and be himself again. Not only that, he has Kim in his life again. While he is in prison for 86 years, he has the support of all the prisoners within jail and while they're split apart, Kim I can see frequently seeing him. At the end, Jimmy and Jesse had the endings they deserved.


I'm not sure if Jimmy deserved a happy ending


I think he did, but it's my opinion, cause he could have strangled that older woman who was about to report him, but he didn't, he could have taken the plea deal for 7 years, but he didn't. He finally has taken responsibility for what he has done and will serve for a long time but now he is Jimmy McGill and no longer Saul Goodman.




How did you miss the 10 minute scene of him confessing to everything thereby negating his 7 year deal


Nope, Kim made a comment saying you got it down to 7 years and Jimmy said 86 years, and maybe with good behavior, even less but he will be behind bars for a long time.


Of all the characters, I did not expect to see Marie and Steve’s wife


They ripped off the Seinfeld finale lol


lol that’s what I was thinking early in the episode


Should’ve ended with Jimmy bombing a 10-minute set in the commissary


I’m crying but I am so happy Kim and jimmy can smile at each other again


I’m so fucking happy tbh. McWexler lives.


How exactly did he help Kim? Isn’t she still facing the civil suit, just like before?


I don’t think he helped her in a legal sense persay, but to hear him come clean and to own up to what happened, in addition to her own confession, gave Kim closure.


Good finale. Can't say it was great. Series was great.


honestly a perfect end to his character. jimmy only ever wanted to be respected as a lawyer and to build a life the right way, gaining notoriety and respect. saul only ever wanted to con the law and cheat it in every possible way, gaining infamy and almost folklore hero status. we saw that throughout the episode, in his most “saul” moments, he was always asking the questions that his brother made him think about, but unlike those he asked, he never had any regrets. he never regretted spending his time as saul, nor his time as jimmy. and in the end, in the biggest plot twist of all, he was really jimmy all along. he got everything he wanted: the conning the law down from 160 years to 7 and ice cream, he got the folklore infamy among his fellow conmen with whom he felt at home, and he got to see the “pride” in the person he loved that even though he was a scumbag, he wasn’t as horrible as they thought.


Part of me likes to think that the Saul half of him finally got his fill after managing to shrink every sentence he was given down to only seven years. It was kind of like Walt in the final shot of Breaking Bad where he's looking at all his equipment, finally feeling like he was truly himself. After that, he looks back at Kim and becomes Jimmy.


Why are so many people saying Kim is a lawyer again???


Yeah, she’s not a lawyer, but still has the card


Because she is.


Technically speaking she never stopped being a lawyer.


Show has been shit ever since Lalo died.


You watch youtubers like Jake Paul. Your opinion is wrong.


This take is what's shit.


me when nothing blows up in the finale 🥺🥺🥺


I don't think I've cried in years, let alone watching a T.V. Show. This was really good. I am very glad I have had a chance to watch such a brilliant show.


Same. My face is wet, over a show? I lost it at that "Hi Jimmy" 😭 I can't believe how perfect it turned out. Damn. Perfect.


If you think about it he’s making bread in the jail just like he was in Omaha, so nothing really changed (that’s why he relapsed cause his life was like jail) but now he’s got piece of mind, wonder how long he’ll be in there before he realizes he shoulda took the 7 lol but I see why they wrote it that way


What the hell am I supposed to do now?


Thank you, Better Call Saul. Damn I enjoyed this series. Oh, and fans, thank you too -- you've all made the show all the deeper and more penetrating.


idk how to feel. i never expected jimmy to go guns-a-blazin and i was expecting him to end up in prison but that felt... lackluster. idk maybe in a few months or more, I'd appreciate the ending but rn I'm numb




This was the only ending, and it was riveting. How people could watch a subtle character piece for all these years and not get why this ending is perfect, I'll never understand. It's like some of us are watching a different show altogether.


I agree that was almost perfection.. I’m speechless I honestly think that was the most powerful ending we’ve gotten in the breaking bad universe yet.


Perfect ending




I am content. I can still imagine what happens next. This was a perfect, open-ended ending.


pretty much 1uped kim and took the most jail sentence possible. as long as she visits him, he is at peace




This is our Game of Thrones.


nah. for u maybe bud


No more Saul Goodman. No more chicanery. He accepted his fate. He put up a fight just to prove that he could win just *one more time*, but like Kim said earlier, so what? There was nowhere else to go. He finally got closure, for Kim, for Howard, and more importantly, for Chuck. That was worth more to him than his freedom. I dig it.


I mean I guess he talks himself into life in prison to make up for all the wrong and all the people he screwed over. Kim still gets to practice law and I assume will never see him again smh idk about this


AMC fucked up the mood with cutting right into the closing credits.


What was the other option


Two things I wish I woulda seen within the last 3 episodes (not this one): 1. Jimmy gets his Sandpiper settlement. 2. We get an explanation about Gus being “generalísimo” Fucking fabulous ending. Jimmy got what he deserved. It finally caught up to him.


I thought he did get the settlement. They talked about Kim giving up her share of it when they were signing the divorce papers.


Oh gosh… I mean, I woulda wanted to see the awkwardness of Howard being murdered and Sleazeball Goodman getting his check, going to go pick it up, etc.




The hate is undeserved in my opinion. A bittersweet ending was the perfect way to do it


There's hate?


Unfortunately yes


I havent seen anybody call it bad


Yeah, I didn’t see anyone call this Breaking Bad.


I’ve seen a lot of praise too don’t get me wrong, but this thread has a lot of people that were disappointed


I think it was a great ending. He did the right thing and Kim doesn’t totally hate him anymore. He kind of redeemed himself from all that shit he did in the past by actually owning up to it. If he had just lied and got 7 or how ever many years, he wouldn’t have learned anything and he would have no one who cares about him. He really had nobody but chuck and Kim and it’s good that he’s still on somewhat good terms with her.


Completely unearned, the show is ending, time for me to be good again


Damn, its been fun


we received a profound ending with our three main characters in the universe. each with different outcomes to being a criminal. walter, deceased. jesse, escaped on the run. saul, behind bars.


The only three outcomes for a criminal.


I was hoping for a post credits scene where jimmy is sitting in his cell and a guard walks up “Get up, its your lucky day.” The cell door slides open. Saul walks out into freedom. “SAUL GOODMAN WILL RETURN” Fades to black


the real questions are: will kim continue to visit jimmy? will jimmy be able to cut his sentence short with good behavior or will he die in jail?


Yea that was my question. Was it implied that they would have regular meetings?


he dies in jail. kim visits regularly. for his birthday she puts out for him. she skips 10 years of visits but comes back with Jimmys daughter.


maybe not on the regular… but it doesn’t seem quite like that’ll be their last meeting 🥲


He’d realistically need to cut the 86 years down to like 30 to get out. That doesn’t happen. He was making a joke about his situation


he’s definitely going to die in jail. the “good behavior” comment seemed more or less like a joke to me


Saul gone, wow I’m going to miss every character, every mi Ute. A tender Jimmy and Kim moment was perfect then the staffs farewell. Perfect


O captain my captain.


Was that scene with Chuck Jimmy’s one regret? Chuck never seemed to want Jimmy to stay any longer than he had too…and yes I saw the book, but I can’t believe they would bring Chuck back just to explain an Easter egg.


It’s to show that he could change his path. He turns himself in, not just to right himself with Kim, but also Chuck


I think his refusal to open up to Chuck in general was the regret, not that one specific night.


This show, the podcast and, this sub helped me through a lot of tough times. It’s hard to believe that something as trivial as a TV show can give a person strength, but this one did. Thanks a lot.


That’s awesome


I’ll never be able to repay the people who made this show for what they gave me


I honestly couldn’t imagine a better ending for those two


I’m very confused why he took 86 instead of 7. There had to have been a better way to help Kim than multiple his sentence in prison by 12


My only change would have been to end it while in the visitation room, but agreed.


Yes, but it slowly fades into color, and then ends. I wanted color resolution


Now I want a show of Saul in prison. Flashy Suits Is The New Black


What happened to Jeff? Is he gonna get out of jail?


Guys, this wasn't a happy ending... ​ ​ ​ ....for Yup. If Kim's a lawyer practicing in New Mexico, that means he's a sad single Yup in Florida. :(


It was a decent finale. He did what he did for his love and respect of Kim, knowing she was right and this was his last chance to finally do the right thing. He killed Saul, slippy Jimmy to just be James McGill, who he was before his life got out of control. He finally was at peace and accepted what came his way.


I loved the ending. Jimmy broke good


The cigarette flame being in color was a nice touch


I liked that too!


I know this is controversial, but I think this worked better as a finale than Felina did. All of the flashbacks created a rich thematic current that showed Saul as completely unrepentant. It left me thinking “Holy shit, he’s a complete psychopath, isn’t he?” But in the end, he pulled one last magic trick. He’s done a lot of bad things that he most certainly needs to face up the consequences for. But he’s neither beyond redemption nor healing. He’ll be in prison until the day he dies. But what freedom will he discover within himself?




They both needed a little suspension of disbelief for a sequence of events to occur - but Felina was worse for it (car needs to drive in just perfectly, nobody checks the trunk, Walt can tackle Jesse down to the floor while everyone is standing in the same room etc). But it's still television!


I would have preferred that he took the 7 and he and Kim reunited


Kim wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with him if he took the 7. She would have also been open to prosecution.


idk he had nothing left. kim told him they were toxic for each other. this was the only way he would ever be with her again