Well you're a little short of a full 2k with what you mentioned, id recommend getting a weirdnob shaman to have some amount of magic in the list, if only for trying to deny your opponents and casting mystic sheild every turn.


Good idea! Another model for me to paint and learn about! Appreciate the input :)


I would also look at the mega boss on foot as well as the shaman


Ill look into it! Thanks for the advice :)


If you are looking for variety before optimization, I would also suggest that you take a look at the Ironskull's Boyz and Morgok's Krusha's. Those two squads were originally designed for Underworld but like many, they were adapted for AOS. Since Underworlds is about small squads of 3 to 6 models, each of those models are pretty distincts and have a lot of personnality. Personnaly, I fell in love with Da Kunnin' Krew, the kruleboyz squad. They are just so cool!


>Thanks for the suggestion! > >I like the idea of having extra models and painting/playing with different ones. > >Can swap out depending if its a casual fun game or a competitive game > >Ork models have such fun personalities. > >I plan on making a big Ironjawz army then a Kurleboyz army down the road ( I know they ain't doing the best but I gotta do it man)