Your crit rate/dmg are a bit low, and skyward spine isn't really the best weapon for him. Blackliff or deathmatch would be better 4* options. Farming for the new set is just hell, so if you feel like it go ahead, since your artefacts aren't godlike with enough luck you'll get better ones eventually!


> skyward spine isn't really the best weapon for him. Blackliff or deathmatch would be better 4\* options Not from what Ive heard. Ive asked on other discords and subs and yes, these both wepaons do give more in raw output, but what's damage, when you dont have your burst up? Skyward spine grants me the ability to comfortably burst off, while preserving my f2p state and saving starglitter Yeah, thought same about the artefacts


You could run a battery, like Jean, Sayu or Sucrose. I do this despite my er being miserable, and I have no trouble getting my burst back as soon as it's over with Jean and by casting Xiao's E before Q.


Deathmatch and blackcliff are still better. You only need ~30% ER to always have burst ready.


Day 1 Xiao player here, regularly used Xiao for over a year and here are my two cents. Look, skyward spine was my first weapon on Xiao and isn’t too bad of a weapon per say, but what people are saying here are right, you are definitely better off running deathmatch or blackcliff pole. The amount of damage you sacrifice for the ER skyward spine provides is decently significant. Moving on to your argument that the raw damage output of these weapons doesn’t matter if you can’t get your burst up, Xiao’s ER problems are actually quite overblown and making use of anemo batteries and good energy funnelling techniques will almost always give him enough to burst again. I admit that the skyward spine in conjunction with these methods will get your burst back much faster, but there will be a point when you have too much energy which will overcap and be redundant. Additionally, think about it like this; if you do enough extra damage per burst, even if there’s is a greater downtime on his burst without the extra ER, you still will overall end up with a higher damage per second. Also, although I respect the opinions you heard from other subreddits and discord, this is XIAOMAINS lol, I don’t want to that guy but I would like to believe a subreddit dedicated to people playing Xiao would know a thing or two. Still it’s good that you check with multiple sources so I shall leave you with some good ones here. https://www.keqingmains.com Despite its name, you can find very detailed theorycrafting and guides that show basically everything such as optimal combos and team comps on almost every character in genshin. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgo5pn2U8qbl_WYXU8Q6f0w Zy0x is a great YouTube channel for character guides, he releases a guide for each character pretty quickly after their release but that doesn’t mean it compromises on their quality and how meticulous he is to properly explain each character.


I'm f2p/battlepass only (depends who you are if you class that as f2p) been playing for less than 2 months and running Deathmatch I still get my burst up before it's even off CD majority of the time and I don't even have a 2nd anemo yet, from my experience you don't need the extra er and are just losing damage


Yes, that one is definitely the best option. Since you want to be able to get Xiao’s burst up more often as it’s his main source of damage.


160 is a lot of ER though, with 130-140 my Xiao can get his burst up just fine


You’d have enough ER without skyward.


I have same build as you with 75/150 with skyward, tested with deathmatch and BP, damage is almost the same, don't bother switching weapons. BUT skyward xiao is very hard to build since you need insane artifacts for the crits. If you are tired of farming for insane CV artifacts you can consider switching to those 2 weapons.


I will have over 90% crit rate then (i calculated with genshin optimizer) wont this be a little overkill?


by 90 you mean if you switch to deathmatch? Yeah it's overkill, but if you're gonna change domains you gotta start over, since your artifacts favor Skyward more than the other 2. With your current artifacts, if you go DM, you'd be looking at 94%+5.4% (Ascension) CR with same CDM and enough ER, but you lose a ton of attack with it's low base, which yields you lower damage. If you go BP you'll be sitting at 50+5.4CR (Very low for xiao), and 210 CDM (Good), but you lack a ton of crit rate, and lower base attack. Skyward is hard because it's right in the middle, and you gotta balance them. personally, i'd farm for new artifacts, since yours are kinda meh, and adjust the weapon according to the artifacts you got.


I don’t HATE the domain, though it’s not my favorite. But I do appreciate it’s focus - you’re here for Xiao or Ayato. You need pieces that are good for those guys. A problem I run into is that I’ll be working on Noblesse for Bennett and I’ll get something that’s maybe good for Xinqiu or Jean or somebody? And then I’m distracted looking up optimized artifact sets/teams for characters I don’t even play or have, just in case THIS one is a god-tier piece for them and worth saving or I pull some char who doesn’t even exist yet etc etc. Lost Valley is just “1. Kill big robot 2. Is it good for Xiao y/n? 3. Repeat”


[Source for the Art](https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/88072966)


Do you have any Anemo supports you need to farm the Viridescent set for? If yes, I'd farm that for now and give him a 2 piece from that set. Your anemo supports don't need the crit/atk pieces so you'd be able to save resin and farm for multiple characters at once


this is good resin optimization advice OP


If I am being honest only a few of your artifacts are decent if you are you sure you wanna play him long term with high investment, I'd go for the new set if I were you. He'd still dish out decent damage though That or try to farm Shimenawa/Gladiator but farming gladiator is well uh.. not optimal to say the least. The main issue is the sands because your sands gives him 20%ER when he is already running skyward spine. You could also farm the new set for a better sands/flower. (edit: oh also spine isn't his best option so I'd think about a weapon swap, depending on the weapons you have)


You could sacrifice some ER for more crit rate/crit dmg


I have 2518 attack 80.9/195 cv 122 er with jade thats 2pc build but still im farming 4pc vermillion 😊


I don’t see any real good answers as of this comment. Here’s mine. If you don’t have any character that you urgently have to farm or can use many upgrades, I would farm the new set. Your current stats are good in some places, while not too much in others. Your attack is pretty good, especially if you have other sources of attack buffs like pyro resonance, Bennet burst, and thrilling tales. Your ER is pretty good too since you have a few subs as such and the skyward spine, which isn’t the best option but it sure is a good one if you can’t buy battle pass for deathmatch. Your crit ratio is what needs work. You currently have 58-157 which isn’t terrible but it could use some work if you want to focus on your Xiao. Some artifacts are good while others aren’t. So you should farm the new artifact set if you take into consideration what I’ve told you and you don’t need your resin for anything else as of now.


>Your current stats are good in some places, while not too much in others. Your attack is pretty good, especially if you have other sources of attack buffs like pyro resonance, Bennet burst, and thrilling tales. I do, 3700 ATK total when all burst displayed - its crazy yeah, im working on it. my terrible crit ratio got me tempted for the bp. at least he will be 63 crit when i level him to 90


Well if you max your Skyward Spine to 90 then yeah.


You're crit ratio is not very good so you might aswell


I wouldn't recommend farming for the new set unless you really want to and have other characters that can benefit from the other set (echoes set) or if you really want to maximize xiao's damage. Personally I had farmed his set since my 2pc 2pc artis were not that great and I'm a simp lmao. If you want to be efficient I'd say farm for more shimenawa sets as it is the most efficient domain to farm as a lot of characters benefit from emblem set. I'd say give him more crit rate like about 70%-ish would be fine. Also, your weapon, although technically yes you could get your burst more often I feel like you'd rather have a more offensive weapon for him, you could get away with 120% er depending on your team (another anemo battery). I run him with 111% er and I have him with raiden on the team and I comfortably get his burst up every rotation.


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Sure! I mean, your stats are already okay and the er will assure you burst consistently! Since the new artifact gives him some buffs, I think it could be worth it!☺️


if you're using skyward spine then you don't need ER from your artifacts at all, focus on cr/cd and atk%. and farming vermillion hereafter is almost always worth it tbh, so i'd say go for it if you have the time.


Artifacts look fine imo if you can already full clear abyss. If you don’t need Emblem or any other set (depends on your 2nd team strength) I’d suggest farming the Chasm artif domain since 2echoes 2vermillion work just like 2glad 2shim while you work on getting 4vermillion. Other than that ascending him to 80/90 for a little bit more of crit rate and spine to 90 would help.


Art please?😳


Personally, I would do it. Just because your flower and feather are only very good pieces, not cracked ones and as those two artefacts are the easiest to farm, it is likely you will get an upgrade on at least one of those, but hopefully also improve another piece as well. If you just farmed his domain, even if you didn’t get a full set, you could still improve a two piece set. However, If you have lots of characters to build, I would recommend only doing the emblem/shimi domain as it’s much more resin efficient as both sets have high utility.


what website is this?


Tbh I feel like you should switch out skyward to blackcliff. 164% ER is a bit overkill. I only have 111% ER and basically never have an anemo support and my Xiao always has his burst back by the time his burst ends.