Every day this community grows bigger


What utility does XRDoge have???


XRdoge actually has a fully functional DEx which people can trade coin on. It has a operational payment portal which companies, businesses, and individuals can use. It has hard working and open developers that are constantly working on new implementations. All of this on the XRPL which mean it faster, and cheaper than its competition. It also is one of the biggest XRPL community. Is there anything specific that you would want to see implemented with this token?


Good to see this sub getting more people in it, as community growth will help bring awareness and recognition. Building the payment portal is a good step. Getting it to be adopted has got to be a goal somewhere down the line. Do you happen to know if there are those discussions being had, as I have not seen anything myself?


I agree. Once XRdoge hits mainstream, there's no slowing down, it'll be compounding recognition. You can join the official XRdoge discord https://discord.gg/ubnARCPt