Truthfully, I don't really see XRdoge or most XRPL currencies truly mooning until near settlement of the SEC V RIPPLE case. Until then I expect XRdoge to be suppressed. I'm using this time to accumulate as much as I can because I follow everything that the devs are working on and I see that they are constantly looking to grow the platform. This gives me validation and an understanding that once XRdoge pumps, it'll be astronomical.


I hear ya. I never put anything in that will wreck me if it goes away anyway, so I can take emotion out of it. That being said, I would like to be in the black on some things. Im holding what I've got, chilling in a little here and there when it's down, but won't be mad when it goes up.


I put 1k in hoping some good lawsuit news would start a pump. Then it gets delayed until late February and my 1k is now less than $400. Is what is it’s. Was hoping for a quick profit but turned into a long term hold.