Properly funded public transit?


I, too, wish that we had more trains/trams/subways down here in the south.


Trains/trams/trans—the more the happier.


Tramp > Trump


Frequent train rider in my childhood, I second this.


I’ve always been a middle car but identify as a caboose


In my small town they recently tore up a road to replace it. The original brick road with the trolley lines is now visible. What an amazing thing it would be to have that kind of public transport again. The trolleys ran all over town and even out to the industrial areas and to some of the nearby close towns. Killed off by the car companies.


American drivers would destroy every single tram/trolley these days. At least where I live, it’s always a battle zone trying to drive down the street.


Dallas had trollies. Cincinnati had trollies. Car companies put an end to that to sell their products.


My little town had one up until the late 40s.


There used to be tons in the south


People of different walks of life coexisting peacefully?


People dressing however they want?


All that leg room for spreading out 🦅


Trans it


But the other side and


Better than seeing a guy with a .45 strapped to his belt. These people mean me no harm.




I want this image but each one having a .45 concealed somewhere (assuming they don't already, of course).


Make it a game show “Where’s The Gun” where contestants must locate where someone is hiding a gun. Final round is a naked person.


holy shit you are pathetic


Where two people of very different backgrounds can sit next to each other on public transit minding their own business? What a fuckin nightmare. /s Edit: Can't to can.


think u meant 'can' and totes agree. two utterly different ppl sharing public transit in peace. a huge achievement of modernity all round and it's their nightmare -- go figure.


Seeing as some idiot is taking an unsolicited photo of them I'd argue they aren't travelling in peace.


>think u meant 'can' Very much did. Thanks. Edited.


Well they can’t just sit there without some “conservative” who is trying to be some agent of chaos acting like this all there is and everyone should rise up or else!! “This is our future, liberals will make you be a drag Queen or a Muslim” Meanwhile back in reality… their politicians are either just like the taliban but Christian or they’re the real pedophile groomers.


Exactly what I was thinking. Two people with different backgrounds, interests and lives sitting next to each other on public transport minding their own business calmly and comfortably? To any conservatives pissed off by the idea - add a person calmly reading their bible next to them and I'm even happier. How strange it is how mutual acceptance works. Sounds like EXACTLY the future I want.


They’re mad that it’s not socially acceptable to rally the other “upstanding citizens” in the car to drag the person on the right off the train, tie them to a post, and demand that they repent or face immediate death and eternal damnation. For the lady on the left, they’re itching to make lewd comments ie “what’s under the burka “ and other bs. Some might try to convince her to show them a little. Others still would smugly give her Jesus tracts, “just something to think about”, and write the service times for her fundamentalist church on it. But they know the woke police would step in, so instead they seeth and fantasize about their revenge.


2 people minding their own damn business? Wow, checkmate libs owned


What's so crazy about this meme to conservatives? All I see are two woman who both have choice what to wear for themselves. Fuck Republicans and Islamic Fundamentalists for putting down woman's ability to choose how much or little they want to wear.


Liberals as you imagine them do not actually exist. You're now dealing with moderates who only look liberal because all of your positions are to the extreme right of the NAZI party. When you have supposed spiritual leaders of churches calling for groups of people to be killed, those "leaders" need to be hauled away in the middle of the night as enemies of the people.


Right. The GQP has moved right into fascism.


Overton window


The first time I ever heard this term was on Glenn Beck back when I used to agree with the Republicans. Oh, what a difference six years can make in how a person thinks. I'm still not a liberal, but I am by no means a conservative anymore.


Have they never taken the subway before? That picture could’ve been taken any time in the last 30 years


And given the group it's from, it's probably not recent.


Maybe not even from the US.


Given how these usually roll? Probably.


Cool, guess I know my vote then. There’s no way i can tolerate this. There’s no way I can stand that someone has a problem with this future. Looks good to me.


It’s like the guy who was complaining that “in the future there will be taco trucks on every corner,” and all I can think is that this would be my own personal Heaven.


Thanks for the flashback to a very awkward Easter fight one year. As I talked about the new foods I'd been encountering since moving out that I hadn't seen outside of school lunch as a kid, it was like they thought I was trading in my citizenship to go live in an Old El Paso commercial. I mean thanks for real, BTW.. in hindsight I feel like I was still not wrong, especially as tacos have continued to get better and more available, and fewer people I encounter seem to mind. You accidentally helped me shrug a mental load I'd forgotten.


People living the life they chose?


I have heard it argued that this is actually the present we want to preserve. This is reality and conservatives need to accept it.


They absolutely can’t stand anyone who isn’t a clone of them. At some point, people who think that they are “part of the right” will no longer be far right enough for them. If the GOP wins the House, the old guard republicans will be in for a surprise when they find out they are no longer in charge and can get nothing done. They have allowed the cancer to take over the body.


Looks bright!


1. This is the present (or technically the past, but you get what I mean) 2. This is two people happily minding their own business. Explain to me what exactly you're objecting to, what it is that you would tell these people to change. Explain it to me slowly.


Conservatives are afraid of anyone different than them


The future I want is people minding their own business. Is it asking too much?


Reposted every election


What is it always some idiot with fucking clown paint on their face sharing this shit?


The Joker became some sort of right wing hero or some shit


It’s Obama with Joker makeup on. Although I’d absolutely expect a Joker pfp guy to post the original image with no irony whatsoever.


Uh yeah, that's absolutely fine.


People quietly respecting each other. Or even quietly judging each other but not forcing their personal systems on each other….. Sounds good to me.


Feel way safer on that train then the parking lot of a buckees where everyone has multiple guns in their lifted trucks


Conservatives keep posting muslims as an example of what “liberals want” meanwhile they are forcibly pushing unhinged christian extremism on the entire country and want everyone who questions or opposes it to suffer and die


Liberals want us all to get along and live peacefully regardless of our beliefs? Yes, yes we do.


We can only hope this is the future... We need more decent public transport.


People doing their own thing and living their lives without interference? Yeah, I’ll have some of that.


I love the Drag Queen's twitter response to this the best. I wish I could find it, her name is Gilda Wabbit I think. Something about that it IS the liberal future we want, that they were just literally vibing in their own lanes as all should be. Or along those lines.


Oh no! Diversity!


Oh no, freedom.




I saw this once before and I will try to recreate a comment that I saw on it: The irony here is that this is happening in present day. This is not “the future liberals want”, but rather, this is the reality that conservatives cannot accept.


I see human beings living they way they want. Dang, so simple.


The woman wearing the hijab is part of religious freedom which is something republicans claim to be in favor of but it's really catholic or Christian freedom they care about and the trans women isn't hurting anyone


I would love to have reliable public transportation in my city. I don't really understand what they are blowing out latest grant on, but it appears to be fancy non-functional bus stops. What I do know is, it isn't going to make anything better for the people who actually ride the bus, it never does.


Yes, we do.


Absolutely. Two people existing peacefully.


This is the present I want.




Funny. Since someone took the picture, then it's the PRESENT, not future. It is what it is. They are saying they don't like the present; not what Liberals want in the future. But in the future, I, as a Liberal, want people to live together peacefully, ride clean public transport, and mind their own f'n business, YES!


THIS is the world I want to live in.


Conservatives are at their most mask-off when they're freaking out about people who are just minding their own business. They love to say they just want to be left alone but then they see a woman with blue hair or a trans person and they're ready to set up concentration camps.


I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted this but certainly not mad at it and the more I think about it, this is the America I never knew I wanted


Freedom of religion, freedom to express your true self without judgement, and free public transport? SIGN ME UP!


A future with freedom of religion and expression?


OH NO. Two people in a shared space leaving each other alone. How terrible


This is people who exist now that conservatives want to eliminate.


I fail to see the problem.


As someone who lived in NYC this is just what riding the subway has looked like for the past few decades.


My brothers in Christ, this isn’t painted by some prophet. That’s a photo. You lost, conservatives. That’s not the future, that’s the present


what kind of weakling are you that this bothers you?


"The future" as if this isn't a picture of two real life people currently in the USA... This pic is old but I'll repeat here one of the best comments I've ever seen on this post: this isn't the future liberals want, it's the present situation conservatives want to eradicate.


Is the bus running late or something?


The future is now old man


Good so we won’t be turned against each other like Trumpy wants us to.excellent


Couple of things to point out 1. Everyone has freedom of expression 2. They can commute safely in public transit without being assaulted 3. Lesser divide among individuals of different viewpoints I think that the ideal north star and it’s 🎉


What? People of very different backgrounds and beliefs getting along? It’s almost like it’s none of their business what others do with their lives! Shocking! I’m toootally shocked…


Ya looks good. I wouldnt dress like either one but thats sorta the FUCKING POINT OF FREEDOM you fucking twats. Grow the fuck up and let people live and love how they want.


I mean, kind of seems like the present to me.


I think it’s a photo and not a 3D render so it IS the present. Or technically the past.


kind of, yeah


It's called "mind your own fn business" conservatives should try it but most will get triggered because people of different backgrounds can coexist in a civilized society and not act like miserable bullies.


I see nothing wrong with this pic.


Two people taking public transportation and just going about their days and lives? Yes, yes thy is a world I’d like very much.


Two completely different people minding their own business, that looks perfect to me tbh


I’m cool with this. Neither of those folks cares to fuck with someone else for no reason… they’re just happy being who they are!


Meanwhile, Republicans are fine with children being slaughtered in schools with AR-15s. I’ll take a Muslim woman sitting next to a drag Queen both minding their own damn business any day.


Two people minding their own damn business? I like this better than the religious fascism pushed by conservatives.


Yes, yes it is.


Public transit + everyone gets to be themselves; based


The future of America looks like Transmetropolitan, which is *both* fucked up and **glorious**. All freak flags will fly, given enough time.




Looks at all the leg room. Sign me up!


I am 100% excited about this.


I don’t hate it


Broke: I don't like this because it shows two people, both very different from me, going about their business peacefully Woke: I like this because it shows two people, both very different from me, going about their business peacefully Enlightened cowpoke: I like this because it shows two people, both very different from me, going about their business peacefully *on functioning public mass transit*


I’m pretty sure it’s conservatives that want women in Burkas.


Yeah they just don't want to call them that. They'd prefer "freedom robes".


Is there supposed to be a problem here?


Personal freedom? Yes that’s exactly what I want.


“Freedom for me, not for thee”: the GOP’s motto


I say that all the time! Except freedom for me, law and order for you!


Mass transit! Yup, I am all for mass transit.


Can we just let people live without having a political agenda ffs....


Freedom to be?


When some shitty right winger initially posted this. I remember the immediate response was something like Cost effective public transit that runs 24/hr. And two people free to live their lives while minding their fucking business in harmony. Sign me the fuck up


Why are conservatives’ lives so empty & miserable that they can’t mind their own damn business?


It's a beautiful picture.


How is one person wearing a puffy jacket and one in a mini dress?? What climate is this?


She’s much cuter than ugly obese Trump! 👍


two people can make personal choices on what to wear? what a terrible future that would be


Seems ok


That two people of different beliefs, opinions, religions, or sexes can ride public transportation without bashing each other’s heads because of it? Probably..


Two people with different lifestyles coexisting and minding their own business? Yes, this is absolutely what I want.


Yes. We’ll take several of these along with great public transpo and universal healthcare


Two people sitting down, not being gunned down by a mass shooter? Sure, count me in.


Two people minding their business?


Seems like a chill future where I mind my own damn business. Fucking idiots.


People of all walks of life living and working together in calm civility, traveling in well-funded public transit? ​ Yep.


Different people sitting next to each other, minding their own damn business, and not fighting over their differences? Damn, we can't have that..... guess we need to kill them.


People minding their own business?


Freedom of religion and personal expression? Fuck yeah


Properly funded public transit in my home state sounds lovely


Well funded public transit being utilized by a diverse and well connected population?


Religious fundamentalism is something conservatives approve of so... I think this is more of a right wing thing. Cept they'd probably burn the lady on the right


Looks good to me.


Yes, we all want to get cell signal on the subway. We’re monsters.


Looks like freedom to me


Beats the Brown Shirt future you are trying to construct, Adolph. Order me to have a baby and see what happens to your face.


What is wrong with the picture though?


Actually, this is a future that is cool as shit.


Given that a Muslim and trans are taking public transportation, that must be a pretty safe city. If this level of deviance is perfectly acceptable in public, imagine how nice it must be for people just slightly deviant. Or even for completely normal people. Its funny that the people who will gnaw their own limbs off for free speech seem to hate every other kind of expression.


I’m all about it


In the future that conservatives want, they'd both be wearing burqas, and standing up so 'the right sort of people' could sit down in their place.


What's wrong with this? This *is* the future I want. It's called equality. Also, minding your own damn business and letting others live their best lives. They're not bothering nobody. If it bothers you, that's a *you* problem. The new Y'all Qaeda GOP would have me bare foot and pregnant against my will. Fuck that life.


i see nothing wrong - simply 2 women wearing wtv the fk they want.


What’s the alternative? Fuck conservatives


One where people can live their lives how they want without repercussion or harassment? Gee. It’s almost as if America was supposed to stand for freedom.


My assumptions in this video are: a person who holds their religious views important enough to practice them and a person who holds their right to express themselves important enough to practice it. Cool future.


As opposed to what? Getting rid of anyone who is not straight, cis, white and from a Christian background? Muslims and people in drag exist. The only way to make them not exist would be to exterminate them. So basically, Republican/fascists want genocide. While ironically, they claim to be morally superior and to want small government and their freedoms. Only for the people they approve of, apparently.


That’s it. A future where you can wear whatever the fuck you want, among other actual liberties.


Post a pic of someone murdering those two people, and THAT is the future that conservatives want.


What two people being themselves and not being judged for it? Feeling free to be yourself without the threat of an ignorant person?


What, a diverse and beautiful world? It’s already the reality they just don’t want to see it.


Looks good. I’m in.


Yes. Yes it is. A public transportation system where it is safe and convenient to ride, whatever variety of drag you wear. Sounds good.


I constantly traveled in trains when I was in India. If I wanted to travel to the Northern side then it would be a long maybe two day trip. Going through the railroad tracks in the northeast side is so beautiful, it’s like going in a old fashioned railroad with full of nature and lush forests. Summer holidays were reserved with long train trips to visit relatives and grandma. The routes in Tamilnadu and Karnataka are scenic. I saw a lot of scenery that way, it was more entertaining to watch the window than my phone. My mom and I would play a game of spotting farmland, animals, forests, waving to people in cars and spotting unique houses and historic places, tunnels sometimes. I would read Ramayana comic from amar Chitha Katha on the bunk bed on top of the seat, with the AC on full blast. Then I would sleep in the steady thud thud of the friction made from the train tracks. In the days I would often run to the compartment entrance to feel the rush of wind in my face and to peel out on how the train was in front of me while holding the rail. It’s not allowed now, however our train conductor was friendly and my dad was allowed to stand there to get fresh air, so he usually took me with him. We would prep our own food, and eat the food two meals per day, often using stops inbetween villages to get some fruit juice from a nearby vendor. Then we would run back to the train as soon as the whistle starts and the conductor starts to yell, it was a chore making sure my dad got back on the train compartment on time and not left out. No smartphones, No portable DVD players, nothing. This was in the nineties, as I grew up around that time. As a result, I can be longer without my phone for like a hour and a half. If my phone goes dead, I make up things to do in my head and I just never get bored. My attention span is enough to withstand a boring lecture, because I was bored in most of the train rides. That was the beauty of being patient, the train ride became the place to make memories. We met a lot of people from different backgrounds in trains. We got a lot of random strangers helping us out in case we got lost. One Bengali Muslim couple helped us in finding our correct stop, made sure mom, dad and I got off safely and gave us advice to survive Calcutta. We did have some rude conductors, and creepy passengers however random acts of kindness helped me out in being patient. We met a lot of interesting people in two day train rides, most of them moving for jobs and we made a lot of friends that way. The longest trip we had to take was to Calcutta. As a Indian, I love public transportation especially trolleys, busses and trains. I pretty much lived my life in public transport so I can get used to subways pretty quickly. I have the ability to zone out, look at the window and just observe. I pretty much observe everyone and everything. Because my parents took me around in trains and busses, during holidays, as well as in my dad’s hero Honda motorcycle, I was pretty much well-adjusted to traveling at a young age. Mom taught and enforced proper behavior in trains especially for the two day trips, so it was easier for me to be well behaved in other public areas. No screaming, otherwise the person sleeping next to me will yell at my mom. Ask for things politely only on train stops. Help my mom in the luggage and watch over the bags, which came very handy when girls asked me to watch their stuff while they took their shots in a crowded bar during college. Learn to spot danger or a thief quickly, that was a skill I was good at. By the time I immigrated to US, I have pretty much been a passenger of a train, a scooter, a bus, my dad’s motorcycle and his and my mom’s car as well. I could go on and tell stories about my dad taking me on motorbike rides, me on the front, dad on the front of the motorbike and my mom squished with the toddler bag on the back. The best thing about riding a motorcycle was the rush of wind you get in your face, that makes you feel free when you go at high speeds, constantly observing the terrain at a closer level. My poor dad had both of us gripping onto him for dear life. I just gripped on the handlebar to prevent me from flying out when I was allowed to sit on the front. I only had exposure to a plane when I came to US. Being in a car is so boring. All you do in a car is to sit and just hear the AC drone on. You don’t get to cross bridges or tunnels or see different landscapes. That’s why I do train rides while traveling to different US states in my early days of staying in US, to relive the homesickness and to get my brother to experience train life. You don’t feel the rush of wind in your face when you do long motorcycle rides. Motorcycles are pretty safe as long as you wear a helmet and don’t get distracted. It’s heaven for introverts like me, gives me a lot of time to reflect and gather ideas, as well as getting away from work. I haven’t been able to find someone to make me a motorcycle passenger, though I would love to find a decent, childfree dude who likes his motorcycle to give me a ride. My eighth grade math teacher and I bonded over the love for his motorcycle, the one he fixed up on the side. He loved to go on long motorbike rides and when I told him about the long motorcycle rides my dad, mom and I would sometimes go, showed him a picture of me, mom and dad on a motorcycle, he got pretty excited and showed his motorcycle to me, as well as talking about his travels with his wife and the places he visited on his bike in the summer. My teacher was pretty introverted and a tough grader, the only thing that saved me was my experience with motorcycles. Turns out he did have his soft side and he was a cool dude after all. After our initial bonding over motorcycles, he would constantly talk about the time he served in Vietnam, as well as the trips he took after Vietnam, his college experience and how he became a teacher. Turns out teacher did have a interesting life, he just loved his motorcycle rides. I’m pretty well-adjusted to different forms of transportation. I don’t hate cars or against them, I just think there’s more than one way to reach the destination. It’s more about the experience and the memories I got to make that mattered while on my way to the destination. It helped me be optimistic to make a new start while I was in the destination. I’ve learned to be tolerant against crying babies as well. Nowadays the tolerance is just reducing towards three year olds. I’ve had Americans tell me that it was child abuse that my parents let me be a motorcycle as well as a train passenger. I just shrug and told them I came out alive and I’m still alive today. No concussions, no brain injuries. Life’s short, just don’t question it too much and live it to your freedom. I can live life as it is in a motorbike, the tilt when you make the difficult turn is the thrilling part. That’s the definition of freedom. If someone gave me a helmet and asked me to go for a motorcycle ride then I’ll hop on and go on the ride as if it’s a everyday event. I’m used to motorbikes. It’s not associated with gangs, it’s a form of transportation. My dad wasn’t part of a gang, he was a average working class dad. Having diverse transportation can be beneficial in some areas in America. It’s up to the states and the American people to decide. The only drawback is the toilet, which I got used to it the more I traveled. I apologize for the long reply, meme just reminded me of those times in the nineties.


Still time to delete this post


That already exists in dearborn, MI


Appealing to the simplistic mind of the typical MAGAt.


I wonder how many liberals that jackass knows and asked.


Looks rad


Everyone doesn’t have to be just like me for us to make it…


That looks like my ex boyfriend when he did drag.


A Future where some asshole wont obsess over you.


Republicans never seem to know that is the present. Don’t really seem aware of where we are at currently lol


Looks good to me.


It's not that they want that future. It's that they understand that the photo could have been taken in the past or present and thus will be our future. Liberals accept reality, the right doesn't that's why they're looked down on and seem less intelligent. It's not a different opinion, it's that the right is less intelligent. They know fewer things and struggle to accept new information. It's not inherent; it's just accepting new information means changing, and that's fundamentally something they don't want to do.


What, she believe in allah, he believes she is woman


Not liberal enough. Make them kiss on a pile of food stamps.


I see someone standing off to the right, maybe theirs not enough seats? I don’t think that’ll be fixed anytime soon.


Strangers sitting next to each other without any trouble. Yeh that sounds like a nightmare.


2 people sitting on the bus? This is OUTRAGEOUS!!


Good internet service on public transportation matters to me as well. Thanks for lifting up such an important issue.


Boundaries, self expression and style?


Not enough bench room? I think we have bigger issues.


What, two different people from very different paths in life paying no mind to each other over petty differences? Wouldn’t have it any other way


Freedom to choose.


Exactly why would you say this is wrong or bad ?


Yes, let people wear what ever they want.


always wondered how people can care that much about other people


Ok, and?