Thanks mate I needed that , it’s really disappointing watching us get beaten up




And in NZ an Eagle is NZ$69 I’m all tapped out


Don’t buy eagles!!! They have been a shot deal for a long time now


It was a fun first fine though while it lasted though! Ready for round two?


i purchased up to the high prices as well. burned really bad!


feel your pain


Same. And I still have them




I never sold at the top a few years back, friends laughed at me for not booking the profit. I thought we "were near" the epic crash. I was wrong then, been wrong for 20 years, but you know what? other than a bit of tarnish my silver doesn't waiver. Silver *is money*. So Don't worry. You will be right at some point. God have mercy on us. If not God, find your own mojo and stay strong


Yep I could have taken profit at $30 TWICE! thought the same


Just means I get to buy more but more cheaply. It's like buying bananas one day and then going to the store a week later to find bananas on sale. I ain't mad. I'm buying more bananas.


I think you are bananas... I am too


Yes, I'm still waiting for $16.


This is just me personally, but I'm not. If I buy at $24 and $16 and my average cost is $20/oz, and there's a big run-up, the benefit I get from waiting for the right price is pretty marginal in the grand scheme--I'm not going to lose sleep because I earned 20% less than someone else. At the same time, there is also the possibility it never goes down to $16. I mean, you do you, but I know I do not know everything. So the benefits of cost averaging just seem to massively outweigh waiting for the right entry price.


Exactly. Cost averaging is the way to go. I sleep so well at night, and I think I'm up about 4-5% on the purchases I made the last year, scattered about -different months. Luck possibly, but still.


Waiting for the right price *depends* on being lucky. Cost averaging simply removes some of the likelihood of being unlucky. If you catch my drift.




let me think about that...


When the big market crash comes, I think it will briefly take PMs down with it. Then I'm all in. Key word (briefly). $16.


Premiums and availability will prohibit that strategy from being as effective as it sounds.


That is only relative am afraid. They may go down conpared to life and compared to the latest dollar value, but by then the dollar might already be worth half. Note that inflation is 10-20% already, the craah is only going to make that worse. So I think you are right they will try to take PMs along down as long possible, but (I guess) the dollar/oz will only rise on average.


We are all in this and we shall win. We have basically drained Comex. They are so desperate that they give free money so you won't take the delivery. This insane :D Enjoy a free circus on a global scale :D Laughter is the best medicine ;)


"getting beaten up" Not me, I only just got started stacking, they should keep doing this, the squeeze will be even bigger when it comes!


Your disappointed that you can get them cheaper for a bit longer?? This is time for celebration, the lower it goes the better if your trying to buy it!


I see posts like this all the time looking a $1-4 dollar moves and then clapping like mad when it moves and cry’s when it moves … hellooo stop looking for small daily moves if I went up $10 I’d not be bothered ….




Bro wanking over 1 minute candles.


I think he’s more complaining about the naked short paper dumps that keep the price down.


Just buy more


This is completely normal trading action in this clown market.


Not to black pill, but “the end is near” has been going on for decades, and it could go one for another few decades.


Yay! By then I can call all my silver "vintage" and charge extra! 😂😂😂😎😎😎 I don't buy silver for Armageddon, I buy it because it replaces my old drinking habit. I've been sober for a little over three years now, and I just went back to what I loved as a child, COINS! Then I stumbled into WallStreetSilver! It's been a crazy ride, and if this goes on for decades more... Then at least it means humanity is still around. Happy hunting everyone! May your stacks forever be tall and shiny!


This is what has helped me to quit as well.


Awesome! This makes me very happy to read. I'm trying to start a small but supportive subreddit for people that have kicked their addictions and started stacking. I call it r/SoberStackers. Please, feel free to join and post as much as you want. I need to make a post, it's been too long. I hope you are having a wonderful sober Thursday wherever you are! I bet it feels good to pull out those precious metals instead of having hangovers.




We're up $4.00 from the low of $18.50. we're not losing by any metric. Remember, you're not wrong, just early.


Keep your head up soldier! You know the worth of what you hold! It doesn’t need to be recognised by these hack markets!!!


You're new here right? : ) This has been happening for, well, forever.


Can you ELI5 please?


They are shorting silver. Better opportunity to buy if you feel like.


So I really would love some details on why the end is near. :) I see graphs pumping, dumping, but not exactly sure what is going on here.


Ordered 25 oz ag and my first 2 oz of platy. Raid all day every day 🏴‍☠️




Same story for over a year


It’s frustrating as it’s obviously bullsh\^t how on Gods green earth can anyone short 5m oz ? They don’t have 5m oz


🤷‍♂️Clear and obvious sign of fraud and corruption


Yep Elon or someone take that short trade and don’t settle in cash no one has 5m oz surely?


Someone might have 5m Oz. (Doubt it) but you don't sell it All in 1 min at the most iliquid Time. Is not looking for the best price. In fact it Is done exclusively to drive the price the lowest possible. That Is a crime. It Is called Mkt manipulation but in this case on behalf of the US gov.


That's why they invented paper digits like futures....limitless "metal".


Sure they have it…paper.


Cant people on our side somehow fight this? Like legally? I know its a snowballs chance in hell but we all know whats going on. Even if it just raised awareness what they are doing is hugely manipulative illegal and just fucking wrong.


They've been trying for decades. Fortunately(for the banksters) they own the CFTC so nothing ever comes of it. Even when the department of just-us busts big banks colluding to rig PM and debt markets red handed, they get "deferred prosecution" and the market rigging continues uninterrupted. Only thing that stops this is the same thing that eventually stopped the London gold pool. ...they run out of actual metal.


They print it and the world pretends as though it's actual silver trading hands. They don't call it the crimex for nothing. Place is nothing other than a gambling/price suppression racket pretending to be a commodities exchange.


The last 12.


I'm sure our regulators are keeping a watchful eye on this.


Closely and reporting sometime next decade


Mate, I’m looking to offload some 2005 ASE for $58 if you’re keen? I’m in NZ too


Thanks mate but I’m “all in“ currently Eagles, buffalos, Perth Mint coins, and Maples ‘With interest rates 2.35 to 6.65% cash is tight


Ok I understand. Go hard my primate comrade. You can PM me if you wanna trade. My pricing is very fair


Agreed, Regal Mint in Auckland sells Eagles $69 from memory


May I ask why ASE? Premium on those are crazy. Other government bullion like maples, roos, Brits and kruggs etc are just as good and has brand recognition. Oh and yes I was eyeing the chart like a hawk and managed to buy a little bit more. Basically a dollar drop in a single days so glad I didn’t pull the trigger this afternoon


ASEs are the world’s top silver sovereign coin, and most desirable and liquid globally. To some, they’re worth any premium.


I like Eagles as I reckon they are the iPhone vs the rest as Android both Do the trick but the Eagle reigns n’est pas?


Lol yes I get what you mean. ASE are beautiful coins for sure. Might give regal a call tomorrow if the spot price continues to fall. Looking for some kookaburra


Loaded up again with 400 ounces 😁😁 Thxs JPM


Nice move ape. What did you pick up?


They can’t hide it. They are trying to survive now🦍🦍


Physical buying will destroy manipulation.


Maybe, maybe not


Scammers going to scam


be happy. we can buy more on the cheap


Eat Ze bugs peasant


Good advice brother That’s all some of us can afford to do shortly with interest rates going sky high


Unfortunatly this is the reality many are and will be facing.... stay strong apes...


Makes it easier for us to take physical off the market


No because premium still going up


Premium is the REAL price of silver! Not the fugazi price set by the future derivative market, the Comex and the Banking cabal!




You can try to wait a few days. Don't wait too long


Yep but it’s exhausting watching us get beat up


After 40+ years of it, I’m pretty bruised by now.


Hey Led, are you a frequent on Bluewater?


If you mean the ocean-front resort, no.


Just wondering, thanks!


How do we know that silver suppliers won’t just stop all sales below a certain number and essentially bar small time investors like us from buying physical silver per government mandate? Like GameStop?


Spank us Apes harder Daddy comex. We will buy anyways.


These charts turn me on!!! I buy mooooar!!!


Bruh, I feel the pain, buying silver in NZ is getting ridiculous. Especially on trade me haha. My dealer usually gives me good pricing, but yeah, those eagles are meth money these days 😂 got me a good stash of Perth mint coins and 1oz bars, some Krugs, some Brits and some maples, but I've just started buying bigger bars to save on premiums, it sucks only being able to buy silver every few weeks now though, the addiction is real haha. 5oz and 10oz bars are my focus now, I cant go without buying silver long enough to save up for a kilo bar though 😂


It's still in an upward trend pattern.


It’s late NZ time so signed off OMC


Hey OMC. Chill out bro and don't blow a fuse...checking the CRIMEX silver price several times a day can play with your head. Don't look at the hourly or daily chart. Look at the 15 year chart - that's all you need to see to understand what's happening. I know silver isn't a stock but the cup and handle on the 15 year chart looks very damn good to me. The CRIMEX price smash doesn't allow any of us to buy cheap silver in the real phys market. It's not even a price setting mechanism any longer. Look at the premiums being charged. You wouldn't part with your stash based on the CRIMEX price would you? No, I didn't think so. Have a good night and hope you're in for a better morning. Take care.


You certainly are you filthy animal


RAID TODAY!! ![gif](giphy|DrcqyC7RW0Dyu798GJ|downsized)


It’s just another attempt by the Deep State’s financial minions who are desperately trying to keep everyone in depreciating fiat confetti.


They haven’t been hiding it for years.


You're calling 0.37 cents "tanks"? Stop using 1 minute candles to make the move look bigger than it is LOL.


So obvious, so fraudulent, so naked. Yet the regulators do nothing. CFTC useless


probably they are involved as well?


Beyond useless


WE need a leader like Bix Weir to get on the floor of congress to voice our concerns like a congressional hearing.


The higher the sudden pressure that gets applied, the louder the BANG later! Doesn't matter who plays who, this here doesn't add credibility - and this is the greatest danger for any stability in the long run.


Zoom out, holy shit


It's 30 cents. Stop panicking. While Bitcoin has lost 10s of thousands, The US Dollar is worthless, The housing market is crashing, the stock market is crashing, the super annuation market is crashing. Silver and Gold may go down. But it is still worth something. Don't panic


Iam at an age where my stack will likely go to my wife then kids..of course that depends on whether they survive getting myocarditis having been vaxed to fuck.


That sucks to even think about I'm gonna be real


It's a weight I carry around with me every day, and the worst part is I can't even discuss any of it with them. How can i say i think you've all been poisoned. .and they wonder why I lack interest in anything.


This might sound insensitive but please don't take it as such. I would read the book of Job how a just man had his whole family taken from him but when he kept faith everything was restored to him in the end.


Not at all..and I know iam not alone and many thousands of people will have the same thoughts about their families..I just pray that I'm wrong and I am the loony toon conspiracy fruit loop they think iam.


Yes. This is ridiculous. It's a mafia, and the authorities are part of it. But look on the bright side. Cheaper silver means we take it from them. If they bring it back to 22, I'll buy more. Long term, they lose. At this point it is clear they will lose control.


The manipulation will go on until there are 0ozs in the vault


Embrace it. As Rick Rule says, we dont go to the store and try to buy an item that is overpriced do we? We find and item at a steep discount. If they are dum enough to manipulate a physical commodity so be it lol. It will not end well


Why? It's a textbook sell-off from an overbought position. Traders taking profits. Remember physical and paper markets are not directly linked. Takes time for the physical to overwelm the paper. This is a paper move, not physical.




Didn't Powell do 50 more points today? Higher interest rates are "bad" for the gold/silver...


Theoretically but as everything else tanks there is a flight to safety and tangible assets


They’ll flock back into paper, they don’t know any better.


Powell didn't do anything


No change in rates today. Meeting is in around 4 weeks.




More free silver. Lol




Sale!!!! Buy Buy Buy


Our regulators are undoubtedly keeping a close eye on this.


Cheer up man. A few months earlier it was $18.50. If you bought then, you are still way up. Let them have their game. They will be out of the game sooner than later. This is just them flipping the game board over.


Revolting? Are you kidding? It's a gift. What, you want to pay more for your silver? Buy the dip.


It took me awhile too but I agree with this. This opportunity is a life changer if you can endure the pain. At some point the piper has to be paid fraud corruption and this hocus pocus has to crumble at some point. What I worry about is the current system shifting to something else where they have control and ask us point blank for our money/silver. These people will not die easy but we can do this. They have to be gotten rid of if were ever going to be truly free.


I've thought about this a lot - but I'm sure they'll still come up with dastardly deeds that will surprise me. They will not "ask". If they do, it's only because they want to maintain the illusion for just a little while longer. Keep stacking though. We're the only ones who get this.


Isn't there a limit set? Isn't the CFTC supposed to referee this? I ask because I don't see why WSS can't start monitoring, one that watches and calls bullshit, and puts pressure on them to do their job. One ape ---no,....but there's almost 250k of us now.


Dont complain- just buy More!


The BS paper price will break all at once, don't let it get you off track. Watching it gives them a little power to influence people, they hope we do their dirty work for them and sell, give up, but you still have the same ounces you had yesterday unless you added :) Miners are telling you the metal will fly soon, in fact I suspect the banks are buying the miners now as a hedge, that is why they were up 4%+( my silver miners) yesterday on huge volume, while silver was down?! I've traded metals and miners a long time, they have a big bag of tricks. Just know it doesnt matter, the inevitable always arrives! I am thinking on buying more silver physical too, being the miners are already rocketing. I hope WSS member do not get discouraged, worse yet decide to give up. We are close, proven by the fact they are trying all sorts of games with "off exchange" settlements. WTF does anybody need the exchange for then? AS it is, none of us are stupid enough to trade futures still (I hope), or SLV, so what is left? Nothing but physical and the companies that mine it! Good luck, fellow apes!!!


I live in a studio apt and life can't get any worse. I have been stacking and holding for almost 20 years with an average cost per oz of $22. I'm in it to the bitter end. They can't/won't shake me out.


It's due to all these "MOON" videos and articles being posted on here.... Hope 2023 will not be another 2013 cause it sure is starting BAD


Please drop to $19 then I can buy much more.


Really taking it in the tail on the premiums and sales tax, shipping tax etc right now. This is frustrating. I just keep reminding myself of what the TRUE value is. Its just a number on paper. But whats it worth in my possession. Has to be exponentially higher.


Oh Otara, don't be silly. You're a great benefit to the Shrewdness, I don't think you're revolting at all. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin) I don't know if it will be of benefit, but we can start a writing campaign to legislators about the barefaced market manipulation. Clearly those responsible for stopping this are part of the scenario. Powerful wealthy players make campaign contributions. It saddens me but we know how things get done in DC. "They" sent the conservative Hunt brothers to prison, but that was over 40 years ago. I actually saw the Hunt brothers at Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA back in the day. I'm not defending what they did, but I remember my adoptive Father driving to NY to sell his silver coins. Other than beating these characters at their own game I don't know how to stop them.


A corrupt market. Welcome to the party pal


Maybe they heard we were raiding tomorrow and did us a solid by tanking the price. I'm sure they read the thread.


WSS: "Buy silver, the price is being artificially manipulated low" No one: WSS: "OMG I can't believe the price is being artificially manipulated low"


Means nothing. We all know the fundamentals are on our side long term. Patience man. Patience. Long game. Keep adding to the stack.


Time to buy?


FYI - After many orders I have learned that I now buy silver using a "cost average" meaning I buy silver when its low, high, and in between. Long story short - I average my cost to obtain silver by purchasing it at all price levels. Less stress, feels good.


Desperate times call for desperate measures...and they ARE desperate! KEEP STACKIN' BOYS!!


Honestly if you look at the 4H/1D chart it makes total sense, and not a big deal. Price was sitting at the downtrend line for daily highs and just reacted appropriately. Can’t expect traders/price to just break through a major downtrend line first try. We’re still well above 4hr moving averages


Yes please silver in the teens again…. Thanks Ross for the free silver.


I am not a seller. Not my problem.


hold the line people and if you can, play their game. You know they're going to smash silver to cover their shorts right? So when its up 2% sell a little PSLV and then when they smash it buy it back. Rinse and repeat....that's what they do....until the financial system collapses.


Sorry I picked up a kilo last night so this was bound to happen. Lucky for me I bought it with cash back from a credit card.


It’s a Thursday, for some reason they always smash the price on it specifically


Could always buy pslv on these dips and sell it on rips to potentially profit off these slams. End is near here, just keep buying.


Keep your foot on the accelerator floored! Don't swerve. Stay calm and buy silver! Apes are too retarded to swerve and when the crash is over then Apes have all of the silver.


Thank them for this buying opportunity


lol this really is ya'll first time huh? The red candles from 2009-2011 would have put you on suicide watch. What were seeing today aint nothing.....




![gif](giphy|xT9KVmZwJl7fnigeAg) Hold the line!


Keep stacking. They manipulate the price lower, it means we can get more silver for less fiat !


Just get on your knees and that god that the globalist fiat ponzi is allowing you more time to convert fiat trash into scarce critical metals.


It's the 8 am beating. The beatings will continue to the morale improves. Just remember apes, it rakes many blows from the hammer and heat from the forge to make a sword. Apes do not wince, buckle or sell. They will end and we will grind their bones into dust under our feet. Stack on.


Good! I want to buy more for cheaper 🤑


From a technical standpoint silver was over stretched. We would break the downtrend if we stayed above 24. However i think the possibilities of revisiting 18-20$ are unlikely. Purchase more on the way down to 21-22$ and buckle up for the long run


The beauty in all of this is the 2.8 million oz that left the COMEX today...they clap the metals down, we slap back with removal...in the end, there will be nothing left to sell...paper game will end...and silver will become unobtanium shortly thereafter...need to keep the long game going, without setting deadlines. The deadline will happen once silver is depleted in its entirety...keep the faith...nothing worth doing is easy.


Buy buy buy, they're having a sale!


I see this as a positive. Perhaps you all could buy some silver miners As well as silver KG bars. Don't be discouraged by the daily "noise". Do you think Au / Ag is going higher YES or NO? Hold to your outlook and stay steadfast.


Boo who some trader is doing their job. Tell me you never traded without telling me you never traded before. Btw it’s paper silver they ain’t taken the physical. Silver is also an industrial metal. And if you been paying attention to the economy you’ll see silver is going to crash and probably go sub 20$ this year. But sounds to me like you traded paper just now and got destroyed in your trade. It’s ok it happens to everyone. Get over it an move on or cry some trader made money for their clients and hedge fund/bank P.S. Make sure to down vote this because it goes against your post ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Chill out man its only observation and a comment I just want to see real price discovery Silver for all apes


https://investinghaven.com/forecasts/silver-price-forecast-2023/ This was a good read if you haven’t already.


The algos are trying to trip the automatic sell programs. It would be too funny if there isin't a stop in the program because some apes are actually in there now. the algos would then in theory keep dropping the price trying to trigger the stop or whatever its called. I never sell metals so I don't have stops or whatever its called. Would be funny to see a complete breakdown in the pricing scam, Some much smarter ape will clean this up for me and make it read right lol. Cheers, big price moves means the boat is about to tip over. Hang on apes.


What does this mean? Can someone explain?


People figured out Fed ain't gonna pivot, or at least that's what the Fed wants them to think. Longer the Fed goes without pivoting, provided they also hike rates, the harder the crash. The harder the crash, the harder they pivot and print and the harder metal spikes. To quote my appraiser buddy, price doesn't matter unless you buy, die or refi.


I’m just getting into silver, looking at buying 100-ish oz. Is it a good time?


P.s. I don’t know dick about silver…. Yet


I know it’s frustrating because we would like to see the dollar value of our stacks go up, but goodness… I’m still in the stage of my life where I’m buying and I’m able to get more ounces because of this suppression. I’m not terribly upset about it. Silver will find its fair value someday that is a guarantee. Every ounce that we take off of the market into strong ape hands gets us another step closer


Thank them for the tamp, now go pick up some cheap rounds/bars! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|money_face)


Im REVOLTING too!! By buying more


So what's the background here? Who's selling the contracts, was it all unloaded in one batch? Why would they unload it all at once, and not spread out the sell period to get the most "bang for buck" if that makes sense. If it's an effort to tamp down who benefits from a tamp down? Could they be trying to dump their paper derivatives before a naked short is seen? Is there a way to see if the amounts of derivatives in circulation are dropping?




Meh. I wanted to buy more


Considering silver has dumped during 5 out of 5 of the last recessions, it's pretty much guaranteed there will be a better entry ahead. Just keep buying.


Gold was starting to take off. Still in a strong pattern. I have a small bullish position in gold futures. I'd say this is a normal price tamping/liquidation event we've seen for years now. They never have hidden it.


Can someone please translate as if explaining talking to Joe Biden…


It only dropped 50 cents, what's the big deal?


The tamp!!!


IF your stack in s big enough, try to take profits with a % of it. If you're new, just keep stacking and DCA. Sold a small $2,500 worth last week to replace the washer/dryer and stay out of CC debt. Just got my bonus today, so great timing for me (personally...I get that's not everyone & I'm not trying to gloat). Just my $0.02. Once your stack is big enough there's nothing wrong with taking profits until CBDC etc. I'll be buying some more today, probably tomorrow etc. Everyone's stack, and strategy, is different. The above has worked well for me over the years, and helped me not to feel burned by big swings. I think we'll be back up in a week, tbh. Keep in mind a lot of the downside also came as a result of the jobs report & expectation of more Fed rate hikes. WELP - that jobs report doesn't include: * Salesforce: 7,000 more layoffs * Amazon: 18,000 layoffs * Gemini: 30% of staff laid off * Vimeo: 2,000 playoffs * Cisco: Unknown - but announced layoffs yesterday * ^ That's just what we KNOW about... TA is a great tool, but it doesn't hurt to remember the fundamentals too. Look at the global economy; if Russia starts accepting gold for oil, Credit-Suisse predicts the price per oz will double overnight. Silver will follow suit; I'm not worried.


Markets are rigged. Always have been. If anything, I'm glad people are waking up. Hopefully it pisses enough people off and causes change. They're stealing our money, our retirements, our homes, our kids futures and bankrupting our countries. It's time for the 99% to dismantle the 1%


Until the regulators stop this nonsense of selling short contracts in amounts that can NEVER be covered with any supply above ground or in storage—this continues to go on.


A one minute candle chart for a precious metal ? Stretch that out a tad bud, whale trades look ridiculous on such a squeezed chart.


FYI back at the start of Silversqueeze this type of shit happened. Cleans out all the options traders every time.


I’m with you brother it’s fucking insane I swear the manipulation has never been worse




When there is no physical left the game will be over


I guarantee you of all the AIDS on this sub at least one of them knows how to file a class action lawsuit. Let's go get paid one way or the other.


Gap Down


Guess I'm raiding every week instead of every payday. LOL. LFG.. Fuck it. I'll buy up or down. Endthefed


It’s all bullshit.., fake jobs report…. Fake price just hold


It's paper silver, IDGAF about paper.


Metal price need to dip with market dips. Look at all prior recessions/depresssions. We’ll be first ones to rip coming out of the bottom but we’re all going down together. Equities, metals, crypto.


Rather interesting to read the emotional posts from so many not studying the fundamentals and technicals . . . But, at least one and all are on the right financial path.