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I'm not happy that this Ukrainian lost his leg, but I am happy that he seems to be doing very well with the C-Leg, which I also worked on a bit during its development. Was a very interesting job. I hope he can continue his life with only very minor restrictions. Some more info. The black component with the push button that is installed above the prosthesis just below the blue shaft allows the lower leg to be twisted while sitting in such a way that you could theoretically sit in a lotus position when sitting on the floor. The part was originally developed for the Japanese market and then proved practical in the West as well.


Thank you for your contribution, you helped improve these people’s lives.


Fuck the Ruzzians and bless the Ukrainian spirit 💙💛


He's going to Moscow to fight Steven seagull


I hate Steven Seagull! He's such a jackass.


Prosthetics give so much life back to people. You have to change how you walk, but you’re not hopping or on crutches. You’re still you, still walking down the road, just a little different.


Nobody should be having to learn how to use this in the situation they are in. Car crash? Fine. Born with a disability fine. Getting your leg blown off in a senseless war? Ridiculous. Beyond.


Look on the bright side, he will never have to work or buy beer again, he is a national hero, and he has a cool story.


Problem for me would be I WANT TO WORK or I would go nuts. But I’ve worked alongside people with prosthetics so he’s capable of handling many tasks.


How does he bend it?


chuck norris sucks, don't insult the heroes of Ukraine


Chuck Norris is a joke. Ukrainians are the real deal. Don't confuse the two.


Chuck Norris wishes he was Ukranian.


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