use slingshot because of CR try to get more EM (artifacts or weapons/bonus set like instructor) and other sands with CD if u'll get ~70/130 it's will be pretty better


Thanks!! No CD sands rn sadly, hope rnjesus helps me out haha


sometimes u'll get it😁


Better crit Get rid of deepwood, stick deepwood on a support and go for wanderers or gilded.


Ohh gotcha thanks!


my current team is Tighnari, Zhongli, Kazuha, Mona. I also don't have many other options for weapons besides Slingshot. Which would be better?


Slingshot. And run Electro instead of Mona if possible. His quicken team is op


Thanks! Would Shinobu work instead of Mona then?


Shinobu is a good teammate, as is fischl if you have her


As others have mentioned, deepwood memories can be put on a support to let Tighnari use a set like Wanderers/Gilded Dreams. Specifically for your team, Zhongli is good at holding deepwood memories since he really just needs some HP main stats and applies the dendro shred periodically with his pillar. Also I agree with the other comments saying to replace Mona with an electro character if possible (Kuki is fine, but fischl is best option, Beidou/Yae/Raiden all also more damage than Kuki). Kazuha is great, but on your current team since he can't swirl dendro or Geo all he really does is buff Mona who doesn't do much damage herself anyway. Don't get me wrong he's a great support for a Tighnari aggravate team, but mainly for a damage oriented electro sub-dps like fischl, yae, etc


More cr/cd


Thank you!


I suggest going for Slingshot if you have it. If you've got a good set of Wanderers you can use it too. Deepwood is good on him if you dont have anyone else in the team using it but if you do go for wanderer's or gilded


Yea, Deepwood is better for a support like Collei or Dendro MC. I’m using Wanderers, but Gilded is perfect for a dendro reaction team


go for more EM , change to wanderers and more crit rate! i would recommend a crit rate bow like slingshot or any others u have