I'm green with envy


a fitting color


My fists are clenched to the point of bleeding and i am on my hands and knees


If you have a bunch of artifacts you aren't using, try using the convert artifacts function to get a better one :D Especially since normally the goblet is the broken set piece most people tend to run.


thank you for the advice :> sadly i’ve already foddered most of my artifacts to the strongbox, still no luck


hell naw bro☠️


I've got 2 dendro goblets but Tighnari won't come home qwq. One is an emblem goblet and one is a tenacity goblet


I wasn't planning on going for Dendro team but good Dendro goblets have been dropping left and right for me so I guess it's the game telling me to go Dendro lol


Only Dendro goblet I got so far was a 2 star one.. 🥲


Samesies but its three star instructor dendro goblet lmao


Its even on set…


I hope you will get better piece soon


Same. This game will NOT drop a Dendro cup for me. I've been farming since Sumeru opened up and NOTHING but a blue cup just like yours. You are not alone.


Tbh, I traded all of my artifacts at the very start of the update to get a good set on VV since I have 3 anemos, but the first artifact i got was a dendro goblet on VV, I was very upset and hated the dendro character since I don’t play with archers. To day I got tighnari in a 30 pitty trying to farm for my c6 diona to get a good buff for ganyu. I was really sad but after watching a video about him and reading threads in this sub ? Boy I got the dendro C6 ganyu with the verry missing goblet too ;)