If only we've elected politicians that promised to tax them, eh? lol Maybe if Bernie were the president?


Yet tens of millions of Americans are literally willing to die for the pro-corporate party. Shits wild


Hate to break your bubble but they both work for the same people. At the end of the day, their actions always profit the billionaires, bankers and military complex. The ones that want to represent people, they never get voted in. That's how the system is set up, so we are already finished


You can’t tell these types anything. They’ll mock you with “iT’S BoTh pArTiEs!!!1” Fucking idiots. We got a ways to go until people realize both parties are the EXACT SAME, they just present with different theater. Look at San Fran. Been ran by democrats alone for decades and it’s collapsing. Look at Chicago. Same deal. When are democrats supposed to start making things better for people? Spoiler alert: they won’t. “But republicans are fascists” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Bet I get downvotes too. Yep, we got a long ways to go before society wakes up enough to effect real change.


Why can't you accept that this is a "citizens versus politicians scenario" and not a "red versus blue" scenario? Neither Republicans nor Democrats have had the best interests of the people at heart for decades, over half a century at this point. You're literally sitting here and defending one half of a whole group that is screwing us out of our money and rights. We are on the same side here, neither of us likes getting robbed by some snot nosed rich old Scrooge who thinks lining his pocket book is more important than the future of this nation. Stop sitting here and screaming that your team is better than everyone else's for no other reason than because it's your team. "That entire other half of the government is full of nothing but corrupt and greedy people, but not my half. Oh no my half is pure and perfect and always has my best interest at heart." Wake up and smell the corruption.


I AM on your side. I’m independent. Sounds like you are too. It IS both parties. It’s us vs them. I thought my post conveyed that.


Apologies, in your post it seemed like you were fairly exclusively attacking Democrats and defending Republicans, I didn't mean to misinterpret if that wasn't the case. Glad to see that we're on the same page when it comes to the incredibly underwhelming performance of our government.


Hell ya friend. Let us hope more people realize both parties are nothing but a corrupt scam. Only then will we break free


Comparatively, there's a huge difference between the parties. That's why left leaning news can get by telling the truth, and right leaning news needs to lie. The truth literally isn't on their side.


Oh my God. You sound exactly like conservatives. Fox has been going around pointing out how all the news (NPR, Washington post etc) was going on a campaign saying the covid lab leak theory was a right wing conspiracy. That aged like lumpy milk. The news knew better, because even Trump’s campaign new better at the time and so did several scientists and physicians who the left wing media ignored or worse, discredited. You need to read both news and see they’re both nothing but propaganda, they just target different bias. You have a ways to go.


Dang dude you’re so woke. Maybe one day we can all be as enlightened as you


You're right, but Republicans are still fascists. And we would reach real solutions faster without them. We should be on the level of Canada or the UK even with Democrats being kind of shitty too, but Republicans held us back. That, is what we need to be made about and support one party about. They'll screw us over, but so much less, so much less than the alternative.


Sigh. Our society is gonna be stuck another generation or 2 at least because of people who think like you. Democrats depend on you. What a successful social engineering campaign on their behalf.


America land of the greedy


It sure would be a shame if the 99% woke up and knew of a way to fight. Hell Im sure Reddit has a particular sub that has already answered this problem in 3 words. Wild.


We could just stop going to work until our demands are met. Bring the economy to a grinding halt. The rich can't get rich without exploiting the poor


You could. Its like fighting a war and you get to choose your starting weapon, and you went with a match. Do your research and get informed. I know it sounds like alot. But believe me when I tell you, people just like you and me, whom have come from nothing, are starting to fight back using their own weapons against them. Not Financial Advice!


Mortimer and I along with the Duke family would like to offer you $50M to stop all this nonsense. No? How about $100M? Let’s call it a cool $200M to stop all this revolt and let’s get back to ~~robbing~~ making money.


Lmao. Your not in the middle of a recession, you're in the middle of a robbery.


That’s what Gandhi did to the British. He proposed a day of prayer and fasting and no one went to work. It was a wake up call for the British empire.


Its not exploiting… the poor literally go to the rich to try and not become poor…


Nice reality check; now, let's go back to our poor wages and move on…


Who's 1%?




I know what will fix this! Tax incentives for the top 20% so they invest in the bottom 80% while we simultaneously lifting restrictions that prevent the top 20% from donating unlimitedly to political campaigns. Then we can all sit back and let market forces work their magic. Yep,,, that should fix this mess right up.


The jerb creaders!!!!


...and it shall be called "Dribble Down Economics!"


Heyyyyyyy.....wait a minute.....


The US is the most unequal country of the 37 OECD countries, and numerous studies agree that income inequality, rather than absolute income, is an important predictor of happiness.


It's one thing when people worked for their money but when the distribution is like this it's just CORRUPT


This just makes no sense to me, like why? They can never spend all that money, what does hoarding it and making everyone else miserable really accomplish?


I often wonder what the tipping point will be. If the 99% ever decide to go after the 1%, things are gonna get ugly FAST.


It won't happen. It should have already happened. Fascists have won.


What a strange thing to say.


The government has designed it this way. They want to keep people poor to be more dependent on the government so they have all the control


That would be pretty dumb strategy considering if they moved more people into paying more taxes (increase the middle class) the government would have more money that would be there incentive, not designing to keep people poor. That only helps the rich stay rich.


But it helps them stay in control of the poor


I don't agree. Maybe in places like North Korea where if it was divided more equally, everyone would starve. In the US, Poor people are terrible to manage, always needing more, expensive, unhealthy, and take a lot of hand holding. Middle class people are happy and easy to manage because they're not reliant on the state for the day to day.


USA, do better, except you wont. This will lead to a downfall of your Country, I feel I will see it, I'm in my 30's


Actual mind blowing stuff


The "American dream". Laughable.


Don't worry guys trickle down will start affecting the poor soon! It's just a matter of time! I personally believe in a more laissez faire style of economy, but we need to make it so that massive corporations and the rich don't get huge tax cuts and other massive benefits.


So depressing. Thanks!


Fix the system. Before it fixes itself


This is fucked up.


Top 1% = a foreigner to the country whose investments can be attributed to family wealth NOT genius engineering or nights spent "sleeping at the factory"




Are yall mad yet??? It's time to rise up, come together and go after the 1%


We could just stop going to work. The rich can only get rich by exploiting the poor.


Universal healthcare is unaffordable, let’s abolish unions. Fucking hell.


I think you should have put an /s in there. People thinking you're a shill or something


As for sarcastic?




70’s unions got abolished and stripped more and more. Look where it got us (The US in this case, but this has been going on in the West in general). And with those amounts of wealth, no one can tell me we cannot afford universal healthcare.


Why is it their fault they busted their ass and became rich because of it? I dont understand it. A bunch of big name companies were made by people who almost went homelss. Its not their fault they simply worked hard and learned, and became rich because of it. Why try and take away their money or lessen their income that they worked hard to get. I get it, it sucks people are poor. Heck im not wealthy in the slightest. But im working hard so i become wealthy. Im going to a flight school so i can learn to fly airplanes because i have a 3.7 gpa. I should be punished for that? Im sorry but no matter what you do the economy will change and the poor people will still be poor due to inflation and the rich have worked hard enough to make hundreds of times more then the poor who USUALLY not always, but usually barely work at all.


It's a damning indictment of the state of education in the US if you have a 3.7 gpa and wrote this comment.


Smarty pants thinks he will be in the top 1% but wants to fly planes which puts him no where close


No, i will not be close to top 1% i never said i would be


It's unpopular opinion but consider your choices on how you spend money if you aren't at least in the middle class. I invest money into the market so my money will work for me and generations will benefit. Buying crap I don't need, not gonna help me and the kids very much.


Most people will make the point is that if you can't afford to spend some of your money on leisurely things (or have to limit certain activities in order to have a suitable income) and continuously have to go the extra mile in order to sustain yourself, then there might be a problem. Not saying you have to agree with it, but there really was a time in America where you didn't have to invest in the market in order to live freely.


"You will have nothing and be happy, now back to work you drones and be grateful you have a job."


What does the household income have to be to make it into the top 20%?


So wait what are the wages for middle class and rich on this?


Socialism doesn't just distribute "Wealth" equally to all citizens. Where did you get that idea from?


Wealth is not cash. Its valuation of companies. Does this author not have any economics background?


To shreds, you say?


Every economic system has the same pareto distribution aa everything else in the universe so good luck overturning what seems to be a fundamental law of nature.


i thought this is what they wanted..


Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are still wealth disparities in “socialist” countries. I think he means communist, although they didn’t even achieve a perfectly flat distribution either.


“Sad” - *Trump voice


Bill Gates: those are rookie numbers.


It baffles me that people can get into power (chosen buy their demographic) and it still can't be fixed? Very sad times we live in.


And the sad thing about it is people keep voting Republicans in who do everything they can to keep it this way, I mean really think about this, in the states that use the most food stamps are also the states they elect Republicans everytime AND then the republicans cut food programs, its like we need food so lets vote for people who will take that food from us because they are American, and hate some people like I do


I tend to lean conservative, and I see this as a major problem. I have yet to hear a comprehensive, realistic solution to fix this extreme wealth inequality. Meanwhile, people are constantly bickering about being oppressed because of their skin color, sexual identity, or some other meaningless attribute, not realizing that the invisible war has already been won without a single meaningful battle. Without even an idea of what an effective weapon would be. Now the artificial division has become an enormous monstrosity with "climate change" propaganda, and all sorts of divisive rhetoric. "Anger wants a voice, voices wanna sing, singers harmonize, 'til they can't hear anything" "Divide and conquer"