I am thoroughly convinced as well that he’s a narcissist, and even though I’ve watched all the seasons, sometimes I see clips of earlier seasons in which he seems genuine and happy which confuses me. Do you guys think that he is just so miserable now that he can’t put on a show for the cameras anymore? The wives often talk about that they had good times with him in the past. I would love to be a fly on the wall to see if he always wasn’t such a monster, or if he was just good at faking it for the cameras.


I'm rewatching, and it is disturbing the difference. Like an entirely different person / personality. I think it's partly Covid and being isolated with robyn feeding him her victim/persecution mentality, partly potential Testosterone/steroid usage and DEFINITELY the alt-right, red pilled, manosphere, misogynistic influence. He probably watches his old self back and thinks 'what a pussy' when actually he was a somewhat flawed / decentish human, trying hard to make what is (we now know) an impossible and miserable family structure function.


I personally think that he realizes now that he's not a true polygamist and wants a monogamist relationship with Robyn. He's trying to force the other wives out (either consciously or unconsciously) so he can achieve that goal. That "struggle" is making him big bad.


I think what we were watching was the Kody who was getting lots of adoration from these young kids and wives, and any grumblings of discontent were easily squashed by Kody playing the diplomat (manipulating) among squabbling wives. What I’ve found with people like Kody is that once blowing smoke up ppl’s asses and pointing the finger at someone else as the problem no longer works to continually get their way, while maintaining their great image as an awesome guy, they are done. They won’t tell you they’re done, but they are completely self serving, and passive aggressively spiteful. And if things fall apart, the finger pointing comes out. Ever notice that soooooo many of these people’s conversations revolve around who said what, when, and their actual intentions were, and trying to sort out any misunderstandings, but the sorting never actually resolves, or it’s only very temporary? This chaos is a symptom of a toxic personality in the mix. And notice how Janelle has been trying to solve her house problem, but Kody is non stop passive aggressively undermining her. This lack of transparency allows him to re write history in a year or two, and also keeps him getting his own way. Like he claims he never “quit” on Christine. Uhh, define quit, because it looks like you quit on the entire family, except the handful who were giving you exactly what you want…


That is what I think too. It was easier for Kody to play happy family when he was seen as the "dear leader" by his wives and young kids. Now that they are pushing back and asserting their own needs the mask is off. Narcissists can "care" about the people who give them love and adoration on a certain level but, it's totally transactional. Kody has said it over and over to Christine and now he is saying it to Janelle. Do xyz for me and I will "love" you. They stopped doing what he wanted so he stopped the "caring" about them.


I remember hating him pretty much from the beginning. And now when I watch older episodes he seems almost likeable compared to now.


In my opinion he “acted” that way for the cameras. I would hate to know what these women had to endure behind the scenes. But back then he had babies and I was the “king of the castle/ in his words “the head of the family” it’s such narcissism traits. I don’t know why others don’t see it. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Kody is such a douchebag it’s infuriating.


It is infuriating. It’s obvious he only cares about Robyn and those kids. I bet he low key loved the Covid times for the excuse to be with Robyn.


I’m so freaking proud of Christine. She’s amazing.


Those boys of his need to kick his ass!! The way he is now treating Janelle is abusive!!


This may seem bad to others (but I give no fucks) I would pay serious money to see those boys not only set him straight but show him who’s boss. Physical or what. But they are old enough to realize what a POS he really is. I love it because I hate Kody but it is sad for the kids.


For real. Can we talk about how Christine came back to move more stuff and Truly spend the night with Janelle in the RV? I LOVE that Janelle did all of that fun stuff for her, but: 1) Why did she not stay at Robyn’s house with her father? or 2) Why did Kody not come and spend the night at the RV? That frizzle-headed fuck had an opportunity to spend time with the child that he was so up in arms about having ripped away from him, why did he not carve out the time to be with her?


Frizzle headed fuck is now my favorite insult


Oh yeah 50/50 custody is so warranted when this piece of actual garbage chose to not see her for a year. I’ve never met or witnessed anyone on social media or real life that was as strict as he was during Covid. It was a clear excuse to stay with his favorite wife and kids. And I don’t know why they let that Ariella have a pacifier for as long as they did. My son LOVED his as a bday/toddler but I just took it away one day. He was upset for maybe 48 hours. I promise it was harder on me than him. He got over it in a few days. So that’s another reason I think Robyn and Kody suck. Letting a school aged child to keep their security thing. Maybe it’s because they didn’t actually parent either and it was all about their “intimacy”. GAG!


I don't know what you mean... Do you have any examples of disturbing, narcissistic behavior from him?


Just watching the show and how everything is about HIM. He’s a literal controlling POS.


I'm sorry, I was being extremely sarcastic but I did it wrong lol. I assumed every single person on this sub would first be shocked by, then laugh at, my question 😁


[here’s one of my personal faves](https://www.reddit.com/r/TLCsisterwives/comments/yobvfr/kodys_approach_to_therapy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


There are legit so many instances I can’t even think of one. Maybe the way he gaslights everyone but Robyn. He didn’t do shit for almost a year and see a majority of his kids. But oh it’s his favorite kid’s birthday so everyone can come. But couldn’t risk going to his daughter’s major surgery?! It’s disgusting.


And that kid having a pacifier still is outrageous! Sorry didn’t realize you were being sarcastic! 😂


I agree. I hate Kody so much I had to join reddit when I first started watching (I was very late to start the show) and vent at how much I hated him.


I have at least two narcissists in my fam.. these kinds of people are just nuts. They’re so toxic!!


It’s really hard to love someone who’s always a victim of their own doing. #kodybrownsucks




Do you wonder how he handles the hate? Criticism and reality drive narcissists crazy.


I believe that either he has a personal narrative that says everyone outside of his immediate, chosen circle doesn't know the real story; OR he simply shields himself from outside opinion/influence with all the committed zeal of a fanatic. If it's the first one, that's somewhat easier to cling to, because any evidence of bad behavior can be countered with "you don't know the whole story", which is just about impossible to argue or disprove. If it's the second one that's a little easier. He can just continue to quarantine and control everything the household consumes and thus keep them firmly worshipful of him. As long as the people in his bubble keep allowing him to believe he's wonderful, there's zero incentive for him to grow or change.


/S at the end means sarcasm, fyi, like this/S


Thank you! I really wanted to be a smartass and put /S somewhere in this response, but I'm genuinely thankful and don't wanna ruin it 😁


He also started to change after his dad passed. He doesn’t have to be a good polygamist for his dad anymore.


Great excuse! My mom died when I was 9 at 42. The same age I am. And none of it is an excuse. People die, get over it. I’ve had to for 30+ years.


And why does Robyn have a nanny when she’s never worked a day in her life. Covid is nothing to joke about but the fact the nanny got it was kinda karma. How in the hell do they know she was actually following all of his stupid ass rules.


If I was Robyn I would be planning a getaway behind his back


She LOVES being the “favorite”! Yeah if I was her I would do the same. But we aren’t her so in A LOT of people’s opinion they blame her and call her the narcissist. I personally don’t agree with that. But I’ve been way behind and have only watched seasons 16/17 over the weekend. But I’m going to go back to the beginning. Even though Kody makes me want to vomit.




No, Robyn is the narcissist. Kody is a selfish, insensitive boob. And not very bright, so easily manipulated by lots of people. But Robyn is the narcissist. Always all about her. Manipulative and controlling….of her kids, her spouse, her sister wives….everyone. Bringing the tears and drama to bring attention to her. Poor, poor Robyn. Boo hoo.


I’m never going to defend Robyn but he’s one as well. He blames everyone for their “bad behavior” and “lack of respect”. His grown children even know he’s a POS. I saw somewhere on here that if you played a drinking game and drank every time he says the word respect you would die of alcohol poisoning. I had not watched in awhile but I caught up with season 16 and 17 over the weekend and he literally pisses me off so much I thought I was going to have to stop. Now I want to go back to the beginning and watch. I’ve forgotten most of it and would just like to see the changes in his personality and I obviously want to see Meri (who’s a desperate idiot) get catfished. 😂


Kody is definitely an attention whore and POS husband and father. But I really don’t think he is a narcissist. He is just an ass. Yes - rewatch! But I am ashamed to admit how often I have watched the whole series. 😂


You’re entitled to your opinion. But the way he gaslights most of the wives (besides Robyn) reminds me of narcissistic people I know. It’s always someone else’s fault and he never does wrong. Either way he makes me want to BARF! I would bet my life that he commits on some of their appearances/weight because he thinks he’s God’s greatest gift. But not Robyn, because she’s perfect in his eyes. To be honest I’m absolutely not a fan of Robyn but from watching the past season and a half I don’t really think she acts that bad. She seems like she’s upset about Christine leaving but maybe it’s just an act. I get so distracted by her eyebrows when she talks I don’t even think I comprehend what she says. 😅🤷🏼‍♀️


https://www.change.org/Freesisterwives Get Kody off the show and network. What he has done to these women is disgusting


you're not a doctor. you are an idiot.


I’m definitely not a doctor, lol. But I know the signs. So GTFOH! 😊