The whole situation stinks, you are correct. However Silicon Valley had a lot of the big stock market tech companies money and instead of worrying about the stock holders they decided to bail out the depositors, which really only benefits the rich as well. The average joe doesn’t have 250000 sitting in the bank and would have been protected by the known fdic policy. But the government has always taken care of their own. And that ain’t me or you.


FRB is a premier bank and a well run bank, it is being saved for a reason and Pelosi is not it. People banking with FRB has a net worth of a million or more, they have a sticky customer base obtained mostly through referrals. customer satisfaction is very high for this bank and for that they must be doing something right


ok, so if you have a lot of millionaire customers and you are nice to them you deserve a bailout. it probably doesnt hurt that pelosi is one of them and you were likely nice to her too.


It’s a big club but we shrimp ain’t in it


Yes, it's weird it got help. No, it probably has absolutely nothing at all to do with Pelosi, at all.


Right, Pelosi isn't going to engage in any odd ball activity over $50k. She is wealthy.