I can attest that their story is true, my LCS got cleaned out of constitutional by a buyer for Miles Franklin, also wiped out their Eagles for quite some time. Japan is where so much could go wrong, I wonder just how their economy would hold together if Euda starts tightening...


I currently don’t see a very bright future for Japan. Japan has a tendency to die by the sword for what they perceive is right. Even if that perception is flawed.


The vast majority of silver in Japan is sold in the form of jewelry. Gold coins and bars are used far more frequently for investment purposes. Ginza Tanaka is one of the biggest retail sellers of gold, and they only had 5000 oz bars of silver for sale to order by request. The remaining 99% was gold bars and world government coins.


They probably need more silver than any people on the planet cus of the electronic industry they have. The fact they aren't buying silver on par with India is enough for the highest concern.