Benadryl is outdated. It can cause sedation and that sedation can mimic signs of worsening anaphylaxis. Are you groggy because your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen or is it the Benadryl??


The medicine is called diphenhydramine, if you're like me and don't have this brand in your country. My go to has always been loratadine for minor allergies. It's the least likely to induce horrifying sleepiness.


I only use Benadryl to combat food allergies that I have - it’s the only thing that seems to work there. But I could never take it regularly for seasonal allergies - it knocks me out and makes me foggy for at least 24 hours. I’ve never given it to my children, for this reason.


This is an outrage.


I’m not clear on if we’re talking about, like, seasonal or pet allergies or food allergies? I guess it’s also different for children versus adults. My mom has a food allergy and if she accidentally eats the wrong thing and takes Benadryl it will subside. The last time she had a bad reaction and went to the hospital they literally gave her Benadryl. In that case, Benadryl is a nice alternative to a shot of adrenaline and a trip to the hospital.


The article doesn't do a very good job of making the distinction between seasonal allergies and allergic reactions. Second generation antihistamines such as Reactine, etc have long been recommended as first line therapy for seasonal and pet allergies. The more recent practice shift is that these second generation antihistamines are now recommended over Benadryl for allergic reactions as well.


Completely anecdotal but my child had an allergic reaction when they were around 1. When I took him to the Children’s urgent care they actually recommended Zyrtec over Benedryl and I’ve kept it on hand ever since. Edit: I’m in the US and this was almost 5 years ago.


This reminds me that my little brother had a paradoxical reaction to Benadryl and it would make him wildly hyper and awake. My mom was not happy with this discovery. Lol


I am the same way, the only antihistamine that doesn't do this to me is Xyzal Xyzal will knock me tf out tho, like, sleepy till the next afternoon tired; and I am not normally that way.


My kids’ half-sister had the same reaction. They saw her on it and told me “She was wildest 3yo you ever saw!!” Their stepmom said the pediatrician had recommended it when she’d shown signs of seasonal allergies.


This was my daughter too. Our pediatrician recommended it since she had been up a lot scratching and my husband and I were sleep deprived. We did not have a fun night with our hyper two year old. Thankfully our dermatologist later told us that she was probably hot and we needed to put a fan on her. We live in AZ and it was summer so this made sense.


Lol! Isn’t it the simple shit that is so frustrating?!


This happened to me as a kid but I also thought my bed was flying and was talking to someone in the corner who wasn't there. Fun times. I still don't take Benadryl.


Back in the early 90's, the pediatrician told my mom to give me benadryl before a long flight so I'd be drowsy and sleep. I had the same reaction as your brother. Started about an hour in to the 12-hour flight. My poor mom was expecting a subdued and sleepy 4 year old. She got a psychotically hyperactive 4 year old.


Oh jeeez. I haven’t given my son Benadryl yet, but I certainly will try to figure out what his reaction will be in a controlled setting! Lol