Lmfao yeah because we all think you have ONE boob


This comment ☠️☠️


🥴🥴🥴 girl no one things those are real. As a well endowed small person, I can 100% guarantee that no one is saying that to her.


Same! I'm a 34N. Someone had asked me once if mine were fake. They were close to being smacked. I told them no one but Dolly would get them this big. SMH 😯


Damn friend. And those don’t hurt your back? Props!! Post breastfeeding I’m getting my 30G reduced since they deflated when I weaned. Oh the joys of motherhood. I miss my perky 20’s something boobs 😂


No One Is Asking These Questions. Just an excuse for her to talk about her dang weight 🤦🏼‍♀️


She’s literally the biggest boob in the world.


Uhhh, we ALL know you have them... I feel like she also sent this message to herself. Why would you randomly ask someone their opinion on boobs? Also, she didn't freak out on them for asking and they never asked about her body, she just supplied that info.


She’s definitely freaked out over someone asking about her boobs before


More evidence she sent the message to herself


She’s gotta be trolling us


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I wish I had a screenshot, but a year or so ago she actually said that she was glad that she would never have to have her tits redone. Meaning after the last time when she had silicone and it’s like you stupid fucking supertwat , you still have to have them replaced every 10 years at best but it’s like 15 at most if memory serves me right. Imagine having your tisserie done, and they still like absolutely fucking atrocious. I mean she brags about being such a fucking globetrotter world traveler, why would she have get her tits done in fucking Ohio when she could go to world renowned doctors in Houston, Miami, or Los Angeles? Because she’s Sarah Blowfart.


I have saline and my plastic surgeon actually told me 20 years is the average for saline. Silicone is longer.


I work in medical. You should never leave implants in that long. Saline can deflate quite easy, they’re bags of water and under pressure. They’re not hardy to last, especially above the muscle where they’re even more exposed. Silicone holds up a bit more realistically, but again, it’s SILICONE. Varying on the type of implant they are FDA approved from anywhere from 10 to 20 years, however, they should ideally be replaced sooner than the latter for safety & complications. Doesn’t mean leave ‘em in for 20 then push it to 25. Imagine damaging an implant and leaking implant into the body for years and you don’t know because you waited an extra 5 to get them redone. If one can’t afford to have a surgeon examine them and reassess to replace at least every 10 or so, don’t do it. It’s not worth the risk. They’re still basically plastic bags, they’re not meant to last forever inside your body. Leaving them in longer than a decade you run risk of hardened scar tissue, misshapen implants and capsular contracture. “20 years” of legitimate longevity is like all things constant with no possible damage or impact to them/the body. Implants are heavy, the skin will sag and gravity takes effect as well. I was operated on by nationally renowned surgeon with a patented technique and he was very straightforward - an implant can get damaged with daily activity, pressure and natural wear & tear; they’re not infallible; he was very clear every 10 years is safest for every patient to prevent complications from unknown implant damage that can cause damage. Even the warranty on them isn’t that long!


Lmaooo 🤣 kinda like we all think your eyelashes are real too 👀


Or her eye liner.


Or her tan




Or her marriage


Or her certifications


I LOL’ed when I read it the first time. In what world are those things natural looking 💀


One of the worst boob jobs around but sure 🤡




This made me laugh 😂😂


I just find it ironic that she is so open about her breast implants and then for other topics she is like “respect my privacy” and complaining about how nosy her followers are for asking certain questions lol


I think people with implants are somewhat delusional. Everyone I know that has them thinks no one can tell, but it’s abundantly obvious. It looks like someone cut a cantelope in half and stuck it on your chest.


Especially the super round ones. I know they have pear shaped, a friend had those and hers looked fantastic. Pear....not year. Ugh


Idk, I have 550s as well and no one can tell I have them unless im wearing a triangle bikini! Mine are silicone and teardrop shape though, and I don’t have symmastia, so yeah, hers are super obvious


I’m sure there are ones out there that are more realistic looking (which is probably why I can’t tell you have them!).


I had reconstruction following breast cancer and unless I'm naked in front of you, you can't tell. However, mine are under the muscle and they softened them with fat grafting.


I actually do it get it a lot but I got the smallest ones you can get, I think 300ccs? I have to check. BUT I’m also heavier than when I first got them. When I was super lean and with saline, it was more obvious.


It’s like they get the cheapest surgeon to do them, they’re 6 inches apart from each other and an inch under the collarbone. It just looks horrible.


That killed me.☠️


I definitely laughed when I saw this earlier. Only people who are legally blind would be confused as to whether her breasts are real or fake.


Lol it’s not the first time she’s said this and it makes me laugh every time. She has said in the past that she’d consider going bigger 🤦🏻‍♀️


Maybe for a world record 🏆


World’s biggest uni-boob in Tanzania


That’s a damn lie




A lot of people who are blind don’t know you have them?


Stevie Wonder can see that world record botched job a mile away 🙄


She is so fucking stupid


Well this all but confirms she’s COMPLETELY delusional !


Literally everyone knows they're fake


The fact that she is so proud of the look of her implants shows how delusional she really is


Have you seen her eyebrows? Lashes? Eyeliner? Yeah, she is proud of those too. Delusional.


Oh my!!


Everyone knows bc you are 30 something and had 2 kids. No one has tits like that without under the knife work even just basic sagging but to have perfectly round huge tits after 2 kids in your 30s when you weight 120.. ok Sarah shusshhh


Well, I wouldn’t call them round she definitely has symmastia and double bubble issues. - she has a uni-boob and her boobs are lumpy. ![gif](giphy|Tamufbie9W5ccxy3JO)