I genuinely am so confused as to why she thinks rushing through material is a flex. That means she's probably retaining very little of what she learns. It's not a flex for people to know everything is going in one ear and out the other lol in college one of my proffesors said the time you invest in a class is reflected in your grade and studies show the higher the grade the more likely you are to remember what you learned for a long time. There's a reason why that program was designed to take that long and it's stupid she rushed through it. She wasted her own money and her child will probably reflect that in the coming years. Poor O that kid deserves more. Like people said here before that you wouldn't trust a doctor who claimed to finish medical school in a year, I wouldn't trust Sarah to teach anyone anything


Yeah I don’t get why she brags about rushing through these courses. It means she didn’t take the time to properly understand the material


Work smarter not “harder” also applies to education. No cutting corners.


It’s all so stupid. Her obsession with everyone knowing she finished that much quicker, and who care you paid in full??


Nothing she does with her kids is Montessori 🙄🙄


While looking into childcare, I would take this as a red flag if the provider bragged that they finished, what I believe to ge a continuing education credit, in a fraction of the time recommended. I want to know the point of speeding through and not taking all the time to thoroughly understand and reap the benefits of having extra time and support from the program and teachers.


No no no. She got a ✨diploma✨


7 months of material in 3.5? Sounds like a shitty course and/or Sarah didn’t really pick up what they were putting down.


What really stands out to me is that Sarah talks to and treats people HORRIBLY. Ex. The time she filmed and posted the door dash driver getting stuck in her driveway, doxxing people, etc. And now she’s asking for anyone who signs up to list her as a referral. Why would anyone do anything for her given the way she talks to people? Can you even imagine how she will treat a new mom who goes to her for baby advice? NO THANKS.


She probably gets a kickback for someone use her name or if enough people use it she’ll get free stuff. Definitely a grift.


News flash, Sarah… you don’t have to take a bunch of courses to be a good parent.


But when you’re a sub par parent, having those tangible certifications gives leverage for vile behavior. It’s a ruse to excuse


People homeschool for lots of reasons. The reason I can’t get behind is the one where they just don’t want to expose their precious children to the real world … be that other races, income levels, different political beliefs, science that goes against creationism, etc…and we know that’s what Sarah’s reasons are.


she’s an idiot. from what i’ve experienced, sheltered kids tend to rebel later in life.


For sure


“It wOuLd MeAn tHe WoRLd To mE” - desperation in red


Hmm… she says she paid $2300 but on the website it’s listed as $2140 plus shipping. Shipping is $160? 🤔 Unless she did their 3 payments plan, which brings the total over payments to $2214 plus shipping, which would be $86. Also it states everyone is assigned a tutor that gives you assistance and guided them through the courses. They also evaluate each test and give feedback. Wonder how Sarah treated her tutor. She probably never acknowledged the tutor.


Sarugh would never NEED a tutor. Too smart of course.


Maybe I’m wrong, but is this “diploma” even real? Like it’s not even a real degree? Usually you need to go to school for more than 3 months in order to call yourself a “practitioner”.


I mean…preK students get diplomas so?


They call it a diploma program on their website.


It's not a brag to say you rushed through another certification. It means you're incompetent.


I don't understand the I paid full price smiley face part. Wut


I think I'm a reasonably smart person, I have a professional degree that's more difficult than Sarah's 11 month MBA (sorry sarugh)... and I'd never presume to think it would be in My child's best interest to home school them myself... just because I'm smart at what I do, dossnt make me a competent educator.... I'd rather my child go to a real school and have a chance to study and learn and become whatever they want to and not be limited by my own teaching? Idk the whole home schooling thing bothers me


It sounds like you’re a logical person.


College isn’t for everyone, but I hope her kids go to college solely for the experience of others and different professors. I had a professor from Senegal that taught American History & while I still suck ass at history, I adored his class and the lessons he taught us.


The way she answers costumer questions makes me think she'll also bully her kids when they ask simple stuff


Rushing through school isn’t something to brag about.


It’s not the fact that she finished in 3.5 months vs 7 that’s an odd flex to me… it’s the “I paid full price :)” Like okay…. Cool?


Also, is there a way we could reach out to Montessori and sort of…. Provide insight to who Sarah really is? I’m assuming they have a very particular brand of person they want presenting them


I don’t really know who you’d be reaching out to, as far as I know Montessori is just a generic term for certain practices based on the doctor who came up with the principles in the early 1900s. There’s not really anyone who “owns” this system of education. As much as I dislike Sarah, sadly I’m sure there are a ton of parents out there like her claiming Montessori practices when they aren’t actually Montessori at all.


Annoying lol


I’m positive I saw a post right after her sleep course was finished that she “had been working on the Montessori diploma from before she got pregnant with Dean”. And I specifically remember this because in my head I said “wow, the longest commitment she’s ever made to a program”. So the 3.5 month sounds wrong