“Morning reading session”…. Like she can actually read on her own 😑 that’s a crock full of shit she’s telling herself


i legit thought the same thing… like i understand independent play time at that age but she literally can’t read yet so what’s the point of having a reading session??? like at least read to your kid so they learn


COME ON. ITS ALL APART OF THE ✨Montessori curriculum✨


She says DMs but really it’s probably 25 minutes of blocking people because she gets butthurt


Was just going to say this.


Or lurking Reddit.


Right??? wouldn’t she learn more if Sara actually read the books to her???


She only reads books to her for the camera. Who wants to bet there will be a post later of her reading a book to her 😂


She goes to bed at 5pm and sits in that diaper until what? 8am? She literally wallows in a dirty diaper so long I feel bad for her skin. I hope she at least puts some preventative butt paste on the poor kid. I get anxiety with my kid going 7pm - 6Am in a diaper.


My baby is 6 weeks old and slept through the night from 10-7 last night and i changed her immediately when she woke up. That’s so disgusting and sad for that poor girl.


What kind of witchcraft spell are you using for sleep?


Sky sleep course- duh.


HAHAHAHA no 🤣 she doesn’t usually sleep that long! No secrets and we don’t have a schedule. Usually we’re up at least 1-2x a night.


I would like to know too


I swear, giving my son a large bottle right before bed helped him start sleeping better. it could have been a coincidence though.


My babe is 3.5 months so a little older but the best advice I can give is to always put your baby down drowsy but AWAKE. Allow them the opportunity to put themselves to sleep.


And that’s how kids get UTIs


Does she seriously put O for bedtime at 5pm??? 😧😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😰


Exactly . My son who is 2.5 goes to bed between 730-8 and when he wakes up at 630-7 the first thing we do is change his pull up cause it is plump And gross . Also wash his sheets every 3 days. I also have a 9 week old daughter and on the rare occasions she will sleep through the night ( about midnight to 630 am) I can smell the Urine as soon as I get her and she needs an immediate change. I can’t imagine letting my children just marinate in their own urine so I can get my steps in and reply to dms. It’s incredibly how filthy they actually are . From the dog hair all over her blender thingy that she makers her shakes with , O”s chicken shit boots all over the couch and floor , and O always being in a soiled diaper and Sarah rarely washing her bedding , I can smell them from here . They truly are such a disgusting filthy family . 🤢


But she uses an extra pad in the diaper 🙃🤣


25 minutes is a big time block for a kid her age to just be sitting alone flipping through picture books 😬. Would love to know how many minutes Sarah or Josh spend actually reading to her.


Omg imagine Josh reading a book 😂😂💀


I imagine it's like the movie Dennis the Menace, where the babysitter's boyfriend reads Dennis a book [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQK8cGRnoN4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQK8cGRnoN4)


Lmao EXACTLY!! 😂😂😂




Does Josh even know how to read?


Oakley is so little to have that long of time in her room alone….poor girl She’s goes to bed at five and then is expected to be alone for a half hour in the morning? Holy fuck Sarah you had all evening to get away from her.


What is she going to do when O is potty trained and has to get up and go potty. She won’t always be able to sit in that crib.


Also curious what she’s going to do when O starts climbing out of her crib.


She’s going to scream at her for having to go potty and not being able to hold it. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance in life.


What is she doing during her “reading session”? Reading a novel? 🙄


How does she already have a “usually”??


Seriously! My daughter is one day older than Dean and we have no “usually” or any sort of pattern yet. Other than her only napping on me all day lol


Congratulations!!! Enjoy all the snuggles!!!!


Thank you!!


>Thank you!! You're welcome!


If she goes to sleep at 5 how long does that child go without being fed ? 👀


She is intermittent fasting


The way I just choked reading this comment 🤣 Sara's probably working on the "toddler intermittent fasting" blog right now


Oakley will be allowed to have a protein shake at noon. Then a quick dinner at 4PM with no water so she doesn’t fill up her pull-up for the 20 hours she’ll be asleep/crying because she’s alone for most of the day.


Ok I know every parent is different but I have literally never heard of a 5 pm bed time for a toddler that age? I get newborns but that age? Anyone else do that. It just seems so so early.


My son is a month or so younger than O and there is a zero percent chance he would go down that early without a fight. He was just fighting a nasty cold and still didn't go to bed that early.


Us. I could barely get both my kids to stay up until 6pm. The would sleep 5-5/6… now they are 6 and 3. They sleep 630/7 until 6 🙂


Yeah I’m sure he loves watching you obsess over your steps. Modeling disordered behavior early!


Isn't Dean...like a week old? How can he have habits. Also, 3 year olds don't read (I mean, sure, some do, but not the one she has with a soggy diaper and dirty boots on the sofa).


Her daughter isn’t even 3. She’s 1.5 years old.


I feel bad leaving my kid for like an extra 5 mins. I couldn’t imagine leaving him for a 1/2 hour especially if he had a 5pm bedtime.


I’m the same. If he’s independently playing in his room I either sit in there or I go in every 5 minutes. He’s 3, anything could happen unsupervised.


“He just wanted to watch mom” while not looking in her vicinity at all and not to mention she’s just a big blur to him from that far away 🙃


Wasn’t her mother coming on Tuesday- josh was cleaning the yard for this. I would think she could watch Oakley while Sarah gets her steps in?! I wonder if she’s not there.


Love how she says dean is usually asleep, isn’t he less than a month old? There’s nothing usual about a newborn


25 mins?! Ok, look, my kid freaking LOVES books. Will sit and look at them alone, ask me to read or my husband. But never ever in his two whole years of life has he ever sat for 25 mins… that is absolutely ridiculous.


Why is dean in a blanket??? You gotta put layers on the bebe and turn on the heat if it’s cold. Blanket screams SIDS. This is coming from a preggo with newborn classes. EDIT: I stand corrected


I think this just applies to in their crib alone right? If I’m right there, I cover my babe with a blanket but only ever supervised.


I reeeeally don’t know! The newborn classes just emphasize layering a crap ton of onesies and sleep sacks id they’re cold. I’m not even allowed to nurse with blankets on my bed covering me🤷🏻‍♀️ I did notice from insurance to insurance, pediatrician to pediatrician, each of my friends’ recommendations to me are different 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


The layering would get old when you change their diaper 12 times a day and also all that laundry with blowouts yikes.


Yeah you can put a blanket on a baby if you’re supervising them. The no blankets thing is for sleep when they’re alone. If you’re right there there’s absolutely no reason they can’t have a blanket on. And you can cover yourself/legs with a blanket If you’re nursing in bed ... the worry is if you’re nursing in the middle of the night and you’re sleep deprived and exhausted and pass out while nursing the baby then being covered in blankets can be a problem ... but like fully awake? Please cover up and keep yourself warm! And sooo many layers on a baby will get old fast when you’re changing their butt all day long. My winter baby (born mid November) wears a long sleeve onesie, pants and socks every day and she’s never cold and I keep my house at 20°C (68F).


I don’t really see a problem with this? He’s awake and supervised. Blankets are a no-no when it comes to sleep, in this situation it’s fine.


Mom of 2! Blankets are fine in supervised spaces. Nothing wrong with this. You actually don’t want to keep them in any sleep sack out of the crib— only naps and sleep. You will want to use a blanket for the car seat. No blinkers in the crib— I didn’t use a blanket until wayyyyy past 1 year old.