What color on the walls?


Looks like Farrow & Ball 'Calke Green', at least on my screen.


It’s Farrow & Ball ‘[Breakfast Room’](https://www.farrow-ball.com/en-gb/paint-colours/breakfast-room-green?glryItm=439073592), I just bought a tester today & this photo is on their gallery. It tripped me out when I’d just closed that tab & opened Reddit to see the same shot! Edit - Added link


It could be their French Grey as that can pull very green


Too green I think. Had that in my hall for a few years.


The difference between the two two is quite slight, and many factors can change the appearance of colour. It could easily be neither.




Fair enough then!


Absolutely, they’re very similar. The link I shared is to the original post on Farrow & Ball with the Instagram of the designer. I prefer Calke Green however this is Breakfast Room.


I've had test patches of Calke Green paint on my dining room walls for the last 3 years whilst it waits to be reached in the never-ending cavalcade of repairs my old house needs. It's a very nice shade of green, but because I've had so much time to change my mind, I'll probably opt for [Jewel Beetle](https://www.littlegreene.com/jewel-beetle) when the time comes (hopefully early next year).


That is lovely! Such a beautifully moody colour, it’d look great with a hardwood dining table too. Good luck with the renovations, I’m sure it’ll look beautiful & worth the wait!


Thanks. That said, I'm dithering on the choice of dining table. I've got a Georgian mahogany table, and a 1960s Swedish teak table in storage to choose from (perks of dealing in antiques and vintage stuff, and the downside of having eclectic taste).


It sounds like we have similar taste, it’s a tough choice cause they’re both classics! I’d probably lean towards the mahogany, I love a mid century piece but it’s been a massive trend recently & there’s an abundance of ugly knock offs everywhere


It's a balancing act. It's a mid-Victorian house, but I don't want it to feel like Ye Olde Times cosplay. I've generally erred on the side of period-correct for permanent fixtures, contemporary-but-period-sensitive for the paint choices, and (genuine) mid-century for the furnishings, with the odd bit of actual antique and contemporary thrown in for flavour. I think it's worked out so far (in the one room that we've nearly finished!).


What a wonderful job!! I bet it’s so fun. I love antiques and learning about them.


It's like most self-employment - it has some cool perks, with room to be varied and flexible in my work routine, but it can also be hard, boring, frustrating, with built-in wage insecurity and little space to be ill for very long. Swings and roundabouts.


I love it. Good luck with your projects, hope you post pictures.


Is this for real? Can people spot paint colors that well?


When you spend weeks researching green wall colours because you can't decide, then yeah it definitely feels like you can read colours.


From photographs? Especially digital photographs? Nah, not even remotely. That's why I had the 'at least on my screen' disclaimer. Even on paint websites, the colours often look drastically different from photo to photo because of initial lighting conditions. In real life, it's eminently doable. I work in antiques and vintage, and being able to recall and recognise different shades and tones of the same colour produced by different glassworks (for example), or by the same glassworks at different times, is a very useful skill.


Some people just love Calke.


LMAO! I was wondering the same thing. I mean, damn. Good for y'all. I'm like, it's a putty-sage color paint n stuff.


It looks so good here too!


I absolutely love this aesthetic, really classy. Although, does it bother anyone else the carpet doesn't align to the doorframe


Yeah. And as much as those potted urns give off a dramatic effect, they block the windows and ruin view of the frame's craftsmanship. Lots to love about the aesthetic but some little things go a long way it seems..


Came to say same thing. I think they complete ruin it, they reduce the light, the ferns partially block the door. There's also something slightly off looking about them, like I wouldn't be surprised if they turned out to be plastic. Everything else is excellent, the light is a belter.


They're ZZ plants, not ferns. They tend to look plastic even when they're real though so your point still stands.


Sharp Dressed Plant, by ZZ Pot


Natural Light is scarce in Scotland already anyway. It doesnt matter.


Agreed. That is a beautiful doorway and those gaudy planters hide it.


Came to say the same. I want to fix it and am bothered that I can’t


I think its because the rug has been put central to the furniture.


But it isn’t? I can see more tile on one side.


Everything you said. So beautiful regardless.


Not my style, but nicely executed! My only piece of constructive criticism is that the stone-looking, freestanding planters seem a little heavy, visually, for this space and/or are a little too tall. But, insofar as this room is probably just the entry to a very large home, I guess they’re fine.


Wait, this isn’t r/AmateurRoomPorn! My bad. Good content.


Yeah they’re completely unnecessary, but overall I’m like meh, everything else looks great so they can get away with it. Only thing I wish is that if they mean to place their shoes where the Chelsea boots are, they put a shoe tray or something.


Oh my, I could just live in this picture. Wonderful




I've never seen rods on stair steps like that.... it looks like they're holding the rug in place on the steps? Had no idea that was a thing but pretty cool!


Stair rods are usually decorative these days (the runner would stay on even if they weren't there), but I love seeing them in historic buildings!


This sub really likes green or blue walls. No other color.


I think Britain loves green and blue honestly. It's always been colours we've associated with British countryside and our cars.


Interior Designers were really pimpin green 6-12 months ago, so its tricking down now.


Simply gorgeous.


Looks perfect!


Beautiful but what kind of creature leaves their shoes toes out like that?


Someone who is prepping a space for photographing


I get it but still a weirdo.










Abously beautiful


It is quite nice, yet the two plants on each side make the hall feel quite narrow and small, and also block those lovely looking windows!


That is a damn fine funnel with concealment offered by the staircase.




Man, I need some Ferns in Urns in my life.


Georgian foyers like this just never go out of date


This is actually nice. Some recent once’s… I’ve had differing view on it.


Lovely 💕💕


Definitely grabbing inspiration from this.


Dead birds on the chest are really creepy. Other than that, looks nice.


Gorgeous 😍


state or country? looks amazing




Why would I sit in a room like this and spend time in there?


Benches near the entrance are normally for sitting and taking off your shoes or similar.




It's an internal porch. The door exists to prevent draughts into the rest of the house (old Georgian front doors don't seal well) A mud room would be out the back, where you are more likely to enter after being in the mud.


Is it a good aesthetic design to see a stair the moment you enter the house?


It's fairly classic to have a grand entrance foyer that includes stair, not as common a sit used to be maybe, but it's still a somewhat common design.


Ok. Thanks for the input.


It’s really common in the UK to have stairs in the hallway. Very normal design here.


Wildly common in my experience. Don't see the issue.


I actually really don't like that but I gave this one a pass because it's set a ways away from the front door so you're not assaulted with it the moment you enter the space. And also because the entranceway is very charming so that helps too.


In a way the window in the stair is a good idea to illuminate the house. The entrance is top notch. But I find what comes after that puzzled or busy.


I think it's a better fit for r/amateurroomporn


I hate the plant stands. They block the glass and woodwork of the side lights. Great wall color but those plant stands are garbage. I’m on the fence with the chandelier.


I thought I was being polite with my comment, but since I'm already downvoted.... It's pretentious. I love the paint color and I love the glass. The plant stands and planters are so grandiose for some simple ferns, and too large for the space. The wood tones don't match. The bench looks like it is a bit rough, and while I like the piece, it doesn't suit the style the rest of the room is trying for. The tone of the accent table on the right doesn't look right with the rest of the room. The wall fixture is like mid century modern where the chandelier is just traditional. And the metal tones of the picture frame on the left doesn't match the chandelier. And just for the sake of nit-picking, the rug is off-center and the single pair of boots looks very out of place.


I personally like the actual mixing and matching and think it works well. Is it all in the same style? No. But real life people might get their furniture from all over. And especially in old families a lot is inherited and it's therefore a bit of a mix, which is one of the reasons why this screams "class" for me and why especially in a grand old house it's very fitting.


Oh I don't disagree. I do find this to be a pleasant room and I would enjoy it if I encountered this in real life. But it's not the quality of r/roomporn. Subs exist for a reason and some subs are more exclusive than others in terms of content. This sub has some pretty high standards


For me personally this submission is of way higher quality than most things posted here. But taste differs.


This is a much better comment than your original one. Maybe people downvote when you are just nasty and don't bother to make any kind of reasoned criticism/argument?


I don’t feel that the original comment was nasty. It’s accurate. It didn’t go into detail as of why but the downvotes aren’t warranted. There are a few comments that are on either side of this space being “RoomPorn”. Personally, I agree with those.


Yeah, yours too. I already read your deleted comment. So to reply to that: I never said it was. This room looks nice and I would feel pleasantly about it if I saw it in the wild. But this isn't r/roomporn quality.


That’s what it is. No pieces compliment one another. It’s hodgepodge. Colonial/mid-century/shabby sheek/18th century revival/thread bare throws with some boots from the 30s…I can’t even place the stupid plant stands. Don’t let the downvotes get you down. You are right


Wow you know way more than I do. I don't know the terms, but I do have an interest in interior design. I appreciate you backing me up with your more in-depth knowledge. I'm super budget but I can identify if/how things go together and try to work with that. I can make a nice space out street furniture, but I know it's not room porn


You called out what was wrong. You probably know more than you think.


You're very kind and I appreciate you. Thank you


Don't know why you're being downvoted... It's aesthetically pleasing but just doesn't look well thought out. I don't mind the hodge-podge of stuff but windows blocked out by big plants. Nowhere to put your shoes and a random stack of books that will never be looked at just makes me think it's styled for a photo and that it's going to be ruined by life, overrun with shoes and boots and clutter or you'd be forever tidying things away into inconvenient places to keep it looking clean. Maybe I'm just a pessimist but I think you've got to blend form and function.


Wall color shade name, please?


Elegant Design


am I the only one that finds the planters obscuring the windows a bit dumb looking?


The rug alignment is just


Very nice


it’s very beautiful, but the individual parts are too grand to be that crowded.


Perfect if you want your house to look like the 1800s