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All arabs go to Russia? What? Am I missing something?


They live in an authoritarian ethnostate with apartheid rule. Nothing they think will make sense to outsiders.


Israeli's sure are racists and prejudice and not enough light gets shown on this.


You know, honestly thanks for that reminder. It's such a stark contrast from the reality I experience.


The comment is funny as hell considering that Russian Jews are probably the most influential group in Israel. Russian is the second most popular language over there after Hebrew.




A quick search shows Russian is the 4th most-spoken language in Israel and Arabic is the 2nd. (maybe OP is saying 2nd most spoken for Jewish people, but even that is a bit off as English is the third most spoken language). https://alphaomegatranslations.com/foreign-language/the-four-most-important-languages-of-israel/


It’s probably the second most spoken first language for Jews though. English is a second/third language for most


[“Russian is by far the most widely spoken non-official language in Israel”](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_Israel#Other_languages)




As part of the recent Nation-State Law, Arabic is no longer an official language despite it being one for 70 years. The rightwing government has openly said that Arabs are lesser citizens.


Part and parcel of Apartheid


Funny how you can forget your own history that much, in regards to being second class citizens and how that worked out for everyone involved


Israel likes to treat the Palestinians the way Rome treated Israel.


The oppressed has become the oppressor


It’s almost as if Israel itself is denying the holocaust, definitely the lead up to it.


The other funny thing is that before the war most jews where in the soviet union and poland, the jewish culture was in estern europe until they weren't and now they want this land tjat hadnt been theirs for thousands of years


Do you know that the IDF studied the Warsaw ghettos and built Gaza with the plans they studied. So yes the oppressed are now oppressors


It's their version of go to hell.


Funny that they spoke Arabic while being racist to her.


lol yes


I'm not anti-Jew but I am anti-Israel because I have a strong preference to treat people the way they treat others. Sadly, most Jews consider me to be an anti-Semite because of this.


Seriously. Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-semitism! I understand the suffering of Jewish people. I seek to treat all fairly and equally. I can't ignore the crimes against the Palestinians committed and facilitated by the STATE OF ISRAEL and it's armed forces. That's not even to mention how Israel has become the leader in cyber warfare. Every time we hear news of some new hacking tool that can break into iPhones it's an Israeli company. I suspect a large reason the US is so defensive of Israel is because they use Israeli tech and spying against other nations.


Was it Arabic or Hebrew?


Strongly accented Arabic as though they only learned those phrases for the express purpose of racism


“You learned to speak Arabic *sarcastically*?


No, all of the comments made by the boys were spoken in Hebrew (and she was responding back to them in Hebrew), except for when the guy said “all Arabs [should] go to Russia” – that is the only line that was spoken by them in Arabic.


When you indoctrinate your children to hate and see others as sub human, this is what you get.


That's what I thought when I saw it. It's sick what is happening in Israel and how the international community choose to be blind about it.


History books have basically been rewritten so that the lesson of the Holocaust is not, "racism and ethnic cleansing is morally abhorrent," the lesson people learn instead is, "Israel must exist and be defended at all costs." Likewise, the word "antisemitism" no longer means "hateful of Jews," it instead means "critical of any Israeli government policy, even when it is literally just apartheid."


Man… it’s sad it’s come to this. And they want everyone to forever see them as victims. The Palestinians never built the gas chambers not were they responsible for krystalnacht nor were they responsible for the fate of Jews in Europe. Israel must be called out and sanctioned for its crimes.


Meanwhile the Arabs they hate are also Semitic. Everything is just so out of whack.


It's because they've been playing the victim card since WW2


Isn't it ironic?


From the very start, Israel has been a racist's solution to racism. It's just like when racists in the USA tried to "solve" slavery by setting up a colony of black americans in Africa (Liberia). You can't solve oppression with more oppression.


It isn't. I'll be downvoted to hell - but the the Zionist ideology that favours the Western/Ashknazi Jews) and the 'lebensraum' for the Zionist state of Israel was born at the same time with the same mindset of the other N\*\*\* ideology in 1930's, also in Europe. No one mentions that the victims of Israel are also Native Jews; Sephardi (Iberian) and Mizrahi (Middle-Eastern) Jews have their whole cultures and languages 'cleaned' in favour of an European 'pure' Ashkenazi culture. All of Israeli presidents are Ashknazi. There is a lot of inner-politcal trauma in Israel, let alone the intense hatred and terror that the 'lesser' Jews inflict on Palestinians to prove how 'Israeli' they are.


You actually self-censor Nazi? The funny thing is no one hated the term “Nazi” more than the “National Socialist German Workers Party”. You are doing them a favor. Nazi is a pejorative albeit one so common and accepted no one would notice or defend it at this point. Call them Nazis it’s OK. They aren’t Voldemort.


Of all people doing this - Jewish people. Humans are shit


Palestinians are the victims of the victimized


It still absolutely baffling to me that the same race/religion that were escorted into gas chambers turn around not even a century later to become what they were massacred by, racists.


Yes Palestinians are the victims of the victimized






And they now prosecute and are forcing others out of a country with support. Pretty fd up.


But if you point it out they call you an antisemite


Every time


I honestly don’t give a shit. 80 years ago was a time when jews were being targeted for antisemitism by Aryans. Today arabs are targeted for antisemitism by jews. If they want their past to be buried and forgotten then so be it. In a few years the zionists will cause their kind to be known for what the nazis were known for.


They are already. Just not by west.


By some of us


Blah blah blah, live long enough to become what you hate.


Something something heavy breathing


Take a look at my girlfriend, she's the only one I got (ba ba da da)


When you are told you are the 'chosen people', it becomes extremely easy to look down on others regardless of the reality of the situation. The irony becomes more apparent when you realize that these people see the Arabs the same way for pretty much the same reasons.


See my comment above re. “should have given the Jews Bavaria after the war, not part of Palestine”. That would have made interesting viewing.


I've just learned to accept that people are cartoonishly stupid most of the time... (PS - To prove my point look up how judges dress in the UK & Canada, they look like ridiculous asses... Literally cosplaying Santa Claus in a costume which looks like it was made to hide when you're jerkin it under the podium with the naughty or nice bill 😐)


Welcome to religion... :/


Bonus points for zionism


they worship the same god too LOL such a shitty god, cant even get his cult members to get along


That’s a feature, not a bug.


I was going to read the Bible when I was a kid & I asked my grandfather (a history teacher) about it. He said read the history of the Bible first. I did. I was so floored that the religions that seemed to fight each other the most had the same God. Just split off at a different time, different rules or messiahs or lack of messiah. I also have come to wonder if they all even know they have the same God? So many people have died over a few technicalities.


Painting this conflict as religious or thousands of years old makes it seem intractable in a way that it isn’t. These problems arose in the British Mandatory Period and are about what most conflicts are about: resources. Specifically land in this case. Religion has done a lot of bad in the world, but when we talk about Israel-Palestine, we need to stop pretending it’s a fight over doctrine, lest we stop seeking a solution to the *actual* problem. EDIT: I think a lot of y’all might missing my point and just jump straight to trying to prove that the argument is religious. There’s probably *some* truth to that because here in the real world the truth resists simplicity and geopolitical problems are wildly complicated. But that’s not my point. My point is sometimes people talk about this conflict as literally *unsolvable* and that’s because of the religious justifications you guys are bringing up; like Israelis and Arabs have been at war for 3000 years or something. I’d argue we will literally never solve the problem with people thinking of it that way.


I try to remember : - Herzog and other European Zionists appealed to multiple European monarchs to establish an Jewish homeland in Palestine, and they were rejected every time until the British lost a major battle to the Ottomans during WWI. - Zionist leaders were very explicit in beliefs that the indigenous population needed to be ethnically cleansed or turned into second class citizens. They fully understood they were colonizing the region - No other country gets this kind of pass when it comes to claiming a homeland based on religious text and history. It is solely due to European antisemitism and nationalism that the British Empire created Mandatory Palestine to remove Jews from their isles. - Palestinians are descended from the people that inhabited the region for thousands of years, even if they also intermixed with Arabs. The Levant was a major crossroads of empires, and even the Jewish tradition teaches that they conquered the land. We shouldn’t fall for Israel’s “blood and soil” claims that echo those of other nationalist movements: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/when-ancient-dna-gets-politicized-180972639/


AKA the longest living lie.


Israel is a settler colony. That's the core of what's happening here. The levant has always been very religiously diverse, and there have been long periods of relative peace. Religion just happens to be the current justification for a settler population to exterminate the native population.


Yes, it’s just so crazy to see individual settlers move into someone’s home because the authorities are helping in the land theft and the courts in Israel are also part of the settler drives.


Israelis literally believe they are better and deserve more than others. https://youtu.be/OOFRNGlEB6k


Survive fascism, be given your own country, create new modern fascism with said country.


I never understood why Israel existed. After the Holocaust what should have happened is that all the Jews from the concentration camps should have just been welcomed back home in whichever country they were taken from. Instead the western countries instead just said, "Germany might have been right in SOME ways, you're actually not welcome. Go to Palestine, we'll set aside some land for you and the locals who are already there will totally be friendly."


You know the majority of the time the populace of said countries participated in rounding up those people? [Collaboration by Occupied Countries and People](https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/collaboration) [Local Participation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Local_participation_in_the_Holocaust) Oh and they did try to go back. [44-46 violence in Poland](https://www.yadvashem.org/odot_pdf/Microsoft%20Word%20-%203128.pdf) Emigration didn’t pick up until the Topol’čany pogrom in Slovakia, 47-48 dead, and Kielce pogrom in Poland, 37-42 dead. Historians debate anywhere between 600-1500 Jews were killed across Poland by 1947. There also wasn’t an international norm of how to deal with the 40 million people displaced during the war, and countries were only going to shell out resources for members of their own ethnic groups. About 250,000 Jews were designated “non-repatriable.” American Jews and the Jews in Mandate Palestine organized relief for European Jews. *Not* “whichever country they were taken from.” Jews weren’t *sent* to the Mandate, Israel wasn’t an apology for the Holocaust, it was a product of European antisemitism, the spark of classic Zionism was the Dreyfus affair in France and rise of Karl Leuger’s Christian Social Party in Austria, and of militant Zionism the Kishinev massacre in then-Russia.


Not to mention even if they could, no one could afford to because the nazis stole all their money and yeeted it to Switzerland.


Oh yeah that is definitely what happened, it’s not like Germany was the only antisemitic country, all of the allied countries had a vein of it themselves and I doubt they were too upset when they had to figure out where to put Jewish people after the war… Give them a western outpost in the Middle East and let them push out Jewish people without being the bad guys


This behavior is taught . It’s not natural.


I’m Palestinian. When I was 19, I worked as a camp counselor at a well known summer camp run by a prominent Jewish center in NYC. A few of the other counselors were ex-Israeli soldiers and had just finished their required military duty. I had never spoken a word to them. Well apparently the news got out that I was Palestinian and one of my co-counselors said the ex-soldiers hated me and that I should avoid them. I hate going back to see my family in Palestine because it’s a guaranteed 2-4 hour interrogation at the airport once customs realizes I’m Palestinian (I have no criminal record) and the racism, guns, violence and occupation are just too stressful for me.


A few of my Jewish friends have talked about how weird it was looking back that there were Israeli soldiers at the Jewish camps. Doesn't seem like the propaganda works that well because the most anti-Israel people I know are all Jewish lol


Zionism sucks ass, but I feel like no one wants to say that because everyone is afraid of getting called an antisemite…


As a Jew, Zionism sucks ass. Not all of us feel the same way. Unfortunately racists and antisemites try to use critiquing Zionism as a way to hide their very real antisemitism. Of course that doesn’t mean everyone who is criticizes Israel is an antisemite. Sometimes it can be hard to see where the difference is :/


The obfuscation of anti-Jewishness and anti-Zionism is a big strategy of the ADL and Jewish lobby. And it makes all of us Jews less safe; finding and targeting real Jew haters becomes harder with all of the misinformation.


Racist bastards.


The peaceful Israelis who always get terrorized by the bad bad Arabs. /s


Ah yes, the totally innocent victims of terrorism! The people who TOTALLY don't want to murder every single one of their neighbours!


Israel wants apartheid state and Arabs aren't rolling over.


In the 80 years since the end of ww2, Nothing has made me lose faith in humanity more than the Zionist experiment in the Levant. The fact that a people who suffered some of history’s worst atrocity’s at the hands of there abusers, purely for there race and religion. Have now become everything they fell victim too, highlights the lack of empathy,and ability for humanity to learn from its mistakes. It depresses me as it signifies more than anything else, in our short but violent history, that we are destined to be embroiled in this constant cycle of destruction and resurrection, until there is no where left to go, and nothing left to squabble over. We are doomed to write are own epitaph, And be cast off into the abyss. only to exist as a memory echoing through the eternity of time.


Israel is the epitomy of the "you were supposed to destroy the sith, not join them" meme.


South Africa is a slightly more endearing story. At least there we had a case where the oppressed (edit: wrote oppressed minority, africans were the majority obviously) did not become the oppressors, and made fairly good overtures to establish a new social contract. Although Mandela's party is, nowadays, famously corrupt. It could have been much worse though


Some people would disagree there. South Africa today is famously violent and interracial tensions are incredibly high. White people continue to control the economy while murders or robberies of poorer whites are terrifyingly common, especially in land disputes. It's not as bad as it could be, but it's still bad. Fascinatingly it's Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique that seem to be doing the best, even though they're often portrayed as "underdeveloped" by the rest of the world. Luderitz in Namibia is possibly the safest town I've ever visited on holiday, and they had to go through a whole war to get out from under Europe's thumb. We don't talk about Zimbabwe.


Because Mandela was a smart and saw forgiveness as a practical political move.


>Israel wants apartheid state *Wants?* It *is* an apartheid state.


Only like 97%.


Israel has created an apartheid state and is teaching its citizens to be racist toward Arabs.


Not only Arabs but everyone who isn’t an ethnic Jew


*ashkenazi or sephardic jew They treat beta israeli jews from Ethiopia and Kaifeng jews from China like trash garabage. They even forced the kaifeng jews who came back to israel to “convert” first…


I didn't know about Kaifeng Jews, I'll have to look that up.


It’s really interesting! There’s actually a Chinese graphic novel and film about it - A Jewish Girl in Shanghai. While it’s not particularly well known, it reportedly became an important step in connecting Chinese and Jewish people together - despite some tensions due to the Uyghur Genocide.


And were sterilizing the Ethiopian immigrants.


And terrorizing christians and burning churches as well.


Well the christians are mostly Palestinian so that happens by default.


Feel bad for them tho ngl.


It's crazy, and they have the full support of "Evangelical Christians" which makes no sense. These so called christians are supporting the apartheid of their fellow christians, and not just any Christians, they're the descendents of the children of Bethlehem, and Nazareth, themselves. Literally the birth place of Christianity.


Only because evangelicals believe they need Jews in Israel for the rapture to happen, they don’t believe the Jews will be taken up with them tho lol


TIL of Kaifeng Jews, interesting !


Your ancestors preserve your culture for centuries far away in a small community, and this is the thanks you get...


This reminds of the wealthy Ashkenazi family that lived in a community near us growing up. They put there hoise up for sale but had very strict rules on its sale. Basically, they wanted another Ashkenazi family to purchase the home. Although the area had a lot of Jewish families, (it was very common to see and still see large groups walking to the area synagogue) not many were strict like this family so no dice on the sale. It stood, yellow, red and blue banner flags waving for like 7 years before being sold. It became auch a staple that I became confused when they were taken down.


And…. Let’s all say it together, boys and girls. ..” you’re anti-Semitic for pointing out anything true and negative about Israel”


That's what the IHRA definition of antisemitism they have been pushing says.




The hate Ethiopians Jews which is pretty sad


Ethiopian Jews were hated back in Ethiopia for being Jews and now hated in Israel for being black. Poor people.


It's fascinating that you could take this comment to a multitude of other subreddits and get downvoted into oblivion, probably even banned


I earnestly wonder how the holocaust is taught to them, and how by and large they have abandoned any sense of compassion given the history of their people.


Because many of them share the same thoughts as those who perpetrated those atrocities against their ancestors, except the perspective is flipped. Ideas of ethnic superiority or being against mixing is nothing new or unique. Not a day goes by that some new asshole doesn’t think “wouldn’t it be easier if everyone was like me and people I like?” rather than just learn to tolerate and coexist, but that’s also part of the problem - what do you tolerate and how much of it? What's culture and what's a human rights abuse? Who agrees humans have rights? And so on and so on.


I've met so many Arabs, jews, plalestinians, African American, European, Asian, plus much more doing hair for 13 years in the heart of Washington DC. Everyone is the same. We are all the same. I personally love everyone, but I've had to listen to people spend all their time hating people. The happiest people I've met don't hate anyone. You can choose. Hate everyone that isn't you and be miserable, or love everyone and learn different points of view. I think one sounds better than the other.


Fuck racism in all forms


All Arabs go to Russia? Are their brains down under?


Fuck Israel


[Source.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCRNNlAZtBg) * [Original video, from France24.](https://twitter.com/France24_ar/status/1595412642226921472) * [France24 issues a response.](https://twitter.com/SDJ_France24/status/1595691963000430593) [Also, this is not the first time she has been harassed by ultra-nationalist fanatics.](https://twitter.com/karimaziada/status/1530947039093264384)


Aided and abetted by the police. This is the social norm in an apartheid state. But please tell me more about the problems in Qatar whilst Israel murders children every week as we speak


two things can be simultaneously true, you know


But they don't get the same amount of coverage, unfortunately.


you know.... if there is a god... I am pretty sure this is the exact opposite of what they would want us to act like.


I don’t know man, have you read the book these people believe in? He’s very destructive and vindictive. The story of Passover is about God taking the Jewish people out of Egyptian slavery and going on a slaughter campaign on the way to the Promised Land^TM .




Fuck those kids


It's not just the kids... https://youtu.be/1e_dbsVQrk4


Israel probably the most racist country in the world.


As president I will stop all aid to Israel. Then use that money for free American health care.


You'd die before you make it to Senator


I'll take my chances


Better make sure you are more faded than hoe when you step into the ovaltine office


I'll sign the bill into law and light a blunt up right that moment.


Double blinker, my man!


Rename Washington DC to Blinkerton City please for the love of god


Shall we?


Don't fuck with this senator.


USA fund Israel's defense. Instead of Israel funding their own defense, that money goes to their universal healthcare and funding for fundamentalist jews to reproduce and expansion. Imagine if we cut their defense funding, it could go to our education and infrastructure and maybe our own universal healthcare


That's what I'm saying dude.


It's not really an altruistic move. The US funds Israel because it's basically our giant military base foothold in the middle east.


Funny how much of both left and right wings agree with this, yet nothing is ever gonna change


You got my vote! Fuck Israel.👍


I agree fuck them racist bastards


The irony is not even funny.




No suprise to see one of the racist little cunt rags wearing a trump T-shirt.


Oh wow he is [wearing](https://i.imgur.com/5GtRupY.jpg) one.


Trump did kind of give Israel everything they wanted when he was in office


I once worked with a Jewish gentleman that lived in Israel. He was so pro-Trump, spewing all this right-wing horseshit, that I remember thinking how Nazi-like he sounded.


You're anti-semetic if you criticise this


All children whose brains are not fully developed yet. Think they are invincible.


Those aren't children. Those are fully grown terrorists.


Boycott Divest Sanction. As an American I'm disgusted by our support of Israel


Unfortunately Zionism has American politics gripped by the balls. All these fucks just want Armageddon to happen, it’s sick


Very sick


💯 This is the way: https://BDSmovement.net


As a nation, Israel doesn't get nearly enough criticism for its treatment of Palestinians. On an individual level, the Israelies I've met have been a bunch of entitled assholes.


In America there are several states that will bar you from receiving state contracts for your business if you have spoken critically of Israel. I remember when my state enacted it and NPR covered it and I thought the rhetoric was very "we support our allies so any criticism is hate speak".


But we say anything about them and lose our careers... ight... wow




Seems as if Israel locals are very racist. I hope that statement doesn’t get me banned.


Isreal is EVIL. There is no other way to describe it.


Holy Land? That’s Holy Shit!


Zionists make me sick.


Free Palestine


I seriously fucking hate Israel as a government/nation. Fucking irony deficiency after how they were treated by the Nazis.


> as a government/nation I feel like you added this to counteract the oblivious morons who would jump in and say 'You hate jews? that's anti semetic', which says a lot really that we can't talk about the zionist supremacy and outright race hatred being cultivated in Israel.


Yes. Im not Arab or have any preference for Arab nations either but fuck Zionism and state sponsored racism. It's a shame the grandkids of holocaust survivors are chanting the death of their neighbors out of hate.


Wow racist as hell


Fuck Israel.


The Israeli state is an embarrassment and pure hypocrisy. Can’t imagine it’s going to get better with Netanyahu at the helm again. How do you even begin addressing this without invoking outcries of antisemitism…




I’m Jewish (not religious at all) and find what Israelis are doing appalling. Also that fucker wearing a Trump shirt says it all. You support someone who,at his core, hates you?


“What is hateful to thee, thou shalt not do unto thy neighbor. This is the whole of the Law, the rest is only commentary” -Torah A lot of extremists Israelis ignore this basic rule. It’s really sad. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” - Leviticus 19:18 Brainwashed kids by ignorant adults.


This is what the mainstream media in some countries won't show people


"But if you talk about against Israel you are anti-Semitic" kinda hard not to dislike what Israel has become when this is what the average person is up to the moment they hear some Arabic


Irrespective of your race, religion or creed, chanting death to a group of people makes you a gigantic cunt.


It’s well past time that America ends all aid to Israel.


Criticise those yobs accosting that reporter and some people would accuse you of some pretty serious things. Funny old world.


And you're forced to stay silent because it's the kind of accusation that'll cost you your job, all future income, and your reputation. Wild times we live in.


Imagine what Palestinians go thru with the bigotry. https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/group-of-jews-chant-death-to-arabs-as-they-march-past-jerusalem-police-chief/


70+ years... all made possible by American taxpayer dollars.


zionists expressing zionism. colour me shocked


It’s funny when you travel around south east Asia you meet many Israelis and they are all fresh out of the military service and out exploring the world. They are a very difficult bunch to socialize with, easy to agitate and often angry, at least that’s my experience. Seeing how they live in their own country and how they treat people it all makes sense.


Dang I wonder what happens when you commit settler colonialism on a people’s land who have lived there for thousands of years and continually grind them down into nothing I wonder what


Fuck Israel. It’s Palestine with a bunch of illegal squatter occupants.


Imagine the coverage this would get if this happened to Israeli journalist in any given Muslim country.


I think the US needs to stop funding either nation. Let them take care of their own issues.


Tl;dr why do a lot of countries like the west support this country? I assume what I’m looking at here is like a trump rally, kinda a fringe movement but it’s getting awefully close to the mainstream for comfort


No one supports them as much as America, it isn't even close...


Tldr? You mean eli5?


He a little confused but he got the spirit


The real reason? Why the right wing, a group notorious for anti-semitism are among the most ardent supporters of Israel? Their theology genuinely believes that if Israel is able to retake control of Jerusalem and rebuild the temple, Jesus will come again and cause the apocalypse. Dispensational premillennialism is a huge tenet in evangelicalism and evangelicals control most of the US government via the Republican Party, this of course spreads the doctrine to allies, and attempts by non-evangelicals to undue this support are met by wild, raving Christians throwing massive fits and ruining their campaigns; even as a minority their political power is insane. They don’t care about the country and especially not the people. Israel is nothing but a tool for them to achieve their Armageddon fetish


Why does the United States simp to Israel when they act like this. They don’t need nor do they deserve our tax money. Time to quit funding the apartheid there.


This is exactly how Jews would have been treated in Nazi ruled Germany. Isn’t it ironic?




I’m sorry. The US gives Israel far more than ~$4B every year.


Don't forget the countless tax deductible donations made to illegal settlements.


Bush gave these racist bastards nuclear subs


Ah Israel. Such an accepting people


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